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December 26, 2000, Georgetown, Guyana
Geraldine O'Neil, 170 lbs,
TKO3 Geraldine Cox, 160 lbs, 0:54 in the third round of a scheduled four-rounder.

December 22, 2000, Connecticut ESPN2
Marischa Sjauw (12-4-0) of Oxnard, California, and Liz Mueller (5-1-0) of New London, Connecticut. Sjauw, 29, 5' 5", 137 lbs., had a two-inch height advantage  and three pounds.  Mueller, 25, 5"3" 134 lbs., did not let that hinder her from working inside with Sjauw and effectively fighting from the outside with good footwork.  Sjauw as usual, was relentless, at the end--total  punches thrown by Sjauw was 503, and Mueller 386.   The fight was close throughout, and Sjauw ultimately won the fight by a close split decision. Sjauw moved her record to 12-4-0 (3KO), and Mueller received her first loss as a pro boxer with her record dropping to 5-1-0 (2KO).

December 16, 2000 Gruga-Halle,  Essen, Germany
Regina Halmich
(106½ lbs) of Germany defeated Alina Shaternikova (108) by a split decision.  The final scoring was 100-90, 98-94, 93-97. Shaternikova, a fighter from Ukraine and European Jr. Flyweight Champion record's is now 12-1 (2KO), and Halmich's record improved to 34-1 (11KO).  

December 16, 2000 in Santa Fé de Bogota, Colombian Capital City, Shown on national TV : Darys Pardo vs. Liliana Palmera. 
Fight report from the Columbian Friend:  The match up between Darys Pardo and Liliana Palmera was an excellent match and worthy to be shown on television.  It was the best fight that I have seen Pardo fight in---with a worthy opponent as Palmera, Pardo was able to show her real skill, and I noticed that she has progressed a lot and that with her current performance, she is skillful enough to be in a world ranking.  Pardo won by TKO at 13 sec. in the fourth round, after Palmera was down when she received a solid right hand from Pardo in her face with a clean shot.  The TV commentators said that the match was stopped too fast because Palmera was able to continue. In the first round, Pardo went down at 42 seconds but the  referee didn't count it.  Pardo had been hit with a jab in the forehead and it appeared that she was off balance when she went down. Both fighters were too cautious during the fight, probably because both have a long records of knock out and both had respect for each other. Pardo was the aggressor during the fight.  According to the TV information, after the match the records are:  Pardo : 13-0-0 12 KOs and Palmera 15-1-0 12 KOs, however,  according to WIBA sources, the real records are:  Pardo : 14-0-2. & Palmera : 10-1-1 (7 KOs). (The source said the previous Palmera's bout was a draw against Carmenza Sanchez in San Carlos, a town in the Córdoba department, an opponent too weighter for Palmera.)  This was the second female bout shown in the National TV  program "Ring Side", (the previous one was Mariana Culma - Monica Vasquez). One final comment about both matches. These were very worthy to be televised, really good matches, although not excellent. But, very different than the recent circus on American TV as the Foreman-Pembleton fight.

December 16, 2000, Savannah, Georgia
Mitzi Jeter won by a unanimous six-round decision against Christine Robinson from South Carolina, 59-55, 59-55, 60-54.  Jeter's record improves to 14-3-1. Jeter went up in weight to fight this matchup. Jeter said, "Christine has worked hard since we met in the ring about two years ago. She is much stronger and fit. She threw her shots with intent coming out in the first round with a stiff jab and following with two or three combinations. I did not want to let the bigger woman get a power shot off so I would use my jab, head movement and footwork to negate her power. I controlled the first round with a jab and when I would get close enough she would tie me up. I got off body shots and that began to have an effect on her. After the third round (which was her best round) my corner advised me to get off more combinations. That as well as body shots pulled together to give me a clear victory. Christine was very strong. This was a good fight for women's boxing and just a good fight overall. "  

On December 15, 2000, at the War Memorial Auditorium, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Ada "Ace" Valez (120 1/2)
won by an eight-round unanimous decision over Linda Tenberg (122) (4-2). Valez earned the WIBF N. American Title.  Ryan Wissow covered this fight and he reported the following:  "The fight was a non-stop slugfest from start to finish.  Tenberg was cut in the 1st round and Velez was all over her for the first 4 rounds.  Velez played defense for the last 4 rounds, while Tenburg stayed in there fighting all the way, showing tremendous heart. Scores were 80-72, 80-72, 80-71." Ryan said that he gave Tenburg a few rounds, but Velez was the clear-cut winner, in what was by far the best fight of the night.  The second women's bout on the card  between Patricia Demick (143) and. Dawne George (146) resulted in Demick winning by a TKO in the third round.  Ryan reported that Demick started out quickly, dropping George in the 1st round with a right hand. George looked like she was outworking Demick in the second round, backing Demick up on the ropes and making it an inside fight. At the end of the second round, Demick caught George with a combo that had George wobbled. Demick closed the show in the 3rd round when George w as out on her feet and the ref stopped the fight.  (A special thanks to Ryan Wissow for covering this fight for WBAN.)  

December 14, 2000 -Columbus Civic Center 
Columbus Georgia
Cynthia Lozano defeated Tanitia Austin with a unanimous decision. Lazano knocked Austin down twice in the second round. The fight was a barn-burner, and it received a standing ovation. It was also aired on the TV News in Columbus. Lozano improved to 1-1, and Austin fell to 4-1.

December 15, 2000, Madison, WI 
Andrea Nelson fought in a scheduled four-round bout against Willicia Moorehead, who was a last minute replacement.  Moorehead did not put up much of a fight against the fast punching Nelson, in which the fight ended 1:39 in the first round.  ESPN2 commentators pulled "no punches" in making strong remarks about the "less than thrilling" women's match of the evening. They went on to describe the match as not a good representation of women's boxing, said that Moorehead had no technique, no preparation, and that she slapped with her punches.  The commentators also made comments with the fact that Moorehead turned her back, and was hit in the back of the head when the referee counted her out.   Nelson came into the fight undefeated, and now reigns a record of 7-0.  Moorehead was reported to have a record of 2-5, but WBAN could only locate a few fights that were all losses.  (Moorehead lost by a split decision 11/02/00 against Yolanda Blackmer; Moorehead KO'd 09/10/00 against Jenier Alcorn; Moorehead TKO'd 10/07/99 by Bridget Benjamin).  

December 15, 2000 Fresno, California
Karen Martin
of Los Angeles won a 4-round Maj. Draw against Lisa Lewis of Fresno.  Martin's record has improved to 3-0, and Lewis' fell to 0-2. 

December 10, 2000 Elgin, Illinois
Freeda Foreman (160) TKO'd Rachel Pembleton in the second round. Pembleton basically quit in the 2nd round.  Foreman was 20 lbs., less than in her pro debut which she weighed in at 180 lbs. Foreman had more skill level and was faster with her punching power. Pembleton was "clueless" as to how to box. Pembleton turned her back on Foreman. 

December 9, 2000, México City, México Andrea Benitez won by a unanimous decision against Adriana Chamoza in a six-rounder. Benitez is now 6-0.

December 9, 2000 Tallahassee, FL
Jodi Kombrinck of Blountstown vs. Tasha McDade of Quincy. The fight was a scheduled four-rounder that ended when Kombrinck stopped McDade in the second round. News sources said, "The fans clearly seem willing to rally behind her for as long as she continues fighting. Her future bouts will take place "as often as I need to," Kombrinck said after making her pro debut. But in the meantime there is plenty of work to be done, especially on her defense. McDade was able to land combination punches that left Kombrinck with a bloody nose at the end.  "I don't think I fought my best," she said behind a broad smile. "I felt more comfortable in the gym, but I felt I could have fought eight rounds."

December 8, 2000, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Jamillia Lawrence of Atlantic City won with  a four-round decision (bantamweight division) over Marline Keyes. Lawrence moved to 6-2, and Keyes dropped to 1-4. 

December 8, 2000, Centrum Center, Worcester, Massachusetts
"Sue Chase alert!"
Yolanda Gonzalez
(122 lbs) of Newark, New Jersey, won her pro debut against "Record builder for other fighters" Sue Chasefrom Sandusky, Ohio Chase is now 1-23-1.  Gonzalez was a New Jersey Golden Gloves champion in 1999 and a Diamond Gloves Champion in 2000 with a reported 4-0 record as an amateur. A former varsity basketball and softball player at Rutgers University, she is a member of the New Jersey bar and is currently a prosecutor in Passaic, New Jersey.

December 5, 2000, Germany
Michele Aboro won by a unanimous decision over over Hungarian Krisztina Horvai at the Universum Gym in Hamburg. A report on Universum's website reads:-"Female world champion Michele Aboro scored a clear unanimous decision over the brave but completely chanceless Krisztina Horvai from Hungary. For the undefeated Aboro who gave her opponent a high amount of punishment it was her 18th consecutive victory. Aboro is considered by many insiders as one of the pound for pound best female fighters in the world". Horvai record is now 4-6-1 (1 KO).  Aboro is 18-0 (11 KO's).This was a rematch for Horvai who had previously lost to Aboro by unanimous decision in Cologne on March 7, 1998.

December 3, 2000, Las Vegas, Nevada
Mia Rosales "Knockout" St. John, 33, weighing in at 126 lbs., fought Amy Yerkes in a four-rounder at the Plaza Hotel on Univision.  St. John moved her record to 19-0-0  (10KO) when she defeated Yerkes by a 1:33 TKO in the fourth round. Yerkes (125), 22, dropped as a pro to 1-3 (1KO). 

December 3, 2000,  Miccosukee Indian Gaming in Miami, Florida
Jessica Rakoczy
(139½ lbs) of Toronto, Ontario, Canada TKO1 Josephine Bracamontes (136 lbs) of Orlando, Florida.  Rakoczy record moved to 2-0, and  Bracamontes dropped to 0-2. 

Dec 2, 2000 Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
Christy Martin
(145), 32,  did not waste time in establishing herself in tonight's scheduled eight-round bout with Sabrina Hall (145), 31,  at the Mandalay Hotel that ended  in a first-round 1:05 TKO in favor of Martin. Martin made it a short night after finishing Hall off with a left hook, proceeded with a right cross.  Martin's record moved to 45-2-2 (31 KO), and Hall fell to 10-2-1 (4KO).   

Dec 2, 2000 Gdansk, POL, Nowa Hala Sportowa, est 800, Polish Boxing Promotion
Iwona Guzowska, 126, Poland, won by a unanimous decision against Leona Brown, 120, 25, USA. Guzowska won on scores of 77-75 twice and 78-74 in a fight where styles clashed badly. According to news sources, the much shorter Brown rushed in with Guzowska looking to counter but most of the time they just ended up wrestling. Guzowska waited too much and didn´t impress.

December 2, 2000, Vienna, Austria 
Esther Schouten
of Holland won by a six-round decision over Mariana Hudak of Hungary. Schouten is now 9-2. Also,  Diana Szilaggi of Hungary won a four-round decision (Bantamweight) over Marian Pampuk of Hungary.

Dec 1, 2000, Viernes, Spain Tundra & Escuadra Catalana
In the Flyweight division, Maria Jesus Rosa, Spain, won by a four-round decision against Nina Abrosova, Russia.

December 1, 2000 -  Tama, Iowa 

Mary Ortega won a four-round unanimous decisi
on over Amy Yerkes of Springfield, Missouri

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