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JULY 2004

July 31, 2004 - Sam's Town Casino,Tunica, Mississippi
Erin Toughill, 170,  won by an eight round decision in a non-title bout, over Cassandra Geigger, 170. Final Scoring was 79-73, 77-75, and 78-74. Leora Jackson, 140,  won by UD over Lana Alexander, 137. Final scoring was 40-36, 39-37 (twice); and Christy Nickel, 150,  TKO'd newcomer Kim Catlena 1:28 seconds of the first round.
Pre-Fight Report   Full Story by Valerie Mahfood 

July 31, 2004 in Nairobi, Kenya
Zarrika Fatuma won a four-round decision over Mary Njeri, pro debut. Damaris Muthoni won a six-round decision over Jane Kavulani, pro debut.

July 31, 2004, Saith Park indoor arena in Chaguanas, in Trinidad
In front of 1,500 boxing fans, Ria Ramnarine of Trinidad won an 8-rd unanimous. decision and became the new Latin American mini-flyweight champion over Diedre Hamaguchi.   There were no knockdowns. Judges scores 79-75, 79-73, and 78-74.

July 27 to July 31st, the 2004 Women's National Championships, Spokane, Washington
There were over 100 women boxing athletes  who showed to compete and they all had the same ideal--- They were going to win, but only 11 became Champions. SENIORS (17-35 years)
95 - Christine Kwan, Las Vegas, NV, won unopposed;
101 - Final: Julia Urman, Bronx, NY, d. Gabriela Hernandez, Caldwell, ID, RSC-2; Semi: Julia Urman, Bronx, NY, d. Chantel Cordova, Pueblo, CO, 16-14; 106 - Final: Cheryl Houlihan, Norton, Mass., d. Natalie Gray, Aurora, CO, RSC-OS-2; Semi: Cheryl Houlihan, Norton, Mass., d. Kathleen O’Connell, Tularosa, NM, either 28-19 or 20-19 (sources vary); Houlihan v. O’Connell was a great fight. Houlihan had the edge early, with O’Connell looking better late. Both fought their hearts out and are worth seeing if you have the opportunity;  110 - Final: Emily Klinefelter, Iowa City, Iowa, d. Keisher McLeod, NYC, NY, 22-1;  Semi: Emily Klinefelter, Iowa City, Iowa, d. Anna Marandi, Brooklyn, NY, 18-4;  Semi: Keisher McLeod, NYC, NY, d. Celina Moreno, Los Angeles, CA, 16-9; Emily kept a good work rate, solidly threw all the punches available both to the body and head, and maintained good defense;  114 - Final: Sacred Downing, Trenton, NJ, d. Garbriella Barragan, Hillsboro, OR, RSC- OS-2; Semi:  Sacred Downing, Trenton, NJ, d. Heather Donohoe, San Diego, CA, 11-2; Semi: Gabriella Barragan, Hillsboro, OR d. Vanessa Greco, NYC, NY, 8-6;  Quarter:  Sacred Downing, Trenton, NJ, d. Rosa Rubio, Oaklawn, IL, 17-5; Quarter: Gabriella Barragan, Hillsboro, OR, d. Marisol Miranda, Royal Palm Beach, FL, 13-11; Quarter: Vanessa Greco, NYC, NY, d. Joan Martinez, NYC, NY, 24-4; Downing looked excellent, utilizing fast hands, excellent reactions, good head movements, subtle footwork, and improved punching power and good punch selection to comfortably win all her bouts. She is reminiscent of a Floyd Mayweather, Jr.; 119 - Final: Stella Nijhof, NYC, NY, d. Chris Martiñon, San Jose, CA, 18-5; Semi: Chris Martiñon, San Jose, CA, d. Cynthia Talmadge, San Francisco, CA, RSC-3;  Semi: Stella Nijhof, NYC, NY, d. Leonie Hall, Vista, CA, 20-3; Quarter:  Chris Martiñon, San Jose, CA, d. Sarah Garcia, Los Angeles, CA, RSC-3;  Quarter:  Cynthia Talmadge, San Francisco, CA, d. Allison Porter, University Place, WA, 8-3; Quarter:  Stella Nijhof, NYC, NY, d. Cara Castronuova, Elmont, NY, 13-4;  Quarter:  Leonie Hall, Vista, CA, d. Andrea Kallas, Spokane, WA, 21-12; Prelim: Leonie Hall, Vista, CA, d. Gina Rosenberg, Camp Lejeune, NC, 19-8;  Prelim: Andrea Kallas, Spokane, WA, d. Valerie Evans, San Jose, CA, 23-10; Pollack, who send in these results said, "Veteran Stella Nijhof gave what I consider her most outstanding performance to date in order to defeat an excellent young fighter in Chris Martiñon. 17 year old Martiñon looked to be the tournament favorite as she was awesome in pounding away to the body and head of her opponents in a nonstop attack, reminiscent of a young Chavez. Her only weak point appeared to be defense, but she seemed impervious to her opponents’ punches, utterly disregarded them and viciously attacked. However, in the final, the more experienced 34 year old Nijhof effectively used her southpaw style, landing straight lefts and occasional hooks, dipping and going to the body, and either stepping away or going in and crowding Martiñon. Regardless, Martiñon is still a very hot prospect and has to be one of the most entertaining female boxers you’ll ever see; 125 - Final: Jennifer Han, El Paso, TX, d. Teresa O'Toole, Huntington, NY, 11-9;  Semi: Jennifer Han, El Paso, TX, d. Cleo Chan, Oakland, CA, 21-2; Semi: Teresa O'Toole, Huntington, NY, d. Rebecca Rodriguez, El Paso, TX, 14-8;  Quarter:  Jennifer Han, El Paso, TX, d. Jennifer Barber, North Hills, CA, 16-6Quarter: Teresa O'Toole, Huntington, NY, d. Kayla Combs, Bloomfield, NM, 12-0; Quarter:  Cleo Chan, Oakland, CA, d. Aundria Howerton, Seattle, WA, 6-5; Quarter:  Rebecca Rodriguez El Paso, TX, d. Amorena Baca, Denver CO, DQ-3; Han and O’Toole always make for a competitive bout, but this was the best Han has looked in quite some time. She showed improved punch versatility, speedy combinations, solid defense, and improved footwork;  132 - Final: Caroline Barry, Cement City, MI, d. Lissette Medal, Maywood, CA, 9-4; Semi: Lissette Medal, Maywood, CA, d. Kendra Davis, Wilmington, NC, RSC-3; Semi:  Caroline Barry, Cement City, MI, d. Maimunah Holland, South Nyack, NY, 27-8;
Quarter:  Kendra Davis, Wilmington, NC, d. Christina Boilard, Ft. Huachuca, AZ, RSC-OS; Quarter: Lissette Medel, Maywood, CA, d. Rachel Greenbaum, Ventura, CA, RSC-OS-2 (16-1);  Quarter: Maimunah Holland, South Nyack, NY, d. Dana Tucker, Maple Valley, WA, 37-12;
Quarter: Caroline Barry, Cement City, MI, d. Nicole Silveira, Peabody, MA, 16-5; Prelim: Caroline Barry, Cement City, MI, d. Priscilla Bonnell, Colorado Springs, CO, 21-3; Caroline Barry demonstrated her veteran skill and poise to comfortably defeat all of her opponents, boxing well both on the inside and outside. Talented Lissette Medel looked very strong and fast in this tournament, but Barry was able to control and neutralize her with superior defense, punch selection and placement, and a better work rate.; 138 -
Final: Lena Taylor, Orlando, FL, d. Myranda Benallie, Shiprock, NM, 27-6;  Semi: Myranda Benallie, Shiprock, NM, d. Kat Davis, NYC, NY, walkover/DQ; Semi: Lena Taylor, Orlando, FL, d. Angelique Bovee, White Plains, NY, 16-11; Quarter: Lena Taylor, Orlando FL d. Morgan Martell, Manitou Beach, NH, RSC-2; Taylor was deceptively effective with her boxing skills and ring generalship.  145 -Final: Elizabeth Quevedo, South Gate, CA, d. Grace Kelly, Camp Lejeune, NC, 11-7; Semi: Grace Kelly, Camp Lejeune, d. Victoria Suarez, Lubbock, TX, RSC-OS-2; Semi:  Elizabeth Quevedo, South Gate, CA, d. Sarah Halsey, Ft. Pierce, FL, 21-6; Quevedo’s punches were strong and eye-catching. 154 - Final: Tiffany Junot, New Orleans, LA, d. Lily Avetyan, Pasadena, CA, RSC-OS-2; Semi:  Tiffany Junot, New Orleans, LA, d. Charmaine Carrington, USAF, FL, 24-11; Semi:  Lily Avetyan, Pasadena, CA, d. Triche Rassmussen, Fremont, CA, 14-2; Quarter: Lily Avetyan, Pasadena, CA, d. Azalea McCarty, Wilmington, NC, 17-3; Quarter: Tiffany Junot, New Orleans, LA, d. Amber Claussen, Pierce, NE, RSC-3; Quarter: Triche Rassmussen, Freemont, CA, d. Jennifer Greb, Honolulu, Hawaii (ARMY), walkover;  Quarter: Charmaine Carrington, USAF, Florida, d. Amanda Myers, Camp Lejeune, NC, RSC-2; Junot and Avetyan both looked good in this tournament. Junot’s victory over Carrington may have been considered an upset by some. Her punches were solid and defense sound. It was surprising that she outscored Avetyan. 165 - Final: Allana Huggins, TX, d. Jaclyn Nichols, Berlin, NJ, 27-8; Semi:  Allana Huggins, Ft. Worth, TX, d. Tyler Wilder, Perry, MI, 37-12; Semi: Jaclyn Nichols, Berlin, NJ, d. Arlene Samaniego, Oxnard, CA, 16-1; Quarter: Allana Huggins, Fort Worth, TX d. Dawne Thomas, Westbury, NY, 20-11; Huggins had good conditioning and set a very good pace. 176 - Final: Tricia Turton, Seattle, WA, d. Sonya Lamonakis, Turners Falls, MA, 21-11;  189 - Final: Tanzee Daniel, Queens, NY, d. Tameka Stephens, Charlotte, NC, 10-4;  Semi:  Tameka Stephens, Charlotte, NC, d. Dana Gold, Seattle, WA, 9-8; 189+ Final: Tina Hooks, West Palm Beach, FL, d. Sara Lean Purcell, Burien, WA, 12-1;
Semi: Tina Hooks, West Palm Beach, FL, d. Samatra Doyle, Seattle, WA, RSC-OS-2 (19-2);  JUNIORS (15 -16 years) - 106 -Final:  Christine Lewis, Chinle, AZ, d. Bianca Ledezma, Von Ormy, TX, 22-6; 110 - Final:  Elizabeth Garcia, Los Angeles, CA, d. Lisa Martinez, Amarilla, TX, 30-11; Semi: Elizabeth Garcia, Los Angeles, CA, d. Maritza Valdez, Cicero, IL, 24-12; 114 - Final:   Heather Heaps, Moreno Valley, CA, d. Racquel Cordova, Pueblo, CO, 19-17; Semi:  Heather Heaps, Moreno Valley, CA, d. Angelica Galvan, Lubbock, TX, 22-19; 119 -  Final:   Vanessa Juarez, Ft. Worth, TX, d. Kaliesha West, Perris, CA, 13-9; Semi:  Vanessa Juarez, Ft. Worth, TX d. Brooke Krings, Norfolk, NE, RSC-1; Semi:  Kaliesha West, Perris,, CA d. Amber Sloan, Norfolk, NE, RSC-2; Southpaw Vanessa Juarez and conventional Kaliesha West both looked very good and represent the future wave of juniors who are quick, well-schooled, and very talented. 125 -  Final:  Adelaida Ruiz, Lynwood, CA, d. Kathryn Klinefelter, Iowa City, IA, 26-7;
Semi:  Adelaida Ruiz, Lynwood, CA d. Ann Julia Smalls, Marinette, WI, RSC-OS-2 (23-5); Pollack, who's daughter is  Katy Klinefelter, said about the fight, "I felt she (Katy) blocked and landed many more punches than the score reveals, but Ruiz deserved the win. Adelaida Ruiz is very talented, throwing very fast combinations, keeping a good pace, going to the body and head, and having some footwork to go along with it;132 - Final:  Ashley Barnett, Cleveland, OH, d. Maria de Jesus Rodriguez, Brownsville, TX, RSC-OS 2;  Semi:  Ashley Barnett, Cleveland, OH d. Ashley Gibson, New Orleans, LA, RSC-OS-2 (18-3); Semi: Maria DeJesus Rodriguez, Brownsville, TX d. Rainnee Claussen, Pierce, NE, 16-14; Quarter:  Ashley Barnett, Cleveland, OH, dec. Krystle Alonso, Lubbock, TX, RSC-OS-2; Barnett looked to be a very smooth boxer, using quick well selected punches in conjunction with fine footwork to comfortably outscore all of her opponents. 138 - Final:  Vicki Smith, East Wenatchee, WA, d. Monica Carrizales, Lubbock, TX, RSC-2; 154 - Monica Smalls, Marinette, WI - unopposed;  165 - Final:  Elvia Rubio, Oaklawn, IL, d. Tiffany Staebler, Toledo, OH, RSC–OS-1; 189+ Elizabeth Rosas, Oxnard, CA - unopposed More about the results
 Posted results By Adam Pollack

July 30, 2004 - Louisville, Kentucky
WBAN Record Member's photo Gallery #191)
Laila Ali
, 168, successfully defended her IWBF Super Middle Belt, when she stopped Monica Nunez, 164, 42 seconds, in the ninth round. Ali had Nunez on the ropes when her corner threw in the towel.  Full Story by Brian Ackley, WBAN's Senior Editor 

July 29, 2004 -  Oakland, California
Mia "The Knockout" St. John, now 34-4-2 (15KO), of Los Angeles, California, won a four-round unanimous decision over Talia Smith, now 3-5-0 (3 KO), of Cleveland, Ohio.

July 26, 2004 - at the Municipal Auditorium
in Tijuana, BC, Mexico
Jackie "Aztec Princess" Nava,
now 8-1-1 (6KO), of Tijuana, fought to a draw against Mexican Bantamweight Champion Ivone Muñoz, now 7-1-2 (3KO), of Mexico City. The two were suppose to fight for the national title of the super-bantamweight division, but Munoz came in a tad bit over the weight limit. Fight report by Ewan Whyte:  After trying to slug it out with her heavier opponent in the first round and coming off second best, Jackie Nava took control of the fight in the second with her superior movement and hand speed, almost finishing it in the third when she doubled Muñoz up with a body shot and began unloading with both hands, but in the second half of the fight it was Muñoz who gained the ascendancy, as Nava, perhaps suffering a recurrence of the nerve problem that has plagued her all summer, stopped throwing her right hand. It was a stubborn performance by Muñoz, who though suffering a cut eyebrow in the sixth proved an effective counter-puncher with an awkward southpaw stance that has now frustrated the two most fancied fighters in Mexico. For Rubén Casanova of Box Latino as well (naturally) as the crowd in her home town, Nava still did enough to win – he had her one point up going into the last round and winning it – but the judges were divided, one scoring the fight 96-94 for Muñoz, another 96-94 for Nava, and the third even at 95-95. Neither fighter protested the result though both expressed their eagerness for a rematch.The fight was originally billed as a defence by Nava of her super bantamweight title, but at the weigh-in, the challenger and reigning bantamweight champion, Ivonne Muñoz, came in 2 kg over the super bantamweight limit of 55.5 kg [Official weights: Nava: 53.5 kg; Muñoz: 57.5 kg] and even though she did manage to sweat off a further half kilo in the sauna, she was obviously never going to make the weight and was forced to abandon her title challenge before a single punch had been thrown.

July 25, 2004 in Black Hawk, Colorado
Martha Orozca Dietchman
and Sarina Hayden fought to a four-round draw.

July 24, 2004 - Boynton Beach, Florida, and promoted by Jeff Gibson's Elite Promotions in association with Budweiser King of Beers
Stacey Reile
, 133, won her first professional bout, when she stopped Myriam Bazile, 136, with a TKO in the second round!

July 23, 2004 -  Warner Hotel, Fresno. California
Eliza Olson,
145, won a six-round unanimous decision over Rita Turrisi, 146.  Full Boxing Records

July 23, 2004 - Agua Caliente Casino, in Palm Springs, California
WBAN Record Member's  Gallery #190)
Melinda Cooper,114, now (12-0), won by a unanimous decision over Johanna Pena, 115.  WBAN's insider reported that there was a lot of holding on Pena's part, and that she was nearly stopped in the sixth and final round. Final judges scores were t 58-54, 59-55 twice. Full Fight report by David Avila of MaxBoxing.com.  

July 20, 2004 - Memorial Hall, in Joplin, Missouri
On an ESPN2 "Tuesday Night Fights", Stephanie Dobbs, 106.5, won a four-round unanimous decision over Addie Erb, 109, on the undercard in a four-rounder (untelevised). There were no knockdowns. Final judges scoring was 4036, 39-37, and 39-37.

July 18, 2004 - Tokyo, Japan
Flyweight Naoko Yamaguchi KO’d Rie Fujimoto in the second round of a scheduled four-rounder; Marika Watanabe won a four-round majority decision over Satoko Komimura; Nanako Kikuchi won a four-round unanimous decision over Eri Ishiyama; Featherweight Maki Kovakashiro won a four-round unanimous decision over Biso Miho; Super Flyweight Yuki Sakurada had a draw against Jet Izumi, in four rounds of action; and Flyweight Ichijitsu Hayasi won a four-rounder by unanimous decision over Nanko Hasunuma.

July 17, 2004 - Bowie, Maryland, and televised on Pay-Per-View
Laila 'She Bee Stingin'' Ali,, 167 ¼, now 17-0-0 (14KO), successfully defended her IBA 168-lb World Super-middleweight title, and stopped (TKO) Nikki Eplion,,167 ¾, 1:30 in the fourth round after Eplion was knocked down to the canvas four times between the third and fourth rounds.  Ali’s superior boxing skills and aggressive style were too much for the much slower Eplion.  Eplion did come to fight this night, she just did not bring the arsenal to compete with someone the caliber of Ali.  Ali’s next fight will be on the undercard of the Mike Tyson card set for July 30, 2004, in Louisville, Kentucky---but after having two opponents fall out, they are still negotiating with some potential boxers for that card. Five times world champion,  Isra “The Raging Beauty” Girgrah who was not only one of the promoters of this event also doubled as a commentator on this card!

July 17, 2004 in Greensboro, North Carolina
Donna Biggers
won by KO1 over Nicole Perkins. WBAN's insider reported that Perkins was overmatched in this fight against Biggers.

July 17, 2004 in Columbia
Darys Pardo and Liliana Palmero fought to a six-round draw. Also, Anna Gutierrez, pro debut, won a four-round decision over Marina Mercado, pro debut.

July 17, 2004 - Quérataro (Mexico)
On a bill promoted by BoxLatino, Jazmín Rivas of Sinaloa and Leticia Arévalo of Jalisco fought at bantamweight in a contest scheduled for six rounds. From the opening bell, it was clear that Rivas was going all-out for the head-shot that would put Arévalo down for the count, but although she took a lot of punishment in the opening rounds with Rivas hitting hard and getting through often, Arévalo refused to go down and had the crowd in the stadium “General Arteaga” in Querétano cheering when she scored once or twice with counters that stopped Rivas in her tracks and earned her a few moments of respite. Towards the end of the fight, whilst Rivas never relented from her resolve to knock her opponent out and the pace of her assault never slackened, her weight of punch gradually deserted her, allowing her brave opponent the dignity of at least finishing the fight on her feet.  Whilst there was no question that Rivas had won – the judges were unanimous on that score – the sizeable crowd, as happens on occasion in Mexico after an exceptional fight, showed its appreciation of the commitment of both fighters by throwing money into the ring. On the strength of this performance, Rivas is likely to be challenging for the Mexican bantamweight title before long. Ewan Whyte

July 17, 2004 - Cobo Arena, Detroit, Michigan
Kara Ro stopped overmatched Crystal Bolles 36 seconds of the second round.  Ro throwing a barrage of combinations landed Bolles with two standing eight counts in the first round. Ro is now 9-0-0 (7KO).

July 17, 2004 in Dessau, Germany
Universum boxer Alesia Graf won a six rounder on points over Petra Jachmanova JUST fought two days ago and lost by a decision in that bout.   Another Universum boxer, Julia Sahin won a four-round decision over Pavla StankeovaStankeova facing a former amateur world champion in only her second fight,  Stankeova looked as guileless as a skittle. According to Daniel Pinschower, who summarized the fight for ZDF, her repertoire was hopelessly limited, her upper body stiff, and her footwork hopeless. She was certainly brave, though, and had clearly trained hard for the fight, if not in the ring then at least in the gym; she took some very hard shots to the body without flinching as well as a huge overhand right. When she did go down, it was just lousy footwork; she wasn't hurt at all; she'd absorbed the full force of Sahin's right cross with her gloves.

July 17, 2004 in Dessau, Germany
Natascha Ragosina, pro debut,
won by KO1 over Olga Gorbonosenko, pro debut.

July 17, 2004 - Sky Ute Casino, Ignacio, Colorado
Jayla Ortiz won a five-round unanimous decision over Leanne Villareal, of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

July 16, 2004 - Italy
On the 'Clash of Hurricanes' card, Italy's Stefania Bianchini, fought Reka Krempf and won an easily 10 round unanimous decision (98-92, 98-92, 99-93).  Full Fight Report by Ewan Whyte   

July 16, 2004 in Gatton, Queensland, Australia
Angie Parr, pro debut, won by UD3 over Leona Nicholls.

July 16, 2004 Santo Domingo, Dominician Republic
Carolina Martinez, pro debut, won by UD4 over Scarlett Fulgenico, pro debut.

July 16, 2004 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Liliana Martinez won by TKO1 over Mirna Batista, pro debut.

July 16, 2004 in Canton, Ohio
Mary Jo Sanders won a four-round unanimous decision over  over Terri Blair.

On July 15, 2004 in Munchen, Germany
Iryna Ponomarovo
, pro debut, won by a four-round unanimous decision over Petra Jachmanova

July 11, 2004 - Cedar Beach, Allentown, PA
Cindy "Checkmate" Serrano, 7-0-0 (5KO), Queens, New York, KO'd Susan Nance, 1-6-1, in Gore, Oklahoma, 1:05 in the first round. Nance came to win, but was outboxed, and was caught with a barrage of combinations that ended the fight.  

July 10, 2004 - La Palestre, in Le Cannet, France
At the end of the evening, in the female super lightweight division, Myriam Lamare (8-0, 4KOs) repeated her previous triumph over the Ukrainian Elena Tverdokhlev (4-4, 3 KOs) winning on points after eight rounds that were full of action and fiercely contested. “I’m pleased because it’s the first time I’ve gone eight rounds and I’m not tired,” commented Lamare. “I think I boxed better this time than the last time I fought the Russian (sic), but I could do with a bit more power.”

July 9, 2004 - Vinné, Slovakia
WBAN HOT photo gallery of Belinszky (not the fight, Gallery #187)
Krisztina Belinszky
(48,10kg), of Hungary, won by KO in the fourth round against Blanca Placiemutova (51,30kg) of Slovakia in a rematch, in a scheduled six-rounder junior flyweight division.  Placiemutov was down for a count in each round.  At the beginning of the fourth round, Belinszky made her mark with a beautiful left jab, followed by a right uppercut and left hook combination. The ref counted out Placiemutova. Belinszky is now 7-4-2 (4KO). Placiemutova fell to 0-2-0.

July 8, 2004 - Arco Arena, in Sacramento, California
Valanna McGee, 127, of Sacramento, stopped Cindy Christian, 122, 40 seconds TKO,  into the second round.

July 7, 2004 in Chester, West Virginia
Cindy Serrano won by
1:35 TKO1 over  Philadelphia's Wanda Satterthwaite now (0-5).

July 3, 2004 - Hattersheim, Germany
Bantamweights Alesia-Tamara Graf won a four-decision over Julia Kulikova.  Also, Flyweights Hulya Sahin won a four-round decision over Oksana Romanova.

July 3, 2004 - Ciudad Acuña, Mexico
Adriana Chamoza
traveled to Ciudad Acuña just across from Del Rio on the Texas/Mexico border, confident (she said) that the judges up there were fair and wouldn’t allow themselves to be swayed by the crowd getting behind the local girl, Rocío Vásquez. Whether she still thought that when she came face to face with Vásquez is doubtful. It must have smelt like an ambush. Instead of the ‘dumpy, right-handed fighter without much technique’, she’d been promised, Vásquez turned out to be tall and wiry with good technique, and for good measure, she was a southpaw.  She was also a kilo over the junior flyweight limit. The Coahuila officials in were going to let her fight even heavier — Chamoza’s itching for a crack at the winner of the López v Ríos fight in September and this was the door she had to go through — but her new manager, Guillermo Peralta, put his foot down and said ‘one kilo but no more’. He even negotiated a hike of 25 per cent in the purse.  Ciudad Acuña isn’t as sleepy these days as when they shot ‘Desperado’ and ‘Once upon a time in Mexico’ with Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek back in ‘95. Cross border assembly plants and tourism have seen the population shoot up in the last 9 years and the nightlife is said to be less ‘Desperado’ more ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’.  It’s a wild town, too, for the fighters – no medical checks, no ambulance standing by (a circumstance that drew the ire of Peralta) – and if not Santanico Pandemonium, with a string of eight victories behind her and no defeats, Rocío Vásquez had pretty much made the place her own by the time Chamoza showed up, but as Box Latino reports, ‘After three rounds of frenetic activity, Adriana brought Vásquez’s reign in Ciudad Acuña to an end’, stopping her in the fourth round of a fight scheduled for eight. Coming off a long layoff, with a new trainer and new resolve, Chamoza is itching to avenge defeats earlier in her career at the hands of Delia López and Gloría Ríos. López stopped her on that occasion in the Sixth, whilst the Chamoza v Ríos fight was voted the Female Fight of 2001 in Mexico; boxing-news reported that after ‘a war in which quarter was neither asked nor given’, the decision went to Ríos, but the crowd showed its appreciation of both fighters by throwing money into the ring (would you believe?) for twenty minutes.  She trains in Costa Rica, running at one o’clock in the morning and looks good in the gym. Finally, Peralta thinks, she’s going places.  She was too much for Rocío Vásquez. Despite a considerable height advantage, Vásquez couldn’t keep her out. Apparently, it was Chamoza’s straight left and right cross that did the damage. (Date of fight occurred on July 3, not July 10 as reported earlier)  by Ewan Whyte

July 3, 2004 - Biloxi, Mississippi
On the “Fight for Independence” card at the Beau Rivage, in Biloxi, Mississippi, in front of 2,200 boxing fans, women opened up the card, featuring Lightweights Dana Kendrick, Hattiesburg, and Tiffany Ibanez of Gulfport. Ibanez pulled off a close win by a four-round majority decision over Kendrick. Final judges scoring, 39-37, 39-38 for Ibanez, and 38-38. Kendrick is now 7-1-1, and Ibanez improved her record to 2-2.

July 3, 2004 - Monterey, California
WBAN Members PHOTO Gallery #188)
Watsonville's Carina Moreno, now 5-0-0,  won a six-round unanimous decision over Diedre Hamaguchi, of New York, in the 106 lb. division.   The two fought at 106 lbs. Moreno was dominate over a game Hamaguchi, pressuring Hamaguchi throughout the fight. Hamaguchi took the fight with less than a week notice
. Two of the judges had it 60-54 while one judge saw it 60-53.  Full Fight Report by Jesus Sanchez 

July 2, 2004 - Pala Casino, California
WBAN Members PHOTO Gallery #186 & 184
Chevelle "Fists of Steel"  Hallback  successfully defended her IBA world title when she won a 10-round unanimous decision over Layla "Amazing" McCarter in a non-stop action packed bout that was featured as the co-main.  Final judges scoring was 98-92, 97-93, and 99-91.  Teddy Atlas of ESPN2 scored the fight for McCarter at 96-95.

July 1, 2004 - The Palace, Lemoore, California
WBAN  MPEGS/PHOTO Gallery #185)
Jessica Rakoczy, 134, won an eight-round decision over Olivia Pereira, 133.5.  Rakoczy, the quicker puncher of the two, won decisively with judges scoring of 80-72, 80-72, and 79-73. WBAN’s Jessica Trevino reported that the Melissa Del Valle – Shakura Witherspoon did not take place, and that even though it had been reduced to an exhibition, due to the difference in weight, the exhibition was scratched off the card.  Del Valle said that she will be fighting Rakoczy on September 16th for a title fight.



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