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Sue Fox Named  in the "Top Ten" Most -Significant Female Boxers of All Time - Ring Magazine - Feb. 2012


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The "Best" , The "Hottest "  and the "Nott-est" in the sport in 2016 !

Another year has gone by and it is time to have the "Hot" and "Nots" Picks for 2016! This year was one of the most difficult years to determine our  TOP picks. WBAN has elected to list more than one boxer in certain categories to give our due respect for those fighters who have worked hard throughout the year to qualify for that top pick!


 You will be missed....
Dedication in 2016
Muhammad Ali -  Bobby Chacon
 Tai Fields -  Eun Young Kim
Caroline Svendsen - (In Alpha Order)


Amanda Serrano
(23 KO)
Brooklyn, NY
Born: Puerto Rico

Fighter of the year
 of the Year 2016

Amanda "The Real Deal" Serrano

Amanda "The Real Deal" Serrano, has had quite a year in 2016, fighting four times---she was not only busy in the ring but definitely out of the ring! She is the all-around "it" factor in the sport, having not only pound-for-pound skills in the ring but projects a stellar image outside the ring, and continues to do that in the sport.  In 2016, Serrano became the WBO Featherweight Champion when won by a first round KO in that bout; 
Later that year she had the honors of being the first female to headline a card in Puerto Rico, where she won by a fourth round KO;  Serrano was featured in every newspaper in Puerto Rico on every top TV program there---with over 35 billboards throughout the island;  She and her sister, Cindy Serrano were in the movie "Fight Valley." where they were featured along with MMA stars Holly Holm, Miesha Tate and Chris Cyborg; In October of 2016, she fought her fifth world title in her fourth division WBO Super Bantamweight World title winning by TKO and tying her record with Miguel Cotto; she was also awarded WBO Female Fighter of the year;  She and her sister, Cindy Serrano recently received notice that they are going to be included in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the first female siblings to become World Champions at the same time in a major organization (WBO); and lastly Serrano was voted Fighter of the Year in Puerto Rico---not just female, but the Fighter of the year....among many more things to mention in her accomplishments in 2016.

Cecilia Braekhus
29-0-0 (8KO)
Bergen Norway


Top European Fighter
of the Year 2016

Cecilia "First Lady" Braekhus

Cecilia "First Lady"  Braekhus made history in Norway in 2016, after she made a historical homecoming, who was the first boxer to fight on Norwegian soil since 1981.  In one of her fights that took place in 2016, Braekhus had an impressive win over WBAN's past world title holder in the welterweight division, Anne Sophie Mathis, who was stopped in the second round of a ten round bout, where it was a unification title fight for the WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO Welterweight titles. 

Marcela Acuna

Jessica Chavez

Top Latina Boxers
of the Year 2016

Marcela "La Tigresa" Acuna
Jessica "Kika" Chavez


Marcela "La Tigresa" Acuna, began her pro boxing career, in 1997, fighting two top boxers in her pro debut (Christy Martin) in a ten-round bout, and then (Lucia Rijker) in her second professional career.  Acuna has fought the very best throughout many, many years of her veteran career in the sport.  In December of 2016, at the age of 40, she delivered Yesica Marcos her first loss in the sport after Marcos had won 27 straight bouts.  Acuna stopped Marcos in a 10 round KO, winning the vacant IBF Super Bantamweight world title.   Photo:  Facebook

Jessica "Kika" Chavez, who was also the WBAN 2015 Fighter of the year,  is our Top Latina Boxer of the year in 2016. Chavez fought three times in 2016, with all being in defense of her WBC Flyweight title, in which she won all three bouts with Boxrec rated five star bouts.   She is currently the WBC Flyweight world champion and has defended her title several times.   Photo:  Pepe Rodriguez


Heather Hardy

Rising Star In Boxing 2016
Heather Hardy

Heather "The Heat" Hardy, 18-0-0 (4KO), is currently the UBF and WBC Super Bantamweight International Champion. Heather is the first woman to be signed to a long term promotional contract to DiBella Entertainment, currently the biggest boxing promoter in NY. She is also the first woman to box professionally and put on card at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.  Another boxer who has the "it" factor in the sport----she projects a positive image in the sport and has

Nicola Adams
Estelle Mossely

Top Amateur Boxers - 2016

Nicola Adams
Estelle Mossely

Nicola Adams--Winning Gold again in Rio meant that Adams, the 34 years old from Leeds, became the first British boxer to retain an Olympic Gold title since Londoner Harry Mallin 92 years ago and as the British awards season has just begun we can be sure that further honours will be bestowed on the modest Yorkshire native.  Full Story on WBAN

Estelle Mossely, another gold medal winner in the 2016 Olympics in Rio, is the first French female boxer to win a medal of any color in the 2016 Olympics in Rio.  Photo credit: Facebook/Mossely Video


Claressa Shields
USA 1-0-0 (0KO)

Katie Taylor
Ireland 2-0-0 (1KO)

Top Amateur Boxers Who Turned Pro!

Claressa Shields
 Katie Taylor

Claressa Shields made her pro debut in November of 2016, and was the first female Olympian to turn pro in the sport. She  also made her footprint in the sport when she fought in the history-first 2012 Olympics, winning a Gold Medal, and then again competed in the 2016 Rio Olympics winning her second gold medal.

Katie Taylor, 2-0-0 (1KO), first made Irish boxing history, at the age 15 in October of 2001 in the first officially sanctioned women's bout ever held in Ireland. She won Gold at the historical first for women competing in the 2012 Olympics and her accomplishes in and out of the ring continue to flourish in 2016 and throughout her career in the amateurs and now with great promise as a professional boxer.


Inspirational Boxers
of the Year 2016

Alicia Ashley
Layla McCarter

World champion Alicia "Slick" Ashley  was crowned the world’s oldest female boxing champion by Guinness World Records, the record keeping organization in 2016. Ashley also received the Golden Glove Award at the Mayweather Promotions who proudly presented Titans of the Trade: Breakfast of Champions—Strength, Courage, and Glove Affair.  They honored Ashley who made boxing history by claiming WBC female super bantamweight title making her boxing’s oldest female champion at the age of 48. The award acknowledges her dedication and endurance throughout her career.

Layla "Amazing"  McCarter, multi-world champion, who has fought since 1998, having over 50 professional fights, and continues to fight in the ring.  She is a driving force in the sport, who has not only made great accomplishments in the ring, but also out of the ring.  She is responsible for getting three-minute, 12-round bouts approved in the state of Nevada, inducted in two hall of fames, among other great awards and honors she continues to receive in the sport.  In 2016 she was also inducted into the California Hall of Fame. 


Cindy Serrano
Amanda Serrano

"The first known sister team to be world champions at the same time."

The Top "Movers and the Shakers" in 2016
Amanda Serrano
Cindy Serrano

These boxing sisters, Amanda "The Real Deal" Serrano, and Cindy "Checkmate" Serrano,  do not miss a beat in bringing major exposure to the sport.  They are not only some of our elite top professional boxers in the sport--- they are extremely active outside the ring, that have included magazine features, a movie, interviews, and the list goes on!  Photo credits:  Facebook
In what could possible be included in the Guinness World Records --- Amanda "The Real Deal" Serrano and Cindy "Checkmate" Serrano are the first known sister team to be world champions at the same time.  WBAN has researched this history-first, and at this time consider this the first time to occur in history.

Many of the professional female boxers are having their gear made at Double A Boxing...

Coolest Custom Boxing Outfits in 2016

Double A Boxing

Double A Boxing:  "Double A Boxing is WBAN's top Custom Boxing Outfits for 2016,  that are made for female and male boxers.  The unique designs are beautifully made and we had to give a 2016 Award shout out to this fantastic maker!

Their Equipment is made to the highest standards and is used by professional boxers."

Jessica Chavez

Catherine Phiri

Klara Svensson
More photos of boxers on wban.com

2016 WBAN Fighters
of the Month

Jessica Chavez (Mexico)
Catherine Phiri (Zambia)
Amanda Serrano (USA)
Jelena Mrdjenovich (Canada)
Esmeralda Moreno (Mexico)
Marcela Acuna (Argentina)
Yesica Bopp (Argentina) 
Erica Farias (Argentina)
Claressa Shields (USA)
Klara Svensson (Sweden)
Cecilia Braekhus (Norway)
Maïva Hamadouche  (France)
WBAN would like to give a special mention to the female boxers who were our top picks throughout the year of 2016, as our "Fighters of the Month".  When you consider all the many fights that go on each month with the high amount of professional female boxers on the scene, it is very difficult to be picked as a "Fighter of the month".  

Congratulations to each of these female boxers who was WBAN's top picks for each month!


Top Fights of the Year 2016

Cecilia Braekhus vs. Anne-Sophie Mathis
Jelena Mrdjenovich vs. Edith Soledad Matthysse

Esmeralda Moreno vs. Eva Voraberger
Naoko Fujioka vs. Go Shindo
Jelena Mrdjenovich vs. Gaelle Amand

Erica Farias vs. Victoria Noelia Bustos
Jessica Chavez vs. Esmeralda Moreno
Melissa St. Vil vs. Katy Wilson Castillo
Heather Hardy vs. Shelly Vincent
Klara Svensson vs. Mikaela Lauren
Tori Nelson vs. Alicia Napoleon
Amanda Serrano vs. Olivia Gerula
Jessica Chavez vs. Naoko Fujiokadf
Rosalinda Rodriguez vs. Naomi Bosques

*If there are fights that have not been included, you can send in a suggestion to WBAN at wban100@aol.com, with info on the particular bout.


Top Amateurs who plan to turn Pro or have turned pro in 2016


Marlen Esparza

Golden Boy Promotions Signs Olympic Bronze Medalist Marlen Esparza

2012 Olympic Flyweight Bronze Medalist Marlen Esparza of Houston, Texas has signed a multiyear deal with top boxing promoter Golden Boy Promotions, company CEO and Chairman Oscar De La Hoya announced in December of 2016.   Esparza, who was also won the amateur World Championship in 2012, is the first-ever female boxer to sign with Golden Boy. 

Tiara Brown

Tiara Brown Successfully wins her pro debut after a stellar Amateur Career!

Tiara Brown, of Bladensburg, Maryland,  joined  the pro ranks of women's boxing. Brown made her pro debut by winning a stunning first round KO of her opponent, Khadija Sanders, pro debut, of  Wilson, North Carolina, where the bout was scheduled for four rounds in the featherweight division.  Photo: Facebook


Urbina Soto

Amateur boxer with over 90 fights Sulem Urbina Soto turns Pro in 2016

With an impressive track record in amateur boxing of over 90 fighting, super flyweight Sulem Urbina Soto, of Phoenix, Arizona,  turned pro in 2016, winning three pro bouts, and is now 3-0-0 (0KO).  Sulem Urbina signed with Zanfer Promotions.  Photo Facebook


Raquel Miller

Standout Amateur boxer Raquel Miller Turns Pro in 2016

Raquel Miller, a standout in the amateurs, turned pro in 2016, and is now 2-0-0 (1KO). In one of her great opportunities to fight on a card, she was offered to be on the undercard of Andre Ward vs. Alexander Brand at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California on August 6, 2016. This was the first Roc Nation card to feature a female fighter.


The "NOT SO HOT" In Women's
Boxing For the Year 2016!

New allegations against AIBA and the AIBA's Response
by Michael O'Neill
December 18, 2016

 AIBA’s former Chief Executive Ho Kim from Korea who was ‘sacked’ by the AIBA in 2015 has today sent a detailed response in which he, in turn, insists that all actions taken by him were on the instruction of AIBA President Dr Ching-Kuo Wu. The Korean not only justifies his own actions but makes further ones against the AIBA President from Chinese Taipei. In response, the AIBA’s Interim CEO, has penned a detailed response and threatening legal proceedings against Ho Kim. The AIBA is this week holding.   Full Story on WBAN

Junior Team Captain Mary-Kate Nevin (15) from Mullingar was taken to hospital for ‘emergency treatment’ following an incident in the team’s hotel.
October 31, 2016
Photos: courtesy iaba.ie
(In red/Mary-Kate Nevin

According to sources close to the Irish team, Junior Team Captain Mary-Kate Nevin (15) from Mullingar was taken to hospital for ‘emergency treatment’ following an incident in the team’s hotel. Nevin, who earlier in the day had been voted as Youth/Junior boxer of the tournament needed treatment to an eye after being attacked by a male, who the ‘Irish Independent’ believes to be a trainer/coach of the Russian team.  Full Story on WBAN by Michael O'Neill


WBAN would like to thank the public who participated in giving suggestions, and submitting their choices on the survey that we posted to encourage participation.




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