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The "Best" , The "Coolest" to the "Most Outrageous"!

Another year has gone by and it is time to have the "hot and Not" Picks for 2014! This year was one of the most difficult years to determine our  TOP picks. WBAN has elected to list more than one boxer in certain categories to give our due respect for those fighters who have worked hard throughout the year to qualify for that top pick!


 Special Dedication in 2014
In memory of the following

Phyllis Kugler

Jose Sulaiman

Mwelase Phindile Geboria Mayfield
Julian St. John Olya Golumbovskaja

Delfine Persoon
Photo: Facebook

Fighter of the year
 of the Year 2014

Delfine Persoon
Delfine Persoon,  29,  31-1-0 (14KO), of Roeselare, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium, fought three times in 2014.  Persoon, fought some of the very best when she took on Erica Farias, who gave Farias her first loss in their 10-round world title fight for the WBC lightweight title.  Another tough matchup she had this year was with world champion Diana Prazak, where Persoon won by a ninth round TKO.   In 2014, Persoon was named our  WBAN's January and December Fighter of the month!


Cecilia Braekhus

Top European Fighter
of the Year 2014

Cecilia "First Lady" Braekhus
33-year old Cecilia Braekhus, 27-0-0 (7KO), of Bergen, Norway, fought four multi-world title bouts in 2014.  Braekhus fought Jennifer Retzte, Ivana Habazin, Jessica Balogun, and Myriiam Lamare winning all the 10-round bouts by unanimous decision. 


Jackie Nava

Ana Laura Esteche

Top Latina Boxers
of the Year 2014

Jackie Nava (Mexico)
Ana Laura Esteche (Argentina)

This year we had a tie for the Top Latina Boxer of the year.  It was a very close race with Jackie Nava, Ana Laura Esteche, and WBAN's top picks for honorable mentioned, Arely Mucino and Ibeth Zamora Silva.  

Jackie "La Princesa Azteca" Nava from Mexico, fought three times in 2014, after not fighting since August of 2012.  Nava managed to become WBAN's Fighter of the month twice in 2014, in the months of June and October!

Ana Laura Esteche from Argentina, had a great three-fight year,   as it was she who went undefeated while fighting three of her top rivals and taking a trip to Russia to get a draw with their champ. In addition, Esteche was named our WBAN February 2014 Fighter of the month.


Claressa Shields

Katie Taylor

Top Amateur Boxers
 of the Year 2014

Claressa Shields (United States)
Katie Taylor (Ireland)

The "Top Amateur Boxers for 2014" was shared between Claressa Shields (United States) and Katie Taylor (Ireland) both of whom in 2014 added to their 2012 Olympic Gold titles by adding World crowns and other Confederation titles. In Shields case, Pan American championships and in Taylor’s case World, European AND European Union gold’s.

A special Mention for others: With the Amateurs for each and every boxer who took part in the 2014 AIBA World Championships in Jeju, South Korea.  Not only AIBA, but coaches, referees, judges and journalists in Jeju and watching ‘overseas’ whether via Live Streaming Worldwide or LIVE TV (Korea and Ireland) this was THE best ever TOP QUALITY World championships since the event was first held in 2001 (Scranton, USA).


Photos: Facebook

Hottest Rising Boxing Star
 in 2014
Kenia Enriquez

Kenia Enriquez, 13-0-0 (6KO), of Tijuana, Mexico, undefeated and at this time, fought five times in 2014.  She won the vacant WBO World Flyweight title, and took on some very good opponents that included Noemi Bosques and Jolene Blackshear.  She is one boxer to keep your eye one---she is definitely WBAN's Top Pick for the Hottest Rising Boxing Star in 2014!

Noemi Bosques
Courtesy Photos: Facebook/with Copyrights on most photos

The Top "Mover and the Shaker" in 2014
Noemi "La Rebelde" Bosques

Noemi "La Rebelde" Bosques fought six times in 2014,  She is definitely a future boxing star in the making - so keep your eye out on Bosques!  She has a huge presence in the social media, and she promotes herself as a brand in any opportunity available to her.    Bosques is not only giving women's boxing a lot of exposure, but she is a female boxer who always projects a positive image for her and others on the net.

Tori Nelson

Layla McCarter

Most Inspirational Female  Boxers of 2014
Tori Nelson (USA)
Layla McCarter (USA)
Tori Nelson, 13-0-3  (1KO), from Ashburn, Virginia,  is not only an undefeated multi-division world champion that earned her place as one of the top women boxers in the world. But out of the ring,  she has a very busy schedule that includes working as a waitress, taking care of her kids, then going to the gym for intense training.   Nelson managed to fight five times in 2014 with four of the bouts being 10-round title bouts!  

The "Amazing" Layla McCarter, six-time world champion, 36-13-5 (8KO), of Las Vegas, Nevada, IS truly "Amazing".  This female boxer has been professionally boxing since 1998, and is STILL going strong.  She had not fought for over two years, when she fought in September of 2012, where she  TKO'd Noni Tenge.  She returned to the ring in November of 2014 to fight another one of the top female boxers the "Huracan" Melissa Hernandez.  What a matchup to get rid of potential Ring Rust! 

She has not experienced a loss since 2007, racking up 13 straight wins, with five of those fights as world title bouts.


Malissa Smith



 Literary Achievement Award
in 2014
Malissa Smith (USA)
Author Malissa Smith wrote an extensive historical book on the "History of Women's Boxing" which was a meticulously researched, seriously written yet highly entertaining book about the sport. Smith mined historical databases, newspaper archives, and individual memories to portray a compelling in-depth look at the women of the ring from the early 1700's to the challenges facing female fighters today.  The book was released in 2014.  Smith is also a board member with the International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame (IWBHF), and was a key speaker at the history-first IWBHF Inaugural Induction Ceremony that took place in Florida, where she gave a presentation on the history of the sport.


Shelito Vincent
Photos: Facebook

Most Entertaining Female Boxer of the year 2014
Shelly "Shelito's Way" Vincent
Undefeated Shelly "Shelito's Way" Vincent, 13-0-0 (1KO), of Providence, Rhode, Island, fought three times this year and in her last fight, winning the UBF World Super Bantamweight title. 

She is not only entertaining inside the ring, but outside the ring.  Vincent brings something unique and positive to the sport.


Csilla Nemedi

Rookie of the Year
in 2014

Csilla Nemedi (Hungary)
Csilla Nemedi, 8-0-0 (6KO), began fighting as a pro on January 7, 2014.  Nemedi fought EIGHT times in 2014, winning all of her fights.  In her last fight that took place on October 11, 2014, she won the WBF Bantamweight title. For fighting less than a year and accumulating eight pro fights with a belt in her eighth bout---she accomplished much in less than one year of boxing as a pro!


Top World Title bouts in 2014!
  Mariana Juarez vs. Melissa McMorrow
Melissa McMorrow vs. Jessica Chavez
 Jackie Nava vs. Alicia Ashley

Delfine Persoon vs. Erica Anabella Farias
Chantel Cordova vs. Patricia Alcivar
Delfine Persoon vs. Diana Prazak
Yesica Bopp vs. Daniela Bermudez

Mariana Juárez

Delfine Persoon

Jackie Nava

Chantel Cordova

Melissa McMorrow

Erica Farias

Alicia Ashley

Patricia Alcivar

Note: Boxing fans, if there is one that needs to be listed for 2014, send WBAN a link to the video and let us check it out to include the fight! wban100@aol.com 


The World Boxing Council (WBC) taking substantial steps to help female box
ers in the sport!

Vision for the Future
Award in 2014

World Boxing Council (WBC)

The WBC hosted a History-First by conducting a four day convention centered around the sport of Women's boxing. The event took place from September 24-28 in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico.  The convention was highly successful and was packed with celebrities, (former, retired, and current) female and male world champions, and more...Many issues were discussed about the sport and looking for solutions. The WBC did not just "talk" about helping  women boxers----they took an actual step to do something to support the females in this sport.


Kali Reis

Hanna Gabriel

Top Knockouts in 2014

Kali Reis vs. Teresa Perozzi
Kali "KO Mequinonoag" Reis, went out of her area and TKO'd Teresa Perozzi, in the third round of a 10-rounder - they were fighting for the IBA Middleweight Title.

Hanna Gabriel vs. Paty Ramirez
Hanna Gabriel KO'd Paty Ramirez in the second round in a 10-round bout.  The two vacant WBO Middleweight title.

Anne Sophie Mathis vs. Christina Hammer
The disappointment is that Mathis did not get credit for this fight, except to have the "loss" erased off her record. After much controversy, the fight was reversed to a No-Contest.....


Copyrighted photo Link

Fought 9 times in first year as a pro...winning all of her bouts...

2014 Top Busiest Boxer
of the Year 2014
Julieta Cardozo (Argentina)

Julieta "La Zorrita" Cardozo is a genuine newbie prospect from Argentina with a 9-0 record for 2014. WBAN has three videos of her fights in the video catalogue. From viewing footage of Cardozo, she appears to know her punching range and how to get into it. She throws good combinations to both head and body. Cardozo has had amateur experience prior to turning pro and is clearly learning how to box properly.  At the end of the first year of boxing, she is rated #44 with Boxrec.  (Klaudia Ferenci also fought 9 times in 2014, but she went 1-8 for 2014 and is slipping seriously in the "opponent" status with a boxing record of 8-40-5.)


Amanda Serrano

Yazmin Rivas

Yesica Bopp

Special Mention...
2014 WBAN Fighters
of the Month

Delfine Persoon (Belgium)
Ana Laura Esteche (Argentina)
Maribel Ramirez (Mexico)
Jazmin Ortega (Mexico)
Yesica Bopp (Argentina)
Jackie Nava (Mexico)
Yazmin Rivas (Mexico) 
Chantel Cordova (USA)
Amanda Serrano (USA)

WBAN would like to give a special mention to the female boxers who were our top picks throughout the year of 2014, as our "Fighters of the Month".  When you consider all the many fights that go on each month with the high amount of professional female boxers on the scene, it is very difficult to be picked as a "Fighter of the month". 

We would like to note that Delfine Persoon, Jackie Nava and Yazmin Rivas, was named our Fighter of the month twice in the year 2014.



Amanda Serrano
Cindy Serrano

Terri Moss

Tiara Brown

Patricia Alcivar

Parents of Ava Knight

IWBHF Inductees
in Hall of Fame

Chantel Cordova

Top WBAN's Coolest Stories
 in 2014
Amanda "The Real Deal" Serrano
Cindy "Checkmate" Serrano

In what was a cool story that WBAN featured in 2014,  Amanda and Cindy Serrano from New York was featured in a 12-page spread for a high fashion magazine called XEX. 

Terri Moss Awarded

Retired women's champion Terri Moss was honored with three awards on January 25, 2014,  at the annual Georgia Fighters Awards. Terri received 2013 Promoter of the Year for her white collar boxing show Atlanta Corporate Fight Night, as well Georgia Boxing Hall of Fame, and Boxing's Most Influential Person.

New Honorary WBC Champion
Gabe Santistevan

Gabe was so thrilled with his Honor from the WBC and his other awards, Gabe sent something special to the WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman and thanked all of the WBC for the support for his Battle against Brain Cancer which was diagnosed back in August 19th 2013 with medulloblastoma, which is a highly malignant brain tumor that originated in his cerebellum.  Full Story

Tiara Brown honored as Grand Marshal
 at Dunbar Easter Parade!

In April of 2014, one of the sports star athlete amateur boxers, Tiara Brown, of Fort Myers, Florida, was chosen to be the "Grand Marshal" at Sunday's Dunbar Easter Parade that took place down Martin Luther King Blvd. in Fort Myers, Florida.  Brown was dressed in her USA Boxing attire, and she autographed over 200 photos and passed them out at the parade.  Full Story

Patty Boom Boom Races to the Top

On Sunday, April 13th, at the VanCortlandt Park, in Bronx, New York, Patricia Alcivar, aka Patty Boom Boom, competed in the Urban Environmental X-C 10k Trail Race.  Alcivar was feeling a little nervous making her way to the starting line as it is the toughest trail race in New York City [NYC],  taking the participants through 6.2 miles of technical single track and difficult terrain.   The field was highly competitive with many participants showing up due to the true arrival of spring.    Full Story

 Two Boxing Champions you may not know!

Most of the time, WBAN covers the amateur and professional female boxers and we publish stories on their accomplishments in the ring---especially when they are crowned with world title belts that are well deserved.  You may not readily recognize these champions in this photo----but they are an example of  the rock that helps female boxers accomplish their goals and dreams in the sport----the family and/or parents of the boxers!  Multi-world champion Ava Knight featured her parents in this story!  Full Story

History-First International Women's Boxing Hall of Fame 2014 Inaugural Induction Ceremony

On July 10, 2014, the history-first International Women's Boxing Hall of Fame inaugural Induction ceremony took place at the Hyatt Regency Pier 66 Hotel, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  It was a fantastic event with the first class of inductees. Full Story

NABF Champion Chantel Cordova Receives Special WBC Cares Award

In October of 2014, NABF Champion Chantel Cordova was presented with a  framed WBC certificate, and a WBC Medal, for her Support and Fight against Domestic Violence. Cordova is a  survivor who is now an Advocate and Role Model against Domestic Violence. 


Dahiana Santana
Photo: Mary Ann Owen

Svetla Taskova of Bulgaria


The "Crazy" Matchups
in 2014
Dahiana Santana vs. Rocio De Leon

On March 10, 2014, at the Coliseo Pedro Julio Nolasco, La Romana, Dominican Republic, former world champion Dahiana Santana, raised her boxing record to 33-6 (14KO), when she defeated winless boxer Rocio De Leon, now 0-18-1, by a six unanimous decision. This was actually a rematch for these two. The big question is "Why"? Still Scratching our Head on this one!

Borislava Goranova vs.
Lubka Asenova

April 13, 2014 - Boxing Hall Sport Generation, Sofia, Bulgaria
Welterweight Borislava Goranova, now 8-38-1 (0KO), defeated Lubka Asenova by a four-round unanimous decision.  She is now 0-2-0.

Svetla Taskova vs. Teodora Bacheva

On April 13, 2014,  at the Boxing Hall Sport Generation, Sofia, Bulgaria, long time veteran, Svetla Taskova, of Bulgaria, donning a 5-32-1 (1KO) record, a 15 year veteran stepped in the ropes with a pro debuter, Teodora Bacheva.  Then surprisingly, the pro debuter wins the fight against by a four round split decision...Crazy!

Anne-Sophie Mathis

Anne Sophie Mathis' fight with Christina Hammer  eventually is reduced to a "No Contest" ....

Biggest Robbery of the Year
in 2014
Anne Sophie Mathis
 vs. Christina Hammer
In 2014, INITIALLY Christina Hammer received an EARLY Christmas Gift when she got KO'd by her opponent, Anne Sophie Mathis,  and then gets to strap on TWO WORLD TITLE BELTS!   Video  On July 26, 2014 at the Anhalt Arena, Dessau, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany, after Hammer was holding Mathis in the fifth round, and Mathis was punching, Hammer went down.  But then there was a call to have the decision - which went to Hammer by via DQ.  They said Mathis threw an illegal punch. With Hammer not being able to continue---she is then  DECLARED a WINNER!  Later this was  reversed to a "No Contest"


WBAN would like to thank the public who participated in giving suggestions, and submitting their choices on the survey that we posted to encourage participation.




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