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MARCH 2002

March 30, 2000 - Emerald Queen Casino, Tacoma, Washington

With a sold out crowd, at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Washington, Para Draine came back strong after a two-year layoff! Draine fought Robin Pinto to a four-round unanimous decision. Pinto mixed it up with Draine, and displayed very good boxing skills as a newly professional boxer.  Pinto comes from the amateurs and has had 15 plus amateur fights.  Draine improved her record to 11-4-0 (2KO), and Pinto is now 1-2-0 (2KO).

March 30, 2002 - Concho, Oklahoma -Let's Get it on Promotion
Featherweight Francesca Alcanter of Kansas City,  had a four-round draw with Kris Sepulvado.  Alcanter's record is now 7-3-1 (5KO). Sepulvado's record is 0-9-2

March 28, 2002 - Halifax, Canada
In front of a small crowd of 600 boxing fans, Brenda Vickers, 37,133,  fought undefeated (until this night) and "hometowner" Doris Hackl, 32, 134 lbs. According to news sources, Vickers of Tampa, Florida, dropped Hackl three times in their 10-round IFBA Lightweight (135 lb) Championship earning a well-deserved unanimous decision. Vickers first put Hackl to the canvas with a right hand in the third round. She also nailed Hackl in Rounds 8 and 9, and sent Hackl to the canvas again. Vickers improved her record to 5-4-0,  and Hackl fell to 6-1-0. After the fight, Hackl announced that this fight was her final fight.

March 28, 2002 - The Plex, South Carolina
What a sad day in women's boxing to see this once very-respected fighter pulling off these easy win matches in the depths of South Carolina......Bridgett "Baby Doll" Riley fought a complete unknown by the name of Karen Hutchenson of Wilson, North Carolina, and stopped Karen 35 seconds into the first round.  WBAN has never heard of this fighter, and the only record WBAN found on this fighter is 0-1-0 after Riley's fight with her. WBAN was told by insiders before this fight  that Riley was set to fight another inept opponent.....Riley a kickboxing champ, and former world boxing champion who is ranked #2 in the world, has now taken on two inferior opponents after her "early Christmas Gift" of winning a fight against Yolanda Gonzalez who was basically whipping her behind.  After Riley's fight with Ms. Unknown, she  was quoted by news sources  that she "Thanked" the crowd for their support and "reminded" them to keep "God number one", and that everything else "comes second."  

March 28, 2002 - Washington D.C.
Lakeysha Williams of Philadelphia won a four-round decision over newcomer Heather Stevens who was making her pro debut.  Final scoring was 40-35, 39-36, and 39-36. Williams improved her record to 5-3-1 (0KO), and Stevens fell to 0-1-0 (0KO). 

March 24, 2002 - Sajószentpéter, Hungary Featherweight Viktoria Milo, Hungary, KO2  Lenka Flakova. 

March 24, 2002 - Arenal, Columbia
Nurys Rincon,  Arjona, Colombia TKO3 Idis Mesa of Colombia in a scheduled four-round featherweight bout. Rincón is improved her record to 3-0-0 (2KO).

March 24, 2002 -Vienna, Austria
WIBF European Super-Bantamweight champion Esther Schouten, KO1 Anca Perijoc of Hungary. Schouten improved her record to 9-2-0 (3KO).

March 23, 2002, Aladdin Casino and Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
17-year-old Melinda Cooper won her first professional bout by a four-round unanimous decision over Annie Middleton.  Cooper is now 1-0-0 (0KO), and Middleton fell to 0-3-0. Melinda made a "History First" in the state of Nevada when she  became the youngest female boxer to get granted a professional boxing license in that state.

March 23, 2002, Pojoaque, New Mexico
Jackie Chavez KO’d newcomer Vangie Abeyta in 50 short seconds of the first round. Chavez, 121.5, improved her record to 3-0-0 (2KO),  and Abeyta is now 0-1-0 (0KO). 

March 23, 2002 - Fight Night New England, promoted by Cappiello Promotions in association with Mohegan Sun, Roxy in Boston’s theatre In front of a sold out crowd, Christina Rodeau, former USA lightweight kick boxing champion, stopped Koren Pachico with a third round TKO of their  scheduled four-round Jr. Lightweight bout. Rondeau improved her record to 1-0-1 (1KO).

March 23, 2002 Kiev, Ukraine
WIBF European Jr Fly champion Alina Shaternikova, Ukraine, won a four-round decision over Svetla Taskova (southpaw), Bulgaria. Shaternikova improved her record to 12-2-0 (3KO). 

March 23, 2002  -  Szekszárd, Hungary
Featherweight Piroska Beki of Hungary TKO6 Florina Platon of Romania.

March 23, 2002 - Wisconsin-Fight report by Bill Harris
Four Women's Matches Feature Wisconsin Show

PESHTIGO, WISC. -- Peshtigo Boxing Club held a wildly successful amateur boxing show Saturday, March 23, at the Marinette National Guard Armory where a sold out crowd of 500 raised the roof cheering on their favorite boxers competing in the 18 bouts that included four women's matches.  Peshtigo's Crystal Willis, 3-0, opened the night of keen competition when she faced Amanda Metzger, 0-0, of Hannahville Boxing Club, Harris, Mich., in a bantamweight contest. Willis sailed into her opponent, who was making her amateur boxing bow, ending the battle in the second round when the referee stopped the bout. The 16-year-old from Peshtigo weighed 112 to her foe's 119 at the same age. She used her jab to good effect in extending her win record, according to her coach, Willy Price.   Next up, as three of the four women's contests opened the program, was a 130-pound junior lightweight rematch between Princess Vele, 0-1, of the Mohican Boxing Club, and Jessica Zigman, 5-1, from the Milwaukee United Community Center Boxing Club. Zigman did not fair as well in this outing as she did when the two fought last fall as part of a pro/am show at the North Star Casino. The decision this time went to Vele who weighed 130 for the match against the more experienced Zigman at 127. Again, age was not a determining factor as both females were 18. The question now being asked by amateur boxing fans is when will these two competitive athletes face each other again for the rubber match? (An earlier report on these web pages erroneously reported that Vele had won the first contest between the two women. The writer apologizes for the mistake.)  Following the junior lightweight rematch, were two new lightweight boxers each making their debuts at 139 pounds. Natasha Smith, 0-0, of the Hannahville club, squared off against Sarah Lyons, 0-0, Keshena (Wisc.) Boxing Club. Lyons was awarded the win by decision after spirited if not sophisticated boxing.  Three men's bouts followed the three opening women's bouts leading up to match number seven which saw Naquana Smalls, 0-0, of Peshtigo Boxing Club, throwing hooks like a veteran to stop Traci Uskilith, also 0-0, from Wilson, Mich., in their 154-pound contest. Each was making her first start and Smalls had come into Price's club gym barely a week before she boxed her first bout. Her coach praised her skills noting that she not only delivered hooks like she'd been training for months but was connecting with combinations as well. The referee brought the match to a halt in the second round giving Uskilith her first win. Coach Price reported that the armory management was delighted with the show and suggested that the club stage monthly amateur boxing shows. The coach said the feeling was mutual and congratulated the armory management for helping make the show the success it was. Price explained there were not enough boxers to provide monthly boxing programs but held out the possibility of three or four programs like the March event over a year. Discussion about enlarging the capacity of the venue prompted Price to say he could help add bleachers to bring the attendance capability up from the 500 maximum it now has.

March 23, 2002, Tustin, CA - Muay Thai 
Report by Craig Ogawa

In a match described as exciting and highly competitive, Marlowe McCray defeated Stephanie (Moon) McClellan by split decision over 5 rounds under modified Muay Thai rules at a fundraiser at the Marconi Automotive Museum. Although there were no knockdowns, McCray opened cuts on McClellan that left both women covered in blood by the end of the fight.  McCray, the current UWMTA featherweight champion, felt she dominated the fight after the 1st round and said boos greeted the announcement of a split in the judging. McClellan, a California state featherweight champion in 2000, came out very strongly, surprising McCray, who was fighting without husband and trainer (accomplished Muay Thai specialist Melchor Menor) in her corner for the first

time. After the match (almost before the tape had been cut from her hands, as she puts it!) McCray ran to catch a plane to Las Vegas to watch her husband on Master Toddy’s show (the card which featured Angela Rivera’s 3rd round knockout of Gina Greenwald (Leathers).) She arrived just in time to see Menor enter the ring. McCray, who praised McClellan as a very good, skilled fighter, recently returned from one of the legendary Muay Thai training camps in Thailand.  She’s going to China at the end of April for a match there, though not to face a Chinese opponent but one from the famed Chakuriki Gym in Holland.  The McCray / McClellan match was part of an annual fundraiser put on to benefit the Marconi Foundation for Kids. More information can be found on their website -

March 23, 2002 - Stardust Hotel - Las Vegas, Nevada - Muay Thai
Report by Vaia Vaganas
Las Vegas favorite, Angela Rivera against Gina Greenwald (aka: Leathers) of St. Louis, Missouri in a five-round lightweight bout. Gina Greenwald, 134, was led into the ring by two handlers carrying two title belts, and as the bout got under way, one would wonder where she could have possibly won "any" kind of a title!  Angela Rivera, 135, entered the ring with the audience cheering loudly, and proceeded to perform the Thai dance that is traditionally done before a Muay Thai bout in respect for one's teacher. In the opening round, nothing too significant was landed, Rivera was stalking as Greenwald moved around and launched very little offense.  Early on in the round, Leathers was squinting and turning her head, as it appeared that some of the Vaseline on her heavily greased face (she came into the match with a badly bruised eye) was getting into her eye and hampering her vision. In the second round, Rivera showed that she was the much stronger and better-skilled fighter, landing some nice straight punches and hard leg kicks. Leathers appeared to have absolutely no game plan and repeatedly looked away after getting hit and closing her eyes. In the third round, Rivera closed the show, dropping Greenwald with a hard right roundhouse kick to the leg that put her down for the count. With this win, Rivera moves to 19-3 6 KO's. Angela Rivera is currently a five-time national champion and a world amateur champion and definitely has the talent and crowd pleasing style to be a big star in the kickboxing scene!

March 22, 2002 - Pala Casino, California
Jessica Mohs, 124.5, TKO'd Rita Valentini, 122.5, in the first round.  Report by Mary Lehman:  At the Pala Casino, Jessica Mohs stopped Rita Valentini in the first round.  Mohs entered the ring first.  She was wearing purple and black to the music  "Let's Get This Party Started" by Pink. She appeared confident and relaxed. The ring announcer said that Mohs was  originally from San Diego which immediately made her a crowd favorite. Rita then made her appearance and entered the ring to music, wearing red and orange. She appeared a bit tight and nervous.  As the bell rang for the first round, both Mohs and Valentini came out immediately throwing a flurry of punches.  Jessica stayed low and her combination punches were finding their mark.  Valentini's nose almost immediately began to bleed. Valentini was also punching with the same speed and will, however with her standing in an upright position, she was throwing ineffective uppercuts and combinations.    Valentini was then knocked down.  She got back up quickly but wobbled a bit (perhaps up too quickly a la Zab Judah).  The Ref allows the fight to continue.  Mohs, to her credit, didn't go wild, trying to finish the fight, but kept her good boxing form, and methodically went after Valentini.  Valentini continued to throw many punches, and showed a lot of heart, but was wobbled three times.  The third time, Valentini collapsed on the ropes, the ref, making the right call, stopped the fight. After Mohs raised her hand and doing a little victory dance, celebrating her first KO, went to Valentini's corner and sincerely embraced her, wishing her well.   Mohs moved her record to 4-3-0 (1KO), and Valentini is now 1-1-0 (1KO). Post fight observations: Valentini has potential as a boxer and showed skill for so few fights.  Clearly Mohs was too big, a step up for her in her second fight.  Mohs is better than her 3-3-0 record indicates.  Her confidence in the ring should take her far. Best wishes to these gutsy fighters.  An afterthought.....During the main event, the male boxers were conservatively feeling each other out for the first few rounds.  I heard someone in the crowd yell, "Bring back the girls!."

March 22, 2002-Grey's Armory, Cleveland, OH
Kelli Cofer, 126,  of Ohio TKO'd Vanessa Garcia, 120,  of Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1:04 in the first round, in a scheduled four-rounder. Garcia told WBAN's inside reporter that she was 1-0-0 going into the fight, but WBAN did not have a record of that fight.  The boxing card was promoted by Tom Vakka.  Cofer inproved her record to 6-0-0 (2KO), and according to other boxing sites, Garcia is now 0-2-0. 

March 22, 2002 - Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, Arizona
Laura Serrano
, 124, won a six-round Majority  decision over Jo Jo Wyman, 124. Scoring by judges 57-57, 59-57, 59-57. Serrano moved her record to 14-0-2 (4KO), and Wyman fell to8-4-1 (0KO). 

March 22, 2002 - Savannah, Georgia
Chevelle Hallback won a six-round unanimous  decision over Brenda Bell-Drexel.  Drexel was relentless in continuing to bring the fight to Hallback.  Hallback said after the fight, "Brenda kept coming at me, Trust me she kept coming at me, she is a tough fighter with a lot of heart." The Savannah News reported (Excerpt), "In the undercard fights, female lightweight Chevelle Hallback used her speed and quickness to easily win a six-round decision over Brenda Drexel, Hallback won every round on two of the three judges' scorecards. Hallback won by a 58-56, 60-55, 60-54."  Hallback improved her record to6-3-1 (4KO), and Bell Drexel fell to 5-12-1 (0KO). 

March 22, 2002, Barranquilla, Colombia

Darys Pardo won by a four-round majority decision over Angie Rocha in a lightweight bout.  The fight was shown live on Telecaribe, a local Television station.  Columbian Correspondent told WBAN, "The match was interesting, especially due to Rocha being a  difficult opponent for Pardo, and a real surprise not only for Pardo, but the boxing fans and commentators." Pardo has improved her record to 15-1-1 (11KO). 

March 21, 2002, St. Petersburg, Russia
Nina Abrosova of Russia, won a four-round decision over  Natalia Guseva.

March 21, 2002 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Nicola Cubillo, 111 3/4 lbs, won a six-round unanimous decision over Karen Williams, 111 1/2 lbs. Final judging was 58-57, 59-55, and 59-55.  Cubillo improved her record to 2-1-0 (0KO), and Williams fell to 2-2-1 (0KO).

March 21, 2002 - Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, Arizona
Sunshine Fettkether, 149, Phoenix, Arizona, KO’d Christina South, 151, in the first round. South was making her pro debut. Sunshine improved her record to 2-2-0 (1KO), and South is now 0-1-0, as a pro.

March 17, 2002, Oroville, California
At the Gold Country Casino, Mandy Lapointe, 114.5, gained her first win as a professional when she  won a four-round unanimous decision over Elizabeth Cervantes, 114, Durango, Mexico, who was making her pro debut. LaPointe is now 1-1-1 (0KO). Cervantes is 0-1-0 (0KO).

March 16, 2002 - Columbia, Missouri 
Liz Drew of Troy, Missouri won a four-round unanimous decision over Gina Greenwald of St.Louis, Missouri. The four-rounder was in the lightweight division. Greenwald fell to 2-7-0 (1KO).

March 15, 2002 -Kansas City, Missouri
There were five women's matches on this night of boxing. Jodi Mobley  of Kansas City TKO1 Kristine Miller in a scheduled four-round flyweight bout.  Mobley improved her record to 3-0-0 (2KO), and Miller fell to 0-1-0 (0KO); in a junior lightweight competition, Vyvenne Head of Kansas City and Erin McNamara of St. Louis, Missouri, had a four-round draw; Cathy Freeman of Kansas City won a four-round split decision over Leslie McNamara in a Junior Featherweight bout.  Freeman remaining undefeated with a 7-0-0 (3KO) record;   Super-middleweights Gretchen Duffner of Kansas City won a four-round majority decision over Julie Weiss of Kansas City and lastly Jennifer Repa of St. Louis, Missouri won a four-round split decision over Angela Nealon of Lee's Summit, Missouri.  Nealon record is now 1-1-0 (1KO).

March 15, 2002 - Blue Alligator Box Promotion, Hungary
Hungarian Krisztina Belinszky defeated Judit Palecianu in a four-round Jr. Flyweight division by a unanimous decision. Belinszky moved her record to 1-3-2 (0KO), and Palecianu dropped to 1-3-0.

March 14, 2002 - Ekaterinburg, Russia
Flyweight Ekaterina Tsepeleva won a four-round decision over Natalya Afonina. Both boxers are from Russia. 

March 13, 2002  London, England
Cathy Brown, WBF European Flyweight champion of Peckham, U.K won a four-round decision over Svetla Taskova of Bulgaria.  Brown improved her record to 9-1-0 (4KO), and Taskova fell to 2-5-0 (1KO).

March 12, 2002 - Budapest, Hungary
Blue Alligator Box Promotion

Reka Krempf defeated Olena Samoday in a six-round unanimous decision in a Jr. Bantamweight division. Krempf improved her record to 2-0-1 (0KO), and Samoday remains winless with0-3-0 (0KO). In another bout, Eva Fenyvisi defeated Tetyana Barna in a four-round decision in a Jr. Bantamweight division, and lastly, Angela Nagy won a 6-round  decision over Reka Pecsi-Huszar in a jr. lightweight division.

March 10, 2002 - Las Vegas, Nevada
Olga Vlasova, 136, remains undefeated after winning by a four-round unanimous decision over Kanicia Eley, 138. The fight was the first on the card. Vlosova improved her record to 5-0-0 (2KO). Eley is now 2-1-0 (1KO).

March 9, 2002 - Melbourne, Australia
In a Women's Junior-Featherweight four-round bout,
Holly Ferneley,  53.00kgs won by points over Over Edith Smith,  53.90kgs.  The Slatter Bros. put a good card together on March 9 in Melbourne a gutsy thing to do on a long weekend.  First on the card were the women.  Holly Ferneley has honed her Boxing skills and gave a clear indication of this in her performance against Edith Smith by out-boxing her opponent in every round (4x2).  Edith showed plenty of courage as she did when she recently beat Pauline O'Hello,  but she was clearly no match for Holly,  a well-deserved Win! Report by Les Anyos

March 9, 2002  St. Patrick's Cathedral Centre, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia
Kelly Pearce, 174, defeated Colleen Bracken, 186.5, with a three round (1.5 minute rounds) unanimous decision. Final judging was 30-27, 30-28, and 29-28.  Bracken was making her pro debut.  Pearce moved her record to 2-0-0.  

March 9, 2002 - Budapest, Hungary
Bettina Csabi won a four-round decision over Bulgarias' Monika Petrova in a bantamweight division. Csabi dominated the four rounds with fast combinations and repeatedly landing a hook over her opponent's head. Toward the end of the four rounds of boxing Petrova was bleeding heavily from the nose.Csabi's record improved to 5-0-0 (1KO). Petrova fell to 1-2-0. 

March 8, 2002 – Amateurs -Semi-finals New York Golden Gloves, Manhattan PAL, New York  112-lb Tyrene Walton, 32, stopped Anna Marandi, Walton to move to the finals at the Madison Square Garden. Walton was featured in the documentary "On the Ropes" and then sentenced to four years to prison; 112-lb- Eileen Kuwaye stopped Star Rivera after over-powering her 26 seconds of the first round; 156 lbs - Jill Emery easily defeated over-matched opponent LaShawn Roberts.

March 7, 2002 -Park Central New York Hotel, 
midtown Manhattan  - New York
Norma Galloway,
169 3/4,  won a four-round split decision over Meagan McBain, 164 3/4. Final scoring was (39-37, 40-36, 37-39). This was a rematch for the two, when they first met in the ring on February 16, 2001.  Galloway's record improved to 1-1-1 (0KO), and McBain dropped to 0-1-1 (0KO). 

March 6, 2002 - Glen Burnie, Maryland - Amateur
In the only ladies match of a 12-match amateur card this evening here at Michaels Eighth Avenue, a pony-tailed Tricia Hanson (139) made short work of Lakeisha Thomas (147) in 1:45 of the first round when the referee halted the action after giving Thomas the second standing eight count of the round. The very personable and courteous Hanson was elated that all her family and friends were able to come and see her win. Hanson, now 2-0-0 in amateur action looks like a promising future prospect in women’s boxing.

March 5, 2002 - Madrid, Spain
In a packed house at the  Polideportivo Magarinos Maria Jesus Rosa TKO6 Vikoria Varga for the WIBF European Championship in the flyweight division. Rosa improved her record to 10-0-0 (1KO).  (WBAN will NOT add Vargas' prior fights before the date of  2/19/00 when she fought Regina Halmich without documentation. Other sites have her with 8- 9, 6-6-1, etc..)

March 2, 2002 - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Last night at the Crown Reef Resort and Conference Center, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, #2 in the world,
Bridgett Riley took on a very ripe tomato can by the name of Linda Edwards. According to the boxing records WBAN could dig up on this fighter, Edwards has had three minutes of experience in the ring. Edwards was 0-3-0, before fighting the "Baby Doll" and she is now 0-4-0, with four rounds of boxing as Edwards has not lasted more than one round in four bouts. Also, according to these records, Edwards has not had a fight since the year 2000.   The Sun News said in their byline: "Baby Doll" wins in brutal Fashion….(I am really glad that I didn’t have a full stomach when I read this…) The Suns Reporter went on to say: "Bridgett ‘Baby Doll’ Riley's walk to the ring took more time than she spent in it. When the bell sounded for the scheduled six-round Bantamweight fight, at the Crown Reef Resort and Conference Center, Riley charged across the ring and pummeled Linda Edwards into submission just 27 seconds into the bout." Riley’s brave response as a post-fight comment was that she felt confident coming into the fight, but that "you never know what can happen." The Sun News reporter said that after Edwards took a couple of shots early in the fight that her (Edwards) only defense was to "turn her back to the aggressive" Riley. He went on to report,  "Riley dropped Edwards as she tried to turn around. Doctors jumped into the ring, and Edwards left under their care. WBAN remembers not too long ago that "Baby Doll" said that women’s Boxing was in the "toilet." Well this match last night, put Riley right in a cesspool. Sue TL Fox 03/03/02

March 1, 2002- Grosseto, Italy
Featherweight Piroska Beki of Hungary won a four-round decision over Francesca Lupo, Italy.  Beki moved her record to 4-2-0 (1KO), and Lupo dropped to 6-6-0 (4KO).

March 2, 2002 Muay Thai Event -At the LA Boxing Club, Los Angeles,  California
There were three women’s matches.  Alice Vaimaona, 165 lbs (Body Shots) TKO 2 over Dana Sears, 166 lbs, (Black Tiger); Michelle Percival, 139 (Punchout) majority draw Latonya Long, 140, (Extreme Power Kickboxing); Colleen Noviello, 125 lbs (Black Tiger) dec. over Cheryl Aucone, 126 lbs (Piston Gym).

March 1, 2002 in Fort Smith, Arkansas
Junior strawweight Sarah Goodson won a four-round decision over Stephanie Dobbs of Moore, Oklahoma.  Goodson improved her record to 4-10-0 (2KO). Dobbs is now 0-1-0 (0KO). 

March 1, 2002 -  Entre Rios, Argentina
At the Olimpia Club in Paraná with over 1,500 boxing fans Marcela Acuna, 125,  of Formosa, Argentina won a 10-round unanimous decision over Carmen Montiel, 122 3/4. Final scoring by the judges was 99-87, 99-88, and 99-87, with Acuna winning all ten rounds. Acuna improved her record to 8-2-0 (4KO). Apparently Montiel was making her pro debut and according to news sources Acuna did not try to hard to KO her opponent, who is also a gymmate. 





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