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  September 29, 2001 - Hamburg, Germany
The WIBF World Junior Bantamweight title fight between Daisy Lang and Michelle Sutcliffe came to an end in Hamburg tonight when Lang failed to answer the bell for the 8th round because of a bad gash over her left eye. However, because the injury was held to have resulted from a clash of heads, the fight went to the cards and Lang was declared the unanimous winner (68-66; 67-66; 68-66).  One boxing fan, Jon Fox, said, "I have two problems with this. Firstly, it is correct that there was a meeting of heads early in round 7 but no blood was in evidence until late in the round after Sutcliffe had landed in the area of Lang's left eye with at least 3 good overhead rights. Secondly, at the end of round 7,  I had Sutcliffe winning by 69-66."  Another boxing fan said, "There has just been a robbery in Germany. Daisy Lang was deemed by the ringside doctor, to not be able to continue, because of a cut caused by her opponents punches, YET Lang did NOT lose. In fact she was given the decision because she was ahead on points. She WON.  What a fix!" Lang fell to 14-1-1 and Sutcliffe fell to 5-6-0. 
Logged on records site

September 29, 2001 - Martinsburg, Virginia 

Melissa Salamone fought Shakurah Witherspoon for the FOURTH time, and stopped her in the first round.  Salamone is now 25-0-1 (10 KO), and Witherspoon slipped to 9-24-1 (3KO).  Logged on records site

September 29, 2001 -  Gdynia, Poland
Iwona Guzowska,
125.7, won by a 10-round decision over Kelsey Jeffries, 123.2, and won the WIBO world championship. Guzowska moved to 8-1 (2KO), and Jeffries dropped to 11-4 (1KO).
Logged on records site

September 29, 2001 - Offenfach, Germany
Nadia Loritz
won a 10-round unanimous decision over  Sonia Pereira. 
Loritz improved her record to  5-0-2 (3KO). Pereira has now fallen to 0-6-0 (0KO).    Logged on records site

September 29, 2001- Pueblo, Colorado
Marsha Budde of Denver, Colorado  had a four-round draw with  Nicole Gallegos of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Budde improved her record to 2-4-1,  and dropped to Gallegos 0-1-1.
Logged on records site

September 28, 2001, San Francisco, CA
Gloria Ramirez, El Paso, Texas,  defeated Susan Howard, fighting out of Novato, California, with a unanimous decision in a four rounder, lightweight division (133 lbs). The final scoring was 39-37, 40-36, and 40-36.  The fight was televised on ESPN2, and was a very good action-packed matchup.  Ramirez continuously pounded Howard with body shots, and appeared to be the stronger of the two. Ramirez improved her record to 8-10-3, and Howard dropped to 6-4 (2KO). Interesting tidbit on Ramirez...She had her pro debut four weeks after she gave birth! Logged on records site

September 28, 2001 in Terni, Italy
Maria Moroni,  Italy,  won a 4-round unanimous decision against Mariana Hudak of Hungary. Moroni improved her record to 3-0-1 (1 KO), and  Hudak dropped to  is 2-3.  This was a featherweight division.
  Logged on records site

September 28, 2001- Deiva Marina, Italy
Maria Rosa Tabusso,  Italy, won a 4-round una. decision against Krisztina Poropszki,  Hungary.  Tabusso is now 2-2-1, and Poropszki dropped to  0-2. This was a Flyweight division. 
Logged on records site

September 27, 2001, Hollywood Park Casino
Inglewood, California

Marsha Valley TKO1 :38 seconds,  Kelly Whaley in a scheduled four rounder. Whaley wrote on the Boxing Rumble Forum, "First, a short comment on last nights fight with Marsha Valley. She started fast and quickly scored on three fast, not powerful but fast blows which resulted in the ref responding with an eight count. I was not hurt and was by no means "seeing stars" and had been in worst situations on other occasions. The ref asked me if I wanted to continue and I, of course, said yes. The ref stepped away and Bill stopped the fight. I totally disagreed with his action but he is my corner and husband so I respect his decision. Congratulations to Marsha. If I had to describe her in one word, it would be...Tornado." Valley improved her record to 8-5-4 (4KO), and Whaley fell to 3-9 (1KO).  Another bout on the card, was with Wendy Rodriguez of Los Angeles had a toe-to-toe six round match against Luz Rodriguez of Mexico, and won by a close majority decision. Wendy Rodriguez improved her record to 7-1-3 (1 KO) and  Luz Rodriguez dropped to 1-2-0 (1 KO).
Logged on records site

September 27, 2001,  Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, California
Nicole Beard of San Francisco won a four-round split decision over Christine Rodriguez in a Jr. Welterweight Division.  Beard is now 1-1-0 (0KO), and Rodriguez dropped to 0-2-1 (0KO).  Logged on records site

September 25, 2001 - Phoenix, Arizona
At the Rodeo Nights, a westside nightclub in Phoenix, Arizona had three women's matches on the card.   Phoenix Elena Reid scored a TKO1 against Valerie Williams of Las Vegas. Reid improved her record to 6-1-1 and Williams record was now 0-1;  Stacy Smith (1-0) won by a first round KO, over Kelly Scanlon (0-1) of Phoenix in the middleweight division; and Canadian bantamweight Robin Pinto won a unanimous decision over Brandy Leon of Prescott. This was Pinto's first professional win after she fought a much more experience boxer, Yvonne Caples, for her pro debut. Pinto improved her record to 1-1. Logged on records site

September 25, 2001, Reading, Pennsylvania
Shakurah Witherspoon of Williamsport, Pennsylvania won a four-round una. decision against Connie Bechtel.  Witherspoon improved her record to 9-23-1 (3KO) .   Bechtel fell to 0-5-3.  Logged on records site

September 25, 2001 St. Louis, Missouri 
Tiffany Carter TKO1 Brandi Jeffreys in a middleweight division. Carter is now 2-0-0 (1KO). Logged on records site

September 22, 2001  Santa Fe, New Mexico
Jayla Ortiz won a six-round una. decision against Monica Michel of Los Lunas, New Mexico.  Ortiz improved her record to 9-4-3 (3KO), and Michel fell to 0-1-0 who was making her pro debut.  Logged on records site

September 22, 2001 - Italy
The Italian amateur female national boxing team made its debut against the national Hungarian team. Sonia Grande cat. - 60 kg  TKO1 1:30 seconds, her opponent, Erica Labant. The fight was stopped in the first round after Labant's nose was bleeding.  Also, Cristina Cerpi TKO2 Eva Labant and Antonella Bellandi (- 58 kg) won in round 3 because her opponent Zsabo Terez refused to continue the fight. 

September 22, 2001 Galveston, Texas  
Monica McGowan
TKO4 0:41 Renee Torres (Galveston). McGowan is now 5-2 (4 KO). Logged on records site

September 21, 2001, Cartagena, Colombia
Maria Andrea Miranda ( Colombia) won a unanimous decision in the 8th round over Luz Marina Sarabia (Colombia) and captured the WIBA Iberoamerican Featherweight vacant title. Miranda remains undefeated with a 7-0 (3KO) record. Logged on records site

September 21, 2001, Rafaela, Argentina
at the Ben Hur Club..Marcela Acuña TKO5 Andrea Pereira in the 130-lb division. Logged on records site

September 21, Australia
Pauline O'Hello
TKO2 Nicole Cabillio at the Southport Sharks in Queensland Australia.  Pauline won the OBA Queensland Bantamweight title. As one observer said, "Pauline is a star on the rise from downunder!"
Logged on records site

September 21, Tampa, Florida
St the Martinez Sports Center. Corinne Vanreykdegroot won a six-round unanimous over Brenda Vickers in the 129 lb. division.  Corinne remains undefeated at 8-0-0 (4KO), and Vickers has dropped to 4-4-0 (1KO). 
Logged on records site

September 21, 2001 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 
Jody Kombrinck  won a four-round una. decision over Sue Bennett. She improved her record to 3-2 (1KO).   Logged on records site

September 20, 2001 - Canton, Ohio
Kelli Cofer won a four-round unanimous decision over Vikki Clardy.   
Logged on records site

September 20, 2001 -  Mermaid Theatre, Blackfriars, London, England
Claire Cooper TKO4 Juliette Winter in a bantamweight division.  Cooper is now 1-0-0, after making her pro debut against Winter. 
Logged on records site

September 19, 2001,  at the Big Kahuna Nightclub in Wilmington, Delaware, Lisa Foster defeated by a unanimous decision over LaKeysha Williams.  Final judging of the fight was  60-52, 56-55, 55-56. Foster improved her record to 4-3-1. Williams record dropped to to 3-3-1.  Logged on records site

September 19-22, 2001
USA Women's National Boxing Championships ..By Bonnie Canino (retired IFBA World Champion) 

One Hundred and sixty five competitors had pre-registered for the USA Women's National Boxing Championships, but only fifty-one women showed for the event.  This was the first time since the Nationals been going on that there has been such a small turn out.  We think it was due to the recent attack on America in New York and Washington D.C.  The women who showed up were very determined to make this amateur boxing event.  The event was especially important to the USA Boxing organization, because this was the first year that winners from the Women's National will qualified to attend the first Continental Games in October and the World games in November, which should have around thirty-eight countries entering their women boxers.

September 19, 2001  Kansas City, Missouri
Julie Weiss of Kansas City fought  Mima Del Toro in a four-round exhibition. (Fightfax should be checked on this fight at a later date to make sure that it is not sanctioned.)

September 15, 2001 Amateur Event
Photo Gallery and Story by Bill Harris who covered the amateur event
in Peshtigo, Wisconsin, at the Peshtigo Boxing Club.

September 15, 2001 in Mexico
Adriana Chamosa and Delia López had a six-round draw. 

September 9, 2001 - Springfield
First female pro fight in Springfield. Carley "The Hammer" Pesente, who is a Connecticut- licensed pro, scored a TKO over Carmilita Pennington of Woodbridge, Va., at 35 seconds of the third round. Pesente has won her first professional bout and is now 1-2-0 (1KO).  Logged on records site

September 7, 2001 Denmark
Anita Christensen fought a six-rounder against Damaris Muthoni.  The fight ended in a unanimous decision with Christensen walking away the winner.  Final scoring was 60-54, 60-54 & 60-53. News sources reported that  Anita Christensen was in control throughout the six rounds, although some ring rust was evident, after her forced inactivity due to having surgery to her right hand had kept her out of the ring.   Damaris Muthoni, showed a lot of grittiness and willing to go toe-to-toe with Christiansen.  Muthoni's powerful right hand remained dangerous throughout the fight.  There were no knockdowns in the fight, although Christiansen slipped in the second round, after being wrestled to the floor by Muthoni. Muthoni did receive a standing eight-count in the sixth round, but was able to weather the storn until the final bell. Christensen improved her undefeated record to 8-0-0 (5KO), and Muthoni dropped to 2-3.  Anita Christensen, who holds the European Bantamweight title, plans to fight twice in both October and November. Her goal is to fight for a world championship after these tune up fights. Information provided by Torben L. of Denmark.  Logged on records site

September 7, 2001 at the Raddisson Hotel, in Sacramento, California
Eliza Olson (granddaughter of Bo Bo Olson) wasted little time in going after her opponent, Robyn Covino.  According to Boxingtalk.net Ron Heard who covered the fight ringside, he said, "Eliza came out very hard and caught Covino with a nice left hook right in the middle of an exchange by the two ladies that sent Covino to the canvass at about 30 seconds into the first round. Covino got up and they went right back at it. Olson appeared to be confident and controlled the fight, over-powering Covino by throwing many combinations."  Ron went on to say, " Covino was game, she tried to trade back but she just was getting caught with clean hooks and she went down the second time at :58 seconds into the first round and it was over.   Clearly the best fight through the first four fights was the women."  Logged on records site

September 2, 2001, Televised on  Fox Sports Net, and held at the Silverstar Hotel & Casino in Chotaw, Mississippi
Olga Vlasova
, of Las Vegas, fought and defeated Jodi Kombrinck by a unanimous decision. Final scoring by all three judges was 39-37. The first two rounds Vlasova and Kombrinck fought were toe-to-toe with many good and slick combinations. Kombrinck began to feel the aftermath of Vlasova's body shots, and began to get tired in the third round. In the last and final round, both fighters again took the fight to one another, and fought with non-stop action to the end. There were no knockdowns in the fight. Vlasova improved her record to 2-0-0 (1 KO). Kombrinck fell to 2-2 (2KO). Logged on records site

September 1, 2001, Cedar Bridge Academy, Bermuda
Lisa Brown, 116.5 won a 10-round unanimous decision over Leona Brown, 117, for the IWBF 118 lbs. Title. The promoter of the event was Vlad Warton. According to Warren Rutherford, he said, "No knockdowns this time, but the fight was hotly contest over the entire 10 rounds. Leona Brown who dumped Lisa in the first round of their last fight April 27th in Niagara Falls New York, came out maniacally trying to knock out Lisa Brown, who herself succeeded in knocking Leona down three times en route to a six-round decision the first time they met. But this time, Lisa, who trains in Toronto under the tutletage of Mike Doesberg and husband Errol, boxed her way to a clear ten-round decision.
Logged on records site



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