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Natascha Ragosina
Copyrighted photo courtesy Team Ragosina


5'11½" super middleweight Natascha (Natalja) Ragosina was born Natalja Jurjewna Ragosina on April 5, 1976 in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. She began combat sports at the age of 18, as a kickboxer. Within two years she had won the 1996 European championship, a feat she repeated two years later in 1998. Success took her to Moscow, where she switched to boxing a year later. She won the European 75-kg championship in Pecs, Hungary in May 2003 and other international amateur matches including a win over Laura Ramsey of the USA in a USA-Russia Dual Meet in Russia in September 2003. Despite her amateur record, when she moved to Germany with her infant son, intending to turn to pro boxing, trainer Werner Kirsch didn’t want her (or any other woman for that matter) at the SES Boxgym in Magdeburg.

Until he saw her, that is.

“That girl really knows how to get stuck in!” he remarked as he watched her spar. He was hoping some of her determination might rub off on the male fighters under his charge, and he’d already noticed that she only had to walk into the gym and their work rate increased dramatically.

Natascha made her pro boxing debut on July 17, 2004 in Dessau, Germany, winning by a first-round KO over fellow debut fighter Olga Gorbonosenko of Latvia in what was described as the most impressive action on the undercard. Natascha showed great ring knowledge, landing her punches easily and correctly, to overpower Gorbonosenko.

On September 18, 2004 at Herrmann-Gieseler-Halle in Magdeburg, Germany Natascha TKO'd debut fighter Dana Tabuskova of Russia in the second round of a scheduled four-rounder (picture at left).

On October 16, 2004 at Neue Messehalle in Halle, Germany Natascha stopped Alexandra Vajdova of Slovakia by TKO at 1:23 in the third round of a scheduled four-rounder.  

On December 11, 2004 at Lausitz-Arena in Cottbus, Germany, Natascha Ragosina (167 lbs) defeated Yvonne Reis (167 lbs) of Fort Lauderdale, Florida by TKO in the tenth round for the WIBF Intercontinental championship. Reis, who had been outclassed but kept trying to come forward throughout the bout, was knocked down in the ninth round, but weathered the storm ... only to have the fight stopped with 42 seconds gone in the tenth.

According to WBAN correspondent Ewan Whyte: "Reis was outgunned from the second round onwards when the Kazakh upped the pace, and after barely surviving a hail of punches in the third, the 38-year-old American had somehow made it through to the ninth with a demonstration of grit and determination of her own. “What was primarily impressive about Reis’s performance,” commented Stefan Strehler of SecondsOut, “was her ability to take punishment.” If what should have been the high point of a long career had to end in disappointment at the hands of someone that had only turned professional a few months earlier, she would at least be spared the indignity of a stoppage. But no. Although she was miles ahead on the scorecards and could have just cruised to the win, as many would do under the same circumstances, Natascha wanted the stoppage, to maintain her perfect record. And what Natascha wants, Natascha gets. If it comes to a war of wills between a 38-year-old and a 28-year-old in the tenth round, your money would in any case be on the younger woman, but Ragosina struck pre-emptively at the end of the ninth with a straight right that put the American down for the count (only the bell saved her), and when it sounded again to signal the beginning of the last round, Reis walked out dazed and diminished, and into a storm. Referee Roger Tillemann of Belgium was faced with a grim dilemma. Armed with nothing more than an awkward southpaw style that Ragosina had figured out long ago, Reis had been taking a beating now for over eight rounds, but had evinced a determination to hang on to the end, and no referee would have wanted to rob her of that consolation with only eighty seconds remaining; but Ragosina was intractable and it was she now that held all the cards. After watching Reis rocked by a ‘multitude of clean punches’, Tillemann had no option but to stop the fight forty-two seconds into the tenth."

On January 15, 2005 at the Bördelandhalle in Magdeburg, Germany Natascha (167½ lbs) won a four round unanimous (40-36) decision over Borislava Goranova (157½ lbs) of Sofia, Bulgaria. Goranova, who fell to 3-11-0 with the loss had only been stopped once in her career (in one of her four fights against Jane Couch) and had gone the distance with Agnieszka Rylik and Myriam Lamare,

On May 7, 2005 at Volkswagenhalle in Braunschweig, Germany. Natascha (168 lbs), back from surgery in early April that had prevented from her fighting American Valerie Mahfood, TKO'd Sarka Stoklaskova (165¼ lbs) of the Czech Republic in the second round of a scheduled six-round bout. Stoklaskova fell to 1-2 (0 KO's) with the loss.

Valerie Mahfood takes a right from Ragosina

On July 9, 2005 at Life Sportpark Herrenkrug in Magdeburg, Germany Natascha remained undefeated when she won a ten-round unanimous (99-91,100-90,100-90) decision over Valerie Mahfood of Texas for the WIBF super-middleweight (168 lb) continental title. Mahfood was now 19-9-1 (9KO) while Ragosina improved to 7-0-0 (4 KO). Correspondent Jon Fox wrote to WBAN, “Natascha Ragosina has just performed a virtual shutout on Valerie Mahfood. I thought that this was going to be one helluva scrap - but it wasn't. In truth, I realised shortly into the fight that it was only ever going to be a helluva scrap if Mahfood turned it into a war. But she elected not to. As a result she just looked pedestrian and ponderous. For her part, Ragosina was content to keep her opponent on the end of her cultured (but non-lethal) jab. From time to time she woke us from our slumbers with impressive combinations. But these only served to demonstrate that the Russian could have achieved a stoppage at any time she had chosen to exert herself. Unfortunately, she chose not to.”

Ragosina quickly dispatches Velichkova

On September 17, 2005 at Harzlandhalle in Ilsenburg, Germany, Natascha TKO'd Maria Velichkova of Bulgaria at 1:21 in the first round. According to WBAN correspondent Ewan Whyte: "It took all of 30 seconds last night for Natascha Ragosina to dispatch the overmatched (and not altogether undernourished) Maria Velichkova ... with no time amid the phone-in competitions and ‘co main events’ (one of which featured a pot-bellied greaser in his forties, who appeared to be drunk) to show us the full thirty seconds, D:SF cut to the chase: Velichkova, a huge blonde with teddy-bear ears (the secret love child, perhaps, of the British Home Secretary?) paws at Ragosina — you can’t call it a jab; it’s a kind of circular, up-down-and-back movement, like that of the shaft turning the wheels of a locomotive — and Ragosina answers with a perfectly executed right cross that catches her on the left cheek, spinning her round and leaving her doubled over, as though wanting to vomit. The referee, several yards from the action, looks at the state of her and charges to the rescue, shouting at Ragosina to hold off. As it is, Ragosina’s follow-up, which he’s too late to prevent, is merely a looping left intended to turn her stricken opponent round and set her up for the kill."

"Standing either side of the diminutive referee as the result is announced, they look like Valkyrie: Ragosina, with her blonde braids plastered onto her scalp like a helmet (though her hair’s so abundant it takes two pony tails to keep the rest out of her face), and Velichkova, who must be over six foot, a vanquished giantess. Even with her shoulders slumped, she looks far bigger than her opponent. In her cylindrical aluminium shorts (a dustbin with the bottom kicked out?), she’s a turkey too big for the oven. Young, too. Pretty from this angle; but with that far-away look you see in newsreels of prisoners of war running through the whole Miltonic fiasco a second time in their minds, as though even that were preferable to living in the present. There seems to be an inexhaustible supply of teenagers in eastern Europe and the Dominican Republic willing to try their luck in German rings against thoroughbreds like Ragosina and Graf. This one was weeks away from full fitness. As usual, we were told she was ‘not be underestimated’; that they were saying great things about her in her native land. To judge from her tearful, crestfallen demeanour after the fight, she, too, had believed them."

On October 29, 2005 at TURM Erlebnis City in Oranienburg, Germany, Natascha (167½ lbs) knocked out an outclassed Monica Mwakasanga (166¾ lbs) of Tanzania at 1:52 in the second round, to win the vacant WIBF World Super Middleweight title. The "fight", such as it was, topped the bill on D:SF's SES-Boxabend on the Astra satellite.   Mwakasanga fell to 4-3-3 (1 KO).

Natascha vs. Dakota Stone
Photo courtesy Team Ragosina

On January 14, 2006 at Ballhouse Arena in Aschersleben, Germany,
Natascha defended her WIBF World Super Middleweight title with a clear (100-89,99-91,100-90) 10-round unanimous decision over Dakota Stone of Seattle, Washington, USA.
Ragosina improved her record to 10-0 (7 KO's) while Stone dropped to 7-4-3 (1 KO).

Ragosina knocks Ewell to the canvas

On April 15, 2006 at the Maritim Hotel, in Magdeburg, Germany, Natascha (168 lbs)  retained her WIBF Super Middleweight belt and gained the GBU belt with a TKO win over Carlette Ewell (173¼ lbs) of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The referee stopped the fight at 1:23 into the fifth round after Ewell remained wobbly after surviving a knockdown by a hard right from Ragosina. According to WBAN correspondent Torben Lodberg: "Ewell was a very game opponent and managed to put pressure on Ragosina when she got in close, but she had to work very hard to get in there. As the fight progressed, Ragosina took full advantage of her longer reach and her very good boxing skills. Ewell kept coming forward, but her attempts to close was paid for by a lot of good jabs from Ragosina. Halfway into to fifth round, Ewell was stunned by a hard right hand, and Ragosina set in the chase, resulting in another right that sent Carletta Ewell to the floor. She beat the count, but the renewed bombardment from from Ragosina made the referee stop the fight."  Ewell fell to 10-5-0 (7 KO's).

On November 18, 2006 at the Burgwächter Castello in Düsseldorf, Germany, Natascha (168 lbs) defended her WIBF Super Middleweight title with a TKO at 1:00 of the third round over Scroller Carrington (6'1", 163¼ lbs) of Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Carrington fell to 7-2-1 (4 KO's).

On February 17, 2007 at the Maritim Hotel in Magdeburg, Germany, Natascha TKO'd WBAN #12 ranked Yahaira Hernandez of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic at 1:08 in the seventh round.  Ragosina dropped the 19-year-old Hernandez in the sixth round and twice in the seventh before the bout was halted. Ragosina improved to 13-0 (10 KO's) while Hernandez fell to 8-1 (3 KO's).  Ragosina added the vacant WBA Super Middleweight title to her collection with this win.

On May 25, 2007 at the Fight Night Arena in Köln, Germany, Natascha (167½ lbs) successfully defended her three super middleweight world title belts (WIBF, GBU, WBA)  against Dakota Stone (163¼ lbs) of Seattle, WA, USA with a 10-round unanimous (99-91,98-93,100-90) decision.  There was never much doubt about the outcome as Stone lacked the means to overcome her disadvantage in reach, and managed to land very few punches. Ragosina was in full command throughout, but failed to follow up on the occasions where she had Stone on her heels. Stone's solid chin forced Ragosina to go the full distance for only the fourth time in 14 fights.  Stone fell to 8-6-5 (1 KOs) with the loss. 

On September 8, 2007 at the Maritim Hotel in Berlin, Germany, Natascha (167 lbs) stopped Gardy Pena (161¾ lbs) of the Dominican Republic at 1:41 in the second round of a scheduled 10-round title bout. Ragosina won the vacant WIBA Super Middleweight, and defended her WBA and WIBF Super Middleweight titles, with the win, which dropped Pena to 9-1-1 (6 KOs). [Video]

On December 15, 2007 at the Anhalt Arena in  Dessau, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany,  Natascha Ragosina (167¼ lbs) used her six-inch height advantage to good effect and won a 10-round unanimous decision over Akondaye Fountain (5'6", 163¾ lbs) of Houston, Texas for the WIBF, WIBA, GBU, WBA, and the Interim WBC Super Middleweight titles.  The 35-year-old Fountain suffered her first pro loss and fell to 7-1-1 (4 KOs).

On March 15, 2008 at the Maritim Hotel inMagdeburg, Germany, Natascha added the IWBF and WIBC super middleweight belts to  her collection with a one-sided unanimous (100-90,99-90,99-91) decision over Teresa Perozzi of Bermuda. Ragosina, who entered with the WIBF, GBU, WBA, WBC and WIBA belts but left with a record seven, was in control for the entire bout and nearly got a stoppage in the final round. Ragosina improved her record to 17-0-0 (11 KOs) while Perozzi fell to 6-3-1 (1 KO).

On July 11, 2008  at Rundturnhalle in Cuxhaven, Germany
Natascha Ragosina (168 lbs) won by a 10-round unanimous (97-93,96-94,97-93) decision over Conjestina Achieng (
167½ lbs) of Kenya for the WIBF and GBU Super Middleweight titles. WBAN correspondent Ewan Whyte wrote: "She came dressed as Supergirl but it would be a lie to say Natascha Ragosina fought like a girl. She didn’t fight at all. She ‘boxed’ (we are told), which meant trying to keep the challenger at arm’s length (further still, if possible) for twenty short minutes while the clock ran down. She didn’t even make a very good job of that, it has to be said; Achieng cornered her on quite a few occasions with surprising ease, and when she did, she landed some quite good punches. Ragosina neither landed nor even threw anything all night that would have smudged your granny’s make-up, yet according to the promoter, Ulf Steinforth, the decision in her favor was correct. What we saw tonight, he told us, was 'a class boxer against a fighter'". Achieng fell to 14-4-3 (7 KO's).

On November 28, 2008 at the Maritim Hotel in Magdeburg, Germany Natascha (165½ lbs) won a second 10-round unanimous (97-93,99-91,98-92) decision over Conjestina Achieng (161¾ lbs) of Kenya defending her WIBF and WBA Super Middleweight titles. Erik Schmidt of BoxingNews24.com wrote that "All in all, it was really terrible boxing to watch. Ragosina fought as if she were on a set of tall stilts, never bending her knees and walking stiff-legged around the ring. In rounds eight through ten, Achieng continued pressuring Ragosina constantly, landing the much harder shots and giving her a lot of problems. Ragosina never changed her game during these rounds, continuing to jab weakly, bend backwards to prevent getting hit and clinching constantly. At some point, the referee should have taken points away from her because she looked to be trying to run out the clock in the fight. Because of that, I couldn’t give her any of the last three rounds and had Achieng easily winning in the end."  Ragosina advanced to 19-0 (11 KO's) even as the decision was booed by the German crowd, while Achieng fell to 14-5-3 (7 KO's).

Ragosina stops Weston in March 2009
© Copyrighted photo by by Eroll Popova

On March 28, 2009 at the Mehrzweckhalle Grossziethen in Schoenefeld, Brandenburg, Germany. Natascha won her eleventh defense of the WIBF Super Middleweight title when she TKO'd Iva Weston of Trinidad and Tobago at 1:19 in the sixth round. According to Erik Schmidt of BoxingNews24.com, "Ragosina fought passively in the 1st round ... Ragosina bounced around, jabbing at the air and hitting nothing. No punches were landed in the first minute of action, but in the second half of the round Ragosina began landing some nice short right hands ... Weston attempted to land several shots, but Ragosina leaned backwards to avoid the punches. In the 2nd round, Ragosina bounced around the ring, swatting Weston with mostly right hands. Weston attempted to land, but missed roughly 90% of her shots. She finally had to resort to charging Ragosina to try and land shots ... At the end of the round, Ragosina landed an excellent four punch combination to the head of Weston. Ragosina dominated the 3rd round, attacking Weston hard at the start of the round and hitting her with a flurry of shots to the head. Weston tried charging Ragosina in a desperate attempt to land a rare punch, however, Ragosina skillfully picked her off with a hard right hand as she was coming in ... In the final seconds of the round, Ragosina walked in and landed two tremendous shots to the head of Weston. At the end of the 4th round, Ragosina caught Weston against the ropes and landed a storm of combinations that had Weston’s head bouncing from one side to another. Weston looked desperate at the start of the 5th, attacking Ragosina hard and clinching immediately. In the clinch, Weston roughed Ragosina up, muscling her around the ring. As soon as the two fighters were separated, Ragosina nailed Weston with a huge right hand to the head, as well as several more nice rights. At this point, Weston came in head first for one of her many clinches in the round. The referee then stopped the action and deducted a point from Weston. However, as soon as the point was taken away, Weston went right back to diving in head first and clinching just as before. In the 6th round, Ragosina tagged a tired looking Weston at will with combinations. Finally, Ragosina tagged Weston with a big right hand that knocked Weston into the ropes and down on the canvas. Weston was able to get up, but she was clearly hurt. Ragosina then followed her to the ropes where Weston tried to cover up. Ragosina then finished her off with six straight head shots leading to referee Daniel Van de Wiele stepping in and stopping the bout."  Weston fell to 12-5 (1 KO) with the loss.

On July 3, 2009 at Soccio Center in Langenhagen, Niedersachsen, Germany, Natascha Ragosina (166 lbs) won a 10-round (98-93,100-90,99-91) unanimous decision over Laura Ramsey (5'5", 164¼ lbs) of Lake Wales, Florida, USA defending the WBC and WBA Super Middleweight titles. Ragosina used her seven-inch height advantage to good effect, landing solidly to Ramsey's head throughout the bout.  Ramsey, who dislocated her shoulder early in the bout, fell to 9-4-0 (4 KO's). [Video]

On December 19, 2009 at DIVS in Ekaterinburg, Russia, Natascha Ragosina (172 lbs) won the vacant WIBF Heavyweight title with an eighth-round KO of Pamela London (237 lbs) of Georgetown, Guyana. This scheduled 10-rounder may have set a record for differences in physique in female boxers in a world title fight (see photos from prefight press conference).  Ragosina advanced to 22-0 (13 KO's) while London dropped to 6-4-1 (1 KO).  Ragosina has said that she intends to continue competing at heavyweight, but this may not be easy to do convincingly as there is very little world class competition at the weight.  [Video]

Ragosina is managed by Ulf Steinforth.

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