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October 31, 2000 England, Televised on Eurosport 
On the undercard of an international card that took place in England, Cathy Brown from England defeated Viktoria Varga from Hungary by TKO in the third round.  It was the first female bout that has been televised in Eurosport, one of the most popular channels in Europe.  According to WBAN's inside reporter the fight was not a good one.  He said that both fighters showed their past in kickboxing, and that at times, Vargas turned her back from  her opponent.  He reported that Vargas was knocked down in the first and second round, and that the ref stopped the fight in the third round.  He said that the stoppage may have been too soon and that the television commentator also voiced his opinion on the early stoppage. Another boxing fan said, " I also saw the Brown - Vargas fight on Eurosport. It was as your correspondent said. A very poor advert for women's boxing.   Vargas was preening herself before and after the fight and Brown looked very amateurish. The commentator kept talking about what a nice girl she was and how stunning she looked in an evening dress. It was a great shame that this was the first women's fight on UK TV Cathy Brown has improved her record to 4-0-0 and Vargas has dropped to 9-3.  

On October 28, 2000, Miami, Florida
Wendy Rodriguez vs. Margaret Sidoroff 
had a draw in their 10-rounder,  and neither fighter went home with the belt! The final scoring was 96-94 (Sidoroff) 96-94 (Rodriguez), and 95-95 draw.  

October 28, 2000 Vienna, Australia
Kristina Krek from Hungary defeated Sonja Perreira of Portugal by points after 10 rounds in the WIBF European bantamweight title.  Also in a six-rounder, Esther Schouten from the Netherlands  TKO'd Viktoria Milo of Hungary in the third round. According to news sources, the guest of honor, George Foreman was there and earned about 50 grand for doing close to nothing. 

October 27, 2000 Montebello, CA 
Jessica Treat
of Los Angeles won a featherweight four-round decision over Angie Bordelon of New Orleans, Louisiana. Treat is improved her record to  4-2, and Bordelon dropped  to 1-2. 

October 27, 2000 "History first" Spain
Sivia León defeated Estibaliz Cano by a four-round  unanimous decision. The history-making bout took place in Gijon on an international card. 

October 26, 2000 Anchorage, Alaska
Leigh Frederickson,  34, 142 lbs,  defeated Shawn Calhoun, 34, 135 lbs, with an unanimous decision.   The event housed a crowd of  1,200 fans at the Egan Center where the event was held.  Three rounds, at 90 seconds per round, the fight was non-stop action. News sources said, "This -- rookie Calhoun vs. comebacking Frederickson -- was the genuine article."   Apparently,  From the start, both fighters charged to the center of the ring and hurled bombs to the head. Rights, lefts, combinations. And almost everything landed. Final scoring for the bout was 30-27all three judges. The crowd showed their appreciation with a standing ovation

October 26, 2000, Houston, Texas
Junior lightweight Linda Robinson won a  four-round majority decision over Diane Flemon.  The first two round, according to news sources were a brawl, but then Robinson outboxed her.  Robinson is now 4-1. (2KO)   Flemon was making her pro debut.

October 22, 2000 Puerta de Tierra, Puerto Rico
Vanessa Pine
(140 lbs) won a KO in second round over Jessica Martí. These fighters were both making their pro debut.

October 21, 2000, n México City, México
Mariana Juárez won a four-round decision over Ivonne Muñoz. in the bamtamweight division.

October 21, 2000, Philadelphia, Mississippi
Jessica Racokzy
KO'd "multiple names" Pamela Sepulvado in the second round. She fights under other names, but regardless doesn't seem to be about to pull a win. Her record is 0-8-1.

October 20, 2000, Detroit Michigan
Laila Ali (165 1/4) defeated Kendra Lenhart (165 1/2) in a six-round unanimous decision.  Ali remains undefeated 8-0 (7KO).

October 20, 2000, Belfast Ireland
Ireland's Diedre Nelson (145 1/2) , 31,  defeated Bulgarian Tzanka Karova (147 lbs)  with a four-round unanimous decision. The final judging was 40-36. Ireland's first women's professional contest. Nelson is now 1-1.  

October 19, 2000, Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, CA
Kelsey Jeffries
scored a unanimous decision (40-36,40-36, 40-36) win over Cynthia Prouder.  Jeffries improved her record to 9-2 and Prouder fell to 5-9. This fight was closer than final decision according to inside sources,  as Prouder took all Jeffries had to give. A crowd of 3,940, the largest of the year, was on hand.

October 19, 2000, Boston, MA
Wendy Sprawl of Hull defeated Deanna Nance in a four-round majority decision. News reports said, " In the night's only women's match, Wendy Sprawl of Hull managed to tumble her opponent, Deanna Nance, in the first round and kept her undefeated record intact as she cruised to an easy victory by majority decision.  Sprawl's win was not as impressive as the 30-second knockout she delivered in her last match at the Roxy, but she peppered Nance with enough hard jabs to earn the easy victory.

October 19, 2000 Columbus, GA 
Tinitia Austin
Won by a decision over Gwen Smith with a majority decision.  Austin is now 4-0, and Smith has dropped to 3-10.

October 18, 2000
Two women's fights  in Florida at Angelo Dundee's Gym in Davie.  Ada Velez (photo)
KO'd Pamela Opdyke, in the 3rd round, scheduled to go six, and Michelle Linden KO'd Josephine Bracamontes of Orlando in the 2nd round scheduled to go four.

October 14, 2000  Kolobrzeg, Poland
Agnieszka Rylik of Poland, won the vacant WIBF Junior Welterweight championship against Diana Dutra of Canada with a fourth round KO. Austrian referee Ernst Salzgeber stopped the bout Rylik improves her record to 4-0, and Dutra dropped to  5-5-1.

October 14, 2000,  Düsseldorf, Germany   Daisy Lang defended her WIBF Jr. Bantamweight title and retained her title, fighting 10-rounds with Brenda Burnside of New Mexico. All three judges scored the bout 96-94, 100-91, 100-91 for lang. 

October 14, 2000, Epicenter, Rancho Cucamunga (San Bernadino) CA
Sharon Anyos defeated Jo Jo Wyman in a 10-round championship fight for the 126 weight class for the WIBA and WBL, and the IBA Super-Featherweight title.  WBAN's inside reporter said that this fight was one of the top women's fights of the year.  The card was a non-stop action from start to finish, and most did not know who won the fight because it was so close!  The final scores were 96-94 all for Anyos.   Anyos had just recently returned to the States from Australia, and is training in Palm Desert.  The local TV Station KMIR 6 named Anyos as "Athlete of the week."  Anyos moved her record to (5-1, one knockout) against Jo Jo Wyman fell to 7-3.  Also on the card was Kathy Martin who KO'd  Marilyn Salcido in the 4th round.

October 13, 2000, in Aarhus, Denmark 
Anita Christensen remained undefeated when she took on Gisela Papp of Hungary with a TKO in the third round.  Christensen moved her record to 6-0-0.  WBAN's European reporter gave a rundown of the fight.  He said that the fight was somewhat disappointing, and that Papp never had a clear chance against the likes of Christensen.  He said that while Papp had some nice footwork, she turned her side everytime punches were thrown at her.  In the third round, Papp was knocked down twice, but got up both times.  Papp then decided that she had Had enough, and didn't answer the bell for the fourth round.  Papp came in with a "reported" record of 7-1-0 record, and slipped to 7-2-0.  

October 13, 2000  Palm Springs, California Lightweight Jenifer Alcorn of Fresno, California KO'd Lisa Lovell of Jacksonville, Florida, 1:03 in the first round. Alcorn is now 7-0, and Lovell dropped to 1-2-1.

October 13, 2000 - Nice, France 
Nancy Joseph
of France won her pro debut with a TKO in the fifth round against Sara Paci of Italy.  This was the "first-ever"pro  female boxing match according to news sources.

October 12, 2000 in Fort Worth, Texas
Patricia Acosta and Pamela Sepulvado - apparently Kris Vado has made another appearance as a pro boxer under the name of "Pamela Sepulvado" according to news sources. The fight was a draw. 

October 11, 2000, Yonkers, New York
Video of Hamaguchi vs. Roca

Diedre Hamaguchi, 108, had a four-round draw with Gracie Joe Roca, 108. Promoter of the event was Willie Torres and 3651 Boxing Avenue.

October 10, 2000 - Phoenix, Arizona
Elena "Baby Doll" Reid
TKO'd Brandy Leon :59 seconds in the first round.  The fight took place on October 10, in Phoenix, Arizona. According to news sources, Elena was "all over" Brandy from the opening bell, landing hard straight lefts and right hooks. After 20 unanswered blows the referee stopped the fight. Elena has improved her record to 4-1.

October 8, 2000 - Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Erica Sugar
fought Connie Bechtal that resulted in a four-round majority draw. Sugar's record is now 1-0-1.  Bechtel dropped to  0-1-2.

October 8, 2000,  Chicago, Illinois 
Ada Valez
TKO'd Jimi Chandrand in the 2nd round. Valez is now 3-0. 

October 7, 2000,  Centennial Garden, Bakersfield, California
Erin Toughill, Costa Mesa, California defeated Veronica Sanchez in a four-round majority decision in the Super-middleweight division. Erin is now 2-1.  Veronica was making her pro debut.  News sources reported that Toughill used her "reach" to take advantage of newcomer Sanchez.

October 7, 2000 Colorado
Layla McCarter became  the new IFBA Featherweight Champion with an unanimous decision over Sandra Yard at the Sky Ute Casino in Ignasio, Colorado on October 7th. The judges scored the fight 100-90, 99-91 and 97-93 for Mc Carter who dominated the fight throughout. Also on October 7th at the Sky Ute Casino, Marisha Sjauw won the vacant IFBA Jr. Welterweight Title with an unanimous win over Britt Van Buskirk. Sjauw surviving the clinching style of Van Buskirk throughout the fight saw the judges score it 98-92, 96-95 and 98-92 for Sjauw who now owns both the IFBA Lightweight and Jr. Welterweight titles. Sjauw will announce her decision to retain the Jr. Welterweight crown or vacate the title to stay as the IFBA Lightweight Champion. 

October 7, 2000 Germany
Regina Halmich defeated Michele Sutcliffe. Halmich retained the WIBF jr fly title on scores of 98-95 and 97-94 while the third judge had it 95-95. The German girl marched forward no matter what but was beaten to the punch time and time again. At times she was able to put pressure on Sutcliffe but looked every bit over the hill. The English girl could perhaps even had stopped Halmich had she fought with more confidence ... Sutcliffe , whose record now falls to 4-4 was reportedly bleeding from a head butt.  The untested WIBF champion improves her record to 32-1.

October 5, 2000, Panama City, Panama 
Irichelle Duran, daughter of Roberto Duran, celebrates her first boxing victory,
over Dominican Marylin Hernandez,  Irichelle, won her second fight, on the second round by technical KO.  Duran is now 1-1, and Hernandez dropped to 0-2.

October 3, 2000, Berlin, Germany
Sina Duemer , Germany , 121¼ lbs, won a four-round decision over Krisztina Stefula, Hungary, 123½..

October 1, 2000, Phoenix, AZ 
Elena "Babydoll" Reid defeated Yvonne Caples with a unanimous decision. We have another "Babydoll" on the scene as she took on accomplished amateur boxer and pro boxer, Yvonne Caples who is now a Las Vegan.....According to WBAN's Inside reporter,  Elena started off very aggressive and was over powering Yvonne with several combinations, every time Yvonne tried to pick up the pace Elena powered on more pressure. It was a great fight and Elena won on all judges score cards by decision.  Reid improves her record to 3-1, and Caples drops to 2-3.

October 1, 2000,  Hamburg, Germany
Undefeated world champion Michele Aboro, 17-0 (11 KOs), TKO'D Ukrainian Marina Kozerod by technical knockout after landing many blows in round three.  A capacity crowd of more than 600 fans witnessed Universum Box-Promotion's second Sunday Morning Boxing this year. 



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