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Belinszky Takes on New Challenge - December 10th
By JollyDee of Hungary
November 30, 2005

(NOV 30) The WIBF-GBU strawweight and WIBU light flyweight world champion Krisztina Belinszky will try to capture another world title against Terri Moss on December 10th. The negotiations ended ..Full Story

Christian Joins 8 Count Productions
November 30, 2005

(NOV 30) Christina Christian has joined the 8 Count Productions stable of fighters and will be Promoted exclusively by Dominic Pesoli's 8 Count Productions. Christina is looking for fights and we are willing to fight in Canada, Europe, and the USA. Anyone interested in having Christina on a fight card...More

Garside Named WBAN's December 2005 Fighter of the Month!
November 29, 2005

(NOV 29) Congratulations to Canada's rising star in women's boxing, Jeannine Garside, 4-0-0. Garside, who has taken on very tough competition early in her career, defeated Lisa Brown for the WIBA world title this month.

Kariya to fight on New Jersey Card
November 28, 2005

(NOV 28) On November 30th, at the New Jersey Schuetzen Park, North Bergen, New Jersey, Noriko Kariya will be fighting on this card. No opponent information is available.  The main event will feature Jason Litzau vs Miguel Angel Munguia, in a 10-round featherweight bout.

Latest Updates to Boxers Profiles!
November 27, 2005

(NOV 27) Dee Williams has just added two new bios to the Boxers Profile Segment.  To check out the "New Additions" go to Jeannine Garside of Windsor, Canada,  and Shanee Martin, of Colchester, England. Dee has also been making updates to other boxers' biographies. 

Video Alert - Regina Halmich
November 27, 2005

(NOV 27) On a video segment, shown on German TV (ZDF), Regina Halmich and her trainer, talks about her upcoming rematch against Elena Reid.  In this video, Regina said in the interview, that there will be no German judges on this upcoming bout that takes place on December 3rd. To view this video (it is in German, go here)

Latest Update on Vonda Ward!
Source: Press release
November 26, 2005

(NOV 26) Vonda Ward, the current IBA Heavyweight and Cruiserweight Champion of the World, is seeking future opponents. Vonda had signed a contract in September of this year with Raging Promotions to fight Laila Ali. However, due to personal reasons, Ali never signed her contract.  More

Fatuma Wins by TKO
November 26, 2005

(NOV 26) Tonight in Nairobi, Kenya, Zarrika Fatuma (Fatuma Zariuka) won by KO5 over Agnes Adongo. This fight was a scheduled six round bout, but was reported to have originally been for a WIBF title bout (not world); Also, in another female bout, Jane Kavulani won a four-round decision over Monique Chipeta.

Tonight: Goodson on Heavyweight card
November 26, 200

(NOV 26) Tonight, at the Smith Convention Center, in Fort Smith, Arkansas,  a women's bout, featuring Sarah Goodson on the undercard has been added to this card.   WBAN does not have her opponent's name.  Also, Former linear heavyweight champion Shannon “Brooklyn” Briggs will headline the show.

Saccurato Wins by TKO
November 25, 2005

(NOV 25) On Wednesday night at the Westchester County Center, in White Plains, New York, on North East Promotions fan appreciation night,   Ann Marie Saccurato, 141, TKO'd Tanya Gallegos, 147, in the first round of a scheduled six rounder.Saccurato is the only boxer to have fought on all of the East promotions Cards held at this event thus far.

Fiorentino Wins World Title over Schouten
November 24, 2005

PROVIDENCE— As a former World title challenger, Missy Fiorentino knows that second chances aren’t easily earned. Last night in her hometown, the hard-punching Fiorentino made the most of her second opportunity achieving the moniker of World Champion in an animated 10-round decision over Esther Schouten for the vacant IWBF Featherweight crown at the Providence Convention Center.  Full Story

Boxing Folks NOT happy about Robinson's upcoming fight
November 22, 2005

(NOV 22) Leatitia “Baby Girl” Robinson was supposed to fight on November 18th, on the "World Title Wave" show in Edmonton, Canada---BUT she dropped off the card, just days before the fight due to an alleged injury to her nose that she supposedly received when sparring in the ring.  Three unused airline tickets, medical costs, and promotional costs the promoters absorbed, in this cancellation, and buying a last-minute ticket for last minute opponent, Laura Ramsey to fight Burton in a 10-round bout with a 72-hour notice.  Full Story

Stop Talking and Start Fighting
By Bernie McCoy
November 22, 2005

(NOV 22) Boxing, the most primal of sports, is, at it's essence, two fighters fighting. Talk is unnecessary since once fighters get in the ring, the issue of who is better is clearly evident. Likewise, when an overabundance of talk threatens to overwhelm the sport, there is a tendency to shout: "Shut up and let the fighters fight." The sport seems to be entrapped in such a period: too much talk, much too much talk and not enough fighting.  Full Story

Miraculous Recovery!
By Butch Gottlieb/Team Burton
November 22, 2005
©Photo by Mary Ann Owen

(NOV 22) IWBF, WIBA, IBA Light Heavyweight and Middleweight Champ Leatitia “Baby Girl” Robinson seems to have made a miraculous recovery from her so called injury.
She was scheduled to defend her WIBA world title against Shelley Burton on last Saturdays "A Ring of their Own World Title Wave" pay-per-view show in Canada. SHE PULLED OUT 72 HOURS BEFORE THE FIGHT claiming an injury to the cartilage in her nose.  More

Star-Studded Championship fight card - at the R.I. Convention Center
Source: Press Release
November 22, 2005

(NOV 22) PROVIDENCE, RI -- CES plans to end the 2005 season on a high note Wednesday night at the R.I. Convention Center in Providence's Downcity.   Seven big bouts are planned, along with one world championship fight, and three very special presentations to some of the area's best boxers through the years. The festivities get under way today (Tues., Nov. 22) at 4 PM when CES and the R.I. Convention Center host the official public pre-fight weigh-in and press conference.  Full Story

McCarter: Proof of Injury
November 22, 2005

(NOV 22)  WBAN received a response from  Milan Lubovac, Jelena Mrdjenovich's trainer, manager and promoter, in regards to comments originally made by Layla McCarter.  In that response to McCarter, Milan said, "I understand that you want a rematch with her, once you have recovered from your injury, but I have to ask, where is the proof that you were injured in the first place? Post some documents, and maybe I will believe you."  Full Story

St. John Joins Sheriff's 31st Annual New Orleans Thanksgiving Celebrations
source: Press Release
November 22, 2005

(NOV 22) LAS VEGAS -  The Sheriff’s 31st Annual Thanksgiving Day Celebration will go on in New Orleans, putting the spotlight this year on the first response workers, most of whom have lost their homes and are separated from their families for the holiday. Sheriff Marlin N. Gusman joined forces with Corps of Compassion, a 501c3 non-profit, to make the event happen this year. Also a great partner on this event is local hero PGA Tour professional Kelly Gibson and his non-profit organization Feed the Relief.   More

Post Fight Comments!
by Laura Ramsey
November 22, 2005

(NOV 22) I would like to thank everyone involved with "A Ring of Their Own" and my opponent Shelley Burton for the opportunity to fight and be on your first ever pay per view event and be part of the "World Title Wave" event that took place on November 18th, in Edmonton.  Even though I accepted the fight on very short notice and traveled to Canada without my team and lost a tough battle, this was still a winning situation for me. I was able to....More

That’s All You’re Comments are Worth McCarter, Two Cents
By Milan Lubovac
November 22, 2005

(NOV 22) First and foremost, I want to make it clear that Layla (McCarter) was right, Jelena (Mrdjenovich) is not in the same class as Chevelle (Hallback) or Layla herself, Jelena is in a class of her own. I don’t recall Layla holding two titles at the same time. In fact Layla, you would be lucky to be in the same league as Jelena.  More

Garside's Team Adds their comments!
Source: Margaret Sidoroff
November 22, 2005

(NOV 22) Well, it DOES look like there is some very "healthy" competition ready and willing to fight Jelena Mrdjenovich when she defends those newly won titles.  We have Chevelle Hallback, Belinda Laracuente, Layla McCarter and NOW Jeannine Garside!  More

Team Laracuente: Hallback and Laracuente are world class fighters on top of their game
By Team Laracuente
November 22, 2005

(NOV 22) In response to Team Mrdjenovich about Team Hallback.   Hallback and Laracuente are world class fighters on top of their game and this only shows that they (Team Mrdjenovich) have never seen world class fighter's fight. Belinda Laracuente only fights the best win or lose---she fights the best. The crap the Team Mrdjenovich put on was a disgrace to women's boxing. No skills were shown in this bout. More

Team Mrdjenovich: Responding To Team Hallback’s Letter
November 21, 2005

(NOV 21) First of all, I would also like to congratulate Chevelle Hallback and her team on her defeat Friday night on the Ring of their Own card.  Unfortunately, I cannot say that your fight on November 18 was great because it simply felt like a sparring match...More  ©Photo by Mary Ann Owen

  Robinson to Face Geiggar on November 23rd
source: Press Release
November 21, 2005

(NOV 21) CHICAGO -- IWBF, WBA, IBA Light Heavyweight and Middleweight Champ Leatitia “Baby Girl” Robinson (13-0-0, 9 KOs) will face Cassandra Geiger (6-6-0, KOs 6), at Club O Arena, Harvey, Illinois, at Thanksgiving Eve Boxing Classic, November 23, 2005, presented by Hitz Boxing...Full Story

McCarter Gives Her Two Cents! 
By Layla McCarter
November 21, 2005
Courtesy Photo by
Naoki Fukuda

(NOV 21) Canada's Jelena Mrdjenovich and her trainer /manager, Milan, in my opinion, are doing a good job of passing Jelena off as a legitimate champion----thanks in part to me breaking my arm on her head.  Although I finished the entire fight, I wasn't able to adjust enough to achieve ...Full Story

Turton Defeats Holewyne
Photo and Story by Mike Blair
November 20, 2005

(NOV 20) Last night in Anacortes, at the Northern Lights Casino, Washington, Tricia Turton cruised to an eight round unanimous decision win over Lisa Holweyne. Scores were 79-73; 79-73; and 80-72. Turton, in only her sixth professional fight is still rough around the edges. She left herself open up the middle, but Holewyne simply could not let her hands go to take advantage of that flaw.  Full Story

Team Hallback: Open letter to Milan Lubovac

(NOV 20) An open letter to Milan Lubovac and Team Mrdjenovich from Team Hallback: First of all, let me say CONGRATULATIONS to Jelena and her team on a great fight ..That being said:  Following the "A Ring of Their Own: World Title Wave" fight card on November 18th when Jelena Mrdjenovich won the WIBF and WBC world titles, Mr. Lubovac, who is Jelena’s trainer-manager, made a statement to Edmonton Sun sports writer Scott Zerr, and I quote: “The other three title fights - do people want to see those girls? They couldn’t punch”.   Open Letter

"World Title Wave" takes Canada by Storm
November 20, 2005
©Photos by Mary Ann Owen

(NOV 20) On Friday night, at the Shaw Conference Center, in Edmonton, Canada, in the All-women's boxing card, "World Title Wave", proved to be a very entertaining card.  The event was telecast on Webcast, via Pay-Per-View, through www.aringoftheirown.comFull Story with Photos

Quick Results! All Women's Card
November 19, 2005

(NOV 19) Last night in Canada, Shelly Burton won a 10-rd Majority decision over Laura Ramsey for the (WIBA Inter. belt); Chevelle Hallback 10UD over Belinda Laracuente (WIBA belt); Jeannine Garside 10UD over Lisa Brown (WIBA belt); Jelena Mrdjenovich TKO6 over Franchesca Alcanter for (WBC/WIBF Belt).  Photos and story soon! ©Photo by Mary Ann Owen, Ringside

Latest Update on Duda Yankovich!
November 18, 2005

(NOV 18) WBAN has received a latest update on Duda "The Cameleon" Yankovich, 2-0-0, of Brazil, will have some upcoming bouts in December. She has plans to fight on December 5th, to fight Gabriela Zapata. She was originally going to fight Guillermina Fernandez, but Fernandez lost to Zapata just lately, so she is interested in fighting the winner of that bout.  Full Story

McCarter Talks about the struggles in Women's Boxing
By David A. Avila
November 18, 2005

(NOV 18) Layla McCarter made an unflinching pilgrimage to Las Vegas like hundreds of other boxers yearning for a professional career.  Now 26, McCarter was but 20 when she journeyed to the desert resort despite her mother’s reservations.  “It was tough, especially because I’m a woman,” said McCarter. “But I wanted to be serious about being a professional.”  Full Story

Weigh-In:  All Women's Card - World Title Wave
November 17, 2005
Weigh-In Photo Gallery #304

(NOV 17) Today in Edmonton, Canada, the weigh-in was held for the highly anticipated ALL-WOMEN's card, that will have five women's title bouts.  The Weights, and the belts they are fighting for are the following:  Shelley Burton, 157 1/2, Laura Ramsey, 163 1/2 for the WIBA...All Weights

Injured Hand KO's Clampitt-Salandy on November 23rd!
Source: Press Release
November 17, 2005

PROVIDENCE, RI -- Jaime "The Hurricane" Clampitt was looking forward to finishing off 2005 in a big way, with a win over undefeated Gisselle "Magic" Salandy on Wednesday, November 23rd. Her desire to defend her IWBF world lightweight title, however, was overshadowed by a hand injury suffered last Thursday evening in sparring. The extent of the injury will not fully be known until this weekend when the results of the MRI & Bone Scan have come back. Full Story

Fierce Elements Set the Stage -For World title Wave
November 17, 2005

In Edmonton Alberta, the temperature has already dropped down to the frigid low teens with snow reported. But by November 18, expect things to heat up considerably for "A Ring of their Own" World Title Wave. Fight night will see fighters from Florida, Kansas City, Canada, Chicago, Montana and New York take the ring for four world title bouts. Rock & Sock Productions in conjunction with KO Productions returns the only all ....Full Story

WBAN Adds more boxers!
November 17, 2005

(NOV 17) Dee Williams has been very busy this week working on the boxer profiles segment. Dee has just added Sharon Gaines and Sarah Goodson to that segment.  Dee has also been updating the boxers bios, updating their latest fights.  To check out the latest biographies, go here!

Press Conference-Edmonton
November 16, 2005

(NOV 16) Today the press conference was held in Edmonton, Canada, for the November 18th World Title Wave" Card. Mary Ann Owen who was in attendance,  told WBAN, "It was a good press conference, Belinda Laracuente, Laura Ramsey and Jeanine Garside were not there due to flight delays....©photo by Mary Ann Owen

Update on Aga Rylik of Poland!
November 16, 2005
Slide Show Gallery #36

(NOV 16) Junior welterweight Agnieszka "Lady Tyson"  Rylik, Poland's hottest female boxing star remains busy outside the ring, when she is not boxing.  Aga has become quite a "media star" nowadays, in Poland, and is doing projects on television, that includes "Dancing with the Stars (polish edition).  Aga is now in the last four couples semifinal.   Full Story

  Robinson not medically cleared
Source: Press Release
November 16, 2005

(NOV 16) WBAN has justt received a press release on Leatitia Robinson in regards to her cancellation of her bout with Shelly Burton.  The release stated the following: The management team for Leatitia “Baby Girl” Robinson issued the following statement regarding her scheduled fight in Canada ..Full Story

  Hot off the Press: Robinson backs out of fight
November 16, 2005

(NOV 16)  WBAN has JUST been notified that Leatitia  Robinson (injured nose) has backed out of the all-women's card, that takes place in two day in Edmonton. Robinson was to fight Shelly Burton (inset photo) for a world title fight on the "Ring of their Own" card.   Burton will now be fighting "late" replacement Laura Ramsey.

  Graf Wins a by Decision over Gaines
November 16, 2005

(NOV 16) Last night in Hohenstaufenhalle, Göppingen, Germany, Alesia Graf, 118, won a 10-round unanimous decision over Sharon Gaines, 118, for the WIBF Bantamweight Intercontinental belt. The final judges scores were 99-91, 99-91, and 100-91.

  Fiorentino versus WIBF Champion for Vacant IWBF Crown

(NOV 15) PROVIDENCE, RI -- Former world title challenger, and world rated featherweight contender, Missy "The Fury" Fiorentino (12-1, 7 KO's) will battle WIBF world junior featherweight champion Esther "The Blonde Dutch Girl" Schouten for the vacant IWBF world ...Full Story

  Luna and Serrano to fight for WIBA title
November 12, 2005

(NOV 12) On December 10, 2005, at the Turning Stone Casino, in Verona, New York, Rhonda Luna, 10-0-0, from Rowland Heights, California, will be fighting Cindy Serrano, 12-0, of Queens, New York. The two will be fighting for the vacant WIBA Featherweight World title.

Kikuchi Added to WBAN
November 12, 2005

(NOV 12) Dee Williams has just added Nanako Kikuchi, of Japan.  5' 0½" Japanese straw-weight Kikuchi made her debut as pro boxer in Tokyo on September 21, 2003, winning a four-round decision over another Japanese debut fighter, Sanami Arai.  On February 22, 2004, at Gold Gym South Annex in Tokyo...Kikuchi's biography

Schouten to fight Fiorentino on CES card
November 11, 2005

(NOV 11) On November 23, 2005, at the Rhode Island Convention Center, in Providence, Rhode Island, and promoted by CES Promoter Jimmy Burchfield, he has added  a very good match on the card, featuring Melissa "The Fury" Fiorentino vs.  Esther Schouten, of the Netherlands, the WIBF ...Full Story

NABC Makes a Big Impact in Trinidad and Tobago....Source: Press Release (Boxu Potts)
©Photo of the Trinidad Express
November 11, 2005

(NOV 11) Five World Champions were crowned on September 23rd Boxing Show at the Jean Pierre Complex Port of Spain Trinidad, by NABC Chariman Ed Hutchinson after he read in the Bermuda Sun Newspapers that five women were left stranded by the WIBC without their titles which were allegedly paid for by ABC Boxing Promoter Boxu Potts.  Full Story

  Ali: Setting the Record Straight
Source: Press Release
November 11, 2005

(NOV 11) LOS ANGELES  -- World recognized female boxing champion and spokesmodel Laila Ali wants to set the record straight regarding her divorce and the rumors that she is a Lesbian. Despite being married for the last five years, reports in the news have stated that Laila got a divorce and began dating a high profile actress.  Full Story

Rosario Chosen For World Title Wave Ringside Commentary
By Amy Greene
November 11, 2005

(NOV 11) "A Ring of Their Own" World Title Wave November 18 in Edmonton marks Krysti Rosario’s fourth appearance as ringside commentator for "A Ring of Their Own" . Krysti has been commentating since 2003 for Comcast in Los Angeles, and performing as a ring announcer since 2000.  Full Story

  Moreno added to THE RIOT boxing card November 19th in Monterey
November 10, 2005

(NOV 10) Undefeated Strawweight prospect Carina Moreno (7-0 Watsonville) has been added to THE RIOT boxing card in Monterey, following a series of disappointments and AWOL opponents. Ms. Moreno will be challenged by 105 pound fireball Sandra Ortiz in the 6 round women's featured bout..one of 6 on the card.  Full Story

Win the Bout--Shorten the Prison sentence!
By Sue TL Fox

November 10, 2005
Photo Gallery #301
(NOV 10) There was a fight that occurred at the Klong Luang Prison, Pathumthanee, Thailand on November 5, 2005. The contestants to fight---Nananko Kikuchi of Japan vs. Thailand’s Nongmai Sor Siriporn, who was making her pro debut. Siriporn displaying the heart of a tiger, AND for not ever fighting in a sanctioned boxing bout, did quite well to last seven rounds with a seasoned boxer, as Kikuchi.  Full Story
St. John releasing the first two titles in her DVD exercise series
Press Release (Excerpt)
November 10, 2005
©photo by Mary Ann Owen

(NOV 10) (Los Angeles, CA) - - Across America, millions of viewers marveled at the incredible physique displayed by Hillary Swank in the Oscar-winning film, Million Dollar Baby. It’s no secret that the regimen she followed to attain the beautiful look of a boxer was to train like a boxer. In the months since the release of the film, fitness clubs across the country have seen the ranks of boxing-related exercise classes swell to capacity with interest in this exciting form of training.   Full Story

  Daria Hill Added to WBAN!
November 10, 2005

(NOV 10) Daria "D' Hit Woman" Hill, 6'1",  born on January 7, 1979 in Camden, New Jersey. She lived with her Mother and Father, Darrah and Peggy Porter. Daria told WBAN, "My Mother and Father taught me to believe in myself, because, if you believe, you can make it happen. 'Just Believe'. My father.... To read more on Daria

This honey ain't sweet!
Del Valle challenges Chevelle Hallback
By Melissa "Honeygirl" Del Valle
November 9, 2005

(NOV 9) Whats up homie? I'm going to get right to the point.. According to Dee's rankings I'm number two in the world. I fought you twice, once out of shape the other, in the best shape of my life. Both times, I fought you in your hometown. The promoter was promoting you.  Open Letter

  Goodson added to Heavyweight card
November 9, 2005

(NOV 9) WBAN has learned today, that Sarah "The Thrilla From Manila" Goodson will be added to the biggest professional heavyweight boxing card that has ever been held in the state of Arkansas.  The event will take place at the Fort Smith Convention Center,  on November 26, promoted by Slug Out Promotions and promoted by Stacy "Goodnight" Goodson.  Full Story

  IFBA Super Saturday this week - Four IFBA World title bouts
November 9, 2005

(NOV 9) It will be a busy weekend for the IFBA, when on November 12, 2005, Promoter Woon Chul Shin  will promote the vacant IFBA Jr. Bantamweight title from Okchun, So. Korea on November 12, 2005.  More

  Nate Campbell Readies  Hallback For World Title Wave
by Amy Greene
November 9, 2005

(NOV 9) When Chevelle Hallback squares off against Belinda Laracuente on November 18 in "A Ring of Their Own" World Title Wave, the hard rounds she’s logged with sparring partner world champion Nate Campbell will be put in effect. Although Campbell is unable to be in Hallback’s corner that night, her staunchest supporter will be there in spirit and had this to say of his talented sparring partner.  Full Story

  Biggers Wins by decision; Ewell gets stopped!
November 8, 2005

(NOV 8) On Saturday, November 5, at the LJVM Annex in Winston Salem, North Carolina, put on by Ring of Dreams Promotions with Promoter Mr. Kerry Smith there were two WBE Title defenses. In the Main Event of the night Carlette Ewell faced Ljeoma Egubinine for the WBE ..Full Story

  Kikuchi Brings World Title to Japan
Story and Photos
By Scott Mallon
November 8, 2005
Photo Gallery #301

(NOV 8) Late replacement Nananko Kikuchi (6-1-1) of Japan used an effective body attack to wear down Thailand’s Nongmai Sor Siriporn (0-1) en route to winning the W.B.C. women’s strawweight championship via seventh round TKO. What some thought of as a joke of a title fight was a surprisingly good scrap with more skill displayed than was expected. Sor Siriporn gave a valiant effort however was repeatedly turned back by the stronger, faster and more ..
Full Story

  Team Mahfood to compete in Hawaii State Marathon
Source: Press Release
November 8, 2005

"Team Mahfood" will be competing in the 33rd annual Hawaii State Marathon on December 11, 2005. This team consists of Valerie "Wolfe" Mahfood and her brother, Sebastian "Weasel" Mahfood. Together, they have been in training since November of last year and are finally ready to lace up their shoes for "this little morning jog," says Valerie Mahfood.  Not only will the two be running for bragging rights, but they will also be running to raise funds for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Between them, they...Full Story

Martinez - Gallegos
November 6, 2005

(NOV 6) Last night at the Boxing Pavilion, in  Dallas, Texas, Angel Martinez, of Dallas, won a four-round unanimous decision over Tana Gallegos.  WBAN has now hit the "300 galleries" mark!  To check out Photo Gallery #300!

  Halmich Video Interview
November 6, 2005

(NOV 6) Universum has posted an interview with Regina Halmich, where she talks about her upcoming bout with Elena "Baby Doll" Reid on December 3rd.  The interview is about seven minutes long with some sequences of Training.  The video clip is in German. Link to Video  Brief Summary of interview in English

  Graf Set to fight Sharon Gaines
November 6, 2005

(NOV 6) On November 15, 2005 in Göppingen, Germany,  Alesia Graf of Stuttgart, Germany, will be fighting Sharon Gaines, of the United States. on 15th November, in . This fight will be shown live on the internet at http://www.boxinglive.tv/ With the Transmission of the card starts at 5:30 pm Central European time.

  Hoy to fight on Monterey card
Source: Press Release
November 5, 2005

(NOV 5) The Monterey Conference Center in the heart of Historic Downtown, will be the site for another edition of THE RIOT Professional Boxing Event. Two weeks before the opening bell, only 500 tickets remain in the 1500 seat Serra Ballroom. Ringside, reserved tables, and reserve seats remain at this moment. Orders are taken at (831)-688-1604 with Visa or Mastercard. Full Story

  Christensen - Brown fight off!
November 5, 2005

(NOV 5) WBAN has just learned that Last nights fight that was to take place in Denmark between Denmark's Anita Christensen was called off due to Christensen had a "crick in her neck", an injury she sustained at training on Thursday.  Christensen was supposed to fight U.S.A.'s Leona "Downtown" Brown, a tough veteran in the sport.

  Bad News Couple-Team Up for Title
Source: Amy Greene
November 04, 2005

(NOV 4) On November 18 Lisa "Bad News" Brown (12-1-2, 4 KO) and her trainer/husband Errol are planning to show how "Bad News" makes titles as Lisa battles Jeannine Garside on "A Ring Of Their Own" World Title Wave in Edmonton, Alberta at the Shaw Conference Center.  Full Story

  Zurita in public workout in Texas
November 4, 2005

(NOV 4) In the San Antonio Express News, they report that Maribel Zurita will hold a public workout (free) at noon Saturday at Zarzamora Street Gym. Zurita is preparing for her title fight against Anissa Zamarron on November 18, at the Roseland Ballroom. Also, Elizabeth Villarreal will be at the workout.

McConnell vs. Archuleta Gallery
November 3, 2005

(NOV 3) WBAN has just posted a huge photo gallery on the Molly McConnell vs. Janae Archuleta bout that took place at the  Emerald Queen Casino, in Tacoma, Washington. To check out Photo Gallery #299!

  Settling Family Business: 
Alcanter Ready To Score Title

November 1, 2005

(NOV 1) Lightweight Franchesca Alcanter (15-6-1) of Kansas City, Kansas has boxing in her blood. Her grandfather, Joey Alcanter and great uncles "Baby Louie" and Pete Alcanter were title contenders’ 70 years ago yet never reached their goal. Now decades later Franchesca is on her own title quest. She faces Jelena Mrdjenovich (13-1-0) on November 18 in "A Ring of Their Own" World Title Wave in Edmonton, Alberta.
Full Story

  Battle of the "KnockOuts"
November 1, 2005

(NOV 1) Fresquez Productions in association with Golden Boy and Don Chargin Productions will officially announce the battle of Knock Outs at Isleta Casino Resort and Casino Wednesday at 2:30 and open to the public. Tickets will go on sale on at that time.  Want a large poster emailed to you, Email a request WBAN!













































































































































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