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  August 31, 2002 -Lienz, Austria
Bettina Csabi TKO2 in an overmatched bout with  Lonella Galina from Roumania. According to the brief report, the Roumanian didn't have any chance against the experienced and hard punching Csabi, and went down twice in the second round. 

August 30, 2002 - Colorado
Janae Romero
TKO1 Gina Sorice.  Sorice, who was making her pro debut, was dropped twice.

August 30, 2002 - Arena Boxing Gym, St. Petersburg, Florida
Shirvelle Williams won a four-round majority decision over Cynthia Jones.

August 30, 2002 -Holiday Inn Center-Manchester, New Hampshire
Belinda Laracuente, Florida,  won easily with a unanimous decision over Shakura Witherspoon, Pennsylvania,  in an eight rounder. Final scoring was 80-72, 80-72, and 80-73. Laracuente improved her record to 18-5-1 (9KO), and Witherspoon fell with a (9-29-1 (3KO). Also, Patty Martinez won a four-round unanimous decision over Terri Moss.  Moss won the first rounds, and Martinez won rounds 2, 3, 4. 

August 27, 2002 - Savannah, Georgia
At the Savannah Civic Center, in front of a packed house of 1,500 boxing fans, Chevelle Hallback, Plant City, Florida, won a 10-round unanimous decision over Alicia "Slick" Ashley, and won the vacant IBA Junior Lightweight World Championship.  Final Scoring of judges were 98-92, 99-92 and 99-92. 

August 24, 2002 - Atlanta City 
At the Resorts Hotel and Casino, in Atlantic City, Isra Girgrah,  won the WIBF Jr. Lightweight title against Texas Michelle Nielsen. Thomas Ryan of The Press of Atlantic City said, "Michelle Nielsen won some respect Saturday. Isra Girgrah won yet another title. Girgrah earned a 10-round unanimous decision over Nielsen to win the vacant WIBF junior lightweight title in the Superstar Theater at Resorts Atlantic City. Girgrah already owned the IBF, UBA and IWBF world titles.Girgrah, of Washington, D.C., improved to 21-3-2 (9KO) with the 98-92, 98-93, 97-93 decision. The Press scored the fight 96-94 for Girgrah.  Nielsen's record is now 5-3-1 (2KO).  

August 24, 2002 - North Dakota
At the Four Bears Casino, in North Dakota, Carley Pesente, 207, 3-3-1 and Denise Callahan, 275, 0-1-1 had a four-round draw. Final Scoring was 38-38, 37-37, and 39-37 for Pesente. WBAN’s insider said that the bout was a "spirited fight" when Pesente came out firing from the opening bell and in the first minute of the round sent Callahan to the Canvas. Callahan responded by getting up and mounting a fierce counter barrage of combinations, pinning Pesente to the ropes with her weight and throwing several hard punches. In the second round, both came out in a slugfest, with both landing several hard punches to each other. Callahan continued to use her weight to her advantage, and to muscle Pesente around the ring---but Pesente landed several hard rights that staggered Callahan. The third and fourth round begin and ended in much the same way with both fighters slugging it out toe-to-toe. Pesente used her speed and quickness to move around the ring, but tended to stop punching after landing her combos allowing the bigger Callahan to counter attack and use her weight to slow the quicker Pesente. The fight won the top honors on the night for being the best bout of the evening. Both sides have agreed to a rematch in the first week in October. 

August 24, 2002 - Renaissance Hotel, in Ft. Worth, Texas
Bantamweights Audrey Vela, Austin, improved her record to 3-0-0 (1KO) when she defeated Antoinette Weaver, Atlanta, Georgia, with a four-round unanimous decision.  In the first round, the round was even. In the second round, Vela through more combinations and was the more technical of the two. In the third round, Vela had Weaver backing up when Vela dominated the round. In the fourth round, both boxers fought toe-to-toe and there was a lot of action. Final judging of the bout was 40-36, 40-36 and 39-37.  Weaver is now 0-2-0.

August 24, 2002 -Results from the 2002 National Women's Golden Gloves  - Amateurs
Weight Class Champion all dec. Runner Up
- 1) 100 Jr. (12/13) champion Jordan Martinez, WY Runner up Jenny Torres, CA; 2) champion 106 Jr. (11/12) Alexis Veal, LS - Runner up Amanda Crespin, NM; 3) 105 Jr. (15/16) champion Janet Rodriguez NM - Runner up Leshia Boyd, MI; 4) 112 Jr. (13/14) champion LaTonya King, MI - Runner up Kimberlyn Ayala, Chicago, IL; 5) 112 Jr. (15/16) champion Kristen Read, MO - Runner up Isabelle Salinas, CA; 6) 119 Jr. (13/14) champion Katie Klinefelter, IA - Runner up Stephanie Martinez, TX; 7) 119 Jr. (15/16) champion Chris Martinon, CA - Runner up Aylin Daytyan, CA 8) 139 Jr. (15/16) champion Olivia Fonseca, PE - Runner up Jessica Avear, CA 9) 147 Jr. (15/16) champion Miranda Banelle, NM - Runner up Nesheba Thomas, OH; 10) 165 Jr. (15/16) champion Marissa Diaz, NY - Runner up Austina Lycan, WI; 11) champion Dana Dudley, GA Unopposed; 12) 106 O champion Carina Moreno, CA - Runner up Samantha Sanchez, Aurora, IL; 13) 112 O champion Eileen Kuwaye, NY - Runner up Rosa Rubio, Chicago, IL; 14) 119 O champion  Deborah Stein, NY- Runner up Anju Reejhingham, WA; 15) 125 O champion Jessica Han, TX- Runner up Amber GIdeon, Warrenville, IL; 16) 132 O champion Carry Barry, MI - Runner up Christy Sloane, GA; 17) 139 O champion Molly McConnell, OR - Runner up Angel Bovee, NY; 18) 147 O champion Natalie Brown, GA - Runner up Desiree Mistrette, NY; 19) 156 O champion Yvonne Reis, FL - Runner up Jenna Johnlin, OH; 20) 165 O champion Janaya Davis, GA- Runner up Lisa Steck, WI; 21) 178 O champion Bose Ijoala, Chicago, IL - Runner up Teresa Pierozzi, CA; 22) 201 O champion Elizabeth Kerin, IL - Runner up Sonji Lamonakis, MS; 23) 201+ champion Yvette Tatem, GA - Runner up Cindy Zamudo, CA.

August 23, 2002 - PromoWest Pavilion, Columbus, Ohio
Terry Blair, Louisville, Kentucky won a four-round unanimous decision over Sue Mullett, Burton Ohio. Blair improved her record to 2-1-0 (1KO), and Mullett fell to 7-8-0 (4KO).

August 23, 2002 - Las Vegas, Nevada
At the Orleans Hotel & Casino, in Las Vegas, Melinda Cooper, 113,  stopped Stephanie Dobbs 1:13 seconds of the first round of a scheduled four-rounders. There were no knockdowns... the Ref stopped the fight. Cooper is now 4-0-0 (2KO). Dobbs is 1-3-1. 

August 21, 2002 – Marriott Hotel, Irvine, California
Junior Bantamweights Mary Duron, Anaheim, and Monica Michel, Albuquerque, New Mexico, had a draw. Final judging was 40-36 for Michel; 39-37 Duron, and 38-38. 

August 21- August 24 DAY TWO (Results for August 22) Ramada Hotel O'Hare - Women's National Golden Gloves Tournament-Amateurs
1) 106 Jr. Leshia Boyd, MI dec. Krytsl Vasquez, FL; 2) 119 Jr. Omeshia White-El dec Karisol Quintana, GA; 3) 119 Jr. Aylin Daytan, CA dec Lauren Labuda, GA; 4) 119 Jr. Chris Martino, CA dec Kayla Combs, NM; 5) 119 Jr. Betty Stephans, UT dec Amber Mauno, OH; 6) 112 O Rosa Rubio, Chicago dec Renee Brodacz, IL; 7) 112 O Karen Davis, GA dec Becky Garcia, AZ; 8) 112 O Heather Donoho, CA dec Vanessa Greco, NY; 9) 112 O Eileen Kuwaye, NY RCS2 Cecilia Barazza, Chicago; 10) 125 O Jazmin Siguenza, CA RSC1 Elizabeth Muentes, US Marines; 11) 125 O Jennifer Han, TX RSC2 Mandy Linkinhoker, Chicago; 12) 132 O Amy Yuratovac, East Chicago, IN dec Priscilla Plata, TX; 13) 132 O Naquana Smalls, Milwaukee dec Margaret Buehler, Urbana, IL; 14) 132 O Christy Sloane, GA dec Kim Connor, AR; 15) 132 O Caroline Barry, MI walkover Mary Guenther, US Marines.

August 21- August 24 DAY ONE (Results for August 21) Ramada Hotel O'Hare - Women's National Golden Gloves Tournament Amateurs
1) 112 Jr. Isabel Salinas, CA RSC1 Krystal Willis, WI; 2) 119 Jr. Katy Klinefelter, IA WO Kaliesha West, CA; 3) 139 Jr. Jessica Olivers , CA dec. Ashley Westfall, IN; 4) 106 O Samantha Sanchez, Aurora,IL RSC3 Alicia Wlacher, WI; 5) 112 O Rene Brodacz, Lake Zurich,IL dec. Juliet Guzman, IA; 6) 112 O Karen Davis, GA RSC2 Lauren Pounds, MO; 7) 112 O Cecilia Barazza, Chicago, IL dec. Emily Klinefelter; 8) 119 O Anju Reejhsinghani, WA dec. Mellisa Davis, WY; 9) 119 O Stella Nijof, NY dec. Wendy LaMotta, NJ; 10) 125 O Teresa O’Toole, NC dec. Dani Stramer, ND; 11) 125 O Amber Gideon, Warrenville, IL dec. Maia Kahaunaele, CA; 12) 132 O Caroline Barry, MI dec. Lisa Hedges, NY; 13) 132 O Naquana Smalls, WI dec. Maureen Shea, NY; 14) 132 O Jill Emery, NY dec. Cassandra McPherson, DC; 15) 147 O Lillien Marquez, CA dec. Johnalyn Burns, IN; 16) 147 O Elizabeth Mooney, NY rsc1 Jennifer Diggers, US Marines, NC. (Results were posted on the Boxing Rumble Forum)

August 17, 2002 - Santa Ana Star Casino,  Bernillo, New Mexico
There were two women’s matches on the undercard. In the first match Jackie Chavez, 119 ¾, won a close split decision over Raquel Tebo, 119 ½. Chavez improved her record to 5-0-0 (3KO). Tebo fell to 3-2-1. In the second women’s match, welterweights Holly Holm, 144, faced Martha Orozco, 142 ¾, in a four-rounder. Holm won by a unanimous decision. Holm remains undefeated at 3-0-0 (2KO), and Orozco remains winless at 0-2-0 (2KO). 

August 17, 2002 - Denver, Colorado
In a four-rounder, Janae Romero (Archuleta) won a split decision over Mercedes Mercury

August 17, 2002 - Las Vegas, Nevada
At the Aladdin Hotel, in the main event, Laila Ali, 166, stopped Suzy Taylor, 165.5,  in the second round.  Ali went for the body, and wasted little time is dispatching Taylor within the second round.   Ali won her first World Title belt and is the new IBA World Super-Middleweight Champion!  John Darling wrote on the Boxing Rumble Forum, "While viewing this fight with some friends, I was wondering whether the Ali camp was fully prepared to take on a slugger like Taylor. Taylor appeared to be in top condition, but after a first round where she was beaten to the punch consistently, all of us began to realize where this fight was heading. Ali showed vast improvement in terms of technique, power and speed. In the second round, Ali began catching Taylor with just about everything she threw although she took a couple of hard rights from a retreating Taylor. Then, to our astonishment, Ali digs to Taylor's body. A three-punch combination drove Suzy into the corner. The body shots had rendered her helpless and she dropped her hands to her side."


August 17, 2002 - San Jacinto, California
On a Golden Boy Promotions, at the Soboba Casino, Marilyn Salcido and Para Draine had a majority draw, one judge scored it 59-55 for Salcido, and two judges  57-57.

August 17, 2002 - Estrel Convention Center, in Berlin, Germany
Regina Halmich, now 40-1-0 (14KO), won a majority decision over Yvonne Caples, now 6-4-1 (1KO). Halmich retained her WIBF Flyweight title.

August 16, 2002 - Sunset Station, San Antonio, Texas
Maribel Zurita won a four-round decision over Terry Moss of Athens, Georgia, in a 108-pound bout.  MySanAntonio.com said the following: "Zurita asserted control in the second round and ended it with a five-punch flurry. She went to her corner waving her right fist in the air. The former Highlands graduate continued to load up on her left hook and straight right as she pressed the attack in the third and fourth rounds. Zurita won on all three judges' cards, 39-37."  Zurita is now 5-2-1 (1KO) and Moss fell to 0-2-0 (0KO).  In a second women's match Austin's Lisa Holewyne, 144, won an eight-round unanimous decision over Britt VanBuskirk, 144. Holewyne improved her record to 15-8-1 (6KO) and VanBuskirk fell to 7-13-2 (2KO) 

August 10, 2002 - Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta's Rolanda Andrews, 125, proved her stunning conquest of Mia St. John was no fluke by taking an unanimous decision over Jessica Mohs, 127, in a six-round featherweight match tonight at the fabulous EarthLink Live venue in midtown Atlanta before an enthusiastic crowd of over 500 guests.  The fight was no cakewalk, even with an opening round that saw Andrews all but knock out an outgunned but resilient Mohs.  Andrews found a home for her jab in Mohs' face, which reddened as the fight progressed, ended with a swollen right eye.  Mohs tried to cut off the ring and work the body with limited success, but "Sweet Thunder" Andrews could not be denied as she dominated "Goodnite" Mohs, with a final score of 60-54, 60-53, 60-53. 

August 10, 2002 - Emerald Queen Casino, Tacoma, Washington
Olivia Gerula
(now Periera) won by first round knockout over Laramie Hinostroza. Olivia was all over Laramie from the opening bell and made quick work of her.

August 10, 2002 - Soboba Casino, San Jacinto, California 
Surprise...Surprise...as "Gomer Pyle" would say....on the undercard in an "untelevised" four-rounder,  Mia St. John, 127, (now 26-1-1) stopped her now 1-3-1 opponent Elisa Olivas, 122, in the third round.

August 9, 2002 in Wellington, New Zealand
Sue Glassey won by DQ5 Wena Zaraka.

August 8, 2002 in Houston, Texas 
Lanie Ellis won by UD6 over Kris Sepulvado.

August 8, 2002 - Bakersfield Centennial Garden, Bakersfield, California
Kelsey Jeffries won easily in the six-rounder over Cynthia Prouder. All judges had the score at 60-54.

August 3, 2002 - Brno, Czech Republic
Renata Vesecka
won by TKO2 over Jarmila Hruba.  

August 3, 2002 - Norbreck Castle Hotel
Blackpool, England

Jane Couch, 135,  won a six-round unanimous decision over  Borislava Goranova, 142.  Insiders told WBAN that the fight was an "absolute war." The women's fight was considered the best on the card that night.  Couch told WBAN, "I didn’t know an awful lot about my opponent before getting in the ring but I know all about her now! Goranova is an incredible fighter and I reckon she’s one to watch for the future. She’s got a great heart and isn’t afraid to mix it up a bit." Judges had Couch ahead by winning four rounds and drew on the other two. Jane went on to say, "My plan beforehand was to outbox her but it didn’t work out like that because we ended up just going at it, toe-to-toe. One of the reasons for that was probably the crowd. They were making so much noise that I ended up getting caught up in the atmosphere of it all. My trainer, Tex, was happy enough with my performance so that was good to hear.  Phil “The Power” Taylor and Ricky Hatton both came to my fight and that made it even more special. Phil pulled off his incredible nine-darter in the World MatchPlay Championship on Thursday and said live on TV that I was his inspiration! It was an incredible thing for him to do because suddenly all the local papers were showing loads of interest in me and it gave my bout loads of publicity. Top man for doing that, Phil!" 

August 2, 2002 - Durango, Mexico 
Lorena Roque won a six-round unanimous decision over Jazmin Rivas.

August 2, 2002 -  Ector County Coliseum, Odessa, Texas, on a Telefutura card, Miller Lite Texas Title Belt Series 
IBA Super-Middleweight Champion Mary Ann Almager, Midland, Texas, 14-5, won an eight round unanimous decision over Aberdeen, Washington’s Dakota Stone, now 5-2-3 (0KO). Final scoring was 78-74, 80-72, and 78-75. Almager said, "She was a tough fighter who could take a punch and could also deliver one."

August 2, 2002 -in Spoleto (PG), Italy
The Italian Maria Moroni won a 10-round unanimous decision over French Nadia Debras for the EBU (European Continental Title) in the lightweight division. According to Denis of pugilatofemminile this was the first european match held in Italy. Denis told WBAN, "in Italy, professional female boxers must wear headgear." (Note: the photo is not of the fight, but is a past photo of Moroni.)

August 1, 2002 - Winnepeg, Canada - Amateurs
Excerpt from Sault Star - Bill Montague: Karen Bell’s search for gold ended quickly and without much of a struggle this week as she earned a gold medal during boxing action at the National Aboriginal Indigenous Games in Winnipeg.  The 43-year-old Bell, competing in the 147-pound division, scored a unanimous decision over 22-year-old Kathryn Mechas from Brandon, Man., to win the gold. Because of poor turnout in women’s boxing, it was the only fight Bell had and it came against an opponent who was scheduled to compete in the 132-139-weight class. "There was nobody else in Karen’s division so this other girl agreed to fight her," said Bell’s Sault Ste. Marie coach, Ken Casola, who was not in Winnipeg but who talked to Bell via telephone.Casola said Bell dominated the bout, forcing the referee to twice give Mechas a standing-eight count. Copyrighted story on Sault Star.





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