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Beautiful Brawlers VII
by Blanca Gutierrez
Photos by Brett Ostrowski
September 6, 2017

(SEPT 6) It was during a Bay Area heat wave that the weigh ins neared for Beautiful Brawlers VII. I walked up the alleyway to the Babyface Boxing gym. I walked through a sea of boxing coaches and families. As I neared the door there was a long line of boxers in fight team outfits, sweats and team t shirts. I walked in where the officials were weighing in the fighters and there was a line of girls, all from out of town weighing in. Ten year old Miliyah Amezquita walked ion with space buns on her head and a wonder woman outfit. This would be a symbol for the rest of the show, powerfully unique, 60 girls were weighing in and the Beautiful Brawlers gym was packed. The sweltering heat added another element to this fight card as it was about 95 degrees inside the venue.


60 females made weight and we would meet for the boxers meeting while eating from the Yogurt Bar donated by my sister Lupi Gutierrez. The traditional parade of boxers would be the start of an extremely evenly matched show pitting the best ranked boxers in the nation against each and other. Our youngest boxers were 8 years old and the oldest were 40. We would have 30 fights demonstrating the kind of female boxing talent that was rarely seen at local shows who only match 1 or 2 female fights a card, if we are lucky.

In the opening bout, USA Boxing National Boxing champion Melissa Halquin, 14 years old, San Antonio, TX versus Mariah Malendrez, 15 years old from Livingston, CA Halquin came out on top by RSC. 17 year old boxing Phenom, USA Boxing Team member and 4x Beautiful Brawlers Champion 17 year old Heaven Garcia won by UD decision over a very tough Kayla Carlvaho, 18 years old, coming by way of Hillsboro, OR. Both elite boxers gave an excellent performance. Heaven Garcia is a prime example of why USA will win more gold medals in the Olympics 2020.

Her combinations are technically perfect. Her composure is flawless.

There were two international bouts on Beautiful Brawlers VII. Elite boxers Sandra Magallon, from Dream Land Boxing, San Jose vs. highly experienced, River Tucker from Canada. In an active and very competitive bout Sandra Magallon would win the Beautiful Brawlers title by decision. 12 year old Perla Bazaldua from Los Angeles ,CA took her first solid amateur international win over 12 year old Jill Doucet, Sooke Canada with solid performance each round and a barrage of punches in the last round to claim her second Beautiful Brawlers title.

2 USA Boxing National Champions entered the ring in a highly anticipated fight. 15 year old, Daisy Bamberger from Hayward, CA won by decision over 14 year old Rubi Navarro from Mission, Texas. This was an exciting bout pitting two of the best JO’s in the nation against each other. Kayla Rico, 14 years old from Jerry Ortiz Gym, El Monte, CA upset USA Boxing National Champion Destiny Nino at the 95 lbs. division. USA Boxing National Champion Aidyl Cardenas lost a close split decision to Jalyssa Cornell, Modesto, CA. Collegiate National Champion Vicki Zhao won via Decision over a tough Alexis Martinez, Salinas CA. In another incredible non-stop action bout between elite ranked boxers, Mariana Gonzalez , Redwood City , CA won by split decision over Krystin Juarez, El Monte, CA. Both proving the skill level and IQ of female boxing has developed at an amazing pace.

In the final and very entertaining battle of the night Sac’s Finest 5x Beautiful Brawlers Champion, WBC Amateur Champion Lupe Gutierrez would win by decision over Savanah Stewart a Richmond, CA police officer. Both Boxers waited 7 hours to fight and by the way they fought you wouldn’t have been able to tell. Both boxers had many in attendance waiting for this fight and they finished the show with a bang. Gutierrez hand would be raised in the end but both boxers left with the utmost respect of all who watched.

Open champions won the Beautiful Brawlers belt and 1st place WBC medal and second place won the 2nd place WBC medal. We are so thankful the WBC, the best boxing federation in the world supports the Beautiful Brawlers.

Former WBC Heavyweight World Champion Martha Salazar, ambassador for WBC Cares , former WBC Minimum weight World Champion Carina Moreno, Former WBC Lightweight World Champion Eliza Olson, former WBO Flyweight World Champion Mighty Melissa McMorrow and Professional Boxer Becki Light and Blanca Gutierrez, spoke to the boxers about sportsmanship, social media presence, the current state of boxing and female pioneers in the sport.

Thank you to our sponsors: Gonzalez Boxeo, What Would Lizzy Do, Yellow Cake, Le Scape Spa, Santos Knight Frank , Wax a Peel, Dreamland Boxing, Boxing for Parkinson’s. and our DJ Louie who donated his services for the entire day. Our Ring announcer A.J. Kirsch rocked the show and when he left for another fight card he had to announce, Eliza Olson took over.

A big thank you to our NorCal USA Boxing officials who worked diligently for 30 bouts, on the hottest day in the Bay Area.

One last thank you. To the Babyface Boxing team who helps to put this labor of love together every year.

Here is a recap from Lucas Ketelle , ITRI

More photographs:

Other results:

Novice Bout Results:

1. Alexis Gomez, 23, Pacifica, CA Dec Lauren Garcia, 20, San Diego, CA, (debut bouts)

2. Tiare Womack, 27, San Leandro, CA Dec Alma Ramirez, 27, San Jose, CA, (debut bouts)

3. Mary Jane Haro,12, Watsonville, CA Dec Alex Luby, 12, Nampa, ID

4. Rachelle Vargas, 15, San Francisco, CA Dec Briana Vergara,15, Bakersfield, CA, (debut bouts)

5. Briana Martinez, 8, Fresno, CA Dec Marly Tasialofalagi, 8, San Francisco,CA

6. Kari Morales, 26, Santa Rosa, CA split decision Jovian Whittaker, 27, San Francisco, CA (debut bouts)

7. Stacey Moran,23, San Leandro, CA Dec Heather Burr, 32, San Jose, CA

8. Kelsey Lane,30, Redding, CA Dec Lucy Lopez, 26, Fresno, CA

Open Bout results:

1. Roxie Ortiz, 17, Calexico CA Dec Esmeralda Navarro, 18, Mission, TX

2. Ariana Carrasco, 14 , NM Dec Zriah Rosales,15, Oakland, CA

3. Angela Murillo, 14, Hesperia, CA Dec Lela Gutierrez,14, Sacramento, CA

4. Cassie Arnold, 11, Hillsboro, OR Dec Sativa James, 13, Dixon, CA

5. Kayla Rico, 14, El Monte, CA Dec Destiny Nino, 14, Bakersfield, CA

6. Genesis Alejo, 17, Oakland, CA Dec Brandy Soto,15, Sacramento, CA

7. Mayra Ruiz, 15, Torrance, CA Dec Mellissa Monroy, 15, Sacramento, CA

8. Czarina McCoy, 16, Las Vegas, NV Dec Bernadette Malendrez,17, Livingston, CA

9. Rubi Martinez, 11, Pomona, CA Dec Meliyah Amezquita, 10, Stockton, CA

10. Maria Jardinez, 13, Salinas, CA Dec Alyss Mendoza, 14, Nampa, ID

Heavyweight Bouts:

1. Crystal rose Britto, 39, Napa, CA Dec Dana Hill-Greene, 39 , Buffalo, NYC

2. Alexis Coultier, 19, Oakland, CA Dec Rhonda Jackson, 36, San Bruno, CA

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