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January 31, 2004 - Berlin, Germany, and promoted by Wiking Boxteam
Marischa Sjauw, 145,  of Holland, won over Laura Eleana Stefanescu of Roumania, after the trainer of Stefanescu threw in the towel during the second round after she took some hard shots. The fight was a scheduled six-rounder in the welterweight division.

January 31, 2004, Expo Center, Tulsa,  Oklahoma
Stephanie Dobbs, 112,  won a four-round unanimous decision over Tammy McGuire, 121. On all three judges score cards, it  was 40-35. Dobbs is now  9-13-2 (5KO), MeGuire remains winless with a 0-4-0 record.

January 31, 2004 -Sports Palace in Kiev, Ukraine
Alina Shaternikova, Kiev, Ukraine won a six-round unanimous decision over Maja Frenzel of Karlsruhe, Germany.

January 30, 2004 - Worcester's National Guard Armory, Massachusetts
In the co-main event, in front of about 1,000 boxing fans, an promoted by Pendarvis Boxing Promotions, Middleweight Leatitia  “Baby Girl” Robinson,160, now 10-0-0 (8KO) successfully defended her IWBF Middleweight title, when she won a 10-round unanimous decision over Yvonne Reis, 159, now 3-2-1, of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Final scoring was 98-92, 100-90, and 100-90.  In a second's women's match and in a rematch for the two, Denise Moses, 125, Lawrence, Massachusetts, stopped Wanda Satterthwait, 121,  Philadelphia, PA, in the second round. Satterhwait did not come out for the second round. when Satterthwait did not answer the bell for the second round.  In their first contest, Moses stopped Satterhwait in the second round....It is now time for Moses to move on to other opponents.  Apparently Satterhwait was a last-minute replacement when Anita Parker did not fight on this card against Moses. Moses improved her record to 3-0-0 (3KO), and Satterhwait remains winless with a 0-4-0 record.

January 30, 2004 -The Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan
Mary Jo Sanders made it a short night when she fought Jamie Whitcomb, of Grand Rapids, knocking Jamie down to the canvas three times in the first round, and the fight being stopped by the ref.  This was a scheduled four-rounder on the undercard in the junior welterweight division. Sanders remains undefeated with 7-0-0 (2KO); and Whitcomb falls to 1-7.

January 29, 2004-Saith Park, Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago
In the Main event, 17-year old Giselle "JJ"  Salandy, 137, Siperai, Trinidad, who was just recently licensed in Trinidad, making history for women's boxing in her country, won an eight-round unanimous decision over 23-year old Paola Rojas, 140, of  Cartagena, Colombia. Salandy successfuly defended her WIBA Ibero-American junior welterweight title.  There were no knockdowns in the eight-rounder and was a rematch for the two, when they fought in Curacao in November of 2002, when Salandy was a mere 15 years old! Judges scoring was 80-72 on all cards.  The Trinidad Express reported the following on the Salandy-Rojas bout (Excerpt:) Salandy had won all eight rounds, frustrating her 23-year-old opponent with speed and ring-craft.  The non-scoring referee, had to caution both girls for excessive holding, pushing and hitting on the break.Resplendent in the national red, black and white colours, Salandy was a hit from her dressing room to the ring, exciting the crowd with her left jab and dazzling footwork a la Muhammad Ali. In the sixth round, she rolled up her right hand, feinted with her left-in Sugar Ray Leonard fashion-and landed three successive jabs on the face of the unsuspecting Colombian.  The Trinidadian left the ring unmarked, while Rojas suffered a gash under her right eye. " In a second women's match on the undercard, Stephaney George, 114, Georgetown, Guyana,  won a four-round unanimous decision over Vicki Boodram, 115, Trinidad.  Final judges scoring was 39-38, 39-35, and 40-37.  The Trinidad Express reported the following on the Boodram - George  bout (Excerpt:) There was a major controversy around ringside following the penultimate six-rounder between T&T flyweight Vicky Boodram and Guyana's Stephanie George, who won a unanimous decision.  Boodram's handlers made a vociferous protest around the officials' enclosure.  Matchmaker Buxo Potts, a member of Boodram's camp, was booed when he took the public address system to voice his complaint. "  

January 29, 2004 – Houston International Ballroom, Houston, Texas
Trini "La Traviesa" Guzman, 164 1/4, won a four-round majority decision over Morgan McCarley, 159.  Final judges scores, 37-39, 37-39, 38-38. 

January 29, 2004 - New Orleans, Louisiana
You think you hear it all!  In a four-rounder on the undercard, Dana Kendrick,  Hattiesburg, Mississippi, won by a surprising disqualification when pro debuter Tomelina Pruitt,  Laurel, Mississippi, bit Kendrick's arm.  Hopefully Pruitt will go back into the gym and learn how to box before stepping into the pro ranks of other women boxers. 

January 28, 2004 -Ameristar Casino in Kansas City, Missouri
Pro Debuter Carrie Crawford, 129,  Pottsville, Arkansas TKO3 Sarah Schneider, 123, Cameron, Missouri.

January 27, 2004 - Pavilion Stadium, Houston, Texas
Light Heavyweight Monica McGowan, 217, Jacksonville, Texas,  won a six-round unanimous decision over Cassandra Geigger, 202 .5, Fayetteville, Arkansas.  There were no knockdowns but the fight was reported as an action-packed bout. Final judges scoring was 60-54, 60-54, and 58-56. McGowan is now 8-3-0 (5KO),  Geigger fell to 6-2-0 (6KO).

January 24, 2004 - Fire Lake Casino, in Shawnee, Oklahoma
Hollie "Hot Stuff" Dunaway, 108,  won a six-round majority decision over Stephanie "All Action" Dobbs, 109,  in a rematch for the two. First time out Dobbs had won by a majority decision. Final judging 57-57, 59-55, and 59-55.   Looks like boxing fans will need to see a rubber match!

January 24, 2004 -The Bank of America of Centre
Boise, Idaho
WBAN Exclusive Photo Gallery #139 (Huge Photo Gallery of 70+ of Mia St. John vs. Franchesca Alcanter Members Login
At the Bank of America Centre, in snowy Boise, Idaho, and in front of about 2,000 boxing fans, Mia “The Knockout” St. John, 137, (30-3-2, 13 KO) won a four-rounder by a unanimous decision (40-36) against Franchesca Alcanter, 137, (10-5-1, 5 KO) in their rematch from their first bout that took place at the Playboy Mansion, in the year 2000. According to news sources, St. John said that she was a little nervous about fighting in Boise for the first time, but that the crowd was very supportive and was pleased to see the boxing fans in Boise urge her to win. St. John talked about wanting to avenge her loss against Christy Martin and would like a rematch.
WBAN Exclusive Photo Gallery #140 (Huge Photo of Beth Westover vs. Betty Stephens  Members Login In the second women’s match, Betty Stephens, Salt Lake City, Utah, who came in eight pounds heavier (124 lbs) than Beth Westover, 116, from Boise, Idaho, won a four-round unanimous decision over Westover. Westover showing a tad bit of humor after the fight, donned a t-shirt with the saying “Tonya Who? Put up or shut up”. Westover was referring to her original opponent Tonya Harding who did not fight her, after Harding backed out due to her trainer being served with a lawsuit in regards to Harding fighting in Boise. Stephens moved her record to 2-0-0, and Westover is now 1-1-0.

January 24, 2004 -Velodrome, Sloten, Amsterdam, The Netherlands  
Promoted by Top Sports Group, Esther Schouten, of the Netherlands defeated Juliette Winter of the United Kingdom, when she had to give up after the third round due to a hand injury.

January 24, 2004 -Sam's Town Casino, Tunica, Mississippi. Brian Young's Prize Fight Promotions  
In front of approx. 1,000 boxing fans, Samantha Browning Stopped Marla Roberson in the third round with a TKO in a scheduled four-round super-bantamweight bout.  In another women's match, featherweights  Lana Alexander, Nashville, Tennessee,  won a four-round split decision over Tiffany Ibanez, Gulfport. Final judges scoring was 39-37.

January 23, 2004 - Ramada Plaza Hotel, Rosemont, Illinois, and promoted by Hitz Promotions
WBAN Exclusive Photo Gallery #137 (photos are only of Kerin)  Members Login  Heavyweight Elizabeth Kerin, 165, scored a knockout of Ebony Teague, Indianapolis, in :50 of the first stanza in a rematch of their first match that took place on November 26, 2003. Teague was not up to the challenge of the stronger Kerin. Kerin came out fast and unleashed several punishing blows that had Teague down twice before the bout was stopped. Kerin now moves her record to 3-0, just in time for her 30th birthday on Saturday.

January 23, 2004 - Expo Center, Kansas City, Missouri
Mary Elizabeth Ortega, 117, was stopped by the much less experienced Jerri Sitzes, 117, in the fifth round by a TKO. The two were fighting a scheduled six-rounder in the bantamweight division. This was a rematch for the two, when Ortega defeated Sitzes the first time out in March of 2003.

January 22, 2004 - Michael's Eighth Avenue Club, Glen Burnie, Maryland
Angel McNamara, won a four-round majority decision over Talia Smith.

January 22, 2004 - Graham Central Station, San Antonio, Texas
Audrey Vela, 120 1/4, of Austin, won a four-round unanimous  decision over Kim Colbert, 123, of Atlanta, Georgia, in a rematch with the two. Vela hit the canvas in the second round, but still managed to win the fight.  Final judges scores was 40-35, 40-36, and 39-37.  Vela is now 5-0-1, and Colbert remains winless at 0-3-0.   In another women's match, that was action-packed, San Antonios' Melissa Yanas won by a four-round unanimous decision over Terrie Carrillo. Final judges scoring, two at 40-35, and 39-36.  Yanas improved her record to 3-1-0 (1KO), and Carillo is 0-3-1.

January 15-18, 2004- Saskatchewan, Canada - Amateur
Shannah Hook won the 75kg gold medal at the Canadian Championships in Regina Saskatchewan. She fought Ontario's Mary Anne Millar in the final, winning by a score of 13-3. Shannah’s coach told WBAN that this was by far,  Shannah's best performance, using her reach and power to keep Millar on the end of her punches for all three rounds. As her coach I am extremely proud of her commitment, work ethic and focus. She is a terrific role model for other boxers and deserves all of the credit for her accomplishment.

January 17, 2004 -Aarhus, Denmark, Promoted by Bettina Palle - Televised on Denmark Television
Anita Christiansen, 117.9,  won a 10-round split decision over Ada Velez, 117.5, and became the new WIBA – WIBF Bantamweight World champion---But not without controversy.  In the eighth round, Christiansen was knocked down to the canvass, but got up and finish the fight.  According to WBAN’s insider, the fight was very exciting and made the men’s boxing bouts look dull in comparison.  After the scores were read out for the Christiansen – Velez fight, Velez was in disbelief, and in one report said that Velez “could not believe her ears.”  Apparently Velez was not happy about the decision and left the ring, without congratulating Christiansen.   The two judges that scored the fight for Christiansen (97-94, 96-95) were both from Denmark and coincidentally BOTH had the last name of “Christiansen”. (Hopefully no relation).  The sole judge from Finland, had Velez ahead 97-93. Shortly after the fight, Christiansen was asked if she thought that she won the fight. Christiansen indicated that the fight was a very even fight, and that she thought that Velez had a slight advantage.  Christiansen also added that she would give Velez a rematch. Report: Was Velez Ripped off?
January 17, 2004 -Karlsruhe, Germany

Regina Halmich, now 44-1-0 (15KO), 110 lbs.,  of Germany, successful defended her WIBF Flyweight title when she won by a 10-round unanimous decision over Joanna Pena-Alvarez, now 14-2-1 (10KO), 112 lbs., of the Dominican Republic. Also, on the undercard, Hulya (Julia) Sahin, making her pro debut won a four-round unanimous decision over Gabriella Insberger from Romania.
Round to Round report  

January 16, 2004 Fort Garry Place, Winnipeg,
Manitoba, Canada

Jelena Mrdjenovich, Edmonton, TKO'd Shannon Gunville, Bismarck, in the third round, when it was reported that she did not answer the bell for the third round. Mrdjenovich remains undefeated at 4-0-0 (3KO), and Gunville is now 1-1-0 (0KO). The fight was a scheduled four-rounder in the featherweight division.

January 15, 2004 - Santa Maria, California
Last night in what was reported as the "most entertaining fight of the night" Margarita Espinosa, 139,  of Los Angeles, making her pro debut won a four-round majority decision  over Gail Muzzey, 139, of Newhall.  The Santa Maria news reported the following:  "The women pounded on each other mercilessly for four straight rounds.  Muzzey came at Espinosa like a buzz saw. Espinosa threw haymaker after haymaker in a constant counter attack.   The fighting was fast and furious and in the end even the judges were split on who should be declared the winner." Final judges scores were 38-38, 40-36, and 39-37.

January 15, 2004 -  H'Town Arena Theater, in Houston, Texas, and promoted by Vertex Boxing Promotions
WBAN Exclusive Photo Gallery #136  Members Login
Valerie "The Wolfe" Mahfood won a four-round majority decision over  Yolanda Swindell.  Final judges scores were
38-38, 39-37, 39-37 for Mahfood. Both Mahfood and Swindell are from Texas.  (Short mpeg)

January 6, 2004 - DeCarlo's Convention Center, Warren. Michigan
Pro debuters Ingrid Hays, 150, stopped Margaret Mishaw, 145, in the second round with a TKO. The bout was a scheduled four rounder in the welterweight division.

January 2, 2004, Big Kahuna Club, Wilmington, Delaware -Telefutura Card (untelevised)
Cindy Serrano
, 130, of Queens, NY, stopped Helen Penson, 135, of Spartansburg, South Carolina 29 seconds of the first round.  The fight was scheduled for four rounds in the lightweight division.

January 1, 2004- Gomez Palacio, Mexico
Rocío Vazquez,  Mexico won a six-round split decision over Martha Arevalo, also of Mexico.  Vasquez is now  3-0-0 (KO), and Arevalo is 1-3-0 (1KO).



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