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Sue Fox Named  in the "Top Ten" Most -Significant Female Boxers of All Time - Ring Magazine - Feb. 2012


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The "Best" , The "Coolest" to the "Most Outrageous"!

Another year has gone by and it is time to have the "hot and Not" Picks for 2012! This year was one of the most difficult years to determine our  TOP picks--mainly because we have so many "élite" female boxers in the sport at this time! Due to this difficulty, WBAN has elected to list more than one boxer in certain categories to give our due respect for those fighters who have worked hard throughout the year to qualify for that top pick!


Ava Knight

 Knight was also our top pick for two separate months in 2012, being chosen as fighter of the month in July and November.  

Fighter of the year
 of the Year 2012
Ava "Lady of Boxing" Knight

IBF Flyweight world champion Ava "Lady of Boxing Knight, 10-1-3 (5KO), of Chico, California has proven without a doubt what a "warrior" she is in the sport. She fought in Mexico in her last four fights, and won every fight out of her area. One of her biggest wins was for the WBC Diamond flyweight title against Mariana Juarez in October, defeating Juarez by decision. 

If the sport could make a cookie cutter version of any boxer, Ava would be top on the list.  She fears no one and she has had no problem fighting out of venue. Knight is truly an amazing and talented boxer in the sport.

Honorable mention (Alphabetical order): 
Cecilia Braekhus;  Melissa Hernandez; Holly Holm; Layla McCarter; Nadia Raoui


Nicola Adams

 Adams: "Gold medal? I’m still the normal Nicki that everyone knows, walking my dog." 

Claressa Shields
WBAN's Latest News Story On Shields

Shields, at only 17 years old is the second-youngest boxer to ever win gold in either men's or women's boxing.

Katie Taylor

Taylor: “It is an honour for me to be nominated AIBA Women’s Boxing Ambassador. I cannot wait to start in this role. I want to help further elevate women’s boxing to ensure it sits at the pinnacle of sporting achievement.”

Top Amateur Boxers
 of the Year 2012
All "Gold" Medal Winners
in 2012 Olympics in London
Nicola Adams
Claressa Shields
Katie Taylor
[in alphabetical order]
All three of these top female amateur boxers in the world are the "cream of the crop" in the sport.  All winning a GOLD medal in the 2012 Olympics in London. 

IN the ring, OUT of the ring, these three TOP Female Amateur boxers represent the sport at it's BEST! 

Nicola Adams of Britain, according to the Daily Mail, almost gave up boxing because no one would sponsor her, forcing her to work on a building site and as a soap opera extra. But Adams prevailed, and became Britain’s first ever female Olympic boxing champion. [photos and story on Adams]  Adams told one reporter when asked if the GOLD medal would change her.  Nicola responded with a smile, "Gold medal? I’m still the normal Nicki that everyone knows, walking my dog." Adams was the FIRST to win the GOLD at the 2012 Olympics!

Claressa Shields of the United States, another TOP WBAN pick of the year, is not only a GOLD medal winner, but was the third boxer to win the Gold medal winner at the 1012 Olympics.  [photo and story] Shields, at only 17 years old is the second-youngest boxer to ever win gold in either men's or women's boxing. WBAN had a "ringside" opportunity to see Shields fight in action at the history-making first ever USA Olympic Trials, in Spokane, Washington in February 2012.  Of all the  amateurs boxers that we had an opportunity to see in action she was definitely one of the outstanding "stand outs".

Even though Katie Taylor of Ireland, is considered "the MOST popular athlete in Ireland"  she is also described as "talented, humble, respectful, modest, unaffected, lovely, tough, quick, smart and loyal."   Taylor has won a multitude of awards in Ireland, in addition to being named this year as the International Boxing Association (AIBA) Women’s Boxing Ambassador, to help in the lead up to the Rio 2016 Olympics.  Taylor was the SECOND female boxer to receive a GOLD medal at the 2012 Olympics.

Taylor said, “It is an honour for me to be nominated AIBA Women’s Boxing Ambassador. I cannot wait to start in this role. I want to help further elevate women’s boxing to ensure it sits at the pinnacle of sporting achievement.”  Taylor represents female boxing at it's finest and it is no wonder that she was one of three top picks for this years awards!


Cecilia Braekhus


Top European Fighter
of the Year 2012
Cecilia Braekhus
In a third year in a row, Cecilia "First Lady" Braekhus, 21-0-0 (5KO),  has AGAIN been named WBAN's Top European Fighter of the year.  She was picked in 2010, 2011 and again in 2012!  Braekhus currently fights in the "welterweight" division.   Braekhus has fought the best, and remains undefeated, and she looks forward to 2013, anticipating fighting Holly Holm in what would be considered one of the top matchups of the year if this fight does get negotiated.


Mariana Juarez


Top Latina Fighter
of the Year 2012
Mariana Juarez
Mariana "Barbie"  Juárez was born in Santa Ursula, México. She grew up in Coyoacan, a "colonia" in México City, with two sisters and two brothers.   Juarez began her professional boxing career in December 1998.  She has continued to box as a pro for fourteen years, becoming a world champion for many years with the WBC. 

Juarez fought in one of the highest-profile female bouts in 2012 when she faced Ava Knight, for the WBC Diamond World title. Juarez has accumulated over 40 pro fights on her record with five fights in 2012 that were all 10-round bouts, four being for a world title. She successfully defended her WBC Flyweight title three times out of those five fights in 2012.  

Honorable Mention:  Yesica Bopp


Rola El-Halabi

Rola is scheduled to fight January 13, 2013 against Lucia Morelli for a vacant WIBA Lightweight title


Mia St. John

Mia St. John is a 3-time World and International Boxing Champion


Most Inspirational
Pro Boxers of the Year 2012
Rola El-Halabi
Mia St. John
[in alphabetical order]
Both Rola El-Halabi and Mia St. John are WBAN's 2012 Top "Most Inspirational boxers" of the year.

Rola El-Halabi, 11-0-0 (6KO), was set to fight in April of 2011.  While she waited in her dressing room ready to fight her opponent at any moment---her stepfather took it upon himself to shoot Rola.  Of all appearances no one even dreamed that she would ever re-enter boxing after this tragic event but in 2012, we received news that she was again training very hard and planning to fight professionally again! [Behind the scenes report that we ran at the time of the shooting]

Mia "The Knockout" St. John, 47-12-2 (18KO), of  Oxford, California.  Where does one even begin to talk about what St. John has done in the sport---IN and OUT of the ring! St. John has literally traveled every possible road as a professional boxer fighting from 1997 to present time.  It was a very big year for her in 2012, when she was finally able to rematch with Christy Martin on a Roy Engelbrecht card.  She beat Martin and won the WBC Junior Middleweight World title. She held on to that title until she fought Tiffany Junot in November of 2012.  St. John is an inspiration to others as she is a strong advocate outside of the ring.  She founded the Mia St. John Foundation, "El Saber Es Poder/Knowledge Is Power" to empower our youth by providing educational material, equipment and development of Health & Wellness programs. In addition, St. John also is extremely active in attending countless events, commentating, doing television, and the list goes on. 

Honorable mention (Alphabetical order): Nicola Adams, Sonya Lamonakis,  Layla McCarter,  Cindy Serrano Claressa Shields,  Christy Martin and Katie Taylor.



Most Entertaining
Boxer of the Year 2012
Kaliesha "Wild Wild" West
Out of all of the many fights that WBAN covered in 2012, the most entertaining female boxer that we had the opportunity to see ringside,  was none other than Kaliesha "Wild Wild" West.   

West was fighting for the IFBA world title against Christina Ruiz in Pomona, California.  In this mainliner on the card, West came out in one of the most unique boxing outfits that we have see in 2012, mask and all.   It was quite entertaining, and something most female boxers do not venture to do. 

West is not only an outstanding female boxer and multi-world champion, but she is one of the most enjoyable and exciting to see in the ring!    photos:  Mary Ann Owen


Holly Holm
Photo: Lori Steinhorst

In a rematch on June 15,  2012, Holly Holm defeated Anne Sophie Mathis

Tiffany Junot

After not boxing since 2011, Tiffany Junot fought a WBC world title bout and defeated Mia St. John for the belt...

Carina Moreno

After experiencing four losses out of her last five fights, Moreno travels to Germany and defeats their top female boxer Susi Kentikian for the WBA world title....

Biggest Comebacks
In the Year 2012
Holly Holm
Tiffany Junot
Carina Moreno
[Alphabetical order]

Holly "The Preacher's Daughter" Holm, 32-2-3 (9 KO) had a huge comeback when she had a rematch with Anne Sophie Mathis on June 15, 2012, at the Route 66 Casino & Hotel, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, promoted by Fresquez Productions, Inc.  Many who follow boxing, were amazed that Holm would return in a rematch with Mathis so soon after their first fight, where she was stopped in the seventh round by KO.  In fact, Holm did not take any other fights to "tune up" before facing Mathis---and in their second fight, Holm reclaimed her belts winning by a 10-round unanimous decision!

Tiffany Junot
had a huge comeback in the sport when she defeated Mia St. John in a 10-round WBC World Title bout, promoted on a Promoter Roy Engelbrecht's boxing card, and taking that fight on "short notice."  Prior to the title fight, Junot, who turned professional more than six years ago, after a successful amateur career, had not had a bout since July 2011 when she dropped a six round decision to Kuulei Kupihea in Hawaii. That gap in Junot's ring resume was due to the fact that the boxer, at the time residing in and fighting out of Houston, returned to her New Orleans hometown, after the Hawaii bout, to assume primary caregiver responsibility for her father who was diagnosed with lung cancer in September 2011 and succumbed to the disease in December. [Junot talks about her loss in 2011 in an article written by Bernie McCoy, after she won the WBC World Title belt].

Carina Moreno of Watsonville, California is an unbelievably talented boxer in the sport.  We have seen fighters in the sport who take a loss or two, and then they simply disappear, never to fight again---NOT MORENO!  Moreno sported a HUGE boxing record in her first 22 fights, with a record of 21-1 up to February of 2009.  AND THEN....her next five fights from October 2009 to September 2012 which took place in her opponent's home ground turf---took a downward turn, when she began to losing those fights by decisions.  Her accumulative record for those five fights: 1-4.  Then Moreno takes a sixth fight in a world title championship in GERMANY against Susi Kentikian, 29-1-0, for the WBA Flyweight belt.  Moreno won that fight returning to the USA with a world title belt!  You cannot have a much better comeback than that!

Congratulations to Holm, Junot and Moreno for being the absolute stellar boxers in the sport with fantastic comeback fights in 2012! 


Tyrieshia Douglas

Douglas made history being one of the first amateurs to compete in the first-ever US Olympic Trials, and then turned pro in 2012!

Rookie of the Year
For 2012
Tyrieshia Douglas
Flyweight Tyriesha "Baby Girl" Douglas, 23 years old, undefeated with a 2-0-0 (1KO), of Baltimore, Maryland, turned pro on August 4, 2012, winning her first fight by  TKO. She then fought Sherine Thomas, 2-0-0, winning a four-round unanimous decision.

Douglas made boxing history when she was one of 24 female amateur boxers who fought her way to the history-making US Olympic Trials, in Spokane, Washington in February of this year.

Douglas said about boxing, "I want to open people's eyes to women's boxing. I want to show people that we deserve the same opportunities."


Sindy Amador

Photo: Facebook


Most Improved
Boxer of the Year 2012
Sindy Amador
Sindy Amador, 9-0-0 (1KO), of Riverside, California has been a pro boxer since October of 2010, having her pro debut.  Since then, she fought five times in 2011, and three times in 2012.  She has continued to improve to the point that she took on a very tough opponent Carina Moreno, 22-3-0, in her last fight where she won that fight by a six-round unanimous decision. 

Honorable Mention: Renáta Szebelédi


Melissa McMorrow

Renata Szebeledi

Biggest Upsets
 of the Year 2012
Melissa McMorrow vs. Kentikian
Renáta Szebelédi vs. Galassi
Melissa "Mighty" McMorrow [her record at the time going into this fight was 6-3-3] delivered one of the biggest upsets of the year when she defeated "undefeated" Susi "Killer Queen" Kentikian, 29-0-0 (16KO) by a 10-round majority decision and taking home the WBO and WIBF Flyweight titles. 

In another big upset....Renáta "Barbie Girl" Szebelédi, 16-9-0 (10KO), of Budapest, Hungary, had little trouble in being named WBAN's top pick for the "biggest Upset" of the year when she traveled to Veneto, Italy, to take on Simona Galassi, 17-1-1, and stopping Galassi in the third round by TKO! Szebelédi's had  first fought Galassi  in April of 2012, in Italy,  losing to her by a 10-round unanimous decision to Galassi. Szebelédi apparently did not want to leave the decision in the hands of the judges in the rematch and she went for the stoppage!


Jelena Mrdjenovich
vs. Lindsay Garbatt

Jelena Mrdjenovich
TKO's Lindsay Garbatt in the first round.  The were fighting for the WBC/WIBA titles

Layla McCarter
 vs. Noni Tenge

"Amazing" Layla McCarter stops Noni Tenge, delivering Tenge's first loss as a pro, who was undefeated at 11-0-1.  The two were fighting for the  vacant WBA Jr. Middleweight title

Top Knockouts
 of the Year 2012

Jelena Mrdjenovich vs. Lindsay Garbatt
TKO First Round
March 23, 2012
Edmonton, Canada
Vacant WBC Featherweight title
WIBA Featherweight title

Layla McCarter vs. Noni Tenge
TKO Eighth round [10 seconds]
September 9, 2012
East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Vacant WBA Junior Middleweight belt


Marianna Gulyas

Busiest Boxer
of the Year 2012
Marianna Gulyas

Super bantamweight Marianna Gulyas of Hungary fought 13 times in 2012.  Her record for those last 13 fights was 10-3.  Her full accumulative record is  12-12-0 (2KO).


2012 marked one of the biggest historical markers in the sport. 
Christy Halbert played a major role in making this finally happen....

We also want to give Special honor to Blanca Gutierrez and Lori Steinhorst for their endless support to the promotion of the sport!

Female Boxing Advocate
of the Year 2012
Dr. Christy Halbert
Christy Halbert, Olympic boxing coach, earned her Ph.D. in Sociology in 1999. Her advocacy for the inclusion of women’s boxing in the Olympic Games was recognized by the United States Olympic Committee granting her the 2011 Torch Award.  Dr. Halbert has coached women and men to national and international medal success. She holds the distinction of being named Head Coach for the first Women’s World Championships in 2001, and was the first American coach to lead AIBA’s international developmental camp, Road to Dreams. Dr. Halbert has coached women from around the globe—from Syria, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Vietnam—and her work has been informed by an intellectual’s sense of the larger cultural and historical significance of the participation of women in sport, generally, and in boxing specifically.

Widely quoted in the popular press as an expert on women’s boxing, Dr. Halbert is Chair of the Women’s Task Force at USA Boxing, and serves on the Women’s Commission of the international boxing federation (AIBA). She also coaches boys and girls, women and men, at her gym in Nashville, Tennessee.

Honorable mention (Alphabetical order): Blanca Gutierrez, and Lori Steinhorst



Knight vs. Juarez
West vs. Ruiz
Photo: Mary Ann Owen

Top Ten Fights
Worldwide for 2012!
(in random order)

Melissa McMorrow vs. Susi Kentikian
Ava Knight vs. Mariana Juarez
Kaliesha West vs. Christina Ruiz
Mariana Juarez vs.  Shindo Go
Ronica Jeffrey vs.  Lindsay Garbatt
Layla McCarter vs. Noni Tenge
Melissa Hernandez vs. Jelena Mrdjenovich
Renata Szebeledi vs. Simoni Galassi
Carina Moreno vs.  Susi Kentikian
Frida Wallberg vs. Amanda Serrano


2012 Summer Olympics in London
Without a doubt the top worldwide "coolest" event that happened in 2012, is the inclusion of female boxing in the 2012 Olympics in London!  WBAN celebrated this historical event for the sport by developing a website exclusive to the Olympic coverage, www.wban2012.com. There were three weight classes for the female boxers vying for the "Gold" in the flyweight (106-112 pounds), lightweight (123- 132 pounds), and middleweight (152-165 pounds) division. The women's weight classes were not consecutive, meaning that a female boxer would have to fit into one of the designated ranges in order to compete.  Katie Taylor of Ireland, Claressa Shields of the United States, and Nicola Adams of Britain all won the Gold! To read on all the female boxers who won Bronze and silver medals, go to www.wban2012.com.
First-ever US Olympic Trials in Spokane in 2012!
This was history-in-the-making event that took place in Spokane, Washington, in February of 2012.  There were 24 amateurs who made it to this pre-trial event, to move closer to their dream in the Olympics.  WBAN covered the event ringside, and it was fantastic to see all of these amateurs in action.  The three that moved on to China for another eliminator was Marlen Esparza, Claressa Shields, and Queen Underwood. 
WBAN Special Honors to ALL Female Boxers picked for our FIGHTER OF THE MONTH in 2012 - and ALL Rated #1 Boxers in our Independent World Ratings!
WBAN has added a NEW segment, beginning with 2012, that features any and every female boxer, who was our "WBAN Fighter of the Month" and ANY fighter who was ranked #1 in our independent ratings in the year. We would like to give a yearly RECOGNITION of the accomplishments of these boxers! To check out all of these top boxers, go herre!
Beautiful Brawlers All Female Show
On August 24, 2012,  at the Pacifica Moose Lodge decorated boxers and champions from 9 - 33 years old came from all over the West Coast to battle it out at the “Beautiful Brawlers II” promoted by Blanca Gutierrez, BabyFace Boxing. The boxers who come to this show know they are boxing the best in their weight class and age divisions and knowing that there will be only one persons hand raised at the end of the bout which makes the battles even more competitive and exciting. Since 17 year old Claressa Shields was the only American to capture Gold and Marlen Esparza the only American to capture a Bronze medal at the Olympics, we have seen a surge in females wanting to get ready for the next Olympics which is in Rio in 2016. [Full Story and photos on this event]
Legendary Evening Presented by Hublot Watches Celebrate & Support the Inauguration of the World Boxing Council Pension Fund
Hublot and the World Boxing Council hosted a one-time event in Las Vegas that united boxing greatest legends, not to fight in the ring, but to battle for the needs of their constituents. The watches were  pre-sold at an auction beginning in June on a dedicated website. Those individuals with the winning bids were invited to attend the event and receive their watch from the at the dinner. Proceeds from the sale of each watch went to support the charitable initiatives of the World Boxing Council including the retired boxer's pension and emergency funds in over 40 countries around the world....very cool!
The "Coolest" Photographers in the Sport who support Women's boxing!
If ever there were two photographers in the sport that have been to ANY and EVERYWHERE in 2012, providing photos (lots of them) it belongs to Mary Ann Owen and Pepe Rodriguez!  They have covered more fights, press conferences, weigh-ins, more than any other photographer this year for female boxing! 
Yes...they are VERY COOL to give boxing fans a bird eye view of all the events they have covered and provide fantastic fight photos of these females...Thank you to BOTH of you for all the work that you have done this year! 
Kelsey Jeffries Earns Degree in Registered Nursing
WBAN loves to do follow-up stories on the female boxers. This was one of those stories that we felt was one of the coolest of the year!  We did this story on Kelsey Jeffries a multi-world boxing champion and role model in the sport for an  accomplishment she did "outside of the ring"..This was our story...
  Full Story
Cool and Entertaining Video: Braekhus Calls Out Holly Holm Officially on YouTube
This video was published on "youtube", of Cecilia Braekhus who is standing in the ring, and officially calls out Holly Holm!   Cecelia talks about her win over Anna Sophie Mathis, and shows footage of Holm's loss by KO by Mathis---We were told that this video was also played for the boxing fans at the Holly Holm vs. Diana Prazak fight that took place in December 2012!   For boxing fans who want to see this entertaining video, go here

Crazy News Story:  Gender suspicions KO women's night in the ring
In July of 2012, news sources on the net reported that Australia's boxer Susie Ramadan fought Usanakorn Kokietgym and after some testing it was suspected that Kokietgym may be a male!  They said "female" boxer Usanakorn Kokietgym, from Thailand recorded ''highly suspicious'' levels of testosterone before a world title fight against Australia's Susie Ramadan in Melbourne and that Kokietgym was detected with three times the normal level of testosterone for a woman.  Usanakorn lost to Ramadan in a 10-round unanimous decision that night, and is still listed as a "female" on Boxrec.

Boxer has her hair cut to make weight? 
Folks you do not need to invent stories in boxing, because as they say with the ole' cliche  "truth is stranger than fiction."  This is the first bit of news that I believe WBAN had ever reported.  A female boxer (we believe to be Yahaira Hernandez according to our sources) had her hair cut to make weight!  It is more on the "funny" side, than "Outrageous" but it was our first time to report such a thing so it made our yearly awards segment!   Video

One of the Biggest Rips in 2012? 
I am sure there are many more, but WBAN ran a story on this one and had the boxing fans vote on it after watching the whole video fight  of the Irma Sanchez vs. Ibeth Zamora that took place in Mexico.  The fight reports and comments came in and this is what they reported in regards to this fight!  Full Story with video of bout  What boxing fans had to say! 

Good-Bye Mr. Martin...hope you have a very long visit in your new home
In 2012, Jim Martin finally went to trial for shooting and stabbing female boxer Christy Martin.  We were happy to find out that he was found "guilty" and would be incarcerated for a very long time.   The following link is a news story we did on it at the time of the incident: Full News Story

AIBA's "Skirting" issue with Amateur Female Boxers in the Olympics! 
This"skirt-wearing issue for female boxers" began before 2012, when the AIBA brought up that the female boxers who would participate in the 2012 Olympics in London may have to wear "skirts" to box.   The final determination took place in 2012, whereas they determined that it would be optional for the participants.  Many people in the boxing community were "outraged" by this "possible" qualifier for the attire that female boxers may have been required to wear! .WBAN wrote many stories on this issue, and this was our final story in 2012.

One for the books with the WIBF
On Saturday night, October 13, 2012, in Brandenburg, Germany, in a WIBF world light welterweight title bout, Angel McKenzie lost her tenth bout in a row, by decision against Marie Reiderer. McKenzie has not had one win since April of 2010.She is now 4-28-0. Is there any title belt that the WIBF will NOT sanction? McKenzie's boxing record

Her record speaks for itself
In March 30, 2012, there was a multi-world title belt fight up for grabs between Ju Hee Kim, ranked #15 with boxrec (world ratings) and Ploynapa Sakrungrueng, ranked #44 on Boxrec (world ratings). [Sakrungrueng's boxing record]  WBAN’s review of Kim’s opponent: Sakrungrueng fought five pro debuters out of six of her opponents. As ALWAYS,....."Very Curious" when looking up some of these "boxing records" on the net------especially when seeing a cluster of fights on the boxer's record, with either no venue listed, and/or only their particular fight listed as taking place at that location and/or venue...need we say more...probably not.

Belgium Flyweight Title: She Lost 19 fights out of 20 fights…But there is a title on the line!
In Sunday, February 19, 2012, at the Salle U.L.B, Ixelles, in Bruxelles-Capitale, Belgium, flyweight Sanae Jah, ranked with boxrec at #36 world wide with a 4-0 records, fighting most opponents with inferior boxing records, was reported to be  fighting for the vacant Belgium flyweight title. [Boxing record of Sanae Jah]  Her opponent, Elena Miftode, not rated on Boxrec, had only managed one win out of her last twenty fights, losing her last 12 fights, and had not had any type of win since 2007, when in her only win out of the last 20 fights on her record she defeated a pro debuter. [Boxing Record of Elena Miftode]  WBAN questioned at the time with what in the world is going on in Belgium?

EBU Title: Another One for the Books
On February 18, 2012, at the Hallo Omnisport La Préalle, Herstal, in Liege, Belgium, junior welterweight, Sabrina Giuliani fought Eva Marczu of Hungary, in a 10 round bout for the vacant EBU Junior welterweight title. Eva was ranked #27 (worldwide) with Boxrec, and had apparently fought the same boxer three times in her six win record. With her other three wins, they were either a pro debuter or a winless boxer. [Boxing Record of Eva Marczu] Her opponent, Sabrina, with an undefeated record of seven wins, was not rated with BoxRec, and had fought ALL pro debuters, or a winless boxer, with only one opponent that had one win on her record! [Boxing Record of Sabrina Giuliani]  We gladly added this fight to our You've GOT to be KIDDING! Title fight segment!

WBAN asked boxing fans to contribute their ideas of who should be nominated. WBAN received many responses and would like to say thank you  very much for the picks and suggestions... 

Indiviual Award winners: To claim WBAN 2012 Awards Plaque, WBAN Patches, and Awards Letter, contact WBAN with mailing address-  Please try to contact us before February 1, 2013




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