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MAY 2005

May 30, 2005, at the Grand Hotel, in Tijuana, BC, Mexico Jackie Nava, 118, now 10-1-1 (7KO), of Mexico became the new CMB Bantamweight World champion when she defeated United States Leona “Downtown” Brown, 118, 13-15-0 (5KO), with a 10-round unanimous decision. Final judges scores were 100-88, 100-88, and 100-89.

May 30, 2005 in Woodlands Hill, California
Jeri Sitzes, 125,  won by six-round unanimous decision over Sosadea Razo, 130.   Final judges scores were 59-55, 59-55, and, 58-56. 

May 28, 2005 - at the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle, in Stuttgart, Germany, and promoted by Universum Box Promotion
United States Alicia Ashley, 115 ¾, won a ten round split decision and the GBU Bantamweight Championship over Alesia Graf, 115 ¾.  Final Scoring was 96-94, 96-95, and 94-96.  The German judge had Graf as the winner. According to WBAN’s correspondent, he said that Ashley moved beautifully in the ring and made a very difficult target for Graf.  Graf kept coming forward and also managed to get through with some telling punches.  Ashley sent Graf to the floor in the second round, but Graf bounced off the floor immediately and didn’t seem to be hurt. 
In a second women’s championship bout, Silke Weickenmeier, 120,  won the GBU Jr. Featherweight Championship over Miki Kikukawa, 120 with a 10-round unanimous decision.  Final judges scores were 98-92, 97-92, and 96-94.  In a third women’s match, Julia Sahin, 110,  won an eight-round unanimous decision over Marianne Chubirka, 112 ½. Judges scores were 79-75, 77-75, and 79-73. Photos

May 28, 2005 - Casino de Lac, in Gatineau, Quebec , Canada
Pro debuter Noriko Kariya, 117, 21 years, 5’1",  of North Vancouver, won a four-round majority decision over Cindy Christian, of the United States.  Final judges scores were 39-37, 39-37 for Kariya, and 38-38.  Kariya comes from the amateurs with a 9-1 record.  Christian is now 1-4-1. 

May 28, 2005 in Villa Mella, Dominican Republic
Carolina Martinez and Grecia Nova fought a four-round draw. 

May 28, 2005 in Nairobi, Kenya
Damaris Muthoni won by UD4 over Jane Kavulani.

May 27, 2005 -  Westin Diplomat Hotel, in Hollywood Beach, Florida
Yvonne Reis, 151, won a four-round unanimous decision over Cimberly Harris, 154 lbs.  Yvonne has improved her records to 4-7, and Harris is now 2-5. Team Reis told WBAN, “Yvonne Reis has dropped down to two weight division.  She boxed last year at the 168 pound division and is now at the 154 pound division.  Yvonne is hoping to drop down one more weight division and box from 147 to 154 pounds.  Yvonne said the girls at 168 pounds were just too big for her.”

May 27, 2005 -Jean Pierre Sports Complex, Trinidad
Ria Ramnarine, 104.5, of Trinidad, won the WIBA Mini-Flyweight World title when she defeated Yvonne Caples, 104.5, of the United States, with a 10-round split decision.  Ramnarine went down in the second round.

May 27, 2005 in Westin Diplomat Resort Hollywood, Florida
Valerie Rix, 102, pro debut, won by four-round unanimous  decision over Camela Parker, 101,  pro debut.

May 27, 2005 - in Pompano Beach, Florida
Laura Norton, 118, won by 1:27 TKO1 over Lisa Zeringue, 119 1/4.
Full Boxing Records

May 27, 2005 - Knox Netball Centre, Ferntree Gully VIC Australia
Kim Lord
, 143, of Australia, won a four-round split decision over Mirelle Walford, 140 3/4, also from Australia.  Final judges scores were 37-38, 39-37, and 37-40.

May 27, 2005 - Big Sandy Superstore Arena, in Huntington, West Virginia, Fox Sports presented the Tri-State Boxing Showcase of Champions
In one of the women’s bouts, Kathy Rivers won a 10-round unanimous decision over Nikki Eplion for the IBA Cruiserweight Americas title.  Also, Angie Woolum lost by a unanimous decision over her Angela McNamara.
Full Fight report on this event

May 27, 2005 - Pope Fair Grounds,  in Russellville, Arkansas
Sarah Goodson, 105,  won by 2:00, TKO1 over Nitshia Snyder, 95,  pro debut.  Also, Tachany Evans, 173, won her pro debut over Kimberly Caplena, 159, by KO in the second round (42 seconds.)  

May 27, 2005 - Arco Arena, Sacramento, California
Valanna McGee,129,  of Sacramento, won a six-round unanimous decision over Amber Gideon, 129, Chicago, now 1-2-0. Card promoted by Don Chargin Promotions. Final judges scores were 60-54.

May 26, 2005 in Grain Valley, Missouri
Sharon Gaines won by a four-round unanimous decision over over Tiffany Young.   

May 21, 2005 - Sky Ute Casino, Ignacio, Colorado
In the co-main event, Terri Cruz, now 11-4-2 (7KO), of Denver Colorado stopped  Mirasol Miranda, 2-2-0, in the second round by TKO. 

May 21, 2005 -Silver Reef Casino,  Ferndale, Washington
Tricia Turton, 150, pro debut won by :52 seconds TKO1 over Rosanna Euell, pro debut, 149. 

May 21, 2005 -Purmerend, Netherlands
Esther Schouten, now 17-1-1 (8KO), of the Netherlands KO'd Petra Jachmanova, of Slovakia, now  2-10-1 (1KO), with a  body shot to the liver in the second round, in a scheduled six-rounder.  Schouten told WBAN, "This was the first bout with my new trainer Michel van Halderen, and with my new sponsor Man-dog security.  I'm a full time pro because of them! I felt really strong."  This event was a memorial to Fighting Nordin”. (Nordin was shot to death in 2004).

May 21, 2005 in Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico
Esmeralda Moreno won by a four-round unanimous decision over Claudia Hernandez, pro debut.

May 20, 2005 - National Guard Armory, in Dorchester, Massachusetts, promoted by Knockout Boxing
Jill Emery
of New York, won her third pro bout with a first round TKO over Vicky Denmark in a scheduled four-round bout, in the junior welterweight division.  Emery comes from the amateurs and she is definitely a boxer to keep your eye on in the pros!

May 20, 2005 - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Dayana Santana, 119,  won a six-round unanimous decision over Delia Hoppe, 122; and Marylin Hernandez, 118,  won by unanimous decision Luisa Maria Romero, 120.

May 20, 2005 in Merrillville, Indiana
Mary McGee, pro debut, won a four-round unanimous decision over Jasmine Davis, pro debut. 

May 20, 2005 -Buffalo Run Casino, Miami, Oklahoma
In a women’s match on the undercard, and promoted by Gary Shaw/ and Holden Promotions, Franchesca Alcanter fought to a four-round draw against Kim Colbert. Final judges scores were 39-37 (Colbert), and 38-38, 38-38. 

May 19, 2005 -  at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, in
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Stephanie "All Action" Dobbs
,103,  now 16-18-2 (8KO), of Moore, Oklahoma, won a five-round unanimous decision over previously undefeated Sandra Ortiz, 101, now 3-1-0 (3KO), of Topeka, Kansas. Judges scores were 50-45, 48-47, and 48-47.

May 18, 2005 – ATMA-Sport, Kiev, Ukraine
Flyweight Tatyana Lebedeva, now 2-0-0 (2KO), of Kiev, won by second round TKO over Lena Kouramagomedovak, now 0-1-0 (0KO), in a scheduled six round bout.

May 14, 2005 - Blue Alligator Gym, Budapest, Hungary
Super Flyweight Réka Krempf,  114¾, TKO'd Eva Fenyvesi,  114¾, in the second round of a scheduled six rounder.

May 14, 2005 - at the Coushatta Casino Resort Pavilion, in Kinder, Louisiana, promoted by Bayou Promotions LLC
WBAN Record Member's Fight Photo gallery  #265
Mary Jo "KO" Sanders, 143, won a 10-round unanimous decision over Belinda Laracuente, 141, for the IBA Welterweight Continental belt. Final judges scores were 100-90, 99-91, and 98-92. Laracuente was a late replacement in the fight when Lisa Holewyne, who was supposed to fight Sanders,  had to pull out of the fight when she injured her elbow during a sparring session. Patricia Butaud of J & P Photography who covered the fight ringside, along with Janis Guidry, said, “Belinda Laracuente has got to have the Heart of a Lion. She took on Sumya Anani when no one else would and on just a few days notice took on Mary Jo Sanders. Belinda was quick and could avoid alot of the "bombs" that Mary Jo threw, but still Mary Jo, with the tenaciousness of a Pitbull, manages to trap Laracuente on the ropes. Belinda's lightening fast moves was able to dodge most of the punches, but not all. On occasion, with cheers from the crowd shouting "Ali, Ali", Belinda would imitate Ali and dance circles around Mary Jo. But sooner or later, Sanders would have her against the ropes throwing Bombs."

May 14, 2005 – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Marcela “The Tigress” Acuna, 18-4-0 (12KO), 124 ¼, TKO’d Neris Rincón, 125 ¾, :02 of the second round. The two were fighting for the WIBA world featherweight title. According to local news sources, Rincón lost the fight when she collapsed on the way back to her corner at the end of round one. The news source went on to say that they would like to see a more qualified opponent, with a suggestion of the boxer who has beat Acuna twice, Alicia Ashley.

May 14, 2005 - Jackson, Mississippi
Tonya Harding, of Vancouver, Washington, now 3-3-0 (0KO),
 won a four round split decision over Doreen Hilton, now 0-3-0 (0KO), of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

May 13, 2005 - The Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
WBAN Record Member's Fight Photo gallery  #259
Hot Photo gallery of Melinda Cooper -  #258
IFBA flyweight champion Melinda Cooper moved up to junior featherweight to tangle with Mexico's Lina Ramirez (3-2-1), a tall 122-pounder. It was no contest. Cooper still won.  Cooper tested Ramirez's speed and found it less than sterling as she banged punches to the body while deftly avoiding counters at the Plaza Hotel on Friday.   The fight was originally scheduled for six rounds, but due to television needs, the fight was dropped to a mere four rounds.  "If she had six rounds, no doubt she would have stopped her," said James Pena, Cooper's trainer and manager. Ramirez never stopped trying to land her big punches. But they were too wide and too slow. In the second, a good right hand caught Cooper almost accidentally. No matter, Cooper countered and slipped every blow fired by the much taller Mexican fighter.  Cooper opened the third round with a one-two combination that snapped Ramirez head back. A lead right followed by a left hook had the Mexican fighter teetering, but two minutes was not enough for Cooper to finish her.  "I almost knocked her out," said Cooper (15-0, 9 KOs). "She was bigger than me, but I didn't feel it because she was always moving away from me."  It was a near flawless display of Cooper's boxing skills.  "I worked on a lot of things that I learned in the gym," said Cooper who rarely was hit with a punch.   The judges scored it unanimously for Cooper, 40-35, 40-36 twice.  Recently, Cooper has picked up some endorsements and the support has given her more confidence.  "It feels good to have them supporting me," said Cooper, who is as shy out of the ring as she is aggressive in the ring. "I want to win the 115-pound world title now."  Cooper will relinquish the IFBA flyweight title and now seeks a match against Elena "Baby Doll" Reid or Mariana Juarez.  "She's ready for anybody," said Pena. "She'll knock out Elena Reid."  Earlier in the year Cooper said she wanted to retire. But the recent endorsements have reinvigorated her. "Now I want to make history," she said.  At the Plaza fight card was Laila Ali sitting in the front row for Cooper's fight. Also in the audience was Layla McCarter. Both have fights coming up in June. Report by David Avila  

May 12, 2005 - Huntington Townhouse, Huntington, New York
Jamie  McGrath, a successful amateur boxer, made her pro debut, and defeated Tiliena Perez with a four-round unanimous decision.

May 10, 2005- At the Pueblo Español in Palma de Mallorca, Spain
 Ina Menzer, 129.5,  won by KO1 Austria Urbaez Arena, 129.  

May 9, 2005 - at the Blue Alligator Gym, in Budapest, Hungary
Reka Krempf, 114 3/4,  won by TKO2 over Lila Barabas, 114 3/4,  pro debut.

May 7, 2005 - Volkswagenhalle, Braunschweig, Germany
Jr. Flyweight Susianna Kentikian, 107 3/4,  stopped Juliia Vlasenko, 104 3/4,  in the third round by TKO. Also, in another women's bout, Super Middleweight Natascha Ragosina, 168,  TKO'd Sarka Stoklaskova, 165 1/4,  in the second round. Promoted by Universum Box Promotions.

May 7, 2005 - Tri-State Boxing Arena in Cannonsburg, KY
Nikki Eplion, 168,  defeated Jeanine Tracy, 172, by TKO3 1:22. Event promoted by White Lightning Promotions. 

May 7, 2005 at the Crown Plaza, in Allentown, Pennsylvania
Roselin Morales, 158,  won by UD6 over Veronica Rucker, 158,; Cindy Serrano, 127,  won by TKO2 over Chloritha Magee, 131.5. 

May 7, 2005 - Landon Arena, Topeka, Kansas
Junior flyweight Sandra Ortiz, 118,  stopped Brenda Ledford, 122,  in the third round by TKO.  Ortiz is now 3-0-0 (3KO). Ortiz told WBAN, "I stepped up to the 118 weight limit to fight her."  Promoted by Damon Reed.

May 7, 2005 - Queensland, Australia - Amateur
 In some Amateur boxing action that took place in Australia, on May 7, 2005, Jasmin "Queen Jazz" Ward, 16 years old, silenced her critics by defeating Corrie Farr, 26 years old, 21–13 to make it into the Finals of the Queensland Open Amateur Titles held on the Gold Coast in Australia May 2nd. Farr, a seasoned Amateur competitor and former Aussie Champion had trouble keeping up to the pace set by this Fighting Pixie 5’2”. Jasmin had to fight Cherie Ward (no relation) who at 32 years stands at about 5’11” kept Jasmin at bay with her superior reach frustrating the smaller boxer somewhat, but was overcoming this obstacle toward the end of the fight when she finally got inside and started to deliver some serious body blows, making it a tight finish. Jasmin lost on points, but she proved she is a real fighter to be reckoned with and has left her mark on Women's Boxing in Australia. Jasmin is certain she can overcome Cherie’s reach and beat her at the Golden gloves later this year. Jasmin will be one to look out for at the Olympics in Beijing if that comes to fruition for Women’s Boxing.

May 7, 2005 - Lokomotiv Sports Palace, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Super Middleweight Anzhelika Torska won a four-round unanimous decision over Borislava Goranova, of Sofia, Bulgaria. Torska improved her record to 2-0-0, and Goranova's record is now 3-13-0 (0KO). Promoter: Ukraine Box Promotion  

May 7, 2005 - Nuclear-powerstation Sporthall, Hungary
In co-main-event the "Hungarian Boxprincess" Dr. Bettina Csabi, 117 3/4,  24-0-0 (10KO), successfully defended her GBU Bantamweight world Title with unanimous decision, over Oksana Vasilyeva, 118, 5-3-0 (1KO). Final scoring 98-95, 99-92, and 98-92.

May 6, 2005 - Seoul's Changchung Gymnasium Seoul, Korea
IFBA Jr. Flyweight Champion Juhee Kim
, 19, successfully defended her title against Philippines fighter Madyda Kidsolan, 18, when she KO'd Kidsolan 43 seconds of the second round. The Korean Times reported, "Kim, the youngest IFBA champion, pushed her opponent furiously until Kidsolon fell down on the canvas 43 seconds into the second round for the third knockout win in her career."  WBAN has not been able to verify the boxing record of Kidsolan at this time. Up until this fight WBAN had never heard of Kidsolan, and could not find any records on other sites to
verify her boxing record.  Kidsolan is not listed on the WBAN Records site, and is not rated with WBAN's ratings. WBAN was also put on notice that Kidsolan is not listed on FightFax.

May 6, 2005 - Westchester County Center, White Plains, New York
Ann Marie Saccurato
, 142, now (9-0, 2 KO), of White Plains, stopped Martha Deitchman-Orozco, 146,  in the fourth round. WBAN's insider reported the following: "The first round was a feeling out round for both boxers as Saccurato came forward and Orozco used her movement. By the third round however, Saccurato was landing big shots and Orozco showed lots of strength and guts to make it out of the round. Orozco used her experience to move and hold to prevent further damage but in the fourth round, Saccurato landed huge punches with Orozco in big trouble. The bout was stopped as the round came to and end with Orozco staggering back to her corner. Orozco displayed tremendous heart and her experienced kept her going through the end of the bout at the fourth."  Promoted by North East Promotions.

May 6, 2005 in Seoul, Korea
Ji Hye Woo won by UD8 over Tae Sun Kim.

May 5, 2005 in Irvine, California
Miriam Nakamoto won by KO2 over Maria Elena Anderson.

May 2, 2005 in Santiago, Dominican Republic
Gardy Pena won by a ten-round unanimous decision over Damaris Vizcaino.



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