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Open Letter from Promoter of Hernandez-Dierdorff Fight
By Adrian L. Patrick
August 7, 2007


I am very disappointed in Melissa Hernandez and by her negative comments. This is Adrian L. Patrick, of Gladiator X Promotions, LLC., and I was the Atlanta Promoter of the Hernandez-Dierdorff Fight. I would first of like thank the NABF, Jill Diamond, Rex Walker, Brooke Dierdorff, Chris Middlebrook, and any others who tried to make this fight happen on Friday, August 3, 2007.  I think this would have been one of the greatest fights of the year.

However, I am very disappointed by the negative comments of Melissa Hernandez. I feel I was one of Melissa Hernandez's biggest supporters. Melissa Hernandez and I have no contract between us.  Basically, I liked working with Melissa Hernandez because I think she is a very talented fighter and I wanted to help her. As a promoter from a business perspective women's boxing is not the best investment because there are too many problems - it is too difficult to match the fights, last minute cancellations, etc. I think there are several individual female fighters that are great to work with; however, it is a nightmare sometimes trying to make matches for these fighters. This makes women's boxing a very risky and unattractive investment.

In December 2005, I scheduled a fight for Melissa Hernandez; however, her opponent canceled. However, I flew Melissa Hernandez and her manager into Atlanta anyway, and I paid Melissa for the fight even though she did not fight.

On January 21, 2006, I flew Melissa Hernandez and her manager from New York to Atlanta for a fight in South Carolina. I picked Melissa Hernandez and her manager up at the Atlanta airport and drove her and her manager to White Rock, South Carolina,  where she fought Jennifer Johnson and TKO'd her in the 1st round.  As a note, I was not the promoter of the fight in South Carolina. I paid both sides. I simply wanted to get Melissa Hernandez a fight to help her career. She fought and she won.

On June 20, 2006, I flew Melissa Hernandez and her manager into Atlanta for a fight against Leora Jackson. Melissa Hernandez won this fight in a six-round decision. On the aforementioned items, hotel rooms, airline tickets, food, purses, etc. I have spent well over $10,000 on trying to help Melissa Hernandez with her career. Now, I feel like a complete "idiot" because she is openly criticizing me after I tried to help her.

Now, let me give my side of the Hernandez-Dierdorff story. This fight I believe was doomed from the beginning. First, Melissa Hernandez was scheduled to fight Jeri Sitzes and this fight got canceled, clearly by no fault of mine as the promoter. At this point I should have canceled the fight from the card period. However, after Melissa Hernandez called me and asked me to try to find her a replacement opponent,  I went against my best judgment and decided to keep the fight on the card.

Jill Diamond diligently worked to find a replacement opponent, Brooke Dierdorff. Brooke Dierdorff and her trainer, Christopher Middlebrook, were a dream to work with. They were very understanding from accepting a fight at the last minute to being understanding when the fight was canceled.

This was the 9th fight card that I have promoted since December 2005. I always run my fight faxes the Monday or Tuesday before the fight so that myself and the respective boxing commission can get the most up-to-date fight fax which covers the previous weekend. I had 10 scheduled bouts on this August 3rd card; thus, I ran 20 fight faxes.

Out of all 20 fight faxes everyone was fine, except Melissa Hernandez. Melissa Hernandez's fight fax showed that in August 2006, Nevada gave her until July 25, 2007, to get a follow up MRI. (It was stated as follows on Fight Fax: "
NV-Needs a follow up MRI in 1 year--due 07/25/07")  

I informed Melissa Hernandez about the situation and immediately she and her manager gave me an ultimatum, without any diplomacy or negotiation, and stated that if I did not pay for the MRI then the fight is canceled. Now, I tried to explain to them that Georgia does not require an MRI. The only medical test that Georgia requires is Hepatitis B & C test only. I explained if Georgia does not require an MRI why would I pay for an MRI. I would be willing to pay for any medicals that GA requires like the Hepatitis B&C test, but not an MRI, because it is not required in Georgia. Thus, in my opinion, Melissa Hernandez is attempting to mislead the public to think that Georgia requires the test and I just simply refused to pay for a required test this is not true. Additionally, if Nevada required her to take an MRI back in August 2006 and gave her almost a year to do it, then this was the responsibility of her and her manager's, not mine as the promoter of a fight. Again, Melissa is not my fighter, she is not signed with me. I was simply trying to help her.

Additionally, I scheduled a flight into Atlanta from Newark, NJ,  that left in the afternoon at 5:44 p.m., with one stop in D.C. Melissa did not want this flight she wanted me to change the flight to LaGuardia leaving on a Thursday morning. I have flown to New York many times and have flown into Newark, NJ so this is not unreasonable. Brooke Dierdorff and her manager were going to have to drive 1 hours to get to the Chicago airport for the flight. They did not complain.  (WBAN has reviewed the documentation on the electronic ticket that was purchased, and with the itinerary stating that Hernandez would leave on August 1, 2007 from Newark, NJ).

Melissa Hernandez alleges that she was helping me by fighting for $2,500. She was not helping me. She was helping herself because she wanted the opportunity to win the NABF title. This was my offer and she had full ability to accept it or reject it. Also, Melissa Hernandez alleges that I did not tell her what meds were required in Georgia. This is untrue. Melissa Hernandez fought in Georgia in June of 2006, she knew then as well as now that Georgia only requires Hepatitis B & C tests.

Basically, trying to make this fight was doomed from the beginning from the Jeri Sitzes situation to the unfounded criticism I am receiving from Melissa Hernandez. This entire situation just emphasizes my point, women's boxing is a very risky investment for me as a promoter. However, I personally like women's boxing and am willing to keep trying to make it work, because I know there are talented females out there that need an opportunity. Thus, any talented female fighters that need a promoter and are willing to fight I am open to speak with you about promoting you. Brooke Dierdorff is number one on my list. So, if there are any other stand up talented fighters like Brooke Dierdorff please contact me at Adrian L. Patrick at (404) 219-1789.

Also, I would like to thank Charmaine Carrington and Carrene Hamlett, two females who fought on the card and gave one of the best fights of the night. Both of these females gave me no problems and were very good to work with.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond.
Adrian L. Patrick, Gladiator X Promotions, LLC
(404) 219-1789

Note: WBAN has contacted Melissa Hernandez prior to posting this letter to get some clarification---and we welcome her to respond officially to this letter that can be published if she chooses to.

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