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December 26, 2006 - Grosseto, Italy
Super Bantamweight Emanuela Pantani  TKO’d  Jovana Neskovic in the second round of a scheduled six rounder.  Neskovic was making her pro debut.  Logged in Master Search

December 26, 2006 Jean Pierre Complex, Mucurapo, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad And Tobago
Light Middleweight Iva Weston  won a six-round unanimous decision over Mandilla Daniel Logged in Master Search

December 22, 2006 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Super Bantamweight Alejandra Marina Oliveras, 119½won by an eight-round split decision over over
Claudia Lopez, 122. Final judges scores were 75-77, 77-75, and 77½-75½. Both fighters are from Argentina. Logged in Master Search

December 21, 2006- Expo Garden Hotel, Kunming, China
Promoted by Liu Gang

Strawweight Gretchen Abaniel won a four-round majority decision over Li Hai Li.  Abaniel was making her pro debut. Abaniel is from the Philippines and is a former amateur champion, winning bronze medal in Russia 2005. 
Logged in Master Search

December 20, 2006 - Club Atlético Las Palmas, Córdoba, Argentina
Super Bantamweight Sonia Paladino, 119, had a four-round draw with pro debuter Cristina Pacheco, 118.  Final judges scores were 39-39, 39-38½, and 38-40. 
Logged in Master Search

December 16, 2006 - Gimnasio del Club de Leones, El Maranon, Panama
Hildegar Keiser
, 133, pro debut, won by TKO2 (1:58) seconds,  over Lizbeth Gallardo, 133. The fight was scheduled for four rounds. 
Logged in Master Search

December 16, 2006 in Bucharest, Romania
Junior Bantamweight Corina Cirlescu won by KO2 over Rumina Tacheva, pro debut.
Logged in Master Search

December 15, 2006 - Caseros, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fight Report by Ewan Whyte
Super Bantamweight Marcela Acuna, 121½, won by a RTD in the 40 seconds in the second round against Maribel Santana, 121.  The two were fighting for the WBA Super Bantamweight Title. 
Logged in Master Search

December 15, 2006 - Las Vegas Sports Center, in Barraquilla, Colombia, promoted by Jabox Promotions
Paola Rocha won a close four-round decision over Maria Mancilla, in a super-middleweight bout.

December 15, 2006 - Municipal Colisseum in
Valledupar, Colombia

UBC super bantamweight Iberian-American champion Maria
Andrea "Panther" Miranda
returned to the ring with an
easy second round KO over previously undefeated
challenger Francia Bravo (2-1-3, 1 KO) and retained
her title.  
Logged in Master Search

December 15, 2006 - Antvorskovhallen, Slagelse, Denmark -Promoted by Team Palle
Fight Report/ Torben L Flash Slideshow Gallery #57
Super Bantamweight Anita Christensen, 120¼, won a six-round unanimous decision over Eva Liskova, 119½. Final judges scores: 59-55, 59-55, 58-56.
Logged in Master Search

December 14, 2006 in Ciudad Nezahualcoyoti, Mexico
Flyweight Ana Fabiola Arrazola won by TKO2 over Elizabeth Zamarripa, pro debut.
Logged in Master Search

December 14, 2006Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino in Hallandale, Florida
Stacey Reile
, 123, won a six-round unanimous decision over Delia Hoppe, 120½.  Final judges scores:  59-55, 59-55, and 58-56.  WBAN was told that Reile had a case of the flu until the Tuesday before the fight, and that she started off slow, but finished very strong.  Hoppe tried to avoid Reile throughout the six-rounder, making Reile chase after her, and when they did exchange punches inside, Hoppe would hold on. 
Logged in Master Search

December 14, 2006  at the Marriott Hotel, Irvine, California, and promoted by Roy Englebrecht Promotions, Tammy Franks, 133, of San Antonio, Texas., won a four-round split decision over Lissette Medel, 131, of Maywood, California. Final judges scores were 39-37, 39-37, and 37-39.  Logged in Master Search

December 14, 2006 -Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino, in Lemoore, California
Jessica Rakoczy, 132, defeated Tawnyah Freeman, 138, 1:17 seconds in first round by TKO and won the NABF lightweight title.  The referee stopped the fight.  In a six-round bout, Carina Moreno, 106
½, stopped Savanna Hill, 103½, 1:26 seconds of the second round by TKO.  Logged in Master Search

December 14, 2006 in Tokyo, Japan
Emiko Raika
, 133
¾, of Japan, won a 10-round unanimous decision over Terri Blair, 134,  of the United States. Final judges scores were 97-95, 97-94, 98-93. Raika won the WIBA lightweight world title.  In other results on the cardKazumi Izaka, 110 ¾,  won by TKO1 over Rie Fujimoto, 110 ¾; Manami Arima won by TKO1 over Seri, 112; Momoko Kanda, 104 ½, pro debut, won by UD4 over Aikawa Chikako, 106, pro debut; Jet Izumi, 104,  won by UD4 over Gypsy Taeko, 104 ½; Natsuki, 122 ¾,  won by TKO3 over Saori, 121 ¾; Mayumi Kubo, 104,  won by MD4 over Ayaka.  Logged in Master Search

December 14, 2006 - New York, NY
Maureen Shea
127½, won by a third round TKO over Rocio Vasquez, 126½. This was Shea's third appearance at Dibella's Broadway Boxing series. Logged in Master Search 12, 2006 in Cheju Island, South Korea
December 12, 2006 - Kenya, Nairobi, Grand Regency Hotel
Bantamweight Fatuma Zarika (
aka: Zarika Njeri) won a six-round unanimous decision over Jubjaeng Sor Singsanay.  Final judges scores were 60-52, 59-54, and 59-54.  Logged in Master Search

December 12, 2006 -Salle Millesium, Epernay, France
Eurosport, which has been known to be very reluctant to show women's boxing, had a pleasant surprise for the viewers, on last night's transmission from Epernay France. They televised the super featherweight bout between Myriam Chomaz,  France vs. Leticia  Candal, of Spain. The fight, scheduled for six rounds, turned out to be both entertaining and dramatic. Chomaz went forward from the first bell, but tended at times to be over eager in her attacks, which gave Candal the opportunity to score well on counter boxing. Myriam Chomaz suffered a bad cut over her left eye in the second round, but the referee allowed her to continue the fight. The three first rounds were fairly even, maybe with a slight advantage to Candal, but Chomaz's persistent aggression paid of in the 4th round when she caught Candal with a beautiful right hand, that sent her on the canvas with 56
seconds left of the round.   Candal beat the count, only to receive a standing eight count shortly after, but she made it to the end of the round. When the fighters came out for the 5th round, the referee asked the ring doctor to look at a bad swelling that almost closed Candal's left eye. It was decided that it would be unsafe to continue the fight, so Chomaz was declared the winner by TKO. Logged in Master Search

December 11, 2006 in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Repubic
Yahaira Hernandez
won by KO1 over Linosca Mendez, pro debut. 
Logged in Master Search

December 15, 2006 in Reynosa, Mexico
Claudia Roman
, pro debut, won a four-round decision over Marisela Guel, pro debut.
Logged in Master Search

December 9, 2006 - Trinidad and Tobago
Boxing world record history was made in Trinidad and Tobago, when at the Jean Pierre Complex, Port of Spain, in Trinidad West Indies, Gizelle Salandy of Trinidad won five (Junior Middleweight) world title belts, that included the WBA, WBC, NABC, WBE, and IWBF.  Promoter Boxu Potts has already applied for recognition for this fight to be inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records.  Salandy, 149 ¼, defeated her opponent, Mariem Brakache, 151,  with a 10-round unanimous decision.   Potts said in a press release, “From the onset, both fighters went at each other through the bout like two pit bulls. Salandy used a lot of lateral movements while displaying good hand speed, but Brakache soon adapted to her style, by cutting off the ring and drawing Salandy back into a slugfest, which suited Brakache’s style of fighting. 
In the preflight press conference, Salandy had stated to have a short night, with Brakache, i.e., the judges and referees would not have any work to do. Salandy also said that the only thing the referee would have to do is count Brakach out from one to ten, but Brakache won a lot of fans with her relentless punching style, while she was cutting off the ring.  Final judges scores for the bout: Judge George Sntaude scored 98-92; Judge McKenzie Granger, 98-92; and Judge Trevor Arno, scored 96-94.  At the end of the fight, both fighters congratulated each other and Salandy promised Brakache a rematch. Potts stated that he was satisfied with the performance of both fighters. He said, “It is fights like this where it generates public interest, and also gives credence to the world of women boxing.”
Logged in Master Search

December 9, 2006 Kansas City, MO
Flyweight Marianne Chubirka
TKO'd Jessica Doogan in the first round of a scheduled four rounder. Doogan was making her pro debut. Logged in Master Search

December 9, 2006 in Parkersburg, West Virginia
Middleweight Roxanne Ward, of West Virginia,  won by four-round unanimous decision over over Natiata Porter.
Logged in Master Search

December 9, 2006 in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Junior welterweight Silvia Fernanda Zacarias won by a four-round split decision over Leticia Rojo
Logged in Master Search

December 8, 2006 in Chiapas, Mexico
Abigal Ramos
, pro debut, won by KO1 over Elizabeth Zamarripa, pro debut.

December 8, 2006 in Cancun, Mexico
Bantamweight Marisol Cruz, 118½, pro debut, won by a four-round unanimous decision over Erika Reseniz, 115½, pro debut.
Logged in Master Search

December 7, 2006 - at the Centro de Convenciones, in Panama City, Panama
There were three women’s bouts scheduled on the card.  In one bout, flyweight Carolina Alvarez, 111, of Venezuela, TKO’d Lorena Carrillo, 113, 1:40 seconds, in the first round of a scheduled eight round bout.  In another women’s bout on the card featherweight Ambar Fajardo Sanchez, 125¼, of Venezuela, won a six-round split decision over Monica Acosta Siris, 122¼.  Final judges scores were 56-59, 57-56, and 58-57.  Lastly, featherweight  pro debuter Ogleidis Suarez, 123, TKO’d Luz Giraldo, 129¾ , 0:27 in the second round, scheduled for four.  The card was promoted by Promociones y Eventos del Istmo. 
Logged in Master Search

December 8, 2006 in Chiapas, Mexico
Abigal Ramos
, pro debut, won by KO1 over Elizabeth Zamarripa, pro debut.

December 7, 2006 in Moscow, Russia
Lidia Andreeva
, pro debut, won by TKO2 over Alexandra Petrova, pro debut.

December 7, 2006 in Santa Fe, Argentina
Maria del Carmen Potenza
, 116½,  won by UD4 over Sonia Edith Poladino, 117, pro debut. 
Logged in Master Search

December 7, 2006 – National Guard Armory, Pikesville, Maryland
Super middleweight Shelly Sivert, pro debuter, won a four-round unanimous decision over Kita Watkins.  The card was promoted by Baltimore Pro Boxing. 
Logged in Master Search

December 6, 2006 -Municipal Gym of Sanm Estanilslao, in Paraguay
UBC super flyweight champion Maria Jose "Panther" Nunez retained her title with an eight-round unanimous decision over Brazilian challenger Amalia Martìnez
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December 5, 2006 in Memphis, Tennessee
Kita Watkins
won by TKO2 over Diane Virgous.

December 3, 2006 York Hall, in Bethnal Green, London, England Photo Gallery #400     Fight Report
Super flyweight Shanee Martin, of Colchester, England won an eight-round decision over  Rebekka Hermann of Offenburg, Germany.  Score:  77-76 (only one judge, often the
referee, in the UK for non-title fights). WBAN had ringside coverage by Bernard Miller.
Logged in Master Search

December 2, 2006 in Nairobi, Kenya
Janaya Davis,
164¼, of the United States,  won an eighth round decision over Kenya's Conjestina Achieng, 154¼.  Valerie Mahfood was supposed to fight Achieng, but experienced some problems concerning this card. Leatitia Robinson won a 10-round unanimous decision over Yvonne ReisEsther Phiri won a 8-round majority decision over Kelli Cofer in the junior lightweight division. Scores: Stephen Okumu 78-79; Dan Omuhaka 75-77; Wycliffe Marende 77-77.
Logged in Master Search

December 2, 2006 -  Estral Convention Center in Berlin, Germany
Lafayette¹s Kasha Chamblin, 123½,  suffered the first loss as a pro when she was TKO'd in the eighth round by Ina Menzer, 125¾, the WIBF world featherweight champion. Menzer of Germany, and still undefeated at(16-0), was making her fifth straight successful title defense. According to Dan McDonald of the Daily Advertiser, wrote, that Menzer caught Chamblin with a straight right hand with approximately 20 seconds left in
the eighth round. Chamblin, making her first title-bout appearance, went down for the first time in her career.
She quickly rose, but the referee stopped the bout with approximately 10 seconds left in the round.
Full Story by Ewan Whyte Logged in Master Search

December 2, 2006 - Palais Omnisport, Paris, France
Anne Sophie Mathis,  TKO'd Myriam Lamare, in the seventh round.  Both Mathis and Lamare are from France.
Full Story by Ewan Whyte  Logged in Master Search

December 1, 2006 - Rhode Island Convention Center, in Providence, Rhode Island
Missy “The Fury” Fiorentino
won a six-round unanimous decision over Belinda “Brown Sugar” Laracuente in a six rounder. 
Full Story by Dan Horgan  Logged in Master Search

December 1, 2006 - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Holly Holm became a three time World Champion Friday night as she captured the IFBA Jr. Middleweight to go along with her IBA Jr. Welterweight title and WBA Welterweight title with an almost complete shutout of Trica Turton. Holm captured the title by the scores of 100-90 twice and 99-91 on the final card. Holm was the bigger and quicker of the two and it showed as she was able to dominate the game Turton, who was just to small.
Full Story Andy Rivera Logged in Master Search



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