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APRIL 2002

  April 30, 2002, Santa Ann Star Casino, in Bernalillo, New Mexico
Jessica Rakoczy, 137,  remained undefeated when she won by a unanimous decision over Gloria Ramirez, 135.5. Rakoczy is now 10-0-0, and Ramirez fell to 8-11-3 (2KO). In another women’s match on the card, Las Vegan Lisa Lovell, 136.5,  defeated B.J. Felter, 130,  by a unanimous decision  in a scheduled four-round bout. Lovell improved her record to 2-4-0 (1KO), and Felter remains winless as a pro, with a 0-5-0 record. 

April 29, 2002 Tokyo, Japan
Layla McCarter defeated Emiko Raiko with a unanimous decision.  Raika is the current Japanese Women Boxing Association Featherweight Champion.  Raika came into the fight undefeated with a 6-0-0 record.  Luis Tapia told WBAN, "Layla took Raika to school and showed outstanding boxing ability to a country which had never seen women boxing like that before."  McCarter improved her record to 10-7-3 (2KO) and Raika is now 6-1-0.

April 27, 2002 – Savannah, Georgia
Chevelle Hallback won a six-round unanimous decision over Brenda Bell-Drexel. There were no knockdowns, but Bell-Drexel was wobbled in the six round by Hallback. Hallback told WBAN that she took some good shots from Bell-Drexel and that she was aggressive throughout the fight. Hallback had come into the fight weighing 132.8. Bell-Drexel came in over the weight at 140 lbs. Final Scoring by the judges was 60-55, 60-54, and 60-55. Hallback improved her record to 7-3-1 (4KO) and Drexel-Bell is now 5-13-1. 

April 27, 2002, Grivegnee, Belgium
Nathalie Toro KO2 Tiffany Decayeux.

April 27, 2002 -Stratosphere Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
Wendy Rodriguez
  defeated Delia "Chikita" Gonzalez with a majority decision. 
Wendy Rodriguez, 110 lbs., won a close majority decision over Delia Gonzalez, 108.5. According to news sources this was a very close fight, and some boxing fans that wrote into WBAN said that the fight could have easily been a draw. Gonzalez used her reach advantage over the shorter Rodriguez. Rodriguez was very effective fighting from the inside, but Gonzalez was able to deliver some crisp and clean shots. The matchup was an excellent six-rounder. Final scoring from the judges was a mixed bag of decisions, scoring the match 57-57, 58-56, and 59-55. Rodriguez improved her record to 8-1-3, (1KO), and Gonzalez is now 11-7-3 (3KO).

April 26, 2002 – Horizon Convention Center, Muncie, Indiana
Kristy Follmar
TKO1 1:02 Yvonne Sidney, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Follmar was reported to be scheduled to fight Willicia Moorehead from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Scott Swain of the Scott Press said that she walked to her corner and refused to come back out. Follmar is now 2-0-0. 

April 26, 2002 - Spa Casino, Palm Springs, California
Sunshine Fettkether and Summer DeLeon had a  four-round draw.  Craig Ogawa covered this bout and said that it was a tremendous fight.  There will be a report posted soon.  The final scoring was 39-37, 37-39, and 38-38.  Deleon is now 7-5-2 (1KO), and Fettkether is 2-2-1 (1KO).  Report by Craig Ogawa:  PALM SPRINGS (APR 28)  On Friday, April 26, in a battle between two of the sport’s athletic noblewomen, Summer DeLeon of St. George, Utah and Sunshine Fettkether of Phoenix, Arizona fought a thrilling 4-round draw before a clearly captivated audience in Palm Springs.  Although there were no knockdowns, this was a fast-paced match with solid shots bringing oohs-and-aahs from the crowd and Fettkether mightily trying to overwhelm DeLeon with the sheer force of her assault.  After taking a couple of crisp jabs from DeLeon, Fettkether began pressing the action about 30 seconds into the fight, getting quickly off the mark on many of her attacks, leading with a barrage of punches that backed up DeLeon and trapped her against the ropes.   In the long stretches against the ropes it looked like Fettkether might finish off her opponent but the big bomb never quite connected. DeLeon covered up, seemed to avoid the worst and cautiously (very cautiously!)  picked spots to counter, which she did effectively except for the end of round 3 when Fettkether’s attempt to pummel DeLeon into submission in her own corner was only brought to a halt by the bell.   DeLeon, who defeated Fettkether in their first encounter by majority decision last August in Pala, California, was most comfortable when both sides angled for openings, quickly flicking in a left here, a right there. She showed considerable poise and patience weathering Fettkether’s onslaught along the ropes, and managed to consistently score when Fettkether paused in her attack, snapping off quick, stinging counters. The sharpness of her punches cleanly landing in isolation obviously impressed two of the judges enough to offset the blur of action and the greater number of punches when Fettkether was on the attack.  Judges' scores: 39-37 for DeLeon, 39-37 for Fettkether, 38-38 draw. 

April 26, 2002 - Palace Indian Gaming Center, Lemoore, California
Jenifer Alcorn,
132, TKO2 1:40 Sue Mullett, 131, in the second round. Alcorn remains undefeated with a 13-0-0 (9KO). Mullett is 7-7-0 (4KO). This was for a WIBF Lightweight title belt. It is unfortunate that the WIBF has slipped in some of it's credibility after having so many inferior matchups for supposed world titles. 

April 26, 2002 The Colorado State Golden Gloves Tournament - Amateurs
Senior 112-pound -- Melissa Barela defeated Shilpa Bakre, points; Senior 112-pound -- Katie Meehan def. Mary Alice Munoz, RSC; Senior 125 -- Erika Liciaga def. Teresa Legg, points; Senior 125-pound -- Renee Marez d. Megan Boren, points; Senior 106-pound -- Sheila Trujillo defeated. Krystal Cordova, points.

April 26, 2002-Mountain Casino
Friant, California -  Telefutura Card

Lisa Lewis TKO4 Erica Sugar.
    There are no further details, other than Sugar did not come out after the third round. (inset photo of Erica Sugar, WBAN does not have a photo of Lisa Lewis)

April 26, 2002 - Hershey Center 
Toronto, Canada - EXHIBITION

Olga Heron had an three-round exhibition match with Lisa Brown. Heron and Brown wore headgear. No decision. 
Immediately after the match, Olga took the microphone and thanked everybody, including Lisa Brown and told her it was an honor to be in the same ring with such an experienced boxer.  Lisa used the ring very well and controlled the pace of the fight.  Olga did catch Lisa with several good right hand counters during the exhibition. 

April 26, 2002 -Ramada Hotel, Rosemont, Illinois 
Zulfia Koutdoussova, 136.5, fights out of Chicago, but is from Russia, won by a unanimous decision over Tracy Byrd, 134. WBAN’s Insider said that the women’s match was one of the most exciting and best on this night’s card. The fight was a very closely fought six-rounder, providing boxing fans with two talented boxers in a truly competitive matchup. Judges scoring 59-55, 59-55, 59-55. Zulfia is now 13-3-0 (4KO), and Byrd is now 12-5-0.

April 25, 2002- Tallahassee, Florida
Rolanda Andrews
TKO2 1:49 Pamela Opdyke in a
 scheduled four-round featherweight bout.  News sources reported that Opdyke had the will, but she wasn't able to handle the power of Rolanda Andrews. Andrews knocked Opdyke down with a series of punches to the head that ended the scheduled four-rounder.  Rolanda improved her record to 5-5-0 (3KO) that is including Rolanda KO'ing Mia St. John, and Opdyke is 0-8-0 (0KO).

April 25, 2002 -  Golden Boy Productions, Marriott Hotel in Irvine, California
Marilyn Salcido, Rialto, California,  won a four-round unanimous decision over  Mary Duron, Anaheim, California. Final scoring was 40-36 on all three judges score cards. This was Marilyn's second victory in four days. On Sunday the 21st in Laughlin on Heavy weight Explosion she defeated Robin Pinto with a unanimous decision. Salcido is now 8-2-2 (1KO), and Duron is 3-3-0 (0KO).

April 25, 2002 At the Laredo Civic Center, in Laredo, Texas, with a packed house of boxing fans,  Ann "Brown Sugar" Wolfe, 158,  TKO'd Shirvelle Williams, 157 1:40 seconds of the first round! Report by Sue TL Fox: At the Laredo Civic Center, in Laredo, Texas, with a packed house of boxing fans, Ann "Brown Sugar" Wolfe, 158, TKO'd Shirvelle Williams, 157 1:40 seconds of the first round! Lori Steinhorst called by phone as she sat ringside, and while the fight was in progress. Steinhorst told Fox, "Don’t think it is going to last too long. Shirvelle is hanging in there…real strong. Ann rocked Shirvelle. On her way down, she’s on her way down---barely hanging in there. She is wobbling, she’s holding on, but doesn’t look too good. Big right on Shirvelle. She is not going to make it---they just stopped the fight." As the ring announcer gave out the time for the TKO, the announcer referred to Ann as the "Big Bad Wolfe." ( The announcer had Ann’s ring name incorrect as she is known as "Brown Sugar" and Valerie Mahfood has claimed her name to fame as the "Big Bad Wolfe.") After the fight, Fox interviewed Shirvelle Williams. Williams said, "She (Ann) came to hurt me. I went back on the ropes. They (the ref) didn’t see the body shots I was doing. I hit her with good body punches. Ann came out real fast, and she hit me once and I covered up and then they stopped the fight." Williams went on to say that she did not understand why the fight would be stopped. She felt that when she fought Marsha Valley that she was given an opportunity to fight the six rounds. Fox then interview Ann Wolfe. Wolfe said, "First of all I want to thank you and tell you how much I appreciate what you do for women’s boxing on the net. Some said that the referee should have let her (Williams) keep fighting. I wish that the ref had let the fight continue so that I could have knocked her A…on the ground. She took some heavy shots. I will give her a rematch. I feel that if the ref had let the fight go past the first round, that I would have knocked her out in the second, and they would have taken her away in an ambulance. She has a strong chin, and I take nothing away from this fighter. She took heavier and more power shots than others I have fought." Wolfe also commented that when she fought Kelly Whaley that she could not understand why the ref had stopped the fight, as Whaley was holding her own in their fight.

April 21, 2002 - Flamingo Hotel, Laughlin, Nevada|
Martilyn Salcido
, 112, won by a four-round unanimous decision over Robin Pinto, 115, on a Cedric Kushner Card. Final scores were 40-36, 39-37, 40-36.  The fight was filled with action and the boxers fought toe-to-toe. There were no knockdowns. Salcido improved her record to 7-2-2 (1KO).Pinto is now 1-3-0 (0KO).

April 20, 2002 - Black Orchid Theatre, Chicago, Illinois, Promoted by  8 Count Productions
Audrey Vela, 119 lbs, Austin, Texas, won by a four-round unanimous decision
over  Jimi Chartrand, 124 1/2 lbs.,  Chicago, Illinois.  Vela who has an amateur background with one win as a pro, was the most active in the four-rounder. There were no knockdowns. Final scoring is 40-35, 39-37, 39-37. Vela remains undefeated at 2-0-0 (1KO). Chartrand is now 3-2-1.

April 20, 2002 - The Moon, Tallahassee, Florida
Lightweight Jodi Kombrinck, Tallahassee won a four-round unanimous decision over Antoinette Weaver.  Judges scoring was 40-36 for all.   Kombrinck improved her record to 4-2-0 (2KO), and Weaver is 0-1-0 (0KO). 

April  20, 2002 -HBO Card -MGM  Grand  Garden  Arena,  Las  Vegas, Nevada
Elena Reid, 114.5, 7-1-2, won a four-round unanimous decision over Luz Rodriguez, 111, 1-3-1.  There were no knockdowns. Final Judging 39-36, 39-37, and 39-37. 

April 20, 2002 in Greensboro, North Carolina
Carlette Ewell  TKO2, one minute into the round over Denise Grant. Both boxers were making their pro debut. 

April 20, 2002  Parkersburg, West Virginia
Nikki Eplion, South Point, Ohio, TKO3 Gwen Wood, Glenn Easton, West Virginia, in a scheduled four-round heavyweight bout. Both boxers come from the Toughwomen competitions and both were making their pro debut. 

April 20, 2002 -New Berlin-Torgau 
Originally WBAN posted that  Aynur Senoglu (Turkish but living in Germany) would be fighting Viktoria Varga of Hungary for an "unknown" sanctioned world title.   VARGA did not fight Senoglu, and WBAN's European Correspondent, Torben L.  translated the following German article about this event that occurred on April 20: "According to the report the scheduled opponent for
Aynur Senoglu, Viktoria Varga, had to pull out of the fight due to flu. She was substituted by Judith Palecianu, also of Hungary. The fight was stopped 8 seconds into the third round, when Aynur Senoglu's corner threw in the towel.  The report states that Aynur Senoglu had little to put up against the Hungarian fighter, and was chased around the ring for the two rounds. Apparently she had planned to seek leave from her work to pursue her career in pro boxing if she won this fight, but that seems to out of the question now.  Palecianu is now 2-3-1 (1KO).  The promoter Andreas Graf, stated that he would not include women boxers on his cards in the future, with the exception of local girl Nicole Richter." 

April 20, 2002 - Gdansk, Poland
Regina Halmich, now 39-1-0 (14KO) TKO4 inferior opponent Anca Moise, who is now 0-4-0.. Believe it or not folks....This was a defense of Ms. Halmich's WIBF "World" Flyweight belt.  WBAN doesn't know which "World" they are talking about.

April 19, 2002 - Norwalk Marriott Hotel, Norwalk, California - Report by Craig Ogawa (Muay Thai)
In the 5-round semi-main event Friday night, 16-year old Claudia Vidaurri defeated Katie Yang by unanimous decision in a close match to retain her UWMTA bantamweight title. Both women displayed impressive skills, mixing a disciplined search for openings with stern determination in the sharp exchanges.  The young Vidaurri, representing John McPhail's La Puente Muay Thai, showed excellent versatility, switching quickly to the use of knees and clinching her opponent’s neck (a standard Muay Thai technique) when the opportunity arose and throwing her to the canvas in the 2nd round. Neither woman ever appeared to be in serious danger as both carefully tried to pick their spots and find their openings. Early on, Vidaurri was successful leading with consecutive lefts as decoys to set up her right, but halfway through the 3rd Yang figured it out and timed a solid right counter.  While the high school junior Vidaurri, who has a whole athletic career in front of her, deservedly garners attention for the rapid refinement of her skills, Katie Yang’s performance reminds us of the wide range of athletes needed to keep the sport dynamic.  Working full time and competing without the backing of a well-connected local gym  since moving from the San Francisco area (where she represented the acclaimed Fairtex Gym) Yang posed the formidable challenge that a rising young athlete needs, announcing her presence with a hard right leg to Vidaurri’s side early in the 1st round and landing some solid right crosses including one that had Vidaurri backing up in the 5th.  Yang weighed in at 117 pounds, Vidaurri 115-1/2.  The unanimous decision was announced (rather oddly it seemed) without the judges’ scores.  On the undercard, in the other women’s match of the evening, Adri Harding (misspelled as Adi Hadiny in the prematch publicity!) appeared to bloody her opponent Mia Madison in the 1st round and followed up with aggressive use of the knees to take a split decision in a 3-round match. Judges’ scorecards: 29-28, 28-29, 30-27.  A standing-room only crowd of around 900 strained the capacity of the Marriott Hotel’s ballroom, rewarded by excellent matchups put together by promoter Vut Kamnark (ably assisted by Mark Komuro).

April 19, 2002 – Barranquilla, Colombia
Lightweights Angie Rocha, from Barranquilla, won a four-round majority decision over Yolanda Marrugo, Cartagena, Colombia. The fight was televised on "Telecaribe", a local television station.

April 18, 2002 - Dallas, Texas
Lightweight Michelle Nielsen, Houston, Texas won a four-round unanimousdecision over Patricia Acosta of Allen, Texas. Nielsen improved her record to 6-1-1 (2KO), and Acosta is now 4-1-1 (1KO).

April 18, 2002 -Days Inn, South Whitehall, PA
Cori Row, Philadelphia won a four-round unanimous decision over Darlene Sabo of Berwick, Pennsylvania.  Sabo is now 1-3-1 (1KO). 

April 16, 2002 - Saint Vallier, France
Nancy Joseph, Nice, France TKO3 Flakova Lenka. Joseph remains undefeated at 6-0-0 (3KO). Vidova fell to 2-3-0.

April 14, 2002- Mannheim, Germany
In a WIBF Featherweight title bout, Silke Weickenmeier Speyer, Germany won a controversial 10-round majority decision over Galina Giumliiska, of Bulgaria. Weickenmeier improved her record to 14-3-1, and Giumliiska fell to 5-7-0 (1KO).

April 13, 2002 -  Mountaineer Race Track and Gaming Resort, near Chester, WV
Shadina Pennybaker
, Pittsburgh, PA, won a four-round controversial split decision over Bonnie Wherry, Cleveland, Ohio,  in a welterweight bout. Final scoring by judges was 39-37, 39-37 for Pennybaker, and 39-37 for Wherry. WBAN's inside reporter said that the boxing fans were not happy with the decision.  Pennybaker improved her record to 4-1-0 (1KO, and Wherry dropped to 2-3-0 (1KO). 

April 13, 2002 - Brooklyn, Maryland (Excerpt)
Report by LongJab: BROOKLYN, Md.
– (April 13) – Humility sometimes is a difficult pill to swallow. This evening at the Brooklyn Boxing Club, a gym, packed full of family and friends, rooting for the local amateur talent, observed as some members of the home team had to swallow that pill of humility, however, they did it with grace and dignity.  In the semi-main event of the evening, Tricia Hanson, (141) a newcomer to the sport of women’s boxing faced a difficult task of fighting a girl who seemed to tower over her. Elizabeth Mooney, (146) coming all the way from Albany, New York to make her amateur debut against Hanson, was indeed a formidable opponent for the local girl. Taking full advantage of her obvious reach over Hanson, Mooney stuck a stiff jab and several right hands relentlessly in Hanson’s face for three rounds. With additional problems with her hair occasionally obstructing her vision inside of her headgear, Hanson showed heart and courage. She never stopped trying to overcome the jab and in spite of losing the match by decision, Hanson came out a winner anyway because of how she handled her first defeat - with grace and dignity.  In the main event of the evening, Soraya Signorina (139) swallowed some humility also and relinquished her Maryland State Junior Welterweight title belt, losing a four round decision to a tough, fast and a little taller Cassandra McPherson. (136) McPherson, from nearby Washington, D.C., was actually filling in for Signorina’s originally scheduled opponent, Angel Bovee, who broke her foot and could not compete.  In a similar circumstance, Signorina, like Hanson, had to overcome a reach disadvantage and did so early in the first round, however, for the remainder of the bout, McPherson took command and would not allow the champ to get inside of her jab and landed several rights as well. McPherson also received the Boxer of the Night Trophy.  
  In attendance was the local legendary trainer, Mack Lewis. Mr. Lewis originally trained the former World Heavyweight Champion, Hasim 'The Rock' Rathmann, when he was a boy.  A special thanks goes out to the Chief Official Steve Greber for his assistance on this article, as well as Danny Kisner, for providing Brooklyn Boxing Club as the venue for this event, not to mention, his permission to allow this article to be presented and last, but not least, USA Boxing, in conjunction with the South Atlantic Association for their support of the development of these amateur athletes. Without their support, amateur boxing would not be possible. 

April 13, 2002 - Isleta Casino -Albuquerque, New Mexico

Jackie Chavez TKO1 1:41 second, Jody Johnson.  Johnson was making her pro debut.  Apparently this was a mismatch after WBAN received feedback about this matchup.  Chris Cozzone of New Mexico Boxing said that Johnson looked like she had never strapped on a pair of gloves.   Chavez is now 4-0-0 (3KO), and Johnson is 0-1-0.

April 13, 2002 - Arena México, México City, México
Delia Lopez won by a six-round unanimous decision over Gloria Rios in a Junior Flyweight bout. Judges scoriing was 58-56, 58-57, and 58-56. Lopez improved her record to 3-0-1 (0KO), and Rio fell to 3-3-0 (0KO). 

April 13, 2002 - Mahnomen, Minnesota
At the Shooting Star Casino, before a packed crowd of over 2000 screaming fan, Carley Pesente (3-2), 197 lbs., scored a first-round knockout of Margie Jones (3-7), 210 lbs.  According to news sources, Pesente came out throwing combinations  and put Jones on the defensive from the start.  Pesente hammered the outmatched Jones to the canvas twice before finishing her off.  The fight was stopped at 1:07 seconds of the first round after Jones was knocked down and out for the third time. (Jones is the boxer who was called the 48-year old "grandma" who fought Laila Ali.  Jones has to be 49 or 50 years old.)  

April 12, 2002 - Stardust Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
Yvonne Caples  defeated Para Draine with a controversial six-round majority decision in the Jr. Flyweight (110 lbs) division.  The judges scores were 58-56, 58-56 for Caples, and 57-57 for a draw.

April 12, 2002 -Miami, Oklahoma
Jaime Clampitt won a four-round unanimous decision over Kanicia Eley.  Clampitt has improved her record to  7-2-0 (1KO), and Eley is now 2-2-0 (1KO).

April 12, 2002 - Washington DC
At the D.C. Tunnel Event Center, in Washington, D.C., Isra "Raging Beauty" Girgrah won a six-round unanimous decision over Cheryl Nance. All judges scoring was 60-54, 59-55, and 59-55. 
Girgrah improved her record to 20-3-2 (9KO). Nance dropped to 6-7-0 (6KO).

April 12, 2002 - Coolangatta Hotel
Gold Coast, Australia

Australian Woman's Junior Bantamweight Title 
Pauline O'Hello
, 54.25kgs, won an eight-round split decision over Edith Smith, 54.00kgs. Judges scoring was 79-75, 78-75, and 75-78.

April 11, 2002 - Centennial Gardens,
Bakersfield, California
On a Golden Boy Promotions card Jessica Mohs defeated Karen Martin, with a shutout of 40-33 on all judges score cards. According to news sources, Martin was dropped three times in the first round.   Mohs had just fought on March 22, where she KO'd her opponent, Rita Valentini in the first round.

April 10, 2002 - Polanco, Mexico
Mariana Juarez TKO1 Miriam Serrano.  

April 7, 2002 - Soboba Casino, San Jacinto, California
Mia St. John, 133,  won by a four-round unanimous decision over Janae Romero, 132.  St. John improved her record to 24-1-1, and Romero fell to 2-2-1. One news source said, "Mia St John had little problem with Janae Romero, dominating all four rounds in a unanimous decision win." 

April 7, 2002  - Dunaújváros, Hungary
Maria Noroszsnik, Szeged, Hungary, had a  four-round draw with Judit Palecianu of Romania.

April 7, 2002 Charleroi, Belgium
Lightweight Zelda Tekin, Charleroi, won a four-round unanimous decision over Tiffany Decayeux, France.

April 6, 2002 - Hamburg, Germany
Daisy Lang, 15-1-0 defended her WIBF title by defeating Reka Krempf, 2-1-1....One observer, Fernando Rojo, said that the fight was "extremely boring."  On WBAN's Boxing Rumble Forum, Jon Fox from the UK said the following about the fight: "Daisy Lang has just beaten Reka Krempf on points in defence of her WIBF World Junior Bantamweight title.  All three judges only gave the Hungarian challenger a single round.  But Krempf was introduced to the gullible Hamburg spectators as being 6-0-1 whereas we know (do we not, folks?) that she's a mere 2-0-1, having had her first pro fight on 9th February last (against Gyongyi Szucs - 0-1-1), her second pro fight on 22nd February (against Angela Nagy - 1-5-1) and her third pro fight on 12th of last month (against Olena Samoday whose only previous experience was 2 defeats at the hands of Szilvia Csicsely way back in 2000).  It's not therefore surprising that Ms. Krempf was more technically limited even than Daisy.  Hence the result.  As for the fight, very little leather was landed in anger.  It rarely is in a Lang fight.  This is a lady who seems devoted to the strict rationing of thrills.  Neither fighter came remotely close to being hurt or in trouble.  Then everybody went home.  What a waste of time."

April 6, 2002 -  Germany - Amateur  Boxing
Report from Germany news sources:
Petra Langenbrink
was the only athlete who took part in two fights, at KS-Lüneburg's big women's boxing night in the Nordlandhalle - and could celebrate two convincing victories.  Altogether 37 boxers from all over the Republic entered the ring, in this mega event, which was a first for Germany. "This tournament has proved, that the women are not inferior to the men" concluded Horst Dlabola from KSL, at the end of the almost 4 hour long event, to the applause of the close to 200 pleased boxing fans. "Not a single warning in 19 fights" proved the fairness of the women boxers.  Fair and at times very tough, was the way the boxers from Flyweight (106 lbs) to heavyweight (170 lbs) presented themselves in the ring. Petra Langenbrink fought the opening fight in the featherweight division. As her scheduled opponent had to cancel due to an injury, the Lüneburg women fought the two remaining women in her weight class. The very first fight was all go. Langenbrink sent her opponent Alesia Tarmin (Stuttgart) into the ropes with a hard right hand in the first round. Her opponent took a standing count, but got her act back together and tried to provoke Petra Langenbrink out of her defense. "Every time I hit her hard, she laughed at me, as to say "come on, hit me". That is exactly what Langenbrink did, but she did stick to her tactics and won a clear points decision.  However, not all fights lasted the scheduled 3 rounds. Some was stopped after a few seconds due to superiority of one of the fighters. But most of the participants were well matched in skills, and fought some good, exciting fights on a high level right until the last bell.  Petra Langenbrink closed the proceedings of the evening with her second fight. After an even first round against the southpaw Jasmin Kreis (Weinheim). she won her second decision, through some good clean punches later in the fight. "Two fights and to wins" her trainer Frank Göhner summed up, and added "that fits like hand in eye" and literally: The left eye of Langenbrink's second opponent was completely closed by a swelling at the time the winner was declared. The event was over and out, but that is not the case of any of the women boxers. They had made the best possible advertisement for their sport.

April 5, 2002 - Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, Arizona
Elena Reid, 7-1-2, 116 lbs., won a six-round unanimous decision over Monica Michel, 113 lbs. News sources report that the fight was a non-stop action

April 4, 2002 - Connecticut
At the Foxwoods Resort Casino, in Mashantucket, Missy Fiorentino, 2-0-0 (2KO)  KO2 Ragan Pudwill, 3-6-0. 

April 3, 2002 - 75th Chicagoland Golden Gloves Tournament, Chicago, Illinois - Amateur
Amber Gideon of Windy City defeated Margaret Buehler of Luyando Boxing Club in a rematch of last year's 132-pound female open. Winners in the open category advance to national Golden Gloves competition, where four-time Chicago champion Gideon also is defending champion. Source: Chicago Sports  




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