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Sue Fox Named  in the "Top Ten" Most -Significant Female Boxers of All Time - Ring Magazine - Feb. 2012


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History First: Claressa Shields Wins the FIRST Gold Medal in Boxing for the USA!

In the 2012 Summer Olympics, in London, the olympics included for the first time women's boxing.  Claressa Shields, of Clint, Michigan, only 17 years old is the first female boxer in the United States to win a Gold medal.   Marlen Esparza won a bronze medal as a flyweight.  [WBAN's special coverage of the Olympics].

First Canadian female promoter:  Borden pulled no punches in her boxing role
By Hugh Townsend
June 14, 2011

(JUNE 14)  Gloria Borden’s love for boxing began before she even started attending New Glasgow’s Temperance Street School in the 1940s.  Among her first childhood recollections were the nights at home on Vale Road when her parents and any number of her 17 brothers and sisters gathered around the radio and listened to professional fights....Full Story

Like Father...Like Daughter!
On May 1, 2003, at the Delaware County Fairgrounds, in Muncie, Indiana, there was a "History First" when father, Al Hughes, 54,  and Daughter, Angela Hughes, 18, fought on the same amateur event!  Both Al and Angela won their bouts...Angela who was making her debut stopped Lynicia Hinson of Anderson in the second round by KO, and Al, defeated 20-year-old Johnny Sparks of Indianapolis.  In the first round Sparks knocked "Dad" down to the canvass, but then Al got the better of his opponent and KO'd him in the second round!

Diedre Yumi Hamaguchi...a history first and fascinating story
Hamaguchi was the first woman Hamaguchi was the first woman to enter the 1994 Daily News Golden Gloves in New York, NY.  To keep them from knowing that she was a female, Diedre mailed in her application using only a first initial "D" Hamaguchi, so as to not give away her gender.  to enter the 1994 Daily News Golden Gloves in New York, NY.  To keep them from knowing that she was a female, Diedre mailed in her application using only a first initial "D" Hamaguchi, so as to not give away her gender. As the Daily News quoted in an article called, "Ladies night with a punch,"  dated April 7, 1995, a year after she made history, "Dee Hamaguchi, who is the reason why women were here at the Daily News Golden Gloves in the first place. It had never happened in the 68 years of the country's oldest and largest amateur boxing competition.  Last year as application was submitted with the name D. Hamaguchi.  Nobody knew D. was Dee, and that Dee was a woman from Harlem.  Even though she didn't end up competing last year, the seed was in the ground, and it started growing, so there we were last night looking at Jill Matthews' mascara and at the Golden Gloves dangling from Christine Bruno SanGallo's neck."  Dee Hamaguchi would have had her chance to compete in 1994, except that the Daily News sent her schedule to get her physical exam too late in the mail!

Professional Female Fight in Canada - 1977
Referee Nick Nicholo signals it's all over as Yvonne Barkley heads to her corner, a fourth-round winner, and a beaten Smokey Robinson slumps in her corner clutching her midsection.   Barkley and Robinson competed in Canada's first professional female fight in Canada at Pointe -aux -Trembles, Que.  *This was an original History First ---we now believe that there was boxing in Canada in the 1950s.

February 1994 - First female boxing match sanctioned by USA Boxing
These women finally got a chance to box in the first female boxing match and were part of history in the making when they participated in the first bout officially sanctioned by USA Boxing, the amateur sport's national governing body.  The female participates were Tracy Desmond, a 21-year-old senior at DePaul majoring in international studies and Jacqueline Ta, an 18-year-old from the University of Chicago.  The fight ended in a TKO for Desmond.

October 1993 - USA Boxing News  
USA Boxing said it will start registering female amateur boxers nationwide to compete against other females in sanctioned bouts.

August 26, 1986 - Ohio Boxing Commissions Allows Female Bout
The Ohio Boxing Commission had finally allowed a female boxing match to be scheduled on a 7-bout card at the Lakeland Community College.    The female boxers who participated in that "first-time" ever bout was Parma's Debra Kennedy and Cleveland's Sharon Harrington.

First Women's Bantamweight World Championship - 15 rounds
Darlina Valdez, of Santa Fe, was in the women’s first bantamweight world championship before more than 1,000 screaming fans in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She fought a 15-round battle and won a unanimous decision over Holly McDaniel of Muncie, Indiana. Apparently the fight was a crowd pleaser, and it was reported that the crown "roared with delight" at the performance of the two women. McDaniel, a high school beauty contest winner and mother of a three-year-old.  She got her nose broken in the 11th round, but continued bravely to the finish. The rules at the time in 1983 for fighting a championship fight,  was the same as men’s, 15 rounds for championship fights and eight-ounce gloves. Chest and abdomen protectors were optional and at the time,   only about 50 percent of the women wore them.



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