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  April 29, 2000, Varde, Denmark
Anita Christensen TKO'd Italian Chiara Benedettini in the third round.  WBAN's European reporter said that Christensen had prepared for her match against Benedettini by going to Poland and sparring  with Iwona Guzowska.  Benedettini never seem to get into the fight, and Christensen was better both physically and technically.  In the first round, Christensen controlled the fight with left jabs to the head, and she also worked the body with combinations. In the second round, Christensen continued to dominate the fight.   The referee stopped the fight in the third round when Benedettini  started turning away. There were no knock downs. Christensen moved her record to 3-0 and Benedettini record fell to 2-2.

April 28, 2000, Foxwoods Resort Casino, Conn. Liz Mueller won by a unanimous decision in a four-round lightweight bout against Shakurah Witherspoon. Mueller has moved her record to 3-0 (2 KO, and Witherspoon has dropped to 8-16-1. As reported in the Hartford Courant by Terry Price He said the following:   Liz Mueller took a big step up Friday night and took a big step forward.  Fighting for the first time at Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mueller, the state's only female professional boxer, dominated Shakurah Witherspoon to win a unanimous decision in a four-round lightweight bout.  Mueller was not overly bothered by the big-time setting or Witherspoon's experience.  Mueller (3-0, two knockouts) stayed on top of Witherspoon (8-16-1, four knockouts) the entire fight. Witherspoon's left-handedness presented a different look for Mueller, but she didn't let it bother her. A former national high school cross country champion, Mueller cornered Witherspoon, who is from Philadelphia, in every round and opened up with digging shots to the body and left hooks to the head.  It was the first time Mueller, who is from Waterford, has gone more than two rounds in a professional fight. She won her first two matches, including her debut in Hartford in January, with second-round TKOs."  

April 28, 2000- Austin, Texas
Jay Vega
of Austin, Texas, won her pro debut with a four-round unanimous decision over Sarah Goodson of Arkansas. Goodson slipped to 0-8-1. Another fighter that needs to re-evaluate why she is in boxing, with no wins and eight losses. Another women's bout, Lori Lord, of Austin improved her record to 5-1 with a third-round TKO over Susan Nance. Nance has dropped to 1-1.

April 27, 2000 -Manhattan Center, NY
Vonda Ward
TKO'd Jeneva Buckhalter 1:22 seconds in the second round. An exciting fight, Ward was knocked down in the first round, but in the second round, Buckhalter took two standing eight counts before the fight was stopped. Ward moved her record to 5-0, and Buckhalter fell to 1-5-1.

April 27, 2000 -South Whitehall Township, PA
Donna Parson
of Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania won a majority decision in a featherweight bout against Larissa Smith..


April 26, 2000, Kenner, LA  
Doris Hackl
won by a Majority Decision in a 10-round decision against Chevelle Hallback.  As Ryan Wissow reported "An excellent fight, and a good clash of styles. Hallback was the aggressor and clearly the much harder puncher, but the taller southpaw Hacki was very precise with her combinations, although she sometimes slapped with her punches. Hallback missed with some wild punches, but she also managed to land several bombs and she had Hackl clearly in trouble on a couple of occasions. But Hackl came on strong later in the fight as Hallback began to slow down and lunge with some of her punches. Hackl counter-punched pretty well. Hackl couldn't hurt Hallback with a baseball bat, but she showed good stamina and fought a pretty smart fight. Although I feel that Hallback did enough to win the decision, the fight was VERY close with rounds that could have been scored for either fighter, and Hackl was awarded the decision, which the crowd boo'd."  Other boxing fans that wrote into WBAN said that the fight was a bad decision, and should have gone to Hallback. Looks like a rematch in in the making!  Hackl is now 4-0, and Hallback fell to 5-2. In another bout, J'Marie Moore TKO'd Anita Wells in the third round.  Wissows comments, "An exciting fight, for the wrong reasons. These two performed pretty poorly tonight. At least Moore knew how to use a jab and decent footwork, but she is very slow (handed and foot), and the street fighter Wells was brawling in and landing bombs on Moore (many punches missed, but several good ones did land). Wells showed ZERO boxing skills, but she looked hungry in the first round as she bum-rushed Moore and won the 1st round big. Wells was holding her own until she, out on nowhere, took a knee for a standing eight count because she ran out of gas from shooting her load in the 1st round. And then in round 3, Moore finally opened up with some decent punches as Wells basically took another knee and quit from what was obvious fatigue (and she was complaining about her contact lenses causing her eyes discomfort). Not a good fight for women's boxing, but it was oddly entertaining."   Moore is now 2-0, and I spoke to her and Ann Wolfe after the fight. She was very positive about her win and is ready and waiting to get in the ring with another "daughter".....  Stay tune for this to eventually take place if Moore has anything to do about it!  Also, Ann Wolfe TKO'd Gina Nicholas in the 2nd round. Wissow, "You people need to keep your eyes on Wolfe. She is THE GOODS. She may very well be one of the best P4P fighters in women's boxing right now! She showed all the tools against Nicholas: speed, power, skills, movement, versatility, she's the complete package. She won the first round but Nicholas held her own, then early in the 2nd round, BOOM! Nicholas goes down and goes down hard from a right hand. Nicholas gets up but is clearly in no condition to continue as the referee correctly stops the fight as Nicholas is clearly out on her feet, following one of the explosive endings I have ever seen in a women's fight. Wolfe was already destroyed the 154 pound title holder Mary Ann Almager. Anne Wolfe is for real! "  Wissow hit it right on the mark with Wolfe. Wolfe is absolutely FEARLESS.  Wolfe is quickly showing that she is in a league of her own.  She will literally step up to the plate with any fighter.  By the way, ANN WOLFE will be named the "Fighter of the Month" on WBAN for the month of May.  Wolfe is 5-0 (3KO), and Nicholas dropped to 10-4-2. Lastly, Sandra Yard defended her IFBA Featherweight championship belt against Beverly Szymanski and won by a KO in the eight round.  But, controversy is already surrounding this fight.  Szymanski is protesting the outcome of this fight, according to inside sources.  Wissow reported the following:  "A good fight. Yard tried to keep the fight on the outside, while Szymanski was coming forward trying to make it a phone booth war. Yard used her height and reach advantages to her benefit in out boxing Szymanski for most of the rounds, while Szymanski also managed to land some good punches as she was pressing the fight. Then in the 8th round, Yard unleashed a barrage of power punches that shook Szymanski, as Szymanski's back was on the ropes, and Yard got her in a corner to throw more punches.  Szymanski tried to clinch Yard, and a fraction of a second after the ref yelled break [he was just about to physically separate the fighters] Yard used her unclenched arm, her left, to drill Szymanski with a left hook. Szymanski was counted out.  The commentators were wondering if Yard was in the wrong for hitting Szymanski after the ref yelled break, but the ref hadn't yet actually stepped between the two fighters when the punch landed.  Big KO win for Yard." Yard is now 10-2-2, Szymanski dropped to 9-6. In addition, Rolanda Andrews won by a unanimous six-round decision over Sherri Thompson.  Thompson was clearly outboxed by the more polished Andrews, who is a southpaw.   Andrews moved to 4-4, and Thompson dropped to 3-2.

April 22, 2000, in Centennial Hall, Hayward, California
Gina Guidi
(153) defeated Trina Ortegon, of New Mexico in a ten-round title fight for the vacant International Women’s Boxing Federation (IWBF) World Middleweight Championship title.  Guidi won a Majority Decision over Ortegon in a ten-round bout that was described by WBAN reporter as "a barnburner all the way with both women showing that special courage when faced with an opponent that won't back down -- The crowd gave a standing ovation after each round -- The scorecards, 97-93, 97-93, and 96-96 -- This fight would have been called one of the fights of the decade had it been videoed."  Guidi's record is now 13-1-1 (5KO).  Ortegon is now  8-2. A second women's bout that was scheduled on the card was cancelled.  The scheduled debut fight of Carol "The Double Barrel" Wirth vs Mary Touralotte, at 143 pounds, was scratched due to Ms. Touralotte showing up 11 pounds overweight and without a required blood test. 

April 22, 2000 Guangzhou, China 
Laila Ali
TKO'd Kristina King 
News sources reported that Laila Ali bloodied
Kristina King's face with a series of punches and stopped her in the fourth round to remain undefeated in six fights. Ali, daughter of Muhammad Ali, outclassed King, a prison guard and SWAT team member who was making only her second appearance in the ring. She had won her only previous fight. The referee stopped the bout 37seconds into the fourth round. 

April 21, 2000, Cranston, Rhode Island
Kathy Rivers TKO'd Taquella Hoskin of Ashtabula, Ohio at 0:51 in the first round. The crowd was very upset at the fight being stopped and booed as they announced that Hoskin's did not want to continue. Rivers record is now 9-2. Hoskin 0-4.

April 20, 2000 in Beaumont, Texas Valerie Mahfood, title holder of both the IWBF/WIBF Light Heavyweight championship TKO'd Monica McGowan 1:47 in the third round. Mahfood's record moved to 8-3, and McGowan is now 1-1-0. Originally, the fight between #7 ranked (I. F. B. A. Super Heavy Weight) Monica McGowen and I.W.B.F./W.I.B.F. Lt. Heavy Weight World Champion Valerie "Wolfe" Mahfood was slotted as an undercard fight on the Miller Lite Productions: "Texas Title Belt" fight card. The main event was an eight round, men's light weight Texas Title belt fight. However, as things progressed and the media coverage continued to focus on the women's bout, the Wolfe vs. McGowen fight advanced to the main event, leaving the men's title fight as the "featured" undercard bout. Meeting in the center of the ring, both fighters touched gloves as they received instructed from the referee, Ricky Webb. The night before, each had weighed in within two pounds of one another. McGowen was the heavier of the two at 182, with Mahfood tipping in at a 180 pounds. The opening bell sounded. Both boxers met in the center of the ring. Although McGowen has relatively little ring experience, she did not demonstrate it against Mahfood. Throwing a stiff jab dead on target, she earned Mahfood's respect. As well, the Wolfe established herself with her trademark jab/left hook combination to the head. At the end of the first round, neither fighter appeared injured. The first round seemed to be a learning session in which they came to see each other's strengths and ultimately, their weaknesses. In the second round, the action picked up tremendously as Mahfood was fueled by chants of "Wolfe" from the crowd. Monica, a strong counter puncher, would slip the jab of Mahfood in exchange for one of her own. After several attempts at engaging McGowen, Mahfood dropped the left jab and begin to lead with a straight right. The action was non stop as both fighters threw in combinations of at least fours. However, with thirty seconds to go in the second round, the Wolfe took the led. Leading with a left hook to the body, she cause McGowen to drop her hands. Then, she fired a straight right that shattered Monica's nose. A few more punches and the round was over. The third round begin what was yet to be another two minutes of war. Again they met in the center of the ring, took hold of the canvas beneath them, and made way for battle amidst a now standing crowd. McGowen was beginning to show a little fatigue, which allowed the Wolfe to capitalize on her strength: stamina. Never stopping to set her feet, Wolfe repeatingly threw jabs aimed for the now blood strained face of McGowen. This tactic, though effective, left Mahfood vulnerable to the strong right hand of McGowen.  While attempting to throw an unanchored jab, the Wolfe was caught by a vicious right hand. Losing her balance, she stumbled backward. Monica charged forward to catch her, but Mahfood had since pivoted to her right and was able to counter with another straight right hand to McGowen's jaw. Monica was now defenseless. Wolfe unloaded twenty-six unanswered punches before the referee attempted to stop the action. Simultaneously, McGowen's corner threw in the towel to end the assault with 57 seconds to go in the third round. (A special thanks to the Wolfe Team for providing photos which will be posted soon and a fight report!)

April 19, 2000 Convention Centre in Auckland NZ
Marischa Sjauw won by a UD against Wena Karaka,
in a 10 round WIBF Championship.  She is now the WIBF Jr. Welterweight champion. Sjauw won the WIBF Jr. Welterweight belt in the first female championship bout in the Southern hemisphere, and only the second title bout for men or women held in New Zealand. Sjauw's record improved to 15-4-1 and Karaka fell to 2-2-1.

April 17, 2000 -Casino Queen, E. St. Louis, Il.  Sue Mullett, 134, (7-4, 4ko's) UD4 Theresa Gaulden, 134, (2-3) WBAN's inside reporter said that the four rounds were basically the same.  Gaulden would move laterally, staying outside and throw a few combinations.  As soon as Mullett would move in behind a jab, Gaulden would clinch, then Mullett worked the body.  judges scored it: 40-36, 40-36, 39-37.

April 15, 2000 Las Vegas, Nevada
There was a female fight this weekend on the Quartey / Vargas card... Eliza Olson, (143) TKO'd Michelle Vidales(141) at 1:47 of the third round. Her record is now 2-0, with 2 KOs, while Vidales falls to 2-2, with 2 KOs.  She is trained by Freddy Roach . Her opponent was Michelle Vidales now 2-2, 2 KOs. According to WBAN news sources, the fight was over fast, with Olson dominating Vidales with her hard punching.

April 15, 2000, San Fidel, New Mexico
LeiLani Salazar
TKO'd Adriana Delgado in the fifth round. The fight was scheduled to be a six rounder, but Delgado failed to answer the bell at the start of the fifth round. Salazar moves to 3-4-0, (3 KO), Delgado dropped to 2-2 (2KO).

April 15, 2000 Lucky Eagle Casino, Rochester, WA
Marsha Valley (157) vs Dakota Stone (156)
WBAN's Sue TL Fox covered this fight ringside, and it was the most exciting fight on the undercard.  The fight went four hard-fought ounds. Stone had greatly improved her conditioning and boxing skills since her last fight at the Lucky Eagle.  The fight wasjudged a MAJORITY DRAW with scoring of 39-37, 38-38, 38-38. WBAN's score had VALLEY winning the fight at 39-37. There will be a full report with photos posted later today, April 16, so check the homepage for the link to it! Valley's record is 6-3-4, and Stone's is 1-1-1.

April 15, 2000 in Moscow, Russia 
Anastassia Touktalova
(110 1/2), won a six-round  UD over Lessya Chelyakina (114 1/2). 

April 15, 2000 Ipswich, Queensland Australia 
Julie Livet
(113)  won by first-round TKO over Racheal Purdy(118). The fight was a four-round bout. 

April 14, 2000 Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
Jeanne Martinez
of Slidell, Louisiana and Brenda Drexel Bell of San Marcos, Texas fought to a technical draw. The fight was scheduled to go six rounds, but Martinez was cut by an accidental head butt, which forced the fight to be stopped in the fourth round. The fight was stopped in the fourth round. Second fight in which a fight was stopped due to unusual circumstances. due to unusual circumstances. Her last fight ended when there was a mysterious odor on her gloves. Martinez record is now 12-4-2, and Bell
is 3-6-1. 

April 14, 2000 Gray’s Armory, Cleveland, Ohio
Vickie Woods vs. Sabrina Hall,
Eight Rounds of action - Grafton’s Sabrina Hall and Vickie Woods from Chattanooga, Tenn., staged an eight-round slugfest. When it was over, the judges split three ways so it ended in a draw. Hall won a disputed decision when they met last year.  Another Female bout on the card:  Stacy Dingus vs. Bonnie Wheery:
Stacy Dingus of Cleveland collapsed in the ring after losing to Cleveland’s Bonnie Wheery where both fighters were making their pro debut.  Dingus went down from an overhand right to the head and the bout was halted 28 seconds into the first round by referee Carlos Pender when he determined it should not continue.   Dingus, 28, slumped to the canvas and needed medical attention. Ringside physician Dr. Jaymez Diggs said she suffered "head and neck trauma." She was conscious as she left the arena on a stretcher. (Excerpt from Cleveland.com by writer Joe Maxse.)

April 14, 2000 San Antonio, Texas
In a coming-out party for a pair of boxing debutantes, San Antonio's Mary Wells earned a unanimous decision over fellow Alamo City native Lisa Avila on Friday night at Freeman Coliseum.  Wells dropped Avila with a left hook in the fourth round to earn the victory. All three judges scored the fight 38-37 in favor of Wells. The four-round fight, one of five on the undercard of the Tony Ayala Jr.-Jorge Vado main event, wasn't the most technical display of boxing ever seen.  What they lacked in technique, however, Wells and Avila more than made up for with tenacity and grit. Neither held anything back, delighting the 7,845 in attendance with a continuous stream of hooks and jabs.  The knockdown didn't seem to hurt Avila much, but gave Wells just enough of  an advantage to earn her first career victory. Wells gaining her first win 1-0, and Lisa 0-1.

April 14, 2000-  Florida 
Patricia Demick
defeated newcomer Sharice Gray, who had a 1-0 record going into the fight.  WBAN will get her opponents name soon. According to Sandy Goldberg, this was the best fight of the evening. There was a lot of pressure on Patricia because the Brazilian news cameramen had been covering her activities all week.   I really thought she was going to take this girl out early but Gray traded punch for punch with Patricia.  Demick is now 4-2 (3KO). Gray is now 1-1. 

April 13, 2000 Anaheim, California Bridgett Riley KO'd Del Pettis in first round of the fight.  According to WBAN sources, Pettis was stunned with a hard right hand.  She then was able to continue the fight and then was bombarded with combinations. According to news sources Pettis went down 20 seconds in the first round with an overhand right to the chin.  

April 13, 2000 Shopko Hall in Green Bay, Wisc.
Bridgett Benjamin
of Milwaukee, easily advanced her professional boxing career Thursday at Shopko Hall in Green Bay, Wisc., to two wins in two outings when she fought  Alchevia Bell, Chicago, in a welterweight women's bout.  Benjamin, 145, scored her second knockout in as many starts in the her professional career when Bell, 149, could not answer the bell for the third round. Bell brought a wild windmill style of fighting against Benjamin's sharp boxing skills. At the end of the first round Bell was visibly wobbly on her feet and winded, a result of Benjamin's accurate punching to the head and body. The overall nature of the fight was that of a brawl. Benjamin adds to her 6-1 amateur record.  At the end of the second round, a winded and hurt Bell managed to get back to her corner stool and told the referee that she could not continue.  Benjamin
 was credited with a second TKO. Benjamin was scheduled to fight Alicia Sparks of Indianapolis but when Denise Moreates knocked out Sparks last week a substitute had to be found quickly and Bell was the standing. 
Among five men's bouts on the six-match card, Eric ‘Butterbean' Esch won by TKO in a four round super-heavyweight fight. Report by Bun.

 April 11-15 2000 Everlast U.S. Women's National
Championships - Results for first day 4/11/00
As one reporter summarized the opening day of this event,  "The punches were flying at full force Tuesday, in the opening day of the 2000 Everlast U.S. Women's National Championships at the Holiday Convention Center." Eleven bouts in the senior division took place ranging from 119-pound weight class to the 156-pound class.  Here are the results of the first day of the 2000 Everlast U.S. Women's National Championships held Tuesday at the Holiday Inn Convention Center. RSC denotes referee's decision.  119 pounds -- Julia Day  dec. Debbie Josefsberg , RSC-1 (1:10); Jamie McGrath  dec. Jaime Barron on points, 14-2;  125 pounds -- Marilyn Salcido  dec. Kalina Fernandez on points, 20-6; Stella Nijhof  dec. Teresa O'Toole on points, 10-3;  132 pounds -- Amber Gideon (Warrenville, Ill.) dec. Mary Smith on points, 11-1;  Sylvia Guanajuato  dec. Margaret Buehler on points, 15-12;  Jennifer Han stopped Paula Linman (Chino, Calif.), RSC-3 (1:13);  156 pounds -- Anne-Marie Saccurato dec. Jennifer Driggers on points, 20-10;  Maxine Madrigal stopped Josette Munson , RSC-3 (:45), on 15-point rule, 21-4;  Cheryl Jacobs def. Julie Maze on points, 31-11;  and Jill Emery  dec. Angelique Bovee on points, 18-10.

April 11-15 2000 Everlast U.S. Women's National
Championships - Results for second day 4/12/00
119 pounds -- Julia Day decisioned' Debbie Josefsberg  RSC-1 (1:10); Jamie McGrath  dec. Jaime Barron  on points, 14-2;  125 pounds -- Marilyn Salcido  dec. Kalina Fernandez  on points, 20-6; Stella Nijhof  decisioned Teresa O'Toole on points, 10-3;  132 pounds -- Amber Gideon  dec. Mary Smith on points, 11-1;  Sylvia Guanajuato  dec. Margaret Buehler  on points, 15-12;  Jennifer Han stopped Paula Linman  RSC-3 (1:13);  156 pounds -- Anne-Marie Saccurato  dec. Jennifer Driggers on points, 20-10;  Maxine Madrigal  stopped Josette Munson  RSC-3 (:45), on 15-point rule, 21-4;  Cheryl Jacobs  def. Julie Maze on points, 31-11;  and Jill Emery  dec. Angelique Bovee on points, 18-10.

April 11-15 2000 Everlast U.S. Women's National
Championships - Results for second day 4/12/00
106 pounds -- Linda Carrillo (El Monte, Ca.) dec. Monay Mincy (Queens, N.Y.) on points, 14-7; Carina Moreno (Watsonville, Ca.) dec. Catherine Herway (San Antonio) on points, 42-1; 112 pounds -- Heather Percival (Fontana, Calif.) dec. Evelyn Sanchez (Irving) on points, 20-13; 119 pounds -- Julia Day (Lexington, Ky.) dec. Georgina Dominguez (San Antonio) on points, 17-5; Pepper Strode (Marion, N.C.) def. Jamie McGrath (Smithtown, N.Y.), medical walkover; 125 pounds -- Marilyn Salcido (Rialto, Calif.) dec. Heather Stevens (Virginia Beach, Va.) on points, 17-8; Stella Nijhof (New York) dec. Adelaida Avalos (Whittier, Calif.) on points, 17-4; 132 pounds -- Amber Gideon (Warrenville, Ill.) dec. Sylvia Guanajuato (Eloy, Az.) on points, 27-9; Anca Neagu (Austin) def. Jennifer Han (El Paso), DQ-2 (1:39); 139 pounds -- Jean Martin (Brooklyn, N.Y.) def. Crystal Guhr (Camp Lejeune, N.C.), medical walkover; Melissa Florentino (Cranston, R.I.) dec. Stephanie Jaramillo (Albuquerque, N.M.) on points, 30-19; 147 pounds -- Micki Pryor (Long Island, N.Y.) dec. Kerry Kasik (Cupertino, Ca.) on points, 9-3; Desiree Mistretta (Farmingdale, N.Y.) stopped Marcey Monohan (Kailua, Hi.), RSC-1 (1:28); 156 pounds -- Ann-Marie Saccurato (Yonkers, N.Y.) stopped Maxine Madrigal (Amarillo), RSC-3 (1:11), on 15-point rule, 34-18; Jill Emery (New York) stopped Cheryl Jacobs (Albany, N.Y.), RSC-3 (0:31); 165 pounds -- Emilia Longoria (Phoenix, Az.) dec. Cynthia Lozano (Marietta, Ga.) on points, 15-9; 178 pounds -- Kanicia Eley (Newport News, Va.) stopped Jennifer Capelo (League City), RSC-1 (1:37); 201 and over -- Cindy Zamudio (Arieta, Calif.) stopped Debbie Grim (Bronx, N.Y.), RSC-1 (1:31).  Junion Division: 106 pounds -- Melinda Cooper (Las Vegas, Nev.) dec. Alicia Arguelles (Los Lunas, N.M.) on points, 16-7.

April 8, 2000, at the Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI
Laila Ali
(168) TKOd Karen Bill (166) in the third round.  Ali is now 5-0 (5KO's), and Bill has slipped to 1-5. Laila Ali's famous father sat at ringside, Ali won her fifth straight fight against Karen Bill (1-4), a 166 lb. fighter from Oklahoma City. Bill became the first fighter to knock Laila Ali down when she floored Laila Ali in the second round of the fight. Laila won by a TKO in the third round.  As one news source reported, "Ali, clearly the more stylish fighter, scored with several rights in the first round, but Bill landed a solid right just before the bell that let Ali know - for the first time in her brief career - that she was in for a real fight." Bill protested that the fight was prematurely stopped and voiced that it was because of who she was fighting not that the fight should have been stopped.   Muhammad Ali gave Laila a hug after the fight, and she said to one news source, "I think he called me a warrior, but I'm not really sure."   News reports indicated that the fight was a slugfest with a lot of action.  After Laila fought Bill, she sat at ringside with her father and watched the rest of the bouts. 

April 8, 2000, from Bakersfield, CA
Semi-main event - Debbie Foster (2-1) vs. Patricia Linton of Tyler, Texas, making her pro debut.
The semi main event brought loud cheers for local favorite Debbie Foster (2-1) who won by TKO for the second time at the Garden when she sent Patricia Linton of Tyler, Tex., who was making her pro debut, to the canvas 26 seconds into the fourth round.  Foster dominated the entire fight, really turning up the intensity in the second and fourth rounds, connecting left and right jabs to Linton's head several times. The third round saw a tired Linton grab on to Foster and fall to the mat. Foster took advantage of Linton's fatigue as Linton could no longer defend herself, causing the referee to stop the fight. "Two KOs at the Garden - what do you say - thank you Bakersfield," Foster said. "More than focusing on the jab I was working on the things I didn't do last time. She (Linton) actually was quite powerful. I just took my time." Foster's trainer Tommy Tillery, who was a little disappointed with her fighting tactics at the last Fight Night at the Garden, was pleased with Saturday's performance.  "Tonight (Saturday) was a little bit better, but in my heart I know she could do way better than that," Tillery said. "She's still a little crowd weary. I'm hoping I can get more fights for her in the 6-8 round range because she doesn't warm up until the fourth round, but that will come with time." The evening's event actually began on a sour note when the first two under card fights were declared draws by the judges, which drew much hostility from the boisterous crowd. News report from Sherry Mombourquette. 

 April 8, 2000 -Women's European Amateur
which finished in Macon, France. 

April 8, 2000, Gold Coast, Queensland 
Julie Livet 51.3 kg TKOd Racheal Purdy 53.6 kg  
in the first round.  The fight was a four round bout.

April 8, 2000 - Poland  
Iwona Guzowska  won
a 10 round unanimous decision over Chris Kreuz and retained her  WIBO featherweight title.  She also gained the IWBF Featherweight "World" Unification.  The final scoring was 100-90, 98-92, 100-91. The second woman's bout was between Agnieszka Rylik, who TKOd Piroska Beki of Hungary in the first round. 

April 8, 2000 -Sofia, Bulgaria 
Svetla Taskova
of Bulgaria won by second-round TKO over Emilia Iakimova. Both fighters were from Bulgaria.

April 7, 2000, Verona, NY  
Jackie Frazier-Lyde 
KO'd Wanda Gamble at 59 seconds in the first round.

April 7, 2000, Grand Victoria Casino, Rising Sun, IN Denise Moraetes knocked out Alicia Sparks in the 1st round.  Moraetes is now 10-1, and Sparks (who needs to stop fighting for awhile and figure out what is going wrong with her career. She is now 1-8. Her only win came against Heather Shoffner who needs to get a day job, and has NO business in the ring. 

April 6, 2000 Canada Centre, Toronto, Canada Margaret Sidoroff vs. Para Draine.
IWBF Flyweight Title ten-rounds
Boxing fans were right on when WBAN conducted a poll on the Margaret Sidoroff / Para Draine 10-round IWBF Flyweight championship bout that took placed tonight, April 6th, in Toronto, Canada. The results of that poll had 91% voting that Sidoroff would win.    WBAN reporter, Brian Ackley, covered the fight exclusively and called in the results from Canada, shortly after the fight took place.  The results were unanimous:  Margaret Sidoroff defeated Draine by 99-91, 99-91, 96-95.  Ackley scored it 99-94.    Ackley will have a complete report on the fight soon, but he did comment that it was a very exciting fight, and that there were no knockdowns in the fight.  He reported that Sidoroff received a cut in one of the later rounds.  There will also be photographs of the fight soon!  Sue TL Fox, 4/6/00 

April 6, 2000 Coeur d'Alene, Worley, Idaho
Carla Wilcox
from Seattle, making her pro debut won with a  four-round unanimous decision over Robin Yakhour (0-2) who is from Portland, Oregon. WBAN source reported that Wilcox looked good in her pro debut.

April 5, 2000   Kansas City, Missouri
Susan Nance
(pro debut) won a six-round unanimous decision over Sarah Goodson of Arkansas in a straw weight bout.   Goodson apparently another good fighter to pad other's records. 1-7-0.

Apri1 1, 2000 - Bremerton, Washington
Suzanne McDaniel
  won a four-round unanimous decision over Jenny Miller. McDaniel is moved to 2-2, Miller dropped to  0-2-1.

April 1, 2000 : Barranquilla, Colombia.  
A boxing card took place in the "Rincon Latino", a popular site in city with two women's bouts.  The card was showed live on the local TV station TeleCaribe. The first match was a 4-round bantamweight match between Indira Pérez vs Angie Martínez. The fight was a draw, but  according to the TV commentators,  Indira was undoubtedly the better boxer. The second bout was showed live on TV with Darys Pardo vs Diana Gaspar in the Jr. Welterweight division.  Pardo won by TKO in the first round.  The fight between Pardo and Gaspar appeared to be a mismatch and Gasper displayed very little boxing skill. Pardo had thrown many punches and within a few seconds, Gaspar fell to the canvas.  The ref gave Gaspar an eight-count.  She got up again, but could not continue the fight and the referee stopped the match.  Fight Report by the Colombian Friend.4/2/00.

April 1, 2000  Toppenish, WA
Snodene Blakeney
defeated Gloria Ramirez
 by split decision.   Fight results from Katherine Dunn:   A pair of Texas women went to war with Snodene Blakeney, 142 lbs, winning a 6 round split decision over Gloria Ramirez, 143 lbs. The judges called it 58-56, and 59-57 for Blakeney, with one judge seeing it as 58-57 for Ramirez.



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