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October 30, 2004 - Orange County Fairgrounds in Middletown, New York
In an exciting six-rounder, Ann Marie Saccurato, of Thornwood, New York, now 7-0-1 (3KO),  won a unanimous decision over Cimberly Harris, of Tampa, Florida, now 2-3-0 (0KO).  Final scores were 60-54, 60-54, and 59-55.

October 29, 2004 in Georgetown, Guyana
Sharon Ward
(165 lbs) defeated Geraldine Cox (154 lbs) on points over four rounds, and Margaret Walcott (179 lbs) defeated Shelly Gibson (226 lbs) on points over four rounds.

October 29, 2004 in Plaza de Toros ‘El Relicario’ , Pueblo, Mexico -Report by Ewan Whyte
It may not have been as crushing as their second encounter, when López dropped her in the third and fourth with hard shots to the face and liver before stopping her in the seventh, or even as decisive as their first, where all three judges had the Tlaxacalan ahead, but in the end it was the same result: over ten hard-fought rounds, Delia “la Japonesa” López ultimately had too much for arch rival Gloria ‘Dinamita’ Ríos of Mexico City in their Mexican junior flyweight title match in the Plaza de Toros ‘El Relicario’ in Pueblo on Saturday, judge Ortiz seeing her ahead by a wide margin (99-94), judge Cervantes only narrowly (96-95) and judge Cuevas scoring the bout evenly (95-95). Ríos had bitterly contested the decision of their third fight, in the Sala de Armas de la Magdalena in Mixihuca last April, which was given as a draw (thereby allowing López to retain her title), and contested equally bitterly the more recent decision of the Comisión de Boxeo del Distrito Federal designating Adriana Chamoza and not herself as the official challenger (Chamoza was injured last month in training and forced to withdraw), but in the ring where it mattered, despite a fast start in which she seemed to be having her way with the ring rusty champion, it was López, who remains unbeaten now after eight fights, that was able to impose her will — as she has now (one way or another) every time the two women have met. For the champion, who had talked earlier this year about emigrating to the States or else moving up to flyweight or super flyweight (dismissing the level of competition at junior flyweight in her country with the ironic observation that a bee had had more luck with her jaw than any of her opponents), the tireless lobbying of Ríos and her manager, Raúl López, for yet another rematch had become a source of exasperation. After thwarting the challenger now for the fourth time, she will be hoping the matter is finally settled. “Pity!” she had said back in July, when the bee sting forced a rescheduling of the original date set for the encounter, “I was looking forward to showing Gloria Ríos once and for all that I’m better than her.” It remains to be seen whether her litigious rival — thoroughly bested here in the final rounds — has at last got the message. 

October 29, 2004 - Madrid, Spain
María Jesús Rosa of Spain, stopped Lucie Homakova of Eslovaquia in the first round.  Lucie was knocked down to the canvass twice before her trainer threw in the towel. 

October 29, 2004 - Sunrise International Hotel, Shin Yang, China (Copyrighted report on
Kwang Ok Kim
became the first-ever North Korean Women's Boxing World Champion.  Kim, 25, knocked out Japanese opponent, Toshie Suga, 36 seconds into 9th round of scheduled 10 round bout, to capture the IFBA Bantamweight title on Friday at Sunrise International Hotel at Shin Yang, China.  Kim, 2003 Asian Amateur Championship gold medalist, was every bit as good as advertised. She improved to 6-0 (4KO).  Men and women combined, Kim became the first ever North Korean professional boxing world champion.
Standing only 5' 2", she rocked Suga with straight right, followed by sharp uppercuts. With over 100 North Koreans cheering out loud, Kim dominated the fight from the beginning.  Suga hung in there tough, and Kim at times looked tired from throwing so many punches. But, Kim was finally able to put away Suga, whose face was badly swollen. In earlier fights, North Korea's flyweight Myung Ok Ryu, 25, scored 6th round KO over Tomoko Koga of Japan, and Eun Soon Choi, 20, defeated Satoko Kamimura of Japan by unanimous decision after an 8 round junior flyweight match.

October 29, 2004 - at the Civic Arena, in St. Joseph, Missouri
Franchesca Alcanter
, 131, now 15-5-1 (8KO), defeated Ragan Pudwill, 134, now 3-12-0 (0 KO),  with a six-round unanimous decision.  Also, Holly Shore, 93, won a four-round unanimous decision over Cordelius Wilson, 105.

October 29, 2004 - Polideportivo Carlos Cerutti,
Córdoba, Argentina

Featherweight Carolina
Gutiérrez won a first round TKO over María Heredia, in a scheduled four round bout.

October 28, 2004 at Henry Fonda Theatre, Hollywood, California
Junior welterweight Suswella Roberts of Santa Monica, California TKO'd Maria Nava at 0:15 in the second round of a scheduled four-rounder.  Roberts is now 3-0 (2 KO); Nava was making her pro debut.  

October 27, 2004 - Andiamo Italia, in Warren, Michigan
IBA Intercontinental Jr. Welterweight champion Mary Jo Sanders, 144, of Detroit, Michigan, won an unanimous eight-round decision over Rita Turrisi, 146, of Italy, who fights out of Las Vegas. Final judges scores were 80-72 on all scorecards. These were three-minute rounds, not two.

October 25, 2004 in Santiago, Dominican Republic
Kiani Cruz won by four-round unanimous decision over Kathy Rodriguez.

October 23, 2004 - Desert Diamond Casino, Tuscon, Arizona
Leilani Salazar, 120, of Tucson,  won by a four-round unanimous decision over Christina Avitia, 124.5. Both are from Tucson. 

October 23, 2004 - Emerald Queen Casino, Tacoma, Washington
Junior featherweight Sharon Gaines, now 4-1-0, won a four-round unanimous decision over late opponent Mercedes Mercury, fighting out of Colorado, and originally from Everett, Washington.

October 23, 2004 in Nairobi, Kenya
Conjestina Achieng won by KO7 over Fiona Tugume.

October 23, 2004 - Maywood, California (report by David Avila of Maxboxing.com)
They fought just a week ago but a lot can change in seven days.  Mia St. John and Janae Archuleta met for the second time in a week with the same result, but the tempo increased before more than 1,200 at the Maywood Activity Center. "She was different this time," said Archuleta.. "She was a lot more aggressive."  St. John attacked cautiously at first as she stuck the jab repeatedly before Archuleta could get off a punch. It was the basic theme for all four rounds with St. John beating Archuleta to the punch. But in the second round, left hooks and right hands powered through Archuleta's guard.  "She was real strong in this fight," Archuleta (4-9-1) said of St. John. "I felt I hit her with some good right hands, but she was a lot more aggressive in this fight."  Perhaps because she was fighting locally for the first time in almost four years, St. John seemed to bite down harder on her mouthpiece and put together some powerful combinations. Several times it looked as if Archuleta was about to fold. But she didn't.  "She's a really tough girl that's why I like to fight her," said St. John who has fought Archuleta several times. "She won't quit. I hit her hard a couple of times and she just stood there. It got me mad."  St. John was angry because she felt a knockout was within reach but Archuleta fought back with some solid right hands. But each time they exchanged, St. John's punches reached first.  In the third round, St. John could not miss with a left hand whether it was a jab or a short left hook. In the fourth it was right hands that repeatedly found the mark.  "She always comes to fight. She won't lay down for anybody," said St. John who fights again on Nov. 6 in Louisiana then on Dec. 3 in Tucson, Arizona. "I was cautious at first because I don't want to get cut before my title belt."  Scheduled to face Puerto Rico's Belinda Laracuente for the WIBA lightweight world title, the brunette bombshell was almost too eager to end the fight early.  "I had more aggression in this fight," St. John (37-4-2) said, adding that each fight brings her closer to winning a world title.  Robert Garcia, St. John's trainer and a former junior lightweight world champion, said his student has improved remarkably in the last two years.  "If you saw her against Christy Martin you could see how much she improved. She's a good student and a good listener," said Garcia. "She gets better and better."  St. John said she plans to beat Laracuente, who gave Martin a tough scrap five years ago in losing by decision.  "I'm going to beat her," said St. John. "Then after I win the title I'm going to fight Lucia Rijker. People say I just want to win the title and fight nobodies. Lucia is not a nobody."

October 23, 2004 in Lula, Mississippi
Christy Nickel won by won a four-round unanimou decision over Cassandra Lindsey, pro debut.

October 23, 2004 -  2004 Women's National Golden Gloves Championships -Results from St. Andrews Gym, Chicago Championship Bouts - Amateurs 101- Leshia Boyd, MI dec. Colleen Loo, HI; 110- Katheleen O'Connell, IN dec. Keisha McLeod, NY; 114- Gabriella Barragon, OR  dec. Sacred Downing, NJ; 119- Stella Nijhof, NY dec.Cara Castraouva, NY; 125- Jennifer Han, TX dec. Jennifer Barber, CA; 132- Miamunah Holland, NY dec. Priscilla Bonnell, CO; 138- Yelena Binder, NY RSC2   Brooke Dierdorff, IN; 145- Angelique Bovee, NY dec. Amy Yuratovac, IN; 154- Tiffany Junot, LA dec. Precious Hall, HI; 165- Allana Huggins, TX unopposed; 176- Sonya Lamonakis, MS unopposed; 189+- Sara LeAn Purcell, WA     unopposed.

October 22, 2004 -Santa Ynez, California
Heather Percival
won by a four-round unanimous decision over Elizabeth Cervantes.

October 22, 2004 – Princes Town Promenada – Trinidad
Guyana’s Shondell Alfred won over Trinidad’s hometown favorite Vicky Boodram,  34 seconds of the third round. Apparently it was not a good night for Boodram, when she received a severe boxing lesson by Alfred, getting knocked down three times, when they were fighting for the Women's International Boxing Association (Ibero) Latin American bantamweight title. David Brewster of the Trinidad Express News wasted few words in criticizing this lop-sided match. Brewster wrote the following (excerpt): “Boxing is my guilty pleasure. I love it and I hate it. I appreciate it, but I'm also the first one to shout "Stop the fight!" when it becomes an unequal beating rather than a competitive sport. That's exactly what unfolded Friday night-an "unequal beating" in the open air at the Princes Town Promenade, where Guyana's Shondell Alfred was allowed to inflict a disgusting thrashing on Vicky Boodram in front of thousands of her hometown fans. Three times, Boodram, plucky and game but nevertheless hopelessly outclassed, was sent reeling on all fours to the canvas, before referee Tommy Thomas halted the glaring mis-match 34 seconds into the third round.” Brewster went on to say, “But it was a "fight" which never should have been sanctioned in the first place. The 23-year-old Guyanese brawler, a world-ranked fighter who came in as a last-minute substitute for her compatriot Stephanie George, has fought in Europe, the USA and around the Caribbean, accumulating a record of 18 fights, with three defeats. The hapless Boodram, trained by her father, has been defeated four times in her mere five bouts.” Brewster added, “The fight was sanctioned by the Cabinet-appointed Trinidad and Tobago Boxing Board of Control and it merits an investigation by the Ministry of Sport.” Purses of each boxer: Alfred-$9,000, Boodram $2,400. WBAN has Boodram's record as now 0-4-0. According to this above mentioned news source, she is 1-4-0. Why Boodram would be fighting for any title is beyond belief. 

October 22, 2004 - Black Tie Charity card, in Sarasota, Florida
Erin Toughill, 167,  won an ten-round unanimous decision over Yvonne Reis, 164.5,  of Florida. The two fought for the WIBF 168-lb Intercontinental bout.

October 21, 2004 in Jefferson City, Missouri
Leslie McNamara won by UD4 over Stacy Lammers.

October 16, 2004 - German town of Halle, Germany
Natascha Ragosina
stopped Alexandra Vajdova 1:23 in the third round with a TKO. 

October 16, 2004-University Plaza Hotel, Springfield, Missouri
Kim Conners, 135,  won by TKO3 1:33 seconds,  over Angela Williams, 140, in a scheduled four-rounder on the undercard. 

October 16, 2004 - Benton Convention Center,  in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Carlette Ewell, 182,  won by TKO4 :39 seconds, over Ramona Crim, 180.

October 16, 2004 - Oakland Arena, Oakland, California
Martha Salazar won an eight-round unanimous decision over Marsha Valley.

October 16, 2004 in Essex, England

Shanee Martin, pro debut, won a four-round decision over Iliana Boneva.

October 16, 2004 - Cologne, Germany
On an AURA-Sport Card, Universum boxers, Daisy Lang had easy pickin's with a winless boxer Simone Suciu; and Julia Sahin won a decision over Svetla Taskova.

October 15, 2004 - Casino Del Sol, Tucson, Arizona

Mia St. John, 137, won a four-round unanimous decision over Janae Romero Archuleta, 146.5. The final judges scoring was 40-36.  The casino was sold out with 4,500 in attendance.

October 15, 2004 - "Banger in the Hangar" London
Amateur Boxing - Canada vs. USA

In two women's matches, four-Time National Champion Debbie Richards versus #1 Ranked Featherweight Teresa O'Toole of New York. The
Boxing Ontario's website reported, "Despite a solid effort by O'Toole, who last week won the National PAL Tournament in Virginia Beach, Richards scored easily with a flurry of combinations and also won a unanimous decision that pleased the hometown fans." In the Main event,  The Boxing Ontario's website reported, that Jenn Ogg, a did not disappoint.  They went on to report, "Boxing Nesheba Thomas of Toledo, last year's #1 Ranked Lightweight, Jenn came out quick and never let up. The crowd urged Jenn on as she outclassed Thomas and scored a technical knockout in the 3rd Round. This was Ogg's last fight in the city of London and she was extremely pleased to win big in front of her hometown, friends, and family."

October 15, 2004 in Cicero, Illinois
Rita Figueroa, pro debut, won by TKO3 over Courtney Elliot.

October 15, 2004 in Calgary, Canada
Jelena Mrdjenovich won by six-round unanimous decision over Tracey Carlton.

October 15, 2004 in Cartagena, Columbia
Elena Baez, pro debut, and Karen Florez, pro debut, fought to a four-round draw.

October 10, 2004 - Omori Gold Gym, Tokyo, Japan
Miki Kikukawa, 
won by a decision over Maki Koyakashiro, with Kikukawa winning the vacant JWBC Featherweight championship; Flyweight Toshie Suga defeated by decision Hitomi Hayashi in a six rounder; Featherweight Riyo Togo won by a second round TKO over Maki Mukai;  Erika Irie, 48kg, won by a four-round unanimous decision over Yoko Hashimoto;  Sharla Hall, 54.5kg,  defeated Junko MInagawa with a decision; Miyuki Kondo, 49kg,  won a four-round decision over Kaori Koyakashiro.

October 10, 2004 - Bolldog Event Hall Karlsruhe, Germany
Aline Röder (Karlsruhe) won by points over Gaby Möller (Dortmund) -53 kg, in a four rounder.  Also, Stephanie Penkwick (Karlsruhe) won by TKO1 over Tatjana Schreiber (Lahr) -47 kg.

October 10, 2004 - Mountain High Casino, Blackhawk, Colorado
Junior Middleweight Tanya Gallegos, 148, stopped Asia Mays, 149, 1:18 in the third round by TKO, in a scheduled four-rounder on the undercard.

October 9, 2004 -  Lighthouse Convention Center, in Raleigh, North Carolina
On the Shaw University Homecoming Events,  Bonnie Mann, 153,  won a four-round unanimous decision over Gwen Wood, 152.  Final judges scores were 39-37, 39-37, and 40-36.

October 9, 2004 in Fort Smith, Arkansas
Joy Irvin won by TKO1 over Lonita Dow; Hollie Dunaway won by TKO2 over Tammy McGuire; and Tawnyah Freeman won by TKO2 over Sheila Pratt. 

October 9, 2004 - Georgia Mountain Center, Gainesville, Georgia
Mirasol Miranda won a four-round unanimous decision over Karen Davis in a scheduled super flyweight division.  Final judges scoring was 39-37.

October 9, 2004 - Hooters, Fort Worth, Texas
Junior Welterweight Kim Colbert wasted little time when she caused an upset when she KO'd Rita Serrano :28 seconds of the first round.  

October 8, 2004 - Detroit, Michigan
Ingrid Hays,  of Livonia won a four-round unanimous decision over Candi Sarver,  of Lansing. Hay improved her record to 4-0-0, and Sarver is now 0-2-0.

October 8, 2004 (Friday) Pal Results - Amateurs
Championship Bouts

106 lbs/women: Cheryl Houlihan, Norton, Mass., dec. Kathleen O'Connell, Greensfolk, Ind., 17-16; 110 lbs/women: Emily Klinefelter, Iowa City, Iowa, dec. Keisher McLeod, New York, N.Y., 18-6; 114 lbs/women: Sacred Downing, Trenton, N.J., dec. Vanessa Greco, Brooklyn, N.Y., 12-5; 119 lbs/women: Stella Nijhof, New York, N.Y., dec. Cara Castronuova, Elmont, N.Y., 24-9; 125 lbs/women: Teresa O'Toole, New York, N.Y., dec. Jennifer Han, El Paso, Texas, 20-8; 132 lbs/women: Melissa Hernandez, Bronx, N.Y., stopped Raynette Thomas, Sumter, S.C., RSCO; 138 lbs/women: Lena Taylor, Orlando, Fla., dec. Yelena Binder, West Orange, N.J., 7-4; 145 lbs/women: Angelique Bovee, White Plains, N.Y., dec. Grace Kelly, Jacksonville, N.C., 20-9
154 lbs/women: Dawne Thomas, Westburg, N.Y, stopped Amanda Myers, Jacksonville, N.C., RSCO-; 189 lbs/women: Tanzee Daniel, Jamaica Queens, N.Y., dec. Tameka Stephens, Charlotte, N.C., 18-14. Semifinal Bouts 110 lbs/women: Emily Klinefelter, Iowa City, Iowa, dec. Dana Dudley, Alpharetta, Ga., 24-3; 125 lbs/women: Teresa O'Toole, New York, N.Y., dec. Rebecca Rodriguez, El Paso, Texas, 14-2; 125 lbs/women: Jennifer Han, El Paso, Texas, dec. Melissa Roberts, Manchester, Conn., 20-7; 138 lbs/women: Lena Taylor, Orlando, Fla., dec. Althea Martin, Mary Landing's, N.J., 25-9; 138 lbs/women: Yelena Binder, West Orange, N.J, stopped Christina Avalos, Lancaster, Calif., RSC-3; 189 lbs/women: Tanzee Daniel, Jamaica Queens, N.Y., stopped Sonya Lamonakis, Turner Falls, Mass., RSCO-2.  Quarterfinal Bouts  125 lbs/57 kg/women: Teresa O'Toole, New York, N.Y., dec. Nicole Silveira, Peabody, Mass., 10-1.  Source: Adam Pollack

October 4, 2004 in Casa de Los Clubes, Villa Juana, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Liliana Martinez
won by TKO3 over Grecia Nova, pro debut; Dayana Santana won by TKO1 over Ruth Ester Cuello, pro debut and Carolina Martinez won by TKO2 over Mirna Bastista.

October 1, 2004 in Southport, Queensland District, Australia
Sharon Anyos won by UD10 over Linda Tenberg.
Fight report By Mike “Kryptonite” Altamura:  The way women’s boxing can slowly move towards mainstream acceptance is through well-matched, entertaining contests, as the fight on Friday night for the WBF Feather title between Sharon “Wild Thing” Anyos and Texan Linda “Terminator” Tenberg proved. 33-year-old Anyos, fighting in front of her hometown on the Gold Coast, Australia, won a wide decision (100-90, 100-90, 99-91), but the fight was such an enthralling spectacle for 10 rounds that it left this writer perplexed that cable network Fox Sports took so long to give live women’s boxing the green light.  Anyos, 7-3 (1), the former WIBA featherweight champ, came out draped in all purple, her boob-tube type top exposing her well-cut midriff. The taller Tenberg, 11-10 (6), was fitted in predominantly black gear, and was a picture of focus at the opening bell.  Anyos wasted no time feeling out her opponent, charging forward, and trying to force Tenberg backwards. There were a couple of exchanges on the ropes, with Tenberg seeming to benefit better at close range. It was a close round, maybe Anyos shaded it on pure work-rate. Tenberg was marked under the left eye during this round too.  The Australian’s pressure attack continued in the second, feinting the jab on the occasion, and coming forward with straight rights. She was able to catch the 5’6” Texan late with a pair of loaded rights, but Tenberg appeared to wear them well.  Tenberg opened the third strong, scoring with a couple of rights from the outside, but as the round progressed, Anyos’ aggression took charge, and she finished the busier to decisively win the round.  Like the old warriors of old, the Lamottas, the Basilios, Wild Thing keep charging forward in the fourth, and it paid dividends. She began to work her way on the inside, fire away bombs, and then either block or retreat Tenberg’s counters.   Round five had the crowd roaring, courtesy of some quality exchanges on the inside. Another Anyos stanza, as Tenberg’s punchers were starting to get wide.  Anyos started to really dominate in the sixth and seventh, swarming Tenberg, and landing well calculated left-rights, and a sharp left hook. But Tenberg, although noticeably hurt at times, had no quit, and continued to show her massive heart.  The Australian kept up her phenomenal punch output in the eighth, scoring with some piercing jabs, and quickfire combinations, and it showed on Tenberg’s face – particularly under her left eye.  Tenberg kept plugging away though, trying to come forward, but Anyos was too smooth, taking the role of the counterpuncher for much of the ninth and scoring with shorter, crisper punchers.  At the start of the tenth these two warriors embraced, and kissed, a sign of their wonderful sportsmanship. Anyos proceeded to counterpunch, and then almost a minute into the round came on the attack and caught Tenberg with a big right. Tenberg hung tough, though it was another clear round for the Australian. 

Oct. 1, 2004 - Bayside Expo Center, South Boston, MA
Report by Ken Castro
Coming off an emotional loss on two fronts less than three months ago, Jamie "The Hurricane " Clampitt climbed into the ring to battle a determined Brenda "Tiger Lady" Bell Drexel last night in a matchup of Welterweights at the Bayside Expo Center.  Clampitt, the former IWBF and NABAW Light Welterweight Champion, faced Bell Drexel (#8 WIBF) in her first bout since losing to Jane Couch, in a raucous affair back in June. Clampitt moved to 14-3 (3KO) by taking a unanimous six round decision (59-55,59-55, 60-55) over Bell Drexel who dropped to 5-23-2 with the defeat.  Clampitt weighed in at 142, Drexel hit the scales at 151.  Getting back in the ring was a priority for Clampitt who carried a heavy heart in the Couch fight after losing her longtime mentor, friend and trainer, Tiny Ricci, less than a day before the skirmish.  "He (Ricci) was on my mind the whole time, " said Clampitt following the victory. "I have to adjust to life without him but I could definitely feel his presence in my corner throughout the fight. I felt that he was with me here tonight."  Bell Drexel proved to be a solid draw for Clampitt. After a mostly defensive posture by the two fighters, Drexel, of San Marcos, TX backed Clampitt up early in the second round, forcing her into the corner. Drexel went to the body but Clampitt worked her way out and utilized her jab for the remainder of the round.  "Everything I worked on in the gym I was able to take into the fight," said Clampitt who was visibly more aggressive in the fourth round. In that round, Clampitt fired a pair of overhand rights that scored while Bell Drexel briefly bounced off the ropes.  Clampitt stayed with the jab in the fifth, but Drexel who was eager to show that her record was not a true indicator of the ability that she brought north, kept coming at Clampitt. Late in the round, Clampitt tagged her opponent with a crisp overhand right.  "I felt pretty good, I was trying to be patient," said Clampitt. "A lot of times I found myself rushing in and trying to do too much too soon. I was hoping to wear her down in the first three rounds by working to the body. She had a lot of weight on me but I didn't feel that much snap on her punches."  In the final round both combatants found the center of the ring to their liking. Ahead on points Clampitt displayed a modicum of offense, preferring to fend off a late flurry by Bell Drexel.  "She did what she had to do in adapting to a much bigger opponent," said Clampitt's trainer Chuck Sullivan after the bout. "What she had to do was box and she did that beautifully."  The pair faced off three years ago when Clampitt was fighting out of Canada. At that time both were at 136 lb.  After the win Clampitt when offered up the though of having a rematch with Couch, was all for the notion, "We definitely want to get back and get that (rematch) done," she offered. "I know that her camp is all for it. She's going to see a different fighter next time. I won't have to deal with the loss that I felt last time; I'll be ready."



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