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 JUNE 2004 

June 28, 2004 - Guyana
Gwendolyn O'Neil
won a six-round unanimous decision over Cristal Lessie (Lessey).

June 27, 2004 -Sandia Casino, in Albuquerque, NM
Rita Turrisi
, 140, a boxer from Italy who fights out of Las Vegas, won by TKO in the fourth round, over previously undefeated Holly Holm, 140.  Holm's corner threw in the towel due to a deep cut under Holm's eye.

June 26, 2004 - National Stadium, Dar Es Salaam - Promoter: The Director of Ericom Tanzania Limited, Eric Shigongo
Super Middleweight Monica Mwakasanga KO'd Aziza Koyi in the first round of a scheduled six-rounder. There were two boxing matches and a soccer match.  There was also some hip hop competition. Shigongo said 20 per cent of the gate collections would be donated to the AIDS victims.

June 26, 2004 - 
Roswell, New Mexico
LeAnne Villareal
, 127, 2:10 seconds, TKO3 Evangelina Abeyta,122½. 

June 26, 2004 -  Silverton Casino, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and promoted by Joe DeGuardia/Star Boxing
WBAN Members MPEGS/PHOTO Gallery #183
Middleweights Monica Nunez, won a six-rounder by a majority decision over Shelly Burton.  Terry Insall of boxingkindom.com reported, that it was the
third fight on the Silverton Casino card.  In the first round,  Nunez presses the action and they trade a couple of punches. In round two,  Nunez takes a few shots to the head, but gets behind her jab to back Burton up.  In round three,  Nunez uses a stiff jab and hard right hand to back up the Burton. And in the fourth round,  Burton comes alive and lands some good counterpunches. In the fifth round, Burton slows just a little and Nunez finishes strong.  In the first fight of the night, was an four-round exhibition between Elena "Baby Doll" Reid and Vaia "Vicious" Zaganas. There was no scoring for this bout, and they wore headgear.

June 25, 2004 - Genesis Convention Center in Gary, Indiana
Kerry White
, stopped Christmas Davis of Milwaukee, 48 seconds in the first round by way of TKO. White, making her pro debut, wasted little time in throwing a barrage of combos that ended the fight.

June 25, 2004 - Garfield Heights, Ohio
Kelli Cofer, 128, of Ohio,  fought Terry Blair, 134, to a four-round Draw.

June 25, 2004 - Edmonton, Canada
Tonya “America’s Bad Girl” Harding
, 33, 135 lbs.,  was stopped 1:04  in the third round, after taking a “beating” in Edmonton, Canada.   
Probably not a good idea to fight as a "lightweight", when a boxer Tonya’s size, would fare much better as a Junior bantamweight or bantamweight. When WBAN learned of Harding weighing in at a whopping ten pounds over the original weight of 125 lbs., for this fight with 22 year old Amy Johnson, 132----it was a “no brainer” as to what would happen.   Johnson, now 2-0-1, is a natural lightweight who fights comfortably in the 130’s.  Johnson stands at 5’5”, with Harding giving away not only the reach advantage---but the height.   According to news sources on the net, Harding was booed when she entered the ring, and when she was pummeled by Johnson, the boxing fans jumped to their feet cheering. In the second women's bout, Jelena Mrdjenovich, won a six-round unanimous decision over Toronto's Olga Heron.  Scores 60-54, 60-54, 59-55.  Full Story by TL Fox

June 25, 2004 – At the Hanover Marriott, Whippany, New Jersey, promoted by Kea Boxing
Wendy "Coquita" LaMotta, 133, won her pro debut over Miriam Bazile, 134, in a four-round. 

June 25, 2004 - St. Joseph, Missouri
Holly Shore
, 96 lbs., had a four-round draw with Addie Erb, 101, of Arkansas.  WBAN's insider said that it was a good action bout, and that the crowd loved it.

June 25, 2004 – Edmonton, Alberta
Jelena Mrdjenovich won a six-round unanimous decision over Olga Heron in the 130-lb. weight division.

June 24, 2004 - Bren Activity Center, the Campus of University of California at Irvine, California
With only two professional fights between them, Julie Rubucalva and Monica Lovato gave the boxing a world a glimpse of the future.  Before more than 900 people in the beautiful Bren Activity Center on the campus of University of California at Irvine, Rubalcalva and Lovato scrapped on a level usually reserved for elite women fighters on Thursday.  On a fight card promoted by Golden Boy Promotions, Rubalcalva out-pointed Lovato in a four round fight between junior bantamweights. Four rounds was not enough to decide a match like this.  The taller Lovato (1-1) started off slowly with her southpaw style as Rubalcalva used her speed to gain the advantage in the first round landing quick combinations. Lovato seemed too slow for her Orange County opponent and was hit by right after right by the shorter fighter.  “I couldn’t do anything in the beginning,” said Lovato who fights out of Albuquerque, New Mexico home of Johnny Tapia. “I started out too cold.”  The second round saw Lovato turn the fight around with extra pressure and solid left hand uppercuts to the shorter Rubalcalva who ducked under most punches in the first round but was getting tagged in the second.  “She was a really strong fighter,” said Rubalcalva, adding that she hurt her right hand in the second round.  With an aching right hand, Rubalcalva resorted to her left hand in the third round and four-punch combinations to take the momentum back. Though Lovato landed powerful left hands, they weren’t enough to offset the combinations Rubalcalva threw and landed.  The Westminster fighter began the fourth and final round with a thudding left hook and a double left hook. Lovato retaliated with a right-left combination and a double shot of straight lefts. Both fighters fired their left hands repeatedly while standing toe-to-toe with Rubalcalva landing slightly more successfully accurate punches.  “She was a very good fighter,” Lovato said from her dressing room. The New Mexico fighter had 16 amateur fights before becoming a prizefighter.  Rubalcalva, who is managed by Nina Williams - daughter of trainer Charles Williams and sister of heavyweight contender Jeremy Williams – said she enjoyed her fight with Lovato.  “I really liked fighting her,” said Rubalcalva who had 10 amateur fighters before turning professional. “I don’t want to make excuses about my hand. She was a very tough fighter.” Judges scoring, 40-36, 39-37, 39-37.  Report by Mara Castillon 

June 22, 2004 - Sportzentrum, Telfs, in Austria
Super Featherweight Ina Menzer, 129 lbs., won a four-round decision over Petra Jachmanova, 126¾. The fight was webcasted on boxing.de. 

June 19, 2004 - World Class Fitness, in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, and promoted by Brian Jones and Gladiator Entertainment
There were five women’s matches on this card.  Cordelia Wilson, 118, won by TKO2 over Kat Garman, 124; Tawnyah Freeman won by TKO3 over Tonya Apple in a scheduled four-round lightweight division;  Sarah Goodson, 104, won a four-round unanimous decision over Beth Hook, 103; Joy "Seek & Destroy" Irvin, 136,  won by KO in the first round over Stephanie Myers, 135. and “HotStuff" Hollie Dunaway, 105, stopped Angel Shipps, 114, :44 in the first round by TKO in a scheduled six-round bout.

June 19, 2004 - Home Depot Center, Los Angeles, CA  Fighting in front of fiercely loyal fans, Rhonda Luna blitzed through the gritty Lisa Martin in winning a four-round featherweight decision at the Home Depot Center. Though Luna fought two fights after the main event featuring Marco Antonio Barrera and Paulie Ayala, more than 1,000 of her own devoted fans waited patiently for the Rowland Heights schoolteacher to ply her trade in the ring in a non-televised event on Saturday.  They weren’t disappointed.  Luna, who had14 amateur fights before becoming a professional, began the fight deliberately measuring the former kickboxer and bronze medal winner in the 2002 U.S. Amateur championships.  Firing jabs to the head and body, Luna carefully looked for a correct distance before unleashing her power. Then a steady supply of lead rights snapped Martin’s head back and jolted the Oceanside fighter slightly. At the 10-second mark near the end of the round, Luna fired a volley of seven punches at Martin who fired back.  Having established the proper distance for her attack, Luna continued throwing lead rights with one-two combinations. Martin (1-2) fired her own rights and at the close of the second round a three-punch combination made it a difficult round to score.  Luna bolted from her corner at the beginning of the third throwing punches from all angles in an attempt to knock out Martin. A wicked left hook by Martin caught Luna’s attention and she fired a left-right combination that rocked Martin. But neither fighter seemed very hurt.  “She hit me with one good left hand,” said Luna (6-0). “I felt that. I wasn’t hurt but I felt it.”  In the final round, Luna abandoned the right hand and began landing powerful left hooks that were finding the mark. Both fighters landed heavy punches but it was Luna who landed more and threw more.  All three judges scored the fight 40-36 for Luna. But she was slightly dissatisfied.  “I can do better,” said Luna. “I’m learning but I know I can do better and should do better.”  Victor Valenzuela, Luna’s trainer and the former trainer of former welterweight champion Zack Padilla, said his tutee is learning more about the intricate details of boxing in each fight.  “I think she can be a little bit more aggressive,” Valenzuela said. “It was a good opponent for her. She (Martin) was a bronze medalist in the amateurs. She was perfect for Rhonda.”
Luna, who teaches at a public high school in the San Gabriel Valley, thanked her many boisterous fans who waited for her to return and say goodbye long after her fight had ended. Reportedly her fans bought more than $12,000 worth of tickets.  “When I’m training I don’t see or talk to anyone. I lose track,” said Luna, who fights for Golden Boy Promotions. “So when I see all of the people supporting me it makes me feel thankful they would come out and see me fight.” Report by Mara Castillon

June 19, 2004 in Tunica, Mississippi
Christy Nickel won by 1:46 seconds, KO1 over Michelle Ewing.

June 18, 2004 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Paola Gabriela Casalinuovo won by KO1 over Myriam Cardoso, pro debut.

June 18, 2004 - Quiet Cannon Country Club, Montebello, California
Fontana’s Heather Percival returned to the ring after several years and defeated the lean and tough Tracy Carlton. It was Percival’s pro debut. She had formerly been a top ranking amateur but left boxing for personal reasons.  Percival (1-0), who fights out of the Fontana Boxing Club and is trained by Larry and Frank Ramirez – father and son team – began the first round circling left and right behind a stiff steady jab. Though Carlton was the taller fighter, Percival’s jab found its mark repeatedly. At the end of the round Carlton landed two counter rights.  The second round saw Carlton (1-3) use her counter right to open the stanza. The jolting shots snapped Percival’s head back but when Carlton tried to follow up, the Fontana fighter moved left or right and pivoted out of the danger zone like a seasoned pro.  Percival landed several one-twos that snapped Carlton’s head back. Angered by the punches, Carlton chased her opponent and landed a solid right hand that may have won her the round.  In the third round Carlton began using her height to avoid the jabs and leaned back to avoid punches. Percival adjusted her jabs and began following with rights that found Carlton’s head repeatedly, Though the Compton fighter was hit many times she never wavered in trying to land one of her own. On occasion she rocked Percival with punches that had some snap to them. The final round saw Percival go back to the jab with Carlton countering with rights. But not enough punching by Cartlon told the story for the judges. Percival won her first pro fight by scores 40-36 twice and 39-37.   “She had been away for three years,” said Larry Ramirez trainer. “She had a lot of good sparring with Mariana Juarez and Rhonda Luna. That’s what makes a difference. It’s the sparring.” Report by Mara Castillon

June 18, 2004 - Great Lakes Sports Arena, Fraser, Michigan
WBAN Members Photo Gallery #181)
Ingrid Hays, from Livonia, Michigan, stopped Vikky Clardy, of Cincinnati, Ohio in the third round by TKO.

June 18, 2004 - Blackham Coliseum, Lafayette, Louisiana
"Forces of Destruction", promoted by Dana Pitcher Productions
Lafayette's Kasha Chamblin won by third round TKO over Lisa Zeringue of New Orleans in a scheduled four-round women's lightweight event, and the first-ever sanctioned women's bout in Acadiana. Both boxers were making their pro debuts.

June 18, 2004 -Dodge Theatre, Phoenix, Arizona
Becky Garcia, of Phoenix, Arizona, won by  1:13 seconds TKO1 over Veronica Gonzalez of El Paso, Texas. Garcia is now 3-0-0 (2KO). 

June 17, 2004 - Seven Feathers Casino, at 146 Chief Miwaleta Lane, in Canyonville, Oregon
WBAN Members Photo Gallery #182)
Kelsey Jeffries, 123, defeated Leona "Downtown" Brown, 122, with a six-round unanimous decision.  According to Mike Blair, he said the following about the fight: Jeffries fought well, Brown fought a bit dirty.  Brown held Kelsey's left through most of the fight, but that proved to be a mistake as Kelsey dropped a few bombs with her right. Kelsey appears to have gotten much faster. For a full detail report on this fight.

June 12, 2004 - Athletic Association Grounds, Hamilton, Bermuda, Star Promotion
Cindy "checkmate" Serrano, 129, now 5-0-0, of Queens, New York, won by a four-round split decision over Shakurah Witherspoon, 128 1/2.  Judge Frank Lombardi 39-38 Witherspoon; Judge Vic Richmond 39-38 Serrano; Judge Clevelyn Crichlow 40-37 Serrano.  In another female bout on the card,  Monica Nunez, 162,  won a unanimous decision over the  over hometown favorite Bermundian Teresa Perrozi, 169.  Judges score cards, 40-37, 40-37 and 40-37.  The fights on this card will be airing in New York two weeks on the Metro Channel.

June 12, 2004 - Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mashantucket
Jane "The Fleetwood Assassin" Couch, 140,  won two world belts (The NABAW & IWBF) over Jaime Clampitt, 139, in a 10-round unanimous decision.  Final scoring was Scoring: 96-94, 96-94, 96-95.  The Boston Globe wrote: "In a spirited co-feature, 35-year-old Jane Couch won a close but unanimous decision over crowd favorite Jaime Clampitt to wrest the International Women's Boxing Federation and NABA women's junior welterweight titles. The 10-round slugfest had the audience on its feet through the closing stanzas, as neither boxer took a step backward."

June 12, 2004 -San Jose State Events Center, San Jose, California
Carina Moreno
, 111, of Watsonville, California, remained undefeated, now 4-0-0 (2 KO) when she won by a six-round unanimous decision over last-minute opponent, 23-year old Stephanie Dobbs, 110, of Moore, Oklahoma.  In the Monterey Herald, staff writer Dennis Taylor reported that it was a good test for Moreno, as this was her first six-rounder fighting as a pro.  Taylor wrote, "Almost as satisfying as the victory Saturday night was the fact that Watsonville's Carina Moreno escaped her first-ever six-round fight with an unmarked face -- imperative for a pro boxer who has another fight scheduled just three weeks down the road." Taylor said that Moreno survived a physical, occasionally rambunctious battle with a "Warrior" named Stephanie Dobbs, winning with a unanimous decision (60-53 all score cards.  "Moreno stuck her opponent repeatedly with a long left jab, peppered her with effective combinations, and was given credit for a knockdown just before the second-round bell."  Full Copyrighted story by the Monterey Herald  Also Kelsey Jeffries won a six-round unanimous decision over Lisa Lewis in a six-rounder, with Jeffries winning all rounds.

June 12, 2004 - Budapest, Hungary
Felix-Promotion had a professional boxing gala in Westend City Center in Budapest, Hungary with one women bout. The WIBF-GBU bantamweight world champion Dr. Bettina Csabi 116 lbs. (19-0-0, 9KO) TKO'd her opponent pro debuter Viktoria Vörös 120,25lbs (Hungary) in the sixth round, of a scheduled six round bantamweight division.  Vörös was a late substitute, when Csabi's original opponent, Eva Liskova backed out of the fight.   Vörös is a former amateur kick-box World Cup silver medalist.

June 9-12, 2004 - Rome, Italy - Amateur
At the Tourneo Italia Women's World Tournament,  78 fighters from 14 Countries: Italia, Francia, Spagna, Irlanda, Canada, Svezia, Norvegia, Finlandia, Spagna, Canada, Slovenia, Ungheria, Romania e Grecia.  Results: From the Canadian team, Mary Spencer (Windsor Amateur Boxing Club) 66kg GOLD; Rachel Bird (Waterloo Boxing Club) 63kg BRONZE; Jenn Ogg (Lambton/St. Clair Boxing Club) 60kg SILVER; Debbie Richards (Boom Boom's Boxing of London) 57kg SILVER; Agnes Kittoe (McGrory's Boxing Club of Hamilton) 50kg BRONZE; Jacqueline Park (Cabbagetown Boxing Club - Toronto) 46kg SILVER.  From the Italian team: . Italian Team:  kg46 - CARMELA CHIACCHIO; kg48 - LAURA TOSTI; kg50 - SIMONA GALASSI; kg52 - LOREDANA PIAZZA; kg57 - MARZIA DAVIDE; kg60 - EMANUELA PANTANI; kg60 - ANNAMARIA FALCONE; kg63 - MANUELA MARCENARO  kg66 - ELISA MASIERO; kg70 - PATRIZIA PILO; June 9 -kg60 - EMANUELA PANTANI lost on points by Irish KATIE TAYLOR; kg60 - ANNAMARIA FALCONE defeated on point vice world champion 2002 Greek; ARETI MASTRODOUKA kg52 - LOREDANA PIAZZA defeated by KOT2 Spanish MARIA CUSTODIA; June 10 -kg46 - CARMELA CHIACCHIO lost by point against Canadian JACQUELINE PARK; kg57 - MARZIA DAVIDE defeated by points Hungarian ZSUZSANNA SZUKNAI; June 11 - SEMIFINALS kg48 - LAURA TOSTI defeated by points Romenan PAULA VESA; kg50 - SIMONA GALASSI defeated by RSCO1 Romenan ALINA NITU; kg52 - LOREDANA PIAZZA defeated by points Canadian NATALI ?: kg57 - MARZIA DAVIDE defeated by RSCO2ª Swedish JOSEFINA TENGROT; kg60 - ANNAMARIA FALCONE lost by RSCO1ª against Canadian World Champion 2002; JENNIFER OGG; kg63 - MANUELA MARCENARO defeated by points Finnish TERHI LUKKA kg66 - ELISA MASIERO lost by points against Swedish World Champion 2002; ANNA INGROTH; kg70 - PATRIZIA PILO defeated by points Romenan VASILICA COTUNA Falcone and Masiero got the bronze medals. June 12 - FINALS kg48 - LAURA TOSTI lost by point against Hungarian MONIKA CSIK; kg50 - SIMONA GALASSI won by RSCO2ª against French VANESSA BERTEAUX; kg52 - LOREDANA PIAZZA defeated by points Swedish KATRIN ENOKSSON kg57 - MARZIA DAVIDE won by RSCO 2ª against Canadian DEBBIE RICHARDS; kg63 - MANUELA MARCENARO won by desqualification against Irish ALANNA AUDLEY; kg70 - During semifinal PATRIZIA PILO got hurt on left eye and doctor do not allowed her to fight. At the end of tournament Italia got 4 golds: GALASSI, PIAZZA, DAVIDE and MARCENARO, 2 silvers Tosti and Pilo and 2 bronzes Falcone and Masiero. In 60 kg weight division there is a new coming up fighter to watch out: Irish Taylor Katie, that she defeated by points World Champion 2002 Canadian Jennifer Ogg. 

June 11, 2004 -Denver, Colorado
Colorado Angie Poe won by TKO1 over Janae Archuleta (Romero).

June 11, 2004 - Nancy, France
Lightweight Anne Sophie Mathis,  139, stopped Alexandra Vajdova,  139  by TKO in the first round, in a scheduled six-round bout. 

June 11, 2004 in San Francisco, California
Blanca Hilder and Rosa Ponce fought a four-round draw.

June 10, 2004 - Nove Zamky, Slovakia
Evening Fair Play Promotion had a professional boxing gala in  with one women's bout. Hungarian Krisztina Belinszky (6-4-2, 3KO) knocked out Valeria Zahorecova (Slovakia) with double uppercut to the body in a 2nd round, scheduled four rounder in
a flyweight division. Belinszky weighed at 46,20kg / 101 3/4 lbs.,  Zahorecova weighed at 53,40kg / 117 3/4 lbs.

June 5, 2004 - Joplin Missouri - AND - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Stephanie"All Action" Dobbs made some very unique history for women’s boxing, when she took two different fights (one sanctioned and one exhibition), in two different states, on the same day. Dobbs first fought Sarah Goodson in a four-rounder in Joplin, Missouri, and had a majority draw (38-38, 38-38, 37-39(for Goodson).  Dobbs then fought a three-round exhibition (NC) against Cindy Christian in Tulsa, OK.

June 5, 2004 - Greensboro, North Carolina
Carlette 'The Truth' Ewell, 175, defeated Gwen Wood, 166, when Gwen's corner threw in the towel after the 2nd round. Ewell was scheduled to fight on May 30, 2004, in Washington D.C. but her opponent, Angela Simpson was a "no show" according to Ewell.

June 4, 2004 - Chinook Winds Resort - Lincoln City, Oregon WBAN Members Photo Gallery #175)
That's right folks...Retired world champion, Bonnie Canino, stepped up to the plate to fight Chevelle Hallback.  Hallback's team and promoter tried in vain to find an opponent, but could not get one, so at the VERY last minute, Canino, took on the task.  The two fought in a four-rounder, on the second fight of the night.  It was pure pleasure to want two highly-skilled women boxers fight it out.  Unfortunately, as we see many times in the sport, the fight was stopped. Too soon, maybe so, maybe not, but WBAN felt that Canino would have probably weathered through the storm with Hallback in the third round. Hallback won by TKO.  Also, on the first fight of the night, pro debuter Molly McConnell won by a four-round unanimous decision over Tracy Carlton. Fight Report by Katherine Dunn    Hallback - Canino Fight report by Sue TL Fox  

June 4, 2004-Asuncion, Paraguay
Miura Davila Ferreira won a four-round unanimous decision over Monica Sabino, pro debut.  

June 3, 2004 - Chinook Winds Casino Resort, in Lincoln City, Oregon, at the “Commotion at the Ocean”, and promoted by Tutor Promotions, LLC WBAN Members Photo Gallery #175) Televised on “ShoBox” (Showtime) there were six action-packed fights on the card.  The first five fights on the card were men’s boxing, which provided boxing fans with toe-to-toe action matches. In the last fight of the night, a women’s bout was featured between Shelly Burton and Yvonne Reis. Burton caught Reis with some good shots early in the fight, and after Reis took  two eight counts and being knocked down to the canvas with the first eight count, the ref stopped the fight 1:59 of the second round.  Burton won by a TKO. Showtime announced their “history first” when they said that Amy Hayes, the ring announcer on the "ShoBox" card was the “first ever” woman announcer to don a Showtime card. There was a host of ring card girls that were models, from the Swank Model agency, “Boom Boom” Mancini was a special guest who signed autographs at the event.



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