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November 30, 2000, Houston, Texas
Valerie "The Wolfe" Mahfood
(161 1/2) KO'd Ann Wolfe (162) 1:17 seconds in the third round.  Fight report by Jonathan Cooper: HOUSTON (Nov. 30) – Billed as the woman’s fight of the year, Valerie “Lone Wolf” Mahfood and Ann “Brown Sugar” Wolf did not disappoint the 1,610 fans in attendance at Browning Boxing’s last fight night of the year Thursday at the Radisson Hotel Astrodome producing three of the most exciting light heavyweight rounds in recent history. Mahfood (11-3, 7 KOs) scored a stunning knockout at 1:17 in the third round with a overhead right to the body and a left hook that sent Wolf (5-1, 3 KO) down for the 10-count. Wolf had started strong, sending Mahfood to the floor within the first 15-second of the fight, but Mahfood was able to recover.  “I was dazed early, she hit me harder than I expected,” Mahfood said. “I knew she was a lot stronger than me, but my experienced kept me in the fight. I know what it feels like to be knocked out, and I was the better boxer, and it won me the fight.”   Mahfood’s experience began to show in the second round when she started working the body of her taller opponent. She scored her first knockout with a three-punch combination to the body midway through Round 2. The two exchanged powerful shots in the third, before the knockout came out of nowhere and ended the fight.  A disappointed Wolf knew she had been in a war. “I bet she has never been hit as hard as she was tonight,” said Wolfe. “I needed to settle down, I was too anxious and got caught, but I know I can beat her.”  After the fight, Mahfood issued an open challenge to Laila Ali. “I have three titles she is welcome to come after,” the former prison guard said. “What I did tonight is only the beginning. If she’ll fight me, I will whip her butt all over the place.”

November 25, 2000, Oklahoma City, OK
Wendy Sprowl
of Hull, Ma defeated Susan Nance of Oklahoma City Saturday, November 25th at the Roseland Ballroom in Taunton, Ma. After 4 great rounds of skilled boxing the judges scored the bout 40-36, 40-36 and 40-37. Sprowl weighed in at 111lbs.,  and Nance at 114 bs. Nance had a height and arm reach advantage... but that advantage in no way shape or form overpowered Sprowl. All four rounds were action- packed with the sold out crowd loving every minute of it. The bout presented by Cappiello and Pendarvis Promotions was an excellent representation for women's boxing...For noviced pros these women could fight! It was obvious that both have spent many hours of dedication in their training.   Sprowl's deadly right scored often while Nance's constant jab and left hook kept Sprowl on her toes.   Plans are currently underway for a rematch as these two pros want to GET IT ON AGAIN!!! Sprowl currently at 4-0 looks forward to the rematch, possibly for a USBF Title in approximately 8 weeks. Sprowl said it was her toughest fight yet. She'll take a couple of days off and will hit the gym again and train seriously as the next bout will be for 6-8 rounds. Reporter: Debbie Burns 

November 25, 2000-Monterey Hyatt, Monterey, California
 27 year-old Anna Carrizales from Oceanside, CA. won a split Decision (39-37,37-39,39-37) over 37 yr. old southpaw Carol Wirth (141Lbs.) of Oakland, CA. Both fighters were making their pro debut.   The fight was punctuated by feinting and missing as both fighters looked to draw the other in though.   Anna did manage to land with a couple of overhand rights in the second round.  In the third round,  Anna became the aggressor and began to move forward attempted to land some combinations while Carol seemed to find the range for her right jab. In the last and final round,  Anna continued to be aggressive, and throughout the round there were some good exchanged between both fighters. My scoring of the fight:  39-37 in favor of Carrizales. WBAN Reporter - Brian Low 

November 25, 2000, Artesio, New Mexico  Delia Gonzalez (114) will be facing Imelda Arias (128). Imeda came in 10 lbs. overweight at weigh-in, but Gonzalez agreed to fight her with the weight difference. This fight is being put on by Southwest Sports Production. Gonzalez (11-5-3) of Las Cruces scored a unanimous decision over Imelda Arias (8-11-0) of Juarez, Mexico.

November 24, 2000 Denmark
Anita Christensen won the European Championship title by defeating Kristina Krek after 10 rounds. The judges scored the fight 97-94, 99-92, 99-92.

November 24, 2000 Halifax, Canada
HACKL Retains IFBA Jr. Lightweight Championship....Doris Hackl of Pugwash, Nova Scotia, Canada won a split decision over gritty Brenda Vickers of Tampa, Florida. In front of 3000 plus boxing fans at the Halifax Metro Centre, the judges scored the fight 97-95,97-95 and 92-98 for Hackl with a huge portion of the crowd cheering Vickers after the decision was read. Brenda Vickers showed determination and exceptional skills throughout the fight, Doris Hackl responded with the heart of a champion and the will to defend the title she won from Chevelle Hallback early this year in Louisiana.  Taylor Gordon, the promoter for the fights in Halifax, immediately invited Vickers to return to Halifax early next year and Rudy and Doris Hackl look forward to a re-match with Vickers in the future.  

November 22nd at Avalon Hotel, Erie,  PA
Angelee Gardner (146) of Williamsport PA. fighting out of Ft. Drum N.Y.  making her pro debut scored a 1:39 first round 
stoppage of Melissa Sutley (153) from Cleveland OH.  

November 21, 2000, Genetti Manor, 
Dickson City, Pennsylvania

Maria Moroni of Italy won a four round unanimous division over Connie Bechtel of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Bechtel fell to  0-2-2. 

November 19, 2000 - Celebrity Theater, Phoenix, Arizona
Elena "Babydoll" Reid  won an unanimous four- round decision. Elena fought Nina Gonzalez of California. Elena's record is now 5-1 with 2 KO's. Nina's record moves to 2-3-1.  Fight report:  ROUND 1 -The opening bell Elena and Nina met at the center of the ring and exchanged combinations with Elena landing the harder punches. In the middle of the first round Elena and Nina bumped heads which opened a cut on the right eyelid of Elena. Elena was unaware of the cut on her eyelid, she said it felt like an eyelash was stuck in her eye. The cut did not phase Elena at all.  ROUND 2 -  Elena came out with a fury of punches that rocked back Nina. Nina tried to come back with combinations, but Elena over powered Nina with more power punches.  ROUND 3 -  It was more of the same action with Nina trying to tie Elena up by holding.  ROUND 4 - Elena kept pouring on the pressure and Nina kept trying to come forward, but Elena was too strong for her and kept moving her back with power punches.  Photos will be posted soon!

November 19, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium  Daniella Somers defeated Brenda Drexel-Bell in a 10-rounder (Nov. 19)! ROUND 1 -Drexel opens the fight with a fierce attack, using swings mostly. She manages to corner Somers and to keep her well under pressure. Daniëlla fights rather passively. Round for Brenda.  ROUND 2 - Brenda takes the initiative again, which leads to a fierce exchange.  She takes the inside of the ring and keeps moving forward, bobbing and weaving all the time. Most of her swing miss their target, though. Somers tries to take the iniative towards the end. Pretty even round.  ROUND 3-The same wild start from Brenda, who attacks constantly, but she does not have that much control and her punches lack precision. But then she hits Daniëlla with 3 swings. She still a slight advantage after this round on my card. ROUND 4-A slow start this time. Then there are several exchanges, but most punches land on the gloves of the fighters. Another even round. ROUND 5-In the first part, Daniëlla clearly shows that she is technically the more accomplished fighter. Brenda seems to tire, but keeps attacking. Daniëlla counters with jabs. She wins this round. ROUND 6 - After a tentative start, there is a furious attack from Brenda, but Daniëlla counters effectively. Both boxers are clearly getting tired, there is a lot of infighting in the second half of the round. The round is too close to call.  ROUND 7 -Mostly infighting again. But Daniëlla lands a few good jabs and uppercuts and is in control of the fight now. This round is definitely for her.  ROUND 8  The fighters are very tired now and only manage to fight at close range. Daniëlla, having a better technique, lands more blows while avoiding Brenda's swings. She also gets this round on my card.  The verdict of the judges: unanimous decision for Daniëlla Somers (76-79, 75-78 and 77-78). (by Peter Geudens) 

November 19, 2000 Seoul, Korea
Kim Messer retained her IFBA Jr. Flyweight title when she defeated Michelle Sutcliffe in a close 10-round championship.  In front of an estimated crowd of 3500 Korean fans, IFBA Jr. Flyweight Champion Kim Messer of Kirkland Washington retained her title against a gritty and tough Michelle Sutcliffe of Leeds, England.  The three judges scored the fight 97-96, 97-95 and 96-96 for Messer giving the champion a majority decision.   Through  the first seven rounds Sutcliffe held the lead on two judges cards with the third calling the match a draw. In the eighth round Messer scored big taking the round 10-9 on all three score cards and barely pulled out a victory in the final two rounds of action.   An appreciative Korean audience mobbed Sutcliffe after the fight asking for her autograph and assuring the aggressive Brit that they enjoyed the show. Supporting Michelle in the audience was 2nd under secretary to the British Embassy Roz Sparrow and Her Britannic Majesty's Ambassador himself Charles Humfrey.   Messer was trapped in her dressing room for 45 minutes by a horde of reporters and fans wanting her thoughts on the bout and congratulating her on a hard fought victory.  Messer showed the heart of a champion throughout the bout, seizing the momentum from Sutcliffe in the later rounds and trilling the crowd with combinations and stiff uppercuts. 

November 18, 19, 2000
2000.5 Gear-Up Day One: 
Juniors-- 105--Randi Jo Overman (NC) beat Brett Bohmont (MO) by 3-2;110--Omeisha White-El (IL) beat Carlicia Gadson (IN) by RSC.; 119--Aine Sanchez (MO) beat Kristen Read (MO) by 3-2.  119--Ashley Westfall (IN) beat Amber Maund (OH) by 5-0.; 147--Sherry Whinhoven (OH) beat Taron Jordan (MO) in RSC.; 147--Reagan Essary (MO) beat Katie O'Banion (IL) by RSC.; 
--112--Mandie Matigli (OH) beat Samantha Sanchez (IL) by 5-0.; 112--Lucinda Sharbach (IL) beat Cathy Conder (KY) by 5-0. 119--Nakia Jones (NC) beat Nora Reyes (IL) by 5-0.; 125--Trisha Hill (GA) beat Luckie Essary (MO) by 5-0.; 125--Julia Day (KY) beat Heather Stevens (VA) by 5-0.; 125--Teresa O'Toole (NC) beat Christa Hoffman (IN) by 5-0.; 125--Candi Sarver (MI) beat Darneeka Janies (OH) by 5-0. 132--Margret Buehler (IL) beat Kristi Fallmor (IN) by 3-2.; 139--Rita Figueroa (IL) beat Monica Donner (IN) by RSC.; 147--Terri Blair (KY) beat Eula Ramsey (OH) by 4-1.; 147--Sha'mell Carter (MO) beat Traci Little (NC) by 5-0.; 156--Bonnie Mann (NC) beat Cheryl Jacobs (IN) by RSC. 165--Leatitia Robinson (IL) beat Faye Hollis (NC) by 4-1.; HWY--Liana Owens (KY) beat Nikki Cane (NC) by 3-2. 

2000.5 Gear-Up Day Two: 
Juniors-- 106--Carlicia Gadson (IN) beat Brett Bohmont (MO) by 3-2.; 119--Amber Maund (OH) beat Kristen Read (MO) by 3-2.; 119--Ashley Westfall (IN) beat Omeisha White-El (IL) by 5-0.  Seniors--  112--Samantha Sanchez (IL) beat Cathy Conder (KY) by 4-1.  112--Mandie Matigli (OH) beat Lucinda Sharbach (IL) by 3-2.   125--Trisha Hill (GA) beat Candi Sarver (MI) by 5-0. 125--Teresa O'Toole (NC) beat Julia Day (KY) by 4-1.  125--Christa Hoffman (IN) beat Heather Stevens (VA) by 4-1. 132--Margret Buehler (IL) beat Darneeka Janies (OH) by 5-0. 139--Rita Figueroa (IL) beat Terri Blair (KY) by 3-2. 147--Sha'mell Carter (MO) beat Eula Ramsey (OH) by 5-0.  156--Cheryl Jacobs (IN) beat Traci Little (NC) by 5-0.  165--Leatitia Robinson (IL) beat Bonnie Mann (NC) 5-0. 

Nov 17, 2000,  Ploiesti, Rome
Florentina Pancescu 
had a draw against Mihaela Cijevschi.  No other information available at this time. 

November 17, 2000, Palencia, Spain
María José Rosa
of Spain won a four-round decision over Marta Mayal, also of Spain, in a flyweight division.

November 17, 2000
Rhodes-on-the-Pawtuxet in Cranston, RI.
Kathy Rivers TKO'd
(10-2) Monica McGowan in the third round.  Rivers is now 11-2, and McGowan dropped to 2-2. Boston Herald reported the following: "Kathy Rivers, the 6-foot Woonsocket blonde with whom Burchfield has been trying to lure Laila Ali to New England, went to 11-2 as a pro, scoring a TKO when her battered Texas opponent, Monica McGowan (2-2), was unable to answer the bell for the fourth."

November 17, 2000, Emerald Queen Casino, Tacoma, Washington 
Jessica LaPoint a local fighter in Tacoma, of Spanaway,  defeated Jamie Day by split decision in a four-round welterweight bout to notch her first career victory.  LaPoint is now 1-0. From the Seattle Times:   "In a women's bout between Jamie Day of Brigham City, Utah, and Jessica "The Stalker" LaPoint of Spanaway, LaPoint, making her pro debut, worked Day's body against the ropes. In the end, one judge called the bout even while two judges gave LaPoint a narrow decision."

November 17, 2000
Harvey's Resort & Casino,  Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Maureen Henry (137 lbs) of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania TKO2  B.J. Felter (135 lbs) of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Henry moves to 3-2,  Felter fell to 0-4.

November 17, 2000
Mississippi Coast Coliseum-Biloxi, MS
Jacqui Frazier-Lyde
TKO'd Nicole Armstrong in less than one minute in the1:06 seconds of the first round.  Nicole is a whooping 1-6-1.  Armstrong has also lost to Laila Ali.  Armstrong just LOVES to fight those daughters..  Lyde improved her record to 6-0.

November 15, Florida
Sandy "Flygirl" Goldberg reporting from Florida!
Ada Valez (119) TKO'd Lisa Foster (119 1/2) in the second round when she turned away... Britt VanBuskirk KO'd Michelle Linden (146)with 20 seconds left of the fourth round. Britt is now 10-11-1 and Michelle has slipped to 7-2.  Ada Valez is now 5-0 (4KO) and Lisa Foster has dropped to 2-3-1.

November 14, 2000, Rodeo Nights, Phoenix, Arizona
Jessica Mohs making her pro debut won her first time out with a split decision over Brandy Leon.  Jessica's record is 1-0 as a professional and she is currently fighting at 124 lbs. Brandy's record is now 0-2. 

November 11, 2000,  Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Lisa Brown of Toronto won a four-round unanimous (40-36, 40-36, 39-37) decision over Donna Parson of Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. Brown is now 4-0.

November 11, 2000
Lisa Holewyne got sweet revenge and dominated her fight against Vicki woods.
According to her trainer Trini Escimilla the fight was one sided with Lisa only losing one round on one judges score card. Vicki was staggered on a couple occasions by Lisa but in the end held on all ten rounds. Lisa had suffered a loss and a draw to Vicky the third time was a charm. Esteban Erik Stipnieks

November 10, 2000 at the Sky City Casino, in New Mexico, Adriana Delgado UD’d Marsha Budde. According to news sources at the end of the third round an accidental headbutt exchanged and Delgado received a cut over her left eye. Delgado is now 6-2 (3KO), and Budde fell to 3-4 (1KO).

Nov 4, 2000, Koblenz, Germany Rhein-Moselhalle
Nadja Loritz (106),from German TKO'd Lonela Zguela (107) of Rom/Ger in the six round.  Loritz won the vacant International German crown in the Junior Flyweight division.

November 4, 2000
Bassano del Grappa, Italy

In a 10 round match for the ISKA 50.5 kg world title, Stefania Bianchini (Italy) defeated Mary Hart (England) by unanimous decision.

November 4, 2000, London
Iwona Guzowska has lost her first professional fight in her career.. News sources reported the following: "A Day before the fight, British Boxing Commission decided to shorten the duel to 4 rounds. Disorientated Iwona, couldn't find herself in a short distance and she was outpointed, first time in her sport-career. Guzowska fought Galina Gumliska, a fighter that Jane Couch had defeated earlier this year. 

November 4, 2000, Ho-Chunk Casino in Baraboo, Wisconsin
Andrea Nelson KO'd Christmas Love (sic), 135, of Milwaukee.  Fight report by Bill H:  Andrea Nelson knocked out in the first round a second string opponent Friday night, Nov. 4, in a six-bout card at the Ho-Chunk Casino in Baraboo, Wisc.,  near Wisconsin Dells.  Nelson of Dodgeville, Wisc., 135, faced Christmas Love (sic), 135, of Milwaukee. Love's record is unknown. The women's bout was scheduled for six rounds.  Love brought little boxing skill to the fight, instead displaying street brawl tendancies which did her little good against the sharp power punching of Nelson. A part of Love's corn row hairpiece was knocked flying by the knock out punch which brought a howl from the crowd.  Nelson said that she is hoping for tougher opponents as she keeps a busy schedule and runs up her win record. Nelson is now 6-0.

November 3, 2000, Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki, Poland
Poland's Edyta Olewniczak, 119 lbs, TKO'd Eva Liskova, 119 lbs., in the third round

November 3, 2000, Nation Turning Stone Casino, Verona, Wisconsin
Amy "Red Dog" Burton (146) of S went toe-to-toe with Dawne George (142) of Brooklyn, New York,  in four action-packed rounds that resulted in a majority draw.   As one news source reported "The only female bout on the card, a four round jr. welterweight fight between Amy "Red Dog" Burton and Dawne George of Brooklyn, was four rounds of intense boxing, as the "Red Dog" lived up to her billing. At the final bell however, the fight was ruled a draw."  Burton's record to 3-1-1 (2KO), and George's record  4-5-1 (3KO).

November 2, 2000 Green Bay, Wisconsin
Yolanda Blackmer (155½ lbs) won a four-round split decision over Willicia Moorehead (138 lbs) of Milwaukee, who is reported by news sources to be 4-0.

November 2, 2000 - Texas
Kathy William (12-2) defeated Leona Brown  in a close decision.
  According to news sources, "Kathy Williams had moments of brilliance, while Brown found a home for her overhand right."  Williams was defending her Miller Lite Bantamweight title.   Brown is now 8-5. Final scores 79-73, 76-75, 76-75. 





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