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Sue Fox Named  in the "Top Ten" Most -Significant Female Boxers of All Time - Ring Magazine - Feb. 2012


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Sue TL Fox, Creator of WBAN,  the IWBHF and the Special segment, "©Women Cops Who Box", Fox worked in law enforcement as a police officer,  with part of that time in detectives, and retired in 2008.
Norton Golden Gloves champ becomes Mansfield police officer
August 22, 2017

TAUNTON - Norton boxer Melanie Costa - nicknamed “The Pit Bull” - has been very busy over the past year. In July, she traveled to Florida and won her fourth national Women’s Golden Gloves title belt in the 119-pound weight class ...Full Story on Taunton Gazette  Photo credit:  Facebook

Tracy Byrd was a City of Flint, Michigan police officer, and is now working in law enforcement in Las Vegas, Nevada. Byrd is a mother of one son, and is the former  IFBA lightweight champion from 1997.

BYRD who comes from a close-knit boxing family has been involved with other family members to form Byrd Boxing, Inc. and the Joe Byrd Academy.  Byrd has fought the best and continues to be an outstanding role model for other women boxers.  Byrd is now living in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is working for the school police.

Corinne "Goose"Vanrykdegroot
Corinne fought as a  Featherweight to Junior Lightweight, and a former member of the Ottawa Police Force and Hollywood stuntwoman, first stepped into a boxing ring in January 1998 in Atlanta, GA. This is where her story begins.  GOOSE began her professional boxing career on July 25, 1998 with a 4th round decision against Lisa Cuevas in Lake Worth, Fl. During the past three years, Goose has been

honing her boxing skills and techniques by training with some of the boxing world's bests, such as: Chris Johnston, Ronnie Shields, Joe Goosen and Joel Judah.   On September 21, 2001, GOOSE won a unanimous six round decision over Brenda Vickers (#8 ranked Featherweight IWBF) in Tampa, FL.  Vanrykdegroot participated in a reality show to compete in becoming the top pick for an Action Hero.  She is no longer boxing. As of 2006, she has played a speaking part in the movie "The Guardian" that stars Kevin Costner.  She plays a bartender.  Corrine may be coming back into boxing this year (2007!).

Bonnie Wherry, mother of two, and a Cleveland Police Officer has been boxing since 1998.  Wherry is the second to the youngest of 13 children. Wherry grew up in Cleveland and loves working in the community.

Wherry told WBAN, "I have a passion for boxing and hopefully the world will soon see that I am also talented in the sport. My father always wanted one of the thirteen to box, (one of the 8 boys) but I am the one. My father  passed away March 98 and never had the chance to see me fight or become a Police officer. I know in my heart he would be proud if he were here. The first belt that I win will be for him."

Jean E. Martin - Police Sergeant in New York

Jean E. Martin, in her 30’s, is not only one of the amateur women boxers in the world, but is a Sergeant with the New York City Police Department, and has been for 14 years. Martin is the only female to have won the New York Golden Gloves tournament five (5) times. Three times at the 139 lbs. and twice in 145 lbs. weight class. She is also the first and only Female on the N.Y.P.D. PBA Boxing Team. Boxing record 37 wins 5 losses...Full Story

Nicelle Rawlings---Police Officer by day...Amateur Boxer by night

Nicelle Rawlings, 134 lbs.,  is a police officer in Peel Region, Canada.  She made her amateur debut at the HUF Gym, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, last February 9, 2003.  Rawlings won her first fight with a unanimous decision.  Rawlings had two previous exhibitions before having her first amateur bout.  Rawlings is a stable mate of Olga Heron. Full Story

Chris Kreuz...Upon obtaining her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Illinois at Chicago, she became a Chicago police officer, which had always been her desire. 

Then, she was introduced to the world of boxing. Chicago's Chris Kreuz at age 33 (5’5", 126 lbs.), recently made her comeback on April 10, 1998 in Chicago, Illinois after a three-year layoff. With a convincing first round knockout, this Windy City native looks like she never left the ring.  Kreuz is retired from boxing.

Kathy Williams,  5'5", fights as a  junior bantamweight, and is a IBA World champion. Williams is current a police officer  Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Williams comes from the amateurs and has an impressive amateur boxing career before ever turning pro. 

William began boxing at the tender age of 11.  Williams is an all-around athletics, that includes track, gymnastics, volleyball, softball and basketball.  She is just as talented with a volleyballs as she is with softball bats." 
Missy Fiorentino 5'1" Melissa (Missy) "The Fury" Fiorentino from Cranston, Rhode Island was born on January 19, 1977. She has successfully made the transition from amateur kick-boxer to professional boxer. Her rapid firing, power-punching style has led to her being described

as "the Rocky Marciano of women’s boxing". Missy is a graduate of Roger Williams College. As a Rhode Island Deputy Marshall, her responsibilities include transporting prisoners from to the courthouse in Providence. "Some of the prisoners have seen me fight on television," she says, "Once in a while one will say to another ... better not mess with her or she'll knock you out."

Robin Yakhour, 112 pounds, is currently a police officer in the state of Washington.Robin got inspired to get back into shape after reading the book The Boxer's Workout. She integrated the boxing training that she read about with a weight training routine.  

 Eventually Robin joined a boxing gym where she could spar and work on technique and form. Robin said, "It wasn't too long after that I had decided that  I wanted to actually compete. I had just turned 32 and didn't feel I had a lot of good amateur time left. I ended up taking a pro fight on four days notice. My opponent came into town weighing 10 lbs. more than I did and I ended up losing on points."  Robin talked about her second professional bout, "The second pro fight that I took was unfortunately 'dejevou'. My opponent weighed in 10 lbs. more than me, and again, I lost on points. This has really been the most frustrating aspect for me, but regardless, it's been  a good experience and I've sincerely enjoyed the opportunities that I've had."  Robin has an Associate of Science in Fisheries Technology.  One of her past times is playing the drums and she is an avid lover of American Indian Art.    Robin currently works in Vancouver, Washington as a police officer and is not boxing professionally at this time.

Valerie Mahfood, a multi-World Champion attended the academy for Correctional Officers directly from High School.  She was the youngest to ever be admitted and of 300 applications, one of only two women selected.

Upon graduation, she received her unit of assignment. She had been assigned to a maximum security, all male institution. It was destined to be the roughest prison the state of Texas had ever built. Her family who were concerned, tried to urge her to quit, go to college, but being of a slightly stubborn nature---she refused. Mahfood's full story

Veronica Simmons, Of Brooklyn, New York works in law Enforcement (Corrections) in NY.  Veronica began boxing in 1995. She has won four straight New York City Golden gloves titles: the middleweight Division in 1996, the light heavyweight division in 1997

the Heavyweight division in 1998 and the light heavyweight division again in 1999.Simmons made boxing history twice by becoming the first Women to win four straight golden gloves titles, and winning at three different weight divisions. In 1997 when she won the National 178 lb title she defeated current Pro Boxer Trina Ortega and Suzette Taylor. In 1998 Veronica stopped Adriana Smith of San Bernardino California at 1:56 of the first round and won her second National Gold Medal. In 1999 Veronica won her gold medal by knocking out Diana Matty of Plantation, Florida with one punch in the first round. This win made Veronica the first three-time National Champion in the history of USA Boxing event.  Veronica was equally impression at the Feenix Box Cup in Turku, Finland. She earned a gold medal and did not allow none of her opponents go past the first round. Veronica Simmons is perhaps the most decorated former female amateur boxer in the U. S. with her 4 New York Golden Gloves, 3 National Championships, a Feenix Cup title, along with a 15-0 record with 11 knockouts. Veronica is now 3-0-0 as a pro. Simmons has been inactive in women's boxing in the last few years.

Cheryl Muhammad
Muhammad, is an undefeated boxer who fights at light heavyweight. 35-year old Muhammad, is a Detroit police officer by day---boxer by night. She also donates her time working with battered women in shelters in her area.




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