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A Final Tribute for Junior Middleweight Champion Giselle Salandy
January 8, 2009


On Sunday morning shortly before 7:00 a.m., female multi-world Champion, Giselle Salandy, of Trinidad and Tobago, was involved in a fatality when she had a vehicular accident, crashing into a concrete pillar on Beetham Highway, located on the outskirts of Port of Spain.

Salandy, just 21 years old, just two weeks short of turning 22, was rushed to the Port of Spain General Hospital, where she died of massive head and internal injuries at 8:29 a.m. Salandy also had a passenger, National footballer Tamar Watson, in the front seat at the time of the accident. There is speculation at this time that Salandy may have fallen asleep at the wheel, and police are saying that alcohol was not involved.  [Special Tribute Slideshow]

Salandy had just fought on December 26, 2008, at the Jean Pierre Complex, successfully defending three of her junior middleweight world titles [WBC, WIBA, and WBA] against Yahaira Hernandez of the Dominican Republic, where she won the bout by points. Video of her last fight

Salandy made history twice in women’s boxing, by first becoming the youngest world champion at age 14, and then fighting for six world title belts in a unified championship bout, in 2006.

Salandy was not only a champion inside the ring, but also outside the ring. She would give presentations to youths in her country, and other public service tasks to represent her country in a positive light.  

Salandy said in one presentation to a group of young girls in August of 2006:  “I came here today to speak to you all on how things can get better for you and that there is always hope no matter what. As a young girl growing up, I lost my mother; she died of a heart attack. I had to fend for myself at age 11. It was very possible for me to end up in an institution like this, but by the grace of the almighty father he pointed me in the direction of a gym where I began boxing, and I was able to pull through. I am pleading with you, as a young woman to you young women, get involved in sport, it helps boost your self-esteem and confidence—it also gives you discipline. However it helps to be successful if you have your academics attached, so stay focused on it.”

WBAN recognized Salandy’s efforts  in 2006, when she was awarded the "Top History Making Fighter of the Year for 2006". That same year, Salandy was also awarded the First Citizens Sportswoman of the year 2006.

Her funeral service was held yesterday at 11 a.m., at the St Benedict's Roman Catholic Church, La Romaine, and she was buried at the Siparia Cemetery.

Condolences sent into WBAN from the Boxing Community:

"A heartbreaking loss for her family and extended family in the women's boxing world. She will always be remembered as one of the shining lights in this sport. Deepest sympathy to her family." A. Green, Boxing Publicist/Writer

Condolences from:
"Merciless" Mary McGee -NABC Lightweight Champion

"I was shocked & devastated to hear the tragic news of the passing of Jisselle. She had such a promising career. It’s not only a big loss for her family but the World of boxing. There are a lot of females out there that I consider really good fighters but I have & will always hold Jisselle at the top of that list. In Honor of this true Warrior I will dedicate my next fight of January 23rd in memory of Jisselle. I offer my sincere condolences and prayers to the Salandy Family & Friends. The world has truly lost a star in and out of the ring, but her impact on boxing will forever be remembered."

"We are truly saddened by the news of the loss of Jisselle Salandy. She was the same age as one of our own young and rising female fighters. To lose such a beautiful and talented young person is heartbreaking and we want to send our heart felt condolences out to this Young Champions Entire Family and Team in this most trying time."  Octavius C. James -President/CEO -One In A Million Boxing

"My heart and prayers goes out to the family and friends of Giselle Salandy. even though I never met her, it seemed as though I knew her from reading WBAN. The female boxing community and the country of Trinidad will miss her. She was truly an asset to the sport."  Terry Washington - Right Cross Entertainment

"She was so young and had so much of life ahead of her.  She accomplished much in her short time.  Two images come to mind that she can and will be remembered by are the one with all her title belts and the other with all those little children that she cared so much about."  Tom Davis, Dayton, Ohio

“The loss of Giselle Salandy is a tragedy. She was young, an accomplished female athlete, and a hero in her community. My condolences to her family, friends, and the T&T community. As a whole, she will be missed.” Dakota Stone

“I am deeply saddened to hear the tragic news of the untimely demise of Giselle Salandy. Considering the path she took to triumph over adversity she will be sorely missed. She was one of the boxers that would have made the middleweight division very interesting as a possible opponent for Holly Holm, Mary Jo Sanders and even Laila Ali. My sincere condolences go to her family and friends at this difficult time. She must be given a fitting tribute by putting Trinidad & Tobago on the sporting map.” Andrew Stanley-Coker - Kabul, Afghanistan.

“I just wanted to say that this is such a tragedy not only for Giselle, but for her family, the country of Trinidad, and for women's boxing. Giselle was so young and quiet possibly could have been an asset to the progression of the sport for a long time. Our sympathies and prayers to her fans, supporters, and family. May her achievements be an encouragement to other women boxers from her country. “ Terri Moss - Decatur Boxing Club

“On behalf of Fine Line Fight Club and myself, Ria Ramnarine, I sincerely extend deep sympathy and condolences to the family, friends and fans of Giselle. She will rest in peace, we just have to let her go peacefully...... She lived a full life and achieved much. Let us celebrate her life and be thankful for the time that she was here with us. Rest in peace Giz, the final bell rang.“ Ria Ramnarine

“Words are hard to find in moments like this. As we can only wonder about each of our destiny and why. My respect and prayers to Ms. Salandy family and the one's in her life. May she be remembered as a Champion.” Retired Champion - Bonnie Canino

“I would like to send my heartfelt condolences to the family of Giselle Salandy. The boxing community is very small and its hard to see one of ours have to leave in such a tragic way. Even though boxing is the sport we participate in we all share a mutual respect for each other and she will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with her friends and family.” Nicole Woods

“It's a devastating loss to professional female boxing. As I stated to Mr. Ryan Wissow, President of the sanctioning body WIBA & Mr. Seon Bristol, Representative of WIBC, we can't ask why this happened, who are we to question the steps of what God has planned in the way death shall occur, so therefore, we should accept it, don't forget her, and move forward putting our best foot forward in representing not only the WIBA but all sanctioning bodies. So therefore in my next upcoming bout to defend WIBA / WIBC and box for the WBA & UBC Light Heavy Weight Titles, my team & I will train hard as usual and dedicate the bout to Giselle. I didn't get an opportunity to meet Giselle but after receiving the news of the death I just collapsed and cried. I felt a loss being I'm a Boxer as well as a Champion also, especially sharing the WIBA sanctioning body. No one should forget Giselle, just put your all into training and preparations for each bout scheduled and fight hard as Giselle did to acquire all she accomplished in life until this fatal accident. My words may not be perfectly stated but is given from my heart. May God Rest Giselle Salandy soul in peace, for now and ever more, AMEN.” Respectfully Submitted, Carlette "The Truth" Ewell

“I had the privilege of meeting and seeing Giselle Salandy box twice in Trinidad. She was an amazing fighter and the consummate professional. She was modest and never in awe of herself. We were fortunate to bring her fights to US TV on AROTO. Her legacy will live on but she will never be replaced. This is a terrible tragedy and we can only wish her family the strength to go on and our condolences.” Arnie "Tokyo" Rosenthal and Ken Weiss

“This is truly a tragic event. Although I never knew her I was struck with sadness for her and her family and friends. I can only imagine their heartache and sorrow. May she rest in peace.” Allan Garside

“Marianne (Marston) and I had the pleasure of meeting Giselle in London a while back. Marianne had just started boxing and Giselle took the time to advise and encourage Marianne including being in her corner for a sparring match. Giselle will be sorely missed as she was not only a great champion but also a great ambassador for the sport.” Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

"Dear Salandy Family, It is with great sadness that I offer you my heartfelt sympathy on the death of Giselle Salandy. My heart was truly saddened when I heard about her sudden passing. She was more than a wonderful person; she was a terrific athlete who positively impacted the boxing industry, and in turn, my life. I was privileged to have competed with Giselle in a boxing match – one in which we both performed at our highest level. She was an incredible asset to the industry and to the world. Words seem to be inadequate to express the sadness I feel. Although no words can really help ease the loss you bear, please know that you are very close in my thoughts and prayers.  May the peace which comes from the memories of love shared comfort you now and in the days ahead, and may the comfort of God help you during this difficult time.
Please accept my deepest condolences on the death of Giselle. My sincere thoughts and prayers are with you."
With deepest sympathy, -Mariem Brakache and Team

“The company Boxing Maco Promociones 417 C.A., on behalf of its chairman Orangel "Memin" Ramos. Who resides in Caracas-Venezuela, joins the mourning the tragic death of the great Women's World Champion AMB, CMB Giselle Salandy. We extend our condolences to their families and friends of the boxing world. God of peace to his remains to this great world champion who always be in our hearts.”  Memin  

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