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MARCH 2005

March 31, 2005 - at the Heart of St. Charles Center, in St. Charles, Missouri

Leslie McNamara, 120, won by four-round majority decision over Stacy Lammers, 119. Final judges scores, 39-37, 40-36, and 38-38.

March 31, 2005 - Henry Fonda Theatre, in Hollywood, California
Welterweight Suswella Roberts won by four-round unanimous decision over  Rita Turrisi. Final Judges scores were 40-36.  

March 31, 2005 - Waitakere Stadium Auckland, in Auckland, New Zealand
Sharon “Wild Thing” Anyos won a four-round split decision over Christina Tai; Danielle Smith won a four-round decision over Sue Glassey. One insider told WBAN, "I think that Anyos won easily.

March 30, 2005 - Shenyang, China-Report by IFBA
A standing room only crowd at the Sunrise International Ballroom in Shenyang, along with viewers at home on KBS TV, witnessed the first Women's Championship Tripleheader in China with mixed emotions.  In the first fight of the night, IFBA Flyweight Champion Maribel Zurita, 110,  lost her title, when Referee Byungk Kim of South Korea, stopped the bout in the eighth round due to a head-butt. Seeking advice from the ringside physician, Referee Lee, quickly signaled the end of the bout when a cut in the corner of the eye by South Korean challenger Shin Hee Choi could not be stopped. Going to the scorecards for the decision, Choi was named the new IFBA Flyweight Champion after South Korean Judge Kwang Woo Kim scored the bout 68-65 Choi, South Korean Judge Jaebung Kim scored it 68-65 Choi and American Judge Bruce Anderson scored it 70-64 for Zurita. While many of the fans cheered decision, many more in attendance questioned the quick stoppage and judging. Immediately after the bout, Maribel Zurita's manager and trainer Tony Ayala Sr. filed a protest with the IFBA to review the stoppage, and what appeared to be an illegal use of a groin protector by Choi. The IFBA has taken the matter under consideration and will issue a statement after it has reviewed the tape of the fight. Until a ruling is made on the protest, the decision in the ring will stand, and Shin Hee Choi has been crowned the new IFBA Flyweight Champion of the World.  The second fight of the night found IFBA Jr. Bantamweight Champion Mariana Juarez, 115,  yielding her title to North Korea's Myongok Ryu by TKO in the 10th. The hard charging Ryu waged war with Juarez for over 10 exciting rounds. Both fighters used effective jabs and body shots to set up hard right hands to the head throughout the fight. Ryu closed the right eye of Juarez in the seventh round and kept the pressure up until the referee stopped the fight with 30 seconds left in the 10th round as Ryu battered Juarez against the ropes.  Myongok Ryu becomes the new IFBA Jr. Bantamweight Champion and is the second fighter from North Korea to carry home the IFBA belt. Rounding out the card for the third and final bout of the night, was IFBA Bantamweight Champion Kwang Ok Kim, 117 1/2, against Japan's Maki Koyakashiro. Scoring a unanimous decision over 10 rounds, North Korea's Kim showed a steady command of the ring throughout and beat Koyakashiro handily on all three cards. Also, Eun Soon Choi won by an eight-round decision over Nanaka Kikuchi

March 29, 2005 - Sporthalle, Hamburg, Wandsbek, Germany - Promoted by Spotlight Boxing
Ina Menzer
, 129 3/4,  of Germany,  won a six-round decision over Viktoria Oleynik, 129, and in another women's bout on the card,  Susianna Kentikian, 114 3/4,  stopped Lucie Hornakova, 114 1/4,  in the first round by TKO.

March 29, 2005 - Buenos Aires, Argentina -
Katie Dunn of the Border City Boxing Club won her semi-final bout who was representing Canada at the Women's Continental Championships this week. Katie defeated the Brazil Champion by a score of 24-11 and Katie says
this was her toughest fight in a long time. Katie will face USA's Champion Lena Taylor on Saturday for the Finals.

March 26, 2005 - Laughlin, Nevada
Bloodied, battered and disappointed, Elena Reid suffered her first loss in several years. Before more than 1,000 people at Harrah's Hotel and Casino, Reid was stopped by technical knockout by New York's Alicia Ashley in a bantamweight bout scheduled for eight. Referee Jay Nady stopped the fight because of a cut over Reid's right eye at 1:04 in the seventh. Though Reid was the favorite coming into the fight, Ashley was the bigger, faster and more experienced fighter and showed it. Using her longer reach and deftly moving side to side, Ashley popped Reid with jabs and landed some stiff left hands. It was a left hand that caused a cut over Reid's eye in the sixth round.  "I hurt her in the third round," said Ashley (11-5-1), who usually fights at a heavier weight and has fought champions such as Chevelle Hallback. "After that, she didn't want to come in any more."  Reid tried to work inside but found herself walking into left hands. And when she backed out, Ashley would catch her again with left hands.   "I wanted to show people I could box," said Ashley. "But after I hurt her I didn't have to move."  The first two rounds Ashley moved quickly around the ring, changing direction whenever Reid closed in. Both fought out of a left-handed stance.  "I don't think because we're both left-handed that it caused a problem," said Ashley. "It's just like two orthodox fighters fighting each other." 
Ashley was correct. It was more her hand speed and reach that befuddled Reid who could not figure out how to effectively attack the rapidly moving Ashley.  Reid suffered her first loss since losing to Layla McCarter several years ago. "I'm a little disappointed," said Reid (16-2-5). "I have to go back to the gym and improve." Ashley felt her amateur experience proved the decisive factor in winning the fight.   "I'm a boxer. I never go into a fight thinking I'm going to stop someone," said Ashley. "I'm a boxer. I know people don't like to see boxers, but that's what I am."  In a featherweight bout, Fontana's Heather Percival was the underdog against Michigan's Jennifer Salinas (5-1) who is tutored by famed trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. But she proved to be more skilled and won by unanimous decision.  "I landed the straighter shots," said Percival (6-1). "I guess I have the better trainer."  Percival, who is trained by Larry Ramirez, moved side to side giving angles to the hard rushing Salinas. The judges scored the fight 40-36 for Percival.  "This was a great win because she was supposed to be the better fighter," said Percival. "She was aggressive but it's not always the aggressive fighter that wins. It's the fighter who connects the most."  From the first round, Percival found holes in Salinas defense. And when Salinas closed in too fast, she was met with wicked right hands.  In the second round Salinas began to land more punches to the body, but so did Percival. During the following rounds Percival seemed to have more energy and began landing three-punch combinations. Occasionally, Salinas would land a solid right hand, but it wasn't enough.  In a junior middleweight bout, Texan Akondaye Fountain (5-0) won by technical knockout over Shelly Burton (6-2) of Montana. Burton pressed the fight but kept getting caught with left and right counters. It was a fight decided by Fountain's ability to slip and counter. In the seventh round, Burton rushed Fountain with a fusillade of punches that caught her off-guard. But when she tired, referee Robert Byrd stopped it. The crowd booed. A match between super middleweights ended in a six-round draw between Asa Sandell (2-0-1) of Sweden and Yolanda Swindell (3-2-1) of Texas. 

March 26, 2005 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Illonka Elmont, pro debut, won by a four-round split decision over Linda Ooms, pro debut. Both boxers are also kickboxers and both from Holland.

March 26, 2005 - High School Gymnasium, in Espanola, New Mexico
Monica Lovato won by TKO1 over Doreen Hilton, 114,  pro debut.

March 26, 2005 - Kansas City, Missouri
Mary Ortega
, 110,  stopped Stephanie Dobbs, 108,  in the second round by TKO.  Team Dobbs told WBAN, when we asked about this fight, "Unfortunately the fight was stopped prematurely in the second round. Stephanie was hit with about 3 unanswered punches and the referee Danny Campbell jumped in to a chorus of boos. When we asked him why after the fight he said,   'Because of the Katie Dallam thing and all the bad press about it lately, we don't want to take any chances with women's fights.'   He went on to say that if the fight were 'anywhere but Kansas City, I wouldn't have stopped it.' That same referee also did the main event between two males were one guy was knocked down 3 times in the first round before he finally stopped it. Stephanie was never down or hurt and because of her experience and record of hanging in with tough fighters should have been given a chance to be Stephanie. As far as the fight goes it was a non stop slugfest with both landing a lot of shots. But, it was a good fight and Mary wasn't winning by much at the time of the stoppage."  

March 25, 2005- Earthlink Live,  in Atlanta, Georgia
Karen Davis won a four-round unanimous decision over Sierra Lingdren, pro debut.

March 25, 2005- Nyayo National Stadium Gym, in Nairobi, Kenya
Conjestina Achieng
won by KO5 over Monica Mwakasanga.  Zarrika Fatuma won by TKO4 over Jasmin Kneiss and Damaris Muthoni won by MD6 over Sandra Schreiber

March 25, 2005- at the National Armory Guards in Dorchester, MA
Missy "The Fury" Fiorentino
of Cranston, RI,  won a four-round unanimous (39-37, 39-37, 39-37) decision over Kim Colbert.  March 24, 2005 - Worley, Idaho
Dakota Stone, 158,  won a six-round unanimous decision over Yvonne Reis, 158,  of Florida. There were no knockdowns in the fight.

March 24, 2005 - Matins West, Woodlawn, Maryland
Angel McNamara
, 129, now 3-1-1 (2KO), of Maryland,  TKO'd Donna Biggers, 130Ľ, South Carolina, 1:40 second, in the second round. The fight was scheduled for four rounds.

March 23, 2005 in Kansas City, Missouri
Jeri Sitzes won by TKO2 over Tammie McDonald, pro debut.

March 21, 2005 in S. Mango d'Aquino, Italy
Maria Rosa Tabbuso and Réka Krempf fought to a six-round draw. 

March 20, 2005 in Rumelonge, Luxembourg
Nadia Hockmi won by KO1 over Valeria Zalorikova.

March 20, 2005 Kiev, Ukraine
Flyweights Tatyana Lededeva, pro debut, won by TKO2 over Lilia Zagrai, pro debut.

March 19, 2005 in Metz, France
Anns Sophie Mathis won by TKO5 over Larisa Berezenko.

March 19, 2005 - Hotel Pelion Banqueting Hall, in Tapolca, Hungary
the co-main event, on the "Champions Night" card, at the , the WIBF-GBU flyweight titleholder Viktoria Milo, 110 1/4 lbs., successfully defended her title against Italian Stefania Bianchini, 110 3/4.  The bout was qualitative, close and balanced as well. Milo's dominated the fight in the early rounds with her jabs. But the Italian boxer was better with combinations. Milo's close in uppercuts were dangerous but not too clear. At the beginning of the match Milo was the dominant however in the middle of the fight Bianchini succeeded in taking charge.  In the end, both boxers were able to take on the match again because of her stamina. When the fight ended, Bianchini believed to be the winner. On the cards Milo was the split decision victorious. Final judges scoring (Miklos Döry (HUN) 96:94 for Milo, Matteo Fratini (ITA) 96:94 for Bianchini, and Vilhelm Vogel (AUT) 97:94 for Milo. I scored the fight at  96:95. NOT a hometown decision. Milo's new record was 13-4-0; 3KO's and Bianchini fell to 13-2-0; 2KO's.  In another match, The two-times GBU world champion Dr. Bettina Csabi, 110 1/4 lb., has maintained her unbeaten record winning a unanimous decision against the Ukrainian former WBC CIS and Slavic Countries Super Flyweight contender Oksana Romanova in a six-round bout. Csabi's new record was then (23-0-0; 10KO).  Report by JollyDee of Hungary

March 19, 2005 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Kiani Cruz won by TKO2 over Evelin Diaz, pro debut; Delia Hoppe won by TKO2 Carolina Martinez; and Maryilyn Hernandez won by KO1 Grecia Nova.

March 16, 2005 - Andiamo Italian, in Warren, Michigan Mary Jo "KO" Sanders, of Auburn Hills, Michigan,  now 14-0-0 (4KO),  won a six-round unanimous decision over  Melissa "Honey Girl" Del Valle, now 29-5-1 (10KO),  in an six round non-title bout.  All judges scores were 60-53.

March 16, 2005 - Kharkov, Ukraine
Anzhelika Torska
, pro debut, won by TKO4 over Sarka Stoklaskova.

March 15-19
2005 - U.S. Amateur Boxing National Championships March 15 to 19 at the U.S. Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado
This was the first year the male and female amateur national championships were held together. In women's title bouts, Melissa Roberts, of Manchester, Connecticut., beat defending 125-pound champion Jennifer Han;  Ashley Barnett, of Cleveland, beat Lissette Medel by a 26-20 decision in the 132-pound title bout; and In the 165-pound women's final, Franchon Crews, 17, stopped the Army's Christine Brown 1:07 into the first round. According to news sources, after the fight, Crews broke down sobbing and crying while being awarded the gold medal.

March 16, 2005 Rachman's Bar, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Jelena Mrdjenovich stopped Tracy Carlton, of Compton, California, in the second round by TKO. Mrdjenovich is now 10-1-0 (6KO),  and Carlton remains winless at 0-8-1. 

March 13, 2005 - at the Roppongi Velfarre, in Tokyo, Japan
Chevelle "Fists of Steel" Hallback
, 129 3/4, of Tampa, Florida, U.S.A., won a 10-round unanimous decision over Japan's Emiko Raika, 128 1/2,  to win the Women's International Boxing Association's Super Featherweight title.  Hallback is now 24-4-1 (11KO).  Raika fell to 12-2-1 (5KO). Also Kazumi Izaki, 111, won an eight-round decision over Toshie Suga, 111 1/4; Nao Ikeyama, 102 3/4,  won a six-round decision over Marika Watanabe, 103 1/2; Taubasa, 111 1/2,  won a four-round decision over Miyuki Kondo, 110 3/4; Stacey Reile, 125,  won a four-round unanimous decision over Riyo Togo, 126 3/4; and Yuki Sahurada, 112,  won a four-round decision over Hitomi Hayashim, 110 1/4.

March 13, 2005 - City Sport Hall, Szolnok, Hungary
In the main event, Krisztina Belinszky 46,8kg/103,25lbs (13-4-2; 8KO's) won a unanimous decision over walkover victory against Gabriella Insperger 48,6kg/107,25lbs (4-6-0; 3KO's) in a ten round Light Flyweight division, and captured the vacant WIBU world title. Belinszky dominated her opponent
every round. There were no knockdowns. Belinszky left no  doubt with her superb boxing performance, and she won all rounds. Judges scores all 100-90.

March 12, 2005 - Radisson Hotel, Huntington, West Virginia
In front of 600 boxing fans, Nikki Eplion, 177.5, returned to the ring after not fighting since July 2004 against Laila Ali. Eplion fought Ljeoma Egbunine, 175, of Atlanta, Georgia, in the main event of a seven-card event, and won by a six-round unanimous decision. Final judges scores were 58-56, 58-56, and 59-55. Egbunine’s trainer did not agree with the decision when he told the local news media that he did not agree with the decision, and that “She (Eplion) never threw any punches, how could she win. She couldn’t move. You don’t promote boxing that way. It discourages the good ones.”   Eplion is now 15-2-2 (6KO). Egbunine fell to 2-1-0 (1KO). On the undercard, Jill Emery won her second pro fight, when she stopped Katrina Peterson at 1:32 in the second round.

March 12, 2005 -Marconi Automotive Museum,  Tustin, California
At the event which was a black tie charity event, with about 800 people in attendance, Shelby Walker won by TKO6 (1:47 seconds) over Maria Elena Anderson (Bautista), Mexico.  Walker knocked Elena down in round two, with a straight right hand.

March 12, 2005 in Montreal, Canada
Crystelle Samson
, 124 1/5,  won by 1:18 Seconds,  TKO2 over Bridget Wise, 125, pro debut.

March 12, 2005 - Paragon Casino Resort, in Marksville, Louisiana
WBAN Record Member's  MPEGS/Photo gallery  #246
Wendy Rodriguez, 104, now 14-2-3 (1KO), of Los Angeles, California, retained her  Junior Flyweight title, NABAW World title when she defeated Anissa Zamarron of Austin, Texas, with a unanimous decision. 

March 12, 2005 - in Pozman, Poland
Julita Tkaczyk, pro debut, won by TKO1 over Irena Kokeniova, pro debut.

March 11, 2005 in Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico
Zulina Munoz, pro debut, won by KO1 over Miriam Serrano; and Susana Vazquez, pro debut, fought to a technical draw against Yadira Rosales.

March 10, 2005 - Mississaugua Ontario, Canada
WBAN Record Member's  MPEGS/Photo gallery  #246
 Sandy Tsagouris, 124, stopped Austria Urbaez Urena, 126,  in the second round. Urbaez went down twice, when her corner threw in the towel. WBAN had Rick McLean taking Mpegs of the fight and Durell Wambolt. Both provided excellent coverage! prefight

On March 5, 2005 in Barcelona, Spain
Agatha Garcia
won a six-round decision over Valentina Kliyuvar.

March 5, 2005 - DeltaPlex, in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Jennifer Salinas
, 123,  won by  :43 seconds TKO2 over Sarah Schneider, 122.

March 5, 2005, at the #1 Shed, in Hamilton, Bermuda
the main event, in front of over 1,500 boxing fans, Teresa Perozzi, 167, won a four-round unanimous decision over
Chicago’s Elizabeth Kerin, 166.5.  The final judges scores were 40-36, 40-36, and 40-37.

March 5, 2005 in Rio Negro, Argentina
Patricia Alejandra Quirico won by TKO3 Karina De Souza, pro debut.
Pre-fight Story  

March 5, 2005 in Kuppersteg, Germany
Julia Sahin
won by TKO5 over Viktoria Varga.

March 5 2005 - ,the Egyptian national women boxing tournament ended in the Olympics Center in Cairo
There are few things that should be noted about this championship, first of all the number of participants, more than 84 girls came from all over Egypt while the first championship had only 75 participants ,add to that women boxing is no longer limited to the capital Cairo, but it rather extended to towns in upper Egypt , an area known for its strict conservative values, it seems that traditions no longer ban girl from participating in sports, most girls say that were encouraged by their families and that they don't see no contradiction between their participation and the religious values they stick to, some even enter the ring wearing the Islamic scarf under their headgear, also one can notice the development in the boxers style , there were many bouts this time that ended with ko or tko ,which was a rare thing to happen in the previous tournament , and here are the final results: (46kg) hend rizk mahmood beat samah atta Mohamed (48kg) Nadia shehada beat walaa mohsen; (50kg) rasha elsaid beat fathia ezzat (52kg) sameeha abo el gheet tko'd nina sabri (sameeha in my opponion is one of the best, if not the best boxer in the tournament, an aggressive fighter with great speed ,she won 2nd rank in her weight class during a championship in turkey last April, I think if she ever has the chance to go for pro, we will have an Egyptian world champion); (54kg) amal ibraheem tko'd iman fathy; (57kg) noha said tko'd kareema abbas (60kg) hanan Hussein beat ayat abdallah (the best fight in the tournament ,ayat who was not fighting at her own weight class, gave hanan,the national champ and local favourite , a hard fight, and endless slugfest between two aggressive girls ,who none of them is willing to back off, at the end it was avery close decision); (63kg) hend fathy tko'd asmaa elsayed (some think this fight was ended too early); (66 kg) azza abdel monem tko'd walaa abas; (75kg) rana elsaid beat salwa khalaf (many believe salwa was robbed , rana made so many mistakes without been given even a verbal warning , to me, rana was even worse than Lucia rijker's character in million dollar baby); (80 kg) yasmeen galal beat nada gamal (86kg) iman alaa eldeen beat rasha said (another tough fight ,iman fought in turkey and has more international experience unlike rasha , the new comer, rasha proved to be a poor sport when she pushed iman when the referee said break at the end of 2nd round ); officials in the Egyptian boxing federation are getting ready to host Egypt international boxing championship next July which will witness the participation of the Egyptian national boxing team ,with another 4 Arab countries : Algeria, morocco, Tunisia and Lebanon my prediction: it will be a tough tournament. Report by Amr Alzaher

March 5, 2005,  in Biloxi, Mississippi
Ann Wolfe
won by TKO1 over Genevia Buckhalter and Cassandra Lindsey won by TKO1 over Tiffany Ibanez. Full Story 

March 4, 2005 in Civic Arena, St. Joseph, Missouri
Holly Shore, 97,  won by 1:22 seconds, TKO3 over Gina Abel, 107.  

March 1, 2005 at Pepsi Coliseum in IIndianapolis, Indiana Kristy Follmar (130 lbs) of Indianapolis won a four-round majority (38-38,39-37,39-37) decision over Kim Colbert (133 lbs) of Southfield, Michigan, who fell to 2-6-0 (2 KOs).   The victory improved Follmar's record to 15-1 (9 KO's).



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