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February 29, 2000 Montreal at centre Pierre Charbonneau
Nora Daigle
vs. Shirley Prescott, six rounds, Jr. Featherweight bout:  Nora Daigle scored a unanimous decision over an opponent 18 years her junior. Daigle, a 38-year-old native of Richibouctou,  New Brunswick who now resides in Quebec City, improved her  record to 6-3-1 in a spirited six-round bout with 20-year-old Shirley Prescott (2-5-0) of Winnipeg."  Canadian kickboxing star Luraina Undershute was also supposed to box Alicia Ashley in Victoria, B.C. last week, but we heard that Ashley pulled out of the bout at short notice, with no apparent reason given.

February 29, 2000  Pepsi Coliseum at the Indiana State Fairgrounds
Vonda Ward vs. Mattie Brumley
Fight report by John B.  - In a female bout on the boxing card in Indianapolis, IN on Tuesday, February 29, Vonda Ward, a 6' 6" 190 lbs fighter from Macedonia, OH defeated Mattie Brumley (5.5" and 182 lbs from Indianapolis) by TKO in 1 minute 26 seconds of the first round. Vonda is now 2-0 and Mattie is 0-1. Vonda is 190 lbs of solid muscle who was previously a professional basketball player and now manages a major gym in Macedonia, OH and is a personal trainer. She is a delightful young lady that the audience loved. She has little body fat and is tremendously powerful. She said she is just getting into the boxing and has a lot to learn. But, she will definitely be heard from in the female heavyweight division. And, she has the kind of personality and attitude to definitely contribute very positively to female boxing. 

February 27, 2000 Leeds, England 
Michelle Sutcliffe
defeated Francesca Lupo of Italy with a action packed UD ten round decision. for the WBF women's world flyweight title.

February 26, 2000 Madison Square Garden 
New York
Mia St. John vs. Kristin Allen. 
Four-round featherweight bout.  St. John won by a majority decision. Mia St. John is now 16-0, and Allen dropped to 3-1.  The final scoring was 39-39, 39-37, 39-37. 

February 26, 2000 - Amy Yerkes, of Springfield, Mo, defeated Sandi Meister by TKO 2rd,  at the Del Mar, California fairgrounds. This was a women's muay Thai kickboxing bout. (Meister is the woman in California who raised eyebrows recently by defeating a man in a boxing match.

February 26, 2000 in Mannheim, Germany 
Nadia Debras of France won the WIBF Featherweight title with a 10-round decision over Silke Weickenmeier of Germany. This was a rematch where they had a draw for this belt in January of 2000.

February 26, 2000 Austin Texas 
Anissa Zammaron 10-round
draw with Wendy Rodriguez (105) IBA title vacant.  Zamarron is now 12-8-2, and Rodriguez is 2-1-1.  The title remains vacant.  Shakurah Witherspoon defeated Melinda Robinson for title by majority decision.  Witherspoon moved her record to 8-14-1. Robinson dropped to 9-10. Lori Lords defeated Tracy Moulton by unanimous decision for title.  Linda Tenberg over Lelani Salazar by majority decision.  Brenda Drexel over Lisa Holewyn by majority decision. Drexel has moved to 3-6 and is continuing to improve her record.  Holewyn has dropped to 7-5-1.

February 25, 2000 "RUMBLE AT THE MANSION"  Rhodes-on-the-Pawtuxet 
Cranston, Rhode Island 4 ROUNDS - WOMEN LIGHTWEIGHTS   Liz Mueller (134 lbs. / Hartford, CT / 2-0, 2 KO's)  Win - TKO End of Round 2 Over Michelle Taylor (132 lbs. / Pittsfield, MA / 0-1). 

February 20, 2000  Belgium
Daniella Somers, of Brecht, Belgium defeated Cheryl Nance of Winston Salem, North Carolina for the IWBF Jr. Welterweight Title with a 10-round unanimous decision. Somers was defending her IWBF title. Final score 98-94, 98-94, 99-95. Somers is now 11-3, and is considering retiring at this point in her career, and Nance dropped to 5-4.

February 19, 2000 Mandalay Bay, 
Las Vegas, Nevada  
Pamela Barker, Henderson, Nevada vs. Terry Cruz, of Denver, Colorado fought to a 4-round draw. Cruz won the first two rounds, and apparently it was not a great fight for Barker. Barker is now 5-0-1, and Cruz is 1-2-2.

February 19, 2000 Berlin, Germany
Regina Halmich, Karlsruhe, Germany defended her WIBF Jr. Flyweight title against Viktoria Varga. The fight ended in a TKO in the1:15 fifth round. Varga is now 9-1, according to her promoters. Varga took two standing eight counts in this fight.

February 18, 2000 Burlington, Iowa
Deanna "Dynamite" Nance, of Gore, OK, defeated in a rematch with Sarah Goodson, from Sebu City, Philippines in a round-round majority decision. Lightweight Division. Goodson is now 0-6-1.

February 17, 2000 Worley, Idaho
Para Draine, of Spokane, Washington, defeated Brenda Burnside, of Albuquerque, NM in a split decision. Burnside knocked Draine down, but Draine came right back. From fightnews.com who covered the fight, Scott "Flattop" Pope, said that it was an excellent fight, and that he would like to see a rematch. Draine moves her record to 10-3, and Burnside is now 7-10-2. Donít let Burnsideís record deceive you...She is one of the toughest fighters that will literally fight ANYONE! Not what you see out of some of the women boxers who have championship belts at this time!

February 17, 2000 Houston, Texas
Linda Robinson of Waco, Texas defeated Victoria Lara with a first-round KO who is now 0-3. WBAN encourages Victoria Lara to go back to your waitress job.

February 16, 2000 Give, Denmark
Anita Christensen, Denmark
won her debut as a pro over Veronica Szucs of Hungary by TKO in the first round.  The fight was scheduled for 4 rounds in the featherweight division.  Anita Christensen had an amateur record of 19-2-0 with six wins by KO.  Her opponent had an amateur record of 10-5-0 and a pro record of 1-3-0.

February 11, 2000 in Treasure Island Casino, Kenner, Louisiana
Margaret Sidoroff defeated Jolene Blackshear in a ten-round unanimous decision over IFBA Flyweight champion. Scores 98-92, 98-92, 97-93, Unanimous decision for Sidoroff. Sidoroff is still undefeated with 7-0. (3KO), and Blackshear is 4-(2KO) See a complete "Behind the Scenes" report with photos by TL Fox that will be posted 02/13/00. Marischa Sjauw, and the challenger, won a ten-round split decision over Zulfia Koudoussova of Russia the IFBA Lightweight title. Final scoring 96-94, 94-96, 96-94 split decision. Sjauw is now 14-4-1 with 5 KO's, while Koutdoussova dropped to 12-3 with 4 KO's. These two decided before the fight that they would rematch, and so boxing fans can anticipate a another great performance out of these top Athletes!   Trina Ortegon defeated Kendra Lenhart for the IFBA super Middleweight championship. The final scores was 96-94, 97-93, 98-92, by a unanimous decision. Ortegon is now 8-1, and Kendra dropped to 5-6-2. TL Fox interviewed Kendra and will have more on this fighter soon.  

Marsha Valley, Los Angeles, defeated Patricia Demick in a six-rounder that was an action-packed fight. It was the first fight on the card, before ESPN2 turned on the cameras. TL Fox videoíd some of this fight, and took photographs. Valley displayed excellent boxing skills, and Demick showed that she is tough and has heart. Demick is also very technically sound. Valley improved her record to 6-3-3, with a unanimous decision scoring 59-55, 59-55, 60-53. Demick is now 3-2.  Ann Wolfe of Waco, Texas defeated Mary Ann Almager of Midland, Texas in the first round. Wolfe record is now 4-0 (3KO) and Almager is now 10-3. The fight did not last long, because both fighters came out in the first round aggressively. Wolfe hit Almager with a clear uppercut, that sent Almager to the floor for an eight-count. The fight continued for a few more seconds when Almager, still dazed from the previous shot was on the ropes. This fight was not televised, but TL Fox videoíd it.  Kim Messer from Kirkland, Washington, defeated Yvonne Caples with a six-round unanimous decision. The score 58-56 for Messer. Messer is now 8-2-1, and Caples fell to 2-1 (2KO). 

February 10, 2000 
Suzy Taylor defeated Britt VanBuskirk with a UD decision. 

February 10, 2000 Allentown, Pennsylvania
Laura Kielczewski (New York) vs. Shakura Witherspoon (Pennsylvania). Kielczewski defeated Witherspoon with a four-round split decision. Kielczewski moved her record to 4-0, and Witherspoon dropped to 7-14-1. Jr-Lightweight division.

February 8, 2000 in St. Louis, Missouri
Carmen Dominquez (132) vs Theresa Gaulden (132) defeated Gaulden with a KO in 1:43 in the first round. The fight was scheduled to go four rounds. Dominquez record moved to 4-1 (3KO), and Gaulden dropped to 3-1. 

February 6, 2000 - Scranton, Pennsylvania
Jacqui Frazier-Lyde vs. Tella Reese
Lyde KO'd Reese 1:23 seconds in the first round.  She is now 1-0, and Reese has dropped to 0-2, both fights being KO'd in the first round.

February 5, 2000 - Rochester, Washington
Dakota Stone
(153) vs. Stacy Taylor (164)Stone won by a four-rournd unanimous decision over Taylor. Final scoring was 40-36 all score cards.  Stone is now 1-1-0, and Taylor is 0-1-0. Also, Bambi Bertoncello (131 1/4) vs. Suzanne McDaniel (133).  Bertoncello won by a majority decision, her record is now 2-1 (1KO), and McDaniel fell to 0-2.  

February 5, 2000 Commerce City, California
Jessica Treat (124) defeated Pamela Opdyke (121) with a TKO 4th round. Treatís record is now 2-0, Opdyke dropped to 0-5.

February 5, 2000 in Warren, Ohio
Sabrina Hall (141 lbs) defeated Vicki Woods (141) in a six-rounder by a split decision. Final scoring 56-58, 58-56, 59-55. Hallís record is 10-1-0, and Woods dropped to 9-8-1.

February 5, 2000 -  Duisberg, Germany
Daisy Lang of Bulgaria defeated Kathy Williams, of Thunder Bay, Canada, for the WIBF Jr. Bantamweight title with a ten-round unanimous decision. Final scores 97-95, 98-91, and 97-94. Langís record is now 10-1(5ko), and Williams has dropped to 10-2 (4ko). The other womenís bout was with Michele Aboro, who defeated Eva Jones-Young who is from South Bend, Indiana for the vacant WIBF Jr. Featherweight title. The fight was a 10-rounder, and Aboro won by a unanimous decision. Aboro is still undefeated at 15-0 (10kO), Eva dropped to 13-3-1 (5kO).

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