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Sue Fox Named  in the "Top Ten" Most -Significant Female Boxers of All Time - Ring Magazine - Feb. 2012


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Historic Night at National Stadium
By Michael O’Neill
Credit: SportsNewsIreland.com
March 24, 2012

(MAR 24)  A historic first ever women’s boxing international in Ireland last night was inevitably dominated by Katie Taylor whose 25-5 win over Dutch champion Jessica Belder was watched by a few hundred spectators in the Stadium and countless others at home and abroad via the IABA’s welcome ‘Live streaming’ coverage of all eight bouts.  As another step on the Road to London (hopefully) via the World’s in Qinhuangdao, China this was a good start to a busy week which will also see her fight in Cavan (against the same opponent tomorrow), in Cork on 30th against 2011 Golden Gloves champion, Liz Leddy from Portland, Maine (USA) and in Dungarvan on 31st March when she meets N'yteeyah Sherman, the highly promising, 6ft tall, 19 yrs old from Barberton, Ohio who came within a single point of defeating Queen Underwood at the recent U.S Olympic Trials. ...Full Story

WBC History First - Diamond Belt to women
July 30, 2011

On July 30, 2011 in a  "History First" for the WBC, with their first Diamond Belt Championship for the females, Ana Maria Torres, 118, won by a 10-round unanimous decision over Jackie Nava, 118. The venue for the fight was in Chiapas, Mexico.

History First: West Point includes Women's Boxing
Copyrighted Photo: Facebook
Video of Boxer

(APR 13, 2011) WBAN has learned this week that on March 7, 2011, the West Point Women's Boxing Team made their debut at the Maryland Boxing Invitational. WBAN has linked a video of these women who are in the boxing program.

Scotland: "History First" in the Making?
January 13, 2011
Copyrighted Story/
Photo: Herald Scotland

(JAN 13) It has been reported earlier today in the Herald Scotland, that 26-year old Louise Mitchell will be the first amateur female boxer in Scotland, to compete for Scotland in the ring.   Mitchell will be fighting this Saturday, on January 15th, at the Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh in an official bout against Wales. Mitchell will take on opponent Charlene Jones, a Welsh amateur lightweight champion. Mitchell's ultimate..Full Story

WBAN Makes History in Europe: Lamare Wins by Decision
October 9, 2009
Photos: Mary Ann Owen

In Marseilles, France, In what was an exciting bout between Myriam Lamare vs. Ann Marie Saccurato, Lamare won the 10-round title bout by a unanimous decision. WBAN was told the fight had the fans out of the seats cheering.  Lamare not only won the WBFJunior Welterweight World title, but also the WBAN Junior Welterweight Independent belt.  Lamare and Saccurato made history for WBAN by fighting for the first WBAN Independent belt in Europe.  The judges were the following: Ingo Barrabas Germany, Tonio Tiberi Luxemburg, Noel Monnet France Donale Trella USA.  Full Story with photos

WBAN makes its own History!
June 13, 2008

On June 13, 2008, at the Isleta Casino & Resort, in Albuquerque, New Mexico,  on the televised PPV event “FINALLY”---WBAN “Finally” made its own history in the sport.  WBAN celebrates its 10-year anniversary of being live on the net as of June 2008---and WHAT better way to celebrate those 10 years then to honor the women boxers with a prestigious award belt for being the best of the best in the sport. Never before have women boxers received an independent World Title belt, for being the “Best of the Best”, and having an opportunity to fight for an elite independent belt.  Ring Magazine does it for male boxers-and it is time that WBAN does it for female boxers.  More

Salandy Wins five world titles
December 9, 2006
Salandy is deceased after being tragically killed in a car accident.

Boxing world record history was made today,  in Trinidad and Tobago, when at the Jean Pierre Complex, Port of Spain, in Trinidad West Indies, Gizelle Salandy of Trinidad won five (Junior Middleweight) world title belts, that included the WBA, WBC, NABC, WBE, and IWBF.  Promoter Boxu Potts has already applied for recognition for this fight to be inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records.  Salandy, 149 ¼, defeated her opponent, Mariem Brakache, 151,  with a 10-round unanimous decision.   Potts said in a press release, “From the onset, both fighters went at each other through the bout like two pit bulls. Salandy used a lot of lateral movements while displaying good hand speed, but Brakache soon adapted to her style, by cutting off the ring and drawing Salandy back into a slugfest, which suited Brakache’s style of fighting.  In the preflight press conference, Salandy had stated to have a short night, with Brakache, i.e., the judges and referees would not have any work to do. Salandy also said that the only thing the referee would have to do is count Brakach out from one to ten, but Brakache won a lot of fans with her relentless punching style, while she was cutting off the ring.  Final judges scores for the bout: Judge George Sntaude scored 98-92; Judge McKenzie Granger, 98-92; and Judge Trevor Arno, scored 96-94.  At the end of the fight, both fighters congratulated each other and Salandy promised Brakache a rematch. Potts stated that he was satisfied with the performance of both fighters. He said, “It is fights like this where it generates public interest, and also gives credence to the world of women boxing.”

A father, son and daughter fight on same boxing card
by Mike Collins
News-Gazette Sports Writer
November 14, 2006

MUNCIE – It was another history making evening Saturday night at the downtown Muncie Horizon Center as Richard Crabtree Entertainment hosted yet another outstanding King of the Ring boxing program.  A large majority of the fine crowd on hand came to witness boxing history.  For the first time anywhere in the history of boxing, the evening saw a father, son and daughter all participating on ..Full Story

First sanctioned women's bouts in the Republic of Ireland. 
©Copyrighted article from the Irish Times -writer: Carl McGinty

THE skies outside were filled with exploding fireworks. So what if only a few hundred fans filled the seats inside the National Stadium, the occasion still had an apocryphal air about it.This was the night a sporting 'Iron Curtain' came tumbling down and, for the first time in history, women officially gained admission to the Irish amateur boxing ring. The honour of throwing those celebrated  first punches for womanhood at last night's Central Council Show actually fell to two teenagers, Katie Taylor, 15, of the St Fergal's club in Bray and Elanna Audley, 16, from Belfast's Sandyrow. (WBAN needs to fix link to this story)

First female boxing bout in Argentina
Nadia Sanche entered history by points.  1 April 2001. Nadia Sanchez won the first female boxing fight in the history of boxing in Argentina, after being disposed by the Argentinean Box Federation (FAB), in March, the 23th.  The amateur bout took place in Santa Maria in the weight division of 57 kgs. (125,6 pounds) and Sanchez defeated Nancy Burgos by points.

History First Will be Made in Ireland...

On October 20, 2000, in the Ulster Hall, in Belfast,  Ireland,  Ireland's Dierdre Nelson (145 1/2) , 31,  defeated Bulgarian Tzanka Karova (147 lbs)  with a four-round unanimous decision.  Deirdre fought a four rounder against Tzanka Kurova from Bulgaria. The final judging was 40-36. Ireland's first women's professional contest. Nelson is now 1-1. 

First Daughter of a Boxing Legend....
J'Marie Moore

J'Marie Moore - made a History's First when she became the FIRST daughter of a famous father that boxed (Archie Moore) She had her pro debut in 1997!  J'Marie has been in boxing since 1997. She had one professional bout in 1997, winning by a unanimous decision.  Many have thought that Laila Ali was the first, and WBAN is setting the record straight!   WBAN recognized J'Marie as the HISTORY'S FIRST famous daughter to break into the boxing scene.  

Spain Features First Women's Bout
July 1999...
A Boxing night event in Vigo
Poli Diaz, the boxer from Madrid, had no rival in the Romanian Gheorghe Dumitrescu, wining easily the fight by TKO in the first round.    This event also served to introduce female boxing in Spain with the bout between the Californian Patricia Villanueva, ranked 3rd in the world, and the Italian Champion Giovanna Neglia. The boxer from the USA, whose parents are Mexicans, won by close decision, thanks to the points of the main judge.

The World Boxing Hall of Fame - October 17, 1998
SHELLEY WILLIAMS, was the first woman in their history to be permitted to be an inductor. The inductee was Charles "Doc" Broadus who trained George Foreman. Doc was the first man in boxing to have enough faith in Williams as a young, struggling aspiring female boxing manager, to allow a woman to manage one of his fighters.

First Swiss Woman to take part in a boxing match - April 20, 1996

CHRISTINA NIGG was the  first Swiss woman who took part in a boxing match. Today, in  1998, one and a half year later, the mother of two preparing for a fight for the World Championship.

Britain's First Female Pro Boxing Match - November 25, 1998

JANE COUCH, vs. German Simona Lukic, 18,   fought on November 25, 1998, making it the first professional boxing match in Britain.  Unfortunately the fight was labeled a mismatch after the ref stopped the fight in the 2nd round.

Shannon DALLAS Hall From the TV Show "The American Gladiators Becomes the First Toughwoman World Champion - 1996!
More on Shannon Hall

In 1996 Shannon DALLAS Hall from the television show THE AMERICAN GLADIATORS became the first Toughwoman World Champion in Detroit, Michigan, winning a $10,000.00 purse, then signing a professional boxing contract under Adorable Promotions. She went on to become the Platinum Division Champion under Jackie Kallan's IFBA sanction and was featured in Sports Illustrated, USA Today, and Boxing World magazine.

rahpae96first.jpg (5027 bytes)

Female competed in First-Ever New England Golden Gloves - February 13, 1996

RAPHAELLE JOHNSON, a 26-year-old Cambridge resident, made history when she became the first-ever female New England Golden Gloves boxing champion. She won a unanimous three-round decision over Tiffney Castalucci. Johnson won the fight to a standing ovation at Lowell Auditorium. It was the first-ever amateur female fight licensed by the Massachusetts Boxing Commission.

Women make history in first 1997 Women's National Boxing Championships

First ever boxing tournament that included women boxers.    Leona Brown (with the blue gloves on) made her mark in 1997, before becoming a World Champion in September of 1998. AUGUSTA, GA. 

History First Takes Place In Israel  2000

Sharon Friedman, who was born in 1960, from Brooklyn, New York, who migrated to Israel, was the first to fight in a boxing competition in the amateurs. She was 40 years old at the time, who fought 16-year old Amal al-Haj, defeating her in the second round after delivering a bloody nose to the teenager.  [Inset photo of fight - courtesy photo sent in by Friedman.]


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