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Sue Fox Named  in the "Top Ten" Most -Significant Female Boxers of All Time - Ring Magazine - Feb. 2012


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The "Best" , The "Coolest" to the "Most Outrageous"!

Another year has gone by and it is time to have the "hot and Not" Picks for 2013! This year was one of the most difficult years to determine our  TOP picks, especially the FIGHTER OF THE YEAR! Due to this difficulty, WBAN has elected to list more than one boxer in certain categories to give our due respect for those fighters who have worked hard throughout the year to qualify for that top pick!


Ibeth Zamora Silva
Photo/Videos of Ibeth Zamora Silva

Ibeth Zamora Silva did what other fighters from Mexico could not do---she beat Ava Knight! She also traveled to Japan and defeated Naoko Shibata!

Fighter of the year
 of the Year 2013
Ibeth Zamora Silva
24-year old light Flyweight "La Roca" Ibeth Zamora Silva, of San Cristóbal Huichochitlán, México, ranked #1 as a Junior Flyweight with WBAN, was a very busy fighter this year, fighting three world title bouts, and one non-title bout. 

She had one of the most impressive wins of the year when she like no others in Mexico seem to be able to do defeated Ava Knight, by a unanimous decision, winning the WBC Light Flyweight title. 

Silva not only took on tough competition, but in 2013,  she also traveled to Tokyo, Japan, out of the country, and won that vacant WBC light flyweight title against Naoki Shibata winning by a close split decision.  Silva was also named our WBAN November 2013 Fighter of the month!




Marlen Esparza

Claressa Shields

Ciara Ginty

These Top Amateur Boxers in the sport are the future of women's boxing and are paving the way with their efforts in the sport!


Top Amateur Boxers
 of the Year 2013
Marlen Esparza
Amateur [Senior] Elite Boxer of the Year

Claressa Shields
Amateur [Youth] Elite Boxer of the Year

Ciara Ginty
Amateur [Junior] Elite Boxer of the Year
As WBAN had reported, 2013 was a ‘disappointing year’ for AIBA Olympic Style boxing with but one major Elite championships, the American Confederation event in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. The European Championships scheduled for October were postponed by EUBC on instructions they say from AIBA.

The American Confederation event was dominated by U.S boxing athletes - Queen Underwood, Cristina Cruz, Marlen Esparza, Jennifer Hamann, Bertha Aracil, Tiffanie Hearn, Danyelle Wolf and Denise Rico - in all eight Gold’s for the U.S. For her all round performances in Venezuela and in other tournaments in 2013, our Amateur Elite Boxer of the Year award goes to Marlen Esparza.

Shields took Gold and was voted AIBA Youth boxer of the tournament at the AIBA World Youth Championships in Bulgaria in September. "The exciting thing about Claressa is that she represents the future of boxing. She arrived on the international scene just in time to go to the Olympics and now she is already focusing on going for that second gold medal", said Christy Halbert (USA), Member of the AIBA Women's Commission.

The then 15-year-old Ciara Ginty, coached by Pat McDonagh at the Geesala BC in County Mayo, became only the second Irish woman to win an AIBA World Championships gold medal - after Katie Taylor - when she took the Lightweight (60kg) crown in Albena .

 Like Shields in the Youth section, Ginty also took the coveted Boxer of the Tournament award at the Worlds. “It’s been such an amazing year. I would like to thank everyone for all their support and help especially my coaches."




Biography of Delfine Persoon


Top European Fighter
of the Year 2013
Delfine Persoon
28-year old Delfine Persoon, 28-1-0 (13KO), of Roeselare, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium, took 2013 by storm when she fought a total of SEVEN Times---stopping FOUR of her opponents. 

On December 13th, she fought for the WIBA, WBF, and WIBF lightweight titles against world champion Lucia Morelli winning by a 10th round TKO.  Persoon won all seven fights in 2013 with two of them being for world titles. 




Biography of Marcela Acuna

Jessica Chavez

Top Latina Fighter(s)
of the Year 2013
Marcela Acuna - Argentina
  Jessica Chavez - Mexico
This year we had a tie for the Top Latina Fighter of the year.  This honor goes to both Jessica Chavez, of Mexico, City, ranked #4 as a light flyweight with WBAN, and 37-year old Marcela "La Tigresa" Acuna ranked #1 as a featherweight with WBAN's Independent World Ratings.  

Jessica Chavez fought a total of four times in 2013 taking on all top opponents and fighting all ten rounders. She had three impressive wins against Manami Arima, Yesica Bopp, and Irma Sanchez, with having one draw with Arely Mucino. 

Marcela Acuna a long time veteran in the sport fighting from 1997-present, also fought four times in 2013.  She won three of her fights with tough opponents, Melissa Hernandez, Halanna Dos Santos, and Edith Matthysee, and had a draw with undefeated Yesica Marcos. All of her fights were 10 round bouts with two of her fights being for world titles.   




Jessica Gonzalez

Be on the Lookout for Gonzalez! Definite Star Material!

Mikaela Mayer

Want to read more on this top talent?
Go Here

Rising Star(s) of the Year
Jessica Gonzalez (pro)
Mikaela Mayer (Amateur)

A bantamweight pro boxer from Mexico
, with only a 4-1 record, had two huge wins in 2013.  In August of 2013, she gave Irma Garcia her first loss as a pro by defeating her by a split decision, and then fought world champion Yazmin Rivas, in November of 2013, beating the veteran who came into the fight with a 28-7-0 record, winning that fight by a split in a 10-round "interim" WBC bantamweight title.  Gonzalez wasted little time in 2013 jumping into our #1 Worldwide slot as a Bantamweight with WBAN.....NOT an easy task!

Keep your eye out on THIS amateur boxer!  Mikaela Mayer, #1 with the AIBA
, 64 kg, is not only a boxer to be reckoned with in the ring---but she is also creating a stir outside the ring. 

As one writer wrote about Mayer, "Mayer is well-honed technically, with a crisp jab and a solid right hand, and good footwork. She possesses the often elusive and immeasurable traits that any successful boxer needs -- toughness and grit, ring IQ, and the ability to adapt on the fly."

The lead-in to that writer's story on Mayer, " Is Mikaela Mayer Destined to Become the New Face of Women's Boxing?"

WBAN can answer that question without a moment's thought:  "Absolutely, Yes!"




Amanda Serrano
Cindy Serrano

On the Horizon...
a reality show, magazine covers,
and much more!


The "Movers and the Shakers" in 2013
Amanda "The Real Deal" Serrano
Cindy "Checkmate" Serrano

These two sisters, Amanda "The Real Deal" Serrano and Cindy "Checkmate" Serrano, of New York, who happen to fight in the same weight class have been all over the place, getting massive exposure in and out of the ring!

These two have juggled between fighting in the ring and creating quite a stir outside the ring with the exposure they have been receiving in 2013 as the top "Movers and shakers" in the sport!  They are on the cover of Bodynstyle magazine, Muscle Fitness Hers, and are in the process of doing two more magazine covers.  So 2014 will continue their mass exposure to the fans when they do their Reality Show, which will begin filming in 2014. 

Inside the ring...Amanda Serrano fought four times in 2013, winning every fight by a TKO or KO.  Cindy Serrano fought twice, winning both fights by a KO and a Unanimous decision.



Sulem Urbina Soto

In remembrance of Alexis Urbina

Layla McCarter

Photo/Videos of
Tori Nelson

Most Inspirational Boxers
of the year 2013
Sulem Urbina Soto
Tori "Sho-Nuff" Nelson
Layla "Amazing" McCarter
Amateur female boxer Sulem Urbina Soto, is a huge inspiration to others with her personal strength and tenacity in the sport.  In 2013, Sulem and her family experienced one of the worst tragedies that anyone can even imagine can ever happen----she lost her brother and amateur boxer Alexis Urbina when an intruder entered their home in a home invasion and he was murdered.

Sulem told the ODFC News, "Before the tragedy occurred, Alexis promised to win at the U.S. Nationals, and I promised to win the Mexico nationals, so we would both be national champions together.”

“The plan was always for me and Alexis to go to the Olympics together. He would represent Team USA and I would represent Mexico. When he was murdered this year, I knew I couldn’t quit, because that’s not what he would have wanted me to do. I know now that I’m one step closer to fulfilling that promise that we made to each other. If the good lord above allows me to participate in the 2016 Olympics, I will be ready, " added Sulem.

Sulem did continue after this tragedy---and in December, Sulem fulfilled her promise to her brother and won a Gold medal in the 112-pound division in the Mexican National Championships in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The "Amazing" part of Layla McCarter, with over 50 fights on her resume, and six world titles later goes even, much, MUCH deeper, in addition to what she accomplishes in the ring.  OUTSIDE the ring...she is an Advocate and highly looked upon Role models at this time.   

McCarter IS the reason why women boxers can now fight 12 rounds, three minute rounds in Nevada. Because of her taking this issue to task, females boxers can exercise this option in the state of Nevada when fighting for a title.  She will definitely go down in history as a trail-blazer!

WBC/WIBA World Champion Tori "Sho-Nuff" Nelson, is  a single mother, holds three jobs in addition to pursuing her love of boxing as a Professional. Nelson first started boxing at the age of 29, but in her pursuit for the championship Nelson's journey has not so easy.

Nelson said, "It's hard, especially doing it by myself because I don't get enough time to raise my own kids, but I just suck it up... because I know I got two mouths I got to feed."  She is a role model in the sport that inspires others to pursue their dreams.




Photo/Videos of
 Ava Knight

Photo/Video of Alicia Ashley

Photo/Videos of
Tori Nelson

Road Warriors of the sport
In the year 2013
Ava "Lady of Boxing" Knight
Alicia "Slick" Ashley
Tori "Sho-Nuff" Nelson
Ava Knight, of Chico, California, 12-2-3 (5KO), and still at the tender age of  25, has fought 12 of her 17 fights out of venue.  In fact her last seven fights took place in Mexico where she took six out of her seven opponents to task winning those bouts out of venue.  Five of those opponents she defeated were from Mexico, with the sixth opponent from Thailand. 

Alicia Ashley, a well-seasoned professional boxer in the sport, began her long veteran career when she first fought in January of 1999.  Since then, she has fought just about everywhere in her 14 year boxing career.  In 2013, it was no different when she first went Panama, and fought Shantel Martinez, of Panama, defeating her by a 10-round unanimous decision, winning  the WBC Super Bantamweight title.  Ashley, then fought in Mexico, against another home brewing opponent, Zenny Sotomayer.  In that fight she stopped Sotomayer, successfully defending her WBC belt in that fight.  

Tori Nelson is no stranger to fighting out of venue.  In her last four fights, three of them in 2013 has been in outside venues.  On February 2, 2013, she AGAIN ventured into Bermuda to take on Teresa Perozzi, having yet another draw with Perozzi in Perozzi's stomping grounds. 

She then went to Rhode Island, winning the vacant WIBA welterweight title over
Aleksandra Magdziak Lopes. But then she went to Maryland, and won her last bout against Kali Reis when she defended her WIBA title.

In a sport where we see  "too much" of  boxers not taking the chance to fight out of venue---These road warriors do not miss a beat to take a fight whether it is in their home court advantage of not!!




We want to give Special honor to Blanca Gutierrez  for her unselfish support to the promotion of the sport

Female Boxing Advocate 2013
Blanca Gutierrez
Blanca Gutierrez, is WBAN's top pick as the most outstanding advocate in the sport with female boxers in 2013.  Where in the world does one even begin to describe this extraordinary woman?

WBAN had a unique opportunity to meet Blanca in person and to see her "in action" when she put on her Amateur Boxing show Beautiful Brawlers III in California. Not only was it one of the best amateur boxing events, we have covered---but it was the largest pool of female amateur fights we saw in one evening.  They had 17 amateur bouts on the card!   

Gutierrez truly cares about the female boxers in the sport and she is not afraid to address issues when they are needed to be addressed.  WBAN has the utmost respect for this stellar role model and saw her as the top advocate for the sport in 2013!




Kaliesha West

West gives it the one-two punch this year about the sport!

Most Outspoken Female Boxer of the year 2013
Kaliesha "Wild Wild" West
Multi-world champion Kaliesha "Wild Wild" West gave the boxing community a one-two punch this year when she did not "pull" any punches about the state of women's boxing, and  about the frustrations female boxers face in the sport. 

You can Love it, you can even Hate it---but do not expect West to give it a thought either way.  This lil' boxer will tell you like it is in this sport, and she is very outspoken about what she thinks is happening. She wants change and is not afraid to state that opinion.  




WBAN's Top Picks
Hot Prospects in 2013!
Female Boxers with TEN fights and Less....in Alphabetical order

Gaelle Amand (France) 10-0-0
Carolina Arias (C. Rica) 9-0-0 (4KO)
Noemi Bosques (USA) 4-0-1
Hyun-Mi Choi (S. Korea) 8-0-1 (2KO)
Kenia Enriquez (Mex) 8-0-0 (4KO)
Jessica Gonzalez (Mex) 4-1-0
Heather Hardy (USA) 7-0-0 (2KO)
Carolina Rodriguez (Chile) 10-0-0
Celina Salazar (USA) 5-1-2
Shelly Vincent (USA) 10-0-0 (1KO)

You need to be on the lookout for these outstanding and talented boxers---these fighters some newer in the sport have been doing an excellent job in getting their name out there!  [We do not have photos of Hyun-Mi Choi or Carolina Rodriguez]

Photo/Videos of Gaelle Amand

Photo/Video of Carolina Arias

Photos/Video of Noemi Bosques

Biography of
Celina Salazar

Photos/Videos of Kenia Enriquez

Photo/Videos of Jessica Gonzalez

Photos/Videos of Heather Hardy

Photos/Videos of Shelly Vincent




Photo Gallery of Martha Salazar

Photo/Videos of Rola El Halabi

Biggest Comebacks of
The Year 2013
Martha Salazar
Rola El Halabi

Martha Salazar ---An absolutely amazing boxer----IN and OUT of the ring. Salazar, a heavyweight in the sport, fought from 2001 to 2007, fighting any and every tough competitor that was in her division during that time.  Salazar's ring name is "The Shadow" but WBAN describes this tough-hitting boxer as more as "Fearless".   After being out of the ring for close to six years, and at the age of 43, she not only re-entered the sport, but she took on the #1 Heavyweight boxer in the sport at the time in her comeback fight in a six rounder. 

Rola El-Halabi of Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, a very courageous boxer in the sport was shot about two years ago, and was hospitalized with gunshot wounds to her hands, knees and feet following an attack from her estranged stepfather just minutes before a world title fight. 

There were many who thought that she would never fight again.  But in 2013 she made a fantastic comeback having three fights, and winning the WBF World Light Welterweight Title in 2013. 




The Bloodiest Contest in 2013
Jelena Mrdjenovich vs. Melissa Hernandez

Mrdjenovich defeated Hernandez for the WBC featherweight world title after it was stopped because of a head butt and went to the score cardsiin Edmonton in 2013.  It was a "Sweet Revenge" for Mrdjenovich after losing to Hernandez twice before---but it was not without some collateral damage!  Photo by Bruce Edwards, Edmonton Journal Full Details on tihis fight!




 Video of fight

There was some talk and investigation over Togo's gloves being tampered with in their first fight...

Sweet Revenge
Boxer of the Year 2013
Mariana "Barbie" Juarez
On April 27, 2013, in Mexico City, Mexico, and a shocker to most, Riyo Togo, 112¾, of Tokyo, Japan, stopped Mariana "La Barbie" Juarez, 114, in the first round by TKO.  The two were fighting for the WBC super flyweight eliminator in the first round.

BUT...."La Barbie" was NOT having any of that with Togo and on July 13, 2013, she had a 10-round rematch with Togo, fighting for the WBC International Super Flyweight title, where in THAT fight Juarez won by a  unanimous decision!




Biggest Upsets
 of the Year 2013
Riyo Togo TKO of Mariana Juarez
Oxandia Castillo TKO of Hanna Gabriel
Ibeth Zamora Silva Defeats Ava Knight
Jessica Gonzalez Defeats Yesica Bopps




Martha Salazar

Sonya Lamonakis

Most Controversial Fight 
of the year 2013
Martha Salazar vs. Sonya Lamonakis
WBAN's top pick for the "Most Controversial"  fight took place on April 13, 2013  in Sacramento, California.  It was a heavyweight contest between Sonya Lamonakis and Martha Salazar.  The two were scheduled to fight six rounds (2 minutes each round)...BUT the fight actually went down with three minute rounds.

Shortly after the fight took place...Lamonakis immediately walked over to the media and the commission table and stated that she wanted to appeal the bout as a "no contest" because the rounds were three-minutes instead of two-minutes.  There were also other issues raised about this fight, i.e. two inspectors for the whole show, never watched them wrap, check wraps, etc.  

The controversy over the issues with this fight continued for several months after it took place.  It was ultimately decided by the California Commission that the fight would stand as a win for Salazar, but NOT without a lot of Controversy by many divided with opinions on this bout!




Top Fights Worldwide for 2013!
Cecila Braekhus vs. Oxandia Castillo
Crystal Morales vs. Rhonda Luna II
Jolene Blackshear vs. Sindy Amador
Eileen Olszewski vs. Patricia Alcivar II
 Melissa McMorrow vs.  Nadia Raoui

Cecilia Braekhus

Jolene Blackshear

Crystal Morales

Melissa McMorrow

Note: Boxing fans, if there is one that needs to be listed for 2013, send WBAN a link to the video and let us check it out to include the fight! wban100@aol.com 




Report of Fight

Top Knockouts in 2013

Togo TKO'd Juarez in First Round
Oxandia Castillo KO of Hanna Gabriel
Diana Prazak KO'd Frida Wallberg

Note: Boxing fans, if there is one that needs to be listed for 2013, send WBAN a link to the video and let us check it out to include the fight! wban100@aol.com




Lucia Rijker

Top Female Trainer
of the Year 2013
Lucia Rijker
After retiring in 2005 from her impressive professional (kick) boxing career, Lucia at this time works full time, travelling the world as a coach, teacher and motivational speaker. Lucia has coached and still coaches Olympic and World Champions, i.e., Diana Prazak, Myriam Lamare and more. In one of the biggest fights of the year in 2013,  Rijker was Prazak's coach and readied Prazak to fight Frida Wallberg in Sweden, for the WBC/WBAN Super Featherweight world titles.  Rijker led Prazak to a victory in that fight. 




Alexandra Gorog

Most Fights...Less Wins...Delfine had less Fights....More Wins.....

Busiest Boxer
of the Year 2013
Alexandra Gorog
Lightweight Alexandra Gorog, now 5-12-0 (1KO), of  Dunaföldvár, Hungary had 10 fights in 2013.  Her wins and losses from those fights? 3 wins 7 losses.   Gorog has appeared to have moved into the "Tune-Up Opponent" status, with nearly 50% of her fights she has either been KO'd, TKO'd or retired during the fight.

Delfine Persoon was also very busy in 2013, having seven fights in the ring, but she won all seven with four out of her seven fights she stopped her opponents!




Holly Holm

Rosilete Dos Santos

Jamie Clampitt

Three Top Boxers Leave the Sport....But....Just to let Them know....You will be missed!
Holly Holm
Rosilete Dos Santos
Jaime Clampitt

In 2013, women's boxing was dealt a big blow when Multi-world champion Holly Holm left professional boxing to pursue her MMA career.  She left at the very top of her game and she is already 6-0 in MMA and well on her way to eventually face the likes of Rousey at some point in time.   WBAN wishes Holm the best in her new pursuit of MMA...but we do have to admit....she will be DEFINITELY missed!

Multi-world champion Rosilete Dos Santos of Parana, Brazil, retired from the sport in 2013---but she did not leave the sport, as far as what she does outside the ring.  She became a very strong advocate for the elite amateur female boxers who are facing a tough battle to fight in more weight classes in the upcoming Olympics in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. In 2013 and currently WBAN has been conducting a WBAN Petition to encourage the public to sign it in to ask the I.O.C. to increase the weight classes.  Santos rallied with this cause and gave this issue to the public in her countryhigh exposure.  

Jaime Clampitt had one her last fight in 2013 and called it a wrap in the sport.  She fought that farewell fight on November 22nd, at the Twin River Event Center, Lincoln, Rhode Island.  In that last fight, she won a six-round unanimous decision over Dominga Olivo,132½.  WBAN wishes Clampitt farewell for fighting inside the ring---hope to see her outside the ring. Flash Photo Slideshow


Beautiful Boxing Gym "McConnell's Boxing Academy" Opens in Portland, Oregon
In 2013, WBAN visited a beautiful boxing gym that is located in Portland, Oregon, owned and operated by former women’s WIBF and GBU World Champion, Molly McConnell. The new gym, McConnell’s Boxing Academy, is located in the heart of the Lloyd Business District in Portland, Oregon and is approaching boxing training in a different way than most boxing gyms. McConnell’s is focused on teaching, which separates it from many traditional boxing gyms. McConnell’s not only offers fitness classes for adults, but also has specific beginning boxing programs for kids and teens designed to teach boxing in a clear, well organized way. They also have an amateur competition team as well as professional boxers.   Very cool!
Multi-World Champion Layla McCarter receives Award by the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame!
in 2013, Six-Time world champion Layla McCarter received a top honor by the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame by being named the Nevada Female Fighter of the Year.  Very well deserved! Congratulations McCarter who is rated #1 in our junior welterweight WBAN's Independent world ratings. 
Beautiful Brawlers III Featuring Olympian Queen Underwood in the main event - 2013
Headlining the Beautiful Brawlers III was USA Olympian and beloved icon from Seattle, Washington, Queen Underwood.  Queen and her opponent did not disappoint, as all the other fantastic female amateur fighters that fought on this card!  Thank you Blanca Gutierrez, Jerry Hoffman, Mario Cabrero Jr., Martha Salazar, Eliza Olson, and everyone else connected in making this one of the most successful female amateur events of the year!
Very Cool Story! Kaliesha "Wild Wild" West featured in television show "Capture!"
 In what was one of  WBAN's Top Cool Stories, Kaliesha "Wild Wild" West, was featured in the show "Capture."  Her teammate who did the show with her was Matt Rosado who is a jujitsu artist, and they are were considered the "Fighters" on the show. Most of the teams had some specialty skills coming into the competition.
Women in the Sport Honored at the Golden State Boxers Association "Knock Out" Event!
On November 9, 2013, , at the Luminarious Restaurant, in Monterey Park, California, the Golden State Boxers Association [GSBA] presented "Ladies First" Hall of Fame Awards honoring eight women, both prominent boxers and females outside the ring who have had a significant impact in the world of boxing with California connections to the sport.


So...One May Ask...What DOES it take to have a Ref Deduct Points for Low Blows and More?

On February 23, 2013, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Alejandra Oliveras fought Dayana "Tigresa" Cordero. The two fought 10 rounds, for the WBO and WBA title. The fight ended in a unanimous decision, in favor of Oliveras.  WBAN's question is this....What in the world does it take for a referee, to deduct points for Low Blows, with Oliveras throwing a barrage of low shots that landed Cordero doubling over for getting hit below the legal point in round sixth and eight.  As described by many, the fight was "ugly", and that Oliveras should have been disqualified for such actions.  In 2013, this was certainly "not cool" and the fact that the ref ignored many low blows it was definitely outrageous!


Diana Prazak vs. Frida Wallberg...In this fight was there a doctor in the house?!

In a firsthand account the referee of the world title fight between Diana Prazak vs. Frida Wallberg said in an interview:   "Neither the ring doctor or the ambulance crew were not on top of things."  Another statement made at the time of the incident:  "There also seems to be a lot of controversy regarding the ringside doctor’s failure to get her proper medical care and help. It was suggested in one or two of the Scandinavian websites that the outcome was bad though it is would have been considerably worse had Lucia Rijker not insisted the doctor return to the ringside and get her properly treated and ambulances summoned. 


Should Breast Implants Deny females from Boxing or fighting in MMA? Louisiana Thinks so!

In September of 2013,  WBAN found out that the Louisiana Athletic Commission had an emergency meeting, banning female boxers and MMA fighters from competing in the sport in Louisiana,  in a "Sky is falling" approach to women in contact sports--if the female competitor in boxing or MMA has a "breast implant."  This decision from Louisiana, was made after a female boxer had reportedly pulled out of a match due to problems with her implant.  According the CBS-Houston they reported the following:  "Women who have breast implants are now prohibited from competing in mixed martial arts or boxing matches in the state of Louisiana. According to The Times-Picayune, the Louisiana State Boxing and Wrestling Commission passed a rule Wednesday stating that women will need to get clearance from the plastic surgeons who performed their implants or they would not be allowed to fight."  The Times-Picayune reports that a moratorium will be in place for 60 days as more information is gathered on the subject. Commissioner Harold Williams was stated in that article:  "If they want to look good, then they don't have to be in the ring."   WBAN attempted to contact the commission about this outrageous decision but they remained silent...hmmm....I wonder why?

WBAN would like to thank the public who participated in giving suggestions, and submitting their choices on the survey that we posted to encourage participation.




in 2014 - Now Free to Public!  Huge Database of Boxing Records with Galleries, over 15,000 photos, Galleries connected with the boxing records, Videos. Mpegs, Matchmakers Hot List, Exclusive Matchup, and More!   Go Here!



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