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APRIL 2001

April 28, 2001, Emerald Queen Casino, Tacoma, Washington "Lady" Laramie HInostroza KO'd Carla Wilcox 1:40 of the fourth round.  Both Hinostroza and Wilcox had the boxing fans up out of their seats, as they continued to throw blow after blow, without letting up most of the fight.  Hinostroza record improved to 3-0 (2KO), and Wilcox has dropped to 1-1-0.

April 28, 2001 - Argentina "History First"
In history's first professional women's boxing match, Marcela Acuña
won in a split decision in a four-round bout, with judges scoring the the bout, 39.5-38.5 (Acuña), 39-37.5 ( Acuña) and 39-37 for Jamillia Lawrence.  In this match, they have a half-point system.  Argentinian Augusto Dewey said "It was a close fight, not to much excitement,  but both women had good boxing skills." He went on to say, "Personally, I felt it  was a draw, but in the last round , Acuña maybe had made it the difference.   The public was happy with the fight, so a good start for woman boxing here in Argentina."  A special thanks from Augusto Dewey for sending in the results with some details of this event! 

April 28, 2001 Knoxville, Tennessee 
Melissa Salamone
defeated last-minute substitute opponent Sophia Johnson of Atlanta, when the referee stopped the fight at 1:37 of the 5th round of a scheduled 6 rounder. There were no knockdowns. Salamone said she is not back to her top shape or form, but credited her opponent with a tough, valiant effort.  The win stretches Salamone's record to 21-0-1. Johnson was reportedly 2-1coming into the bout. Salamone said this is one of several tune-up fights she has taken to make herself ready again to compete with top fighters.   The inexperienced Johnson showed aggression during the fight, pressing Salamone a couple of times in the early rounds, but Salamone appears to have won all the rounds. After the fight, Johnson refused to talk to reporters, and the man she pointed out as her manager refused to identify himself to WBAN's correspondent on the scene.
He was later identified to WBAN as Mezaughn Kemp, of Atlanta.  Johnson was called Saturday morning to replace Salamone's originally scheduled opponent, 0-11 Ashtabula fighter Chris Miller. Miller was reportedly in a minor traffic accident while en route to Knoxville, and had to have her car towed. Sports writer Jim Balloch, who covered this event for WBAN. Balloch is also a journalist for the Knoxville Sentinel. 

April 28, 2001, Calgary, Canada- kickboxing
In a 5-round match, Trish Kingsford of Canada won by unanimous decision over Jennifer Hans of the US for the WKA superfeatherweight title of North America. Kingsford won despite dropping down a full weight division for this bout, which "seemed to drain her power."  In a 5-round match, Amber Danielson of the US won by unanimous decision over Raylene Kellock of Canada for the IKKC welterweight title of North America, Danielson knocking Kellock down in the 3rd round. In the opening bout, Jennifer Cutbill of Canada won by unanimous  decision over Monica Michel of the US.  Mike Miles' report on the Brawl for All Part 2 can be found on both the nhbcanada website & muaythaionline.

April 27, 2001, Niagara Falls
Lisa Brown
defeated Leona Brown with a six-round unanimous decision, 57-56, 57-55, 57-55.Lisa Brown has improved her record to 5-0-0 (3 KO).  Lisa has an 26-6 amateur record that includes fighting in Canada and the United States.  Leona Brown's record fell to 8-5-0 (2KO)  WBAN's senior editor Brian Ackley will have a full story tomorrow morning!  Ackley said that it was a great fight, and that there were four knockdowns....three for Leona and one for Lisa! 

April 27, 2001, Jamie Myer's Promotion at Coolangatta hotel Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia - by Les Anyos
I was somewhat Chuffed when told the " New kid on the Block" Pauline O'Hello (54.6kg) 1-1 was to face seasoned campaigner Karen Williams,  48.9kg,  Pan Pacific Muay Thai Champion, with 13-3 , and 8 boxing bouts.  Williams was also the  Queensland state Title holder.  Williams was going to fight Pauline in a four round "catch weight" division.  My dismay was soon waylaid when the less experienced Pauline took the fight to "The Bullett" with a non- stop veracious onslaught that had Bullett failing to come out for round three.  The joint was jumping for the lesser known "Underdog" who is really one to watch out for.  In addition, Lisa Marie Vizanari, 110kg,  (novice) former Olympic Discus thrower put on an Exhibition Boxing Bout (Highly Publicized) against Bobby Jo Cluer,  an experienced Kickboxer.   Lisa Marie showed good potential as a boxer and wishes to go all the way in our sport but opponents in her Weight Class are hard to find in Australia. A Fundraiser Auction was held on the evening for the Family of Ahmed Popal. The young Boxer who died in the ring in Melbourne recently. Over $7000 was raised by the crowd of approximately 900.  (Sharon Anyos's Boxing shorts went for $500)  Les Anyos  

April 27, 2001 Temecula, California 
Lisa Lewis
of Fresno, California won a four-round split decision against Sasadea Razo. 

April 26, 2001, Royal Garden Hotel, London, England
Last night Cathy "The Bitch" Brown lost her unbeaten 5 - 0 professional record when she lost 37 to 39 on points against the Russian Oksana Vasilieva, in a hard-fought, lively fight over four  rounds, at The Royal Garden Hotel, London England the dour Siberian Russian contained Cathy's "charges" and gradually imposed her will on her opponent. The Russian, who was a late entry, had the advantage of weight, height and reach, and as emerged AFTER the fight EXPERIENCE. Although only 20 she has had 54 fights as a kickboxer, amateur boxer and now as a professional boxer. She is a good boxer, and the women provided one of the most entertaining fights of the evening. (A special thanks to John Wilson of Grenville Wilson & Partners, who wrote this report and submitted it to WBAN.  ©Copyrighted, and all rights reserved.

April 26, 2001, Hollywood Park Casino, Inglewood, California
Wendy Rodriguez
, 112.5 and Marilyn Salcido, 114.5 had a four-round draw.

April 24, 2001, Big Kahuanna, Wilmington, Delaware
Lakeysa Williams,
119, won a four-round decision against Jessica Flaharty in a rematch.  Both fighters came to fight this night and fought a toe-to-toe four rounder.

April 21, 2001, Lincoln City, Oregon
Lisa Holewyne,
141 3/4 won a 10-round unanimous decision against Marischa Sjauw, 141 3/4, for the 143-lb WIBF World Welterweight belt. 
Full Story and photos

April 21, 2001, Rome, Georgia 
Cynthia Lozano
, 172 0:53 TKO1 Cellesica Smith, 227, Mississippi,  in a scheduled four-rounder.  Promotion for this fight was Ring Sports Promotions. Lozano improved her record to 2-1-0 (1KO), and Smith dropped to 0-2-0. 

April 20, 2001, Pepsi-Cola Roadhouse, Burgettstown, PA 
Shadina Pennybaker,
162, KO2 Alicia Sparks, 154,  in a scheduled four-round middleweight bout.  Pennybaker knocked Sparks down in the 2nd round, and Sparks got up on the eight count, and then about 20 seconds later, Pennybaker finished Sparks off by KO'ing her. 

April 20, 2001, Acoma, New Mexico
Mary Ann Almager, 
won a 10-round split decision over Trina Ortegon for the IBA Women’s 160-lb title at the Acoma Pueblo’s Sky City Casino, in Acoma, New Mexico! Almager improved her record to 12-4 (8KO), and Ortegon fell to 9-3 (2KO).

April 19, 2001 - Radisson Astrodome in Houston, Texas
Ann Wolfe
, 158,  Waco, Texas,  TKO Patricia Linton,
149¾, of Dallas, Texas,  0:36 in the first round.  Wolfe is now 7-1 (4KO) and Linton moved to 0-2. Linda Robinson won a 4-rd unanimous decision against Lonita Dow, who is now 0-4. 

April 19, 2001, Beumont, Texas
In a surprise upset, Kendra Lenhart KO'd Valerie Mahfood 1:07 seconds in the second round after knocking her down three consecutive times!  Lenhart became the new WIBF Super-Middleweight champion!
Lenhart improved her record to 7-7-2 (3KO) and Mahfood dropped to 11-4-0 (7KO). FULL STORY

April 14, 2001,at Hampton University in Virginia
In a female bout Michelle Ewing fell to 0-1 in her debut losing by TKO in the fourth round against a determined Carrie Flock.

April 16, 2001  Bosnia-Herzegovina
Ivana Derdic
of Croatia TKO3 Sylvia Kertesova of Slovakia. Derdic improved her record to 4-1-0 (2 KO's).

April 14, 2001, Pueblo, Colorado
Flyweight Terri Cruz of Denver won a four-round unanimous decision over Nicole Gallegos of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Cruz moved her record to 3-2-2. Gallegos received her first loss as a pro. 0-1-0.

April 14, 2001 Verviers, Belgium
Nathalie Toro
TKO'd Angela Nagy of Hungary in the first round of a scheduled six-round lightweight bout. Toro is now 6-0-0 3KO.  

April 14, 2001, European Championships, Saint-Amand-les-Eaux, France
45 kg
:Oria Mamhoud (France) defeated Maria Narozsnik (Hungary); 48 kg : Hulya Sahin (Turkey) defeated Vanessa Berteaux (France);  51 kg : Hasibe Ozer (Turkey) defeated Dagmar Koch (Germany); 54 kg : Elena Karpacheva (Russia) defeated Audrey Garcia (France);   57 kg : Henriette Birkeland (Norway) defeated Zsuzsanna Szuknai (Hungary); 60 kg : Tatiana Tchalaia (Russia) defeated Elena Hadji (Moldavia); 63.5 kg : Myriam Lamare (France) defeated Nikoletta Gavka (Greece); 67 kg :  Irina Sinetskaia (Russia) defeated Esther Durand (France); 71 kg :Olga Slavinskaya (Russia) defeated Nurhayat Hicyakmazer (Turkey);  75 kg : Svetlana Andreeva (Russia) defeated Anna Laurell (Sweden); 81-91 kg : Olga Domouladjanova (Russia) defeated Stéphanie Bof (France)

April 13, 2001, Detroit, Michigan
Marilyn Thomas of Detroit was pretty tired, but victorious, at the end of her four-round featherweight win, by unanimous decision over  Candi Sarver of Lansing. It was the pro debut of Sarver, who was decked by Thomas in the second round. Thomas (2-0), of the Detroit Boxing Club, won by scores of 38-37, 38-37 and 39-37. Veronica Simmons (2-0, two KOs) needed just 75 seconds to badly blemish the unbeaten record of Kathleen Brauer of Southfield. Referee Ron Cunningham stopped the planned four-round super-middleweight bout after Simmons, of New York, had decked Brauer (3-1) twice and forced a mandatory eight-count  (Detroit Free Press)

April 13, 2001, Blue Horizon, Philadelphia
Jessica Flaharty,
115 1/2, KO1 Angelina Nelson, 115, in a scheduled four-round bout. Report by Christine Jones:   Round one: I thought both women would come out a little more tentative to feel one another out, I was wrong. Nelson flew out of her corner with the vengeance of a pit bull! This changed Jess plans a bit (since I was allowed in the dressing room, I knew what her plans were....) This pit bull offensive style put Jess just where she loves to be...In control: a couple slips...jab straight right and that all too famous overhand produced the KO that "Flaharty the bomb shell" thrives on. It was amazing to watch and hear a Nelson hometown crowd that less then a minute prior was booing Jessica as she was introduced, was now on their feet and standing on chairs whistling and cheering. They saw what I see everyday in Jess: A true dedicated fighter with charm and grace and technical skills that are advanced beyond her young age of 18!  Flaharty improved her record to 2-0-1 (2KO), and Nelson is 0-1-0.

April 13, 2001- Denver, Colorado
Janae Romero
, 135, won a four-round unanimous decision over Mercedes Mercury, 135 of Montebello, Colorado. Both fighters were making their pro debut, but Romero, had an amateur background of  5-2  Mercury was also making her pro debut. Romero is now 1-0-0, and Mercury is 0-1-0.

April 13, 2001, Miller Lite Texas Title Belt Series, Texas 
The 1,844 people in attendance Thursday night at the Miller Lite Texas Title Belt Series at Jacob Brown Auditorium got lots of bang for their buck as the main event featuring two seasoned female boxers went the distance. But in the end, defending champion Kathy Williams, (13-3-0-4), 33, of Thunder Bay, Canada took the eight round Title fight, defeating Delia Gonzalez, 30, of El Paso by unanimous decision.Source:  Rose Ybarra -The Brownsville Herald

April 13, 2001,
The Spa Resort & Casino, Palm Springs, California
Jenifer Alcorn
improved to 8-0 (7 KO's) with a KO of Kimberly Reed of Granada Hills at :23 seconds of the 1st round. Reed was counted out on the mat & assisted from the ring after being hit with a two-punch combination.

April 13, 2001, Gresham, Oregon
Katherine Dunn Ringside:
A six round women’s bout featured 20 year-old Laramie Hinostroza, 126 lbs, of Kansas City, MO but fighting out of Portland, OR. Hinostroza went to 2-0 with a unanimous decision over 24 year-old Christina Avitia, 126 lbs, of Tucson, AZ who was making her pro debut.  Hinostroza had fair composure and basic skills, but  every move is slow, as though she’s wading through a nightmare swamp. Avitia was quick and energetic but out-gunned in the power department.

April 12, 2001, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, in Atlanta, Georgia, Mitzi Jeter, 145,  fought Britt VanBuskirk, 146, in a six-round bout and won by a unanimous decision.  VanBuskirk dropped to 10-12-1, and Mitzi's record improved to 15-3-1.  Also on the card,  Nina Ahlin of Atlanta won a six-round bout against Sarah Goodson (JONES) of Arkansas.  According to boxing-records.com which is much like Fightfax, this is Ahlin's fourth time fighting Goodson-Jones! Ahlin has fought Jones-Goodson on the following prior dates, Jun-11-1999, Bay Saint-Louis) Sara Jones (Goodson) TKO 1; Nov-26-1999, Nouvelle- Orleans) Sara Jones (Goodson) - Decision for Ahlin; Jan-19-2001, Bay Saint-Louis) Nina Ahlin won six-round decision.   Ahlin has now defeated Goodson-Jones four times.   In attendance at the fights were boxing greats such as Marvin Hagler, Roberto Duran and Jerry Cooney.

April 12, 2001, South Carolina
At the Gaillard Municipal Auditorium that held 672 boxing fans was treated to a nine-bout fight card. There were two women’s boxing matches on the card. Melissa Salamone (20-0-1 8KO) fought Shakurah Witherspoon (8-20-1 3KO) for the third time. Witherspoon lasted 1:58 seconds in the first round before the fight was stopped. WBAN received some disappointing emails by boxing fans who said that "enough was enough" with Salamone fighting Witherspoon for the third time. Salamone has also fought Tawayna Broxton four different times, all wins going to Salamone.   Another women’s bout featured Marianna Chubirka (1-0-0 1KO) and Billie Joe White. Chubirka, a flyweight, TKO’d White in the second round when White would not come out after the first round. 

April 12, 2001, Bakersfield, California 
Tia Greenburg,
150, making her pro debut KO'd Debbie Foster, in 12 seconds in the first round. Roy Englebrecht promotions. Greenburg is now 1-0-0 (1KO) and Foster dropped to 2-2-0. 

April 7, 2001, 
Lucky Eagle Casino, Rochester, Washington
Las Vegan Yvonne Caples, 107 3/4, won a four-round unanimous decision (40-36 all judges) against Canadian Robin Pinto who was making her pro debut.  Pinto has been boxing for three years with 13 amateur bouts on her record.  The fight was action-packed, and the crowd was thrilled to see such a skillful match betweent the two boxers.  In the opening seconds of the first round, Pinto slipped, and there were no knockdowns in this bout.  Caples was voted fighter of the night from the crowd of cheering fans.

April 7, 2001,  Worley, Idaho
Dakota Stone
(3-1-0) of Aberdeen, Wash., won by a decision against Olivia Pereira (4-4-1) of Winnipeg, Manitoba. *record is unverified

April 7, 2001,  Hamburg, Germany
Regina Halmich TKO'd Andrea Blevins in the fifth round.  According to news sources, Halmich knocked down Blevins twice, in the 2nd and 5th round. Blevins showed a lot of heart, but failed to connect many combos on one of German's finest!

April 6, 2001,  Texas Station Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada 
Monica McGowan from Jacksonville, Texas won a hard-fought six-rounder by a resounding unanimous decision against IBA Middleweight champion Suzy Taylor.  Mary Ann Owen from boxinginlasvegas.com who was covering the fight ringside said that McCowan " has so much heart and would not give up." All three judges scored the fight 59-55. 

April 1, 2001 Derbyshire, UK
Sara Hall
of Brampton, KO2 Audrey Guthrie. Hall is now 1-1 and  Guthrie's dropped to 0-2.  

April 1, 2001 Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.
Jessica Rakoczy of Toronto, Canada but fighting out of Las Vegas under the management of Teddy Concepcion,  won by a six-round unanimous decision against Mikee Stafford of Northridge, California.  Rakoczy moved her record to 4-0 (2 KO's) and Mikee dropped to 2-2 (2 KO's). 





































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