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Behind the Scenes:  Beautiful Brawlers V Show
by Blanca Gutierrez
November 20, 2015

(NOV 20) On Friday, November 13th,  I would work all day long on Beautiful Brawlers V preparing for next day and At 6:30 p.m.,  I would greet an amazing young lady who drove with her family from Las Vegas. JO National Champion Yarisel Ramirez would meet me at my gym, the "Babyface Boxing" for a quick weight check and we would spend some time talking about her experiences in Tapei, China at the Junior Worlds.

I was so impressed with the close relationship between her and her father who is also her coach and after a few laughs, some serious conversation and some pictures.

Team Ortiz

I would drive home knowing that Yarisel made it safe from Las Vegas. As I was checking in at Facebook,  I knew that Duarte was on their way with their team and Team jerry Ortiz was already in the bay area from El Monte with his team of four. As teams were posting their pictures upon their arrival into the Bay Area it got me thinking that after all of the months of work tomorrow is the big show and all these young ladies are just as excited as I am for Beautiful Brawlers V All Female show.

What a nervous wonderful feeling we all had but their work in the gym was done and tomorrow would be their fight and there was so much more for me and my crew to do to make it all happen including setting up the ring and turning the Pacifica Moose Lodge into a boxing venue.

As I drove to the weigh-ins an hour early boxers were already there. I would be greeted by JO World Champ Lupe Gutierrez who was set to fight for the WBC Amateur title.

I would meet 14 year old Angela Murillo from Jarupa boxing and her coach Robert Acosta who knew of my dad "Babyface". Soon I would be greeted by many of the boxers who arrived early. Seeing Jerry Ortiz Gym's young 10 and 11 years old boxers brought a joy to my heart. We are here this day to prove to all that female boxing is alive and growing and we have the Baby Beautiful Brawlers here to prove it. With JO Boxing sensations like Yarisel Ramirez, Lupe Gutierrez and Heaven Garcia and Eli Salinas on the card----we already had four of the best JO’s in the world ready to fight.

Weigh-ins are always a great part of our event. Yes---it is when all the girls line up to weigh-in see the doctor but there is always much more to Beautiful Brawlers weigh-ins.

10 year old Perla Balzadua, WBC Champion Martha Salazar,
BigE, Blanca Gutierrez

Each girl was asked to sign the posters, to sign the Beautiful Brawlers signature gloves, take pictures, get interviewed by the WBC Champ Martha Salazar who was walking around with hilarious off the cuff interviews using her new Gopro. We had the boxers for the WBC face off and we took some great pictures. The day was just beginning, but at the same time, it was not only exciting, but was  already filled with controversy. We always expect some fighters to not show up to weigh-ins or call the night before, and so, unfortunately a couple of bouts were scratched.

Then in another bout that was scratched was National JO Champion Kylie Hall vs. Lupe Gutierrez who were fighting for the WBC title in one of the most anticipated bouts of the card. Lupe Gutierrez and Kylie Hall were roommates in Taipei, China at the JO Worlds. They agreed to fight for WBC months in advance and a few days before the event Kylie got hurt running which was an unfortunate turn of events.

As we looked over the bout sheet 8 or 9 times, Duarte Boxing Club who brought four boxers kept on sticking out at us. Who is Erika Sanchez from Duarte? How many fights does she have? Is she open? Duarte has always brought a strong team to the Beautiful Brawlers and they had Vivian Flores who would face Iris Contreras for the WBC title. But who was Erika Sanchez? We would all find out when she stepped up and took the fight against the 16 year old JO National Champ Lupe Gutierrez. Erika Sanchez is a boxer, a warrior, a game fighter, someone who came to Beautiful Brawlers with her eyes on the prize and she would win our hearts over too.

After weigh-ins we had a fighter meeting and breakfast. Most of our meeting will remain confidential but what I can say is that I got to spend time talking to the young boxers. Perla Bazaldua, 10 years old , just won Latina Sports Award was telling me she is a 4.0 student. Pi pi Ramirez her opponent for the day and her friend from Jerry Ortiz would tell me she looks up to JO World Champion 15 year old Heaven Garcia. When I asked Heaven how does it feel that she is 15 years old and these little ones look up to her? Heaven says, “ It makes me train harder so I can do well for them too.” I was amazed by not only the humbleness but the realness of each of these young ladies.

Mia Valdez, a three-times National Champion and her first time at Beautiful Brawlers could not contain her excitement, she is also a 4.0 student and senior in high school, talked about colleges, grades and boxing. But that smile and that excitement exuding from her made me realize this show is just so much more. Mia Valdez would leave a foot print on my soul. Then Beautiful Brawler Champion Czarina McCoy walked in, this young one is so articulate and smart. I was impressed with the grade point average sitting in the room at breakfast.

According to this room,  boxing and the future looks bright. I was concerned for my boxers Sandra Magallon and Ari Borerro. The Babyface team would not have their usual coaches in the corner--- as coach BigE and I were commentating the event.

There was just so much going on but at least all would be fed and physically ready to go. Our Ringside Dr. Helene would get up and talk about concussions, nutrition and diet. Lydia Razo our Norcal chief of officials talked about Sportsmanship and rules. This was a breakfast and moment for all the girls to soak it all in. Be a part of something special and we all enjoyed ourselves as we lived in the moment and for the moment.

The time had come for the bouts to start. We had them going from the youngest to the most experience boxers on deck and all the WBC titles were featured fights and the last 3 bouts of the night. Those WBC Amateur title bouts on the show featured the best bouts on the card. They did not disappoint.

Opening bout Perla Balzadua vs. Lelani Ramirez

The first WBC title was 18-year old DF Boxing’s Iris Contreras the four-times Beautiful Brawler Champion against 17 year old Vivian Flores from Duarte Boxing Gym  This was a battle that went back and forth but Vivian Flores came with a purpose and very well conditioned.

Vivian Flores, Duarte BC defeats Iris Contreras, DF Boxing, 3-0

She would out punch a game Iris Contreras. Vivian Flores was conditioned to go through three rounds of nonstop punching. She would not stop throwing punches and coming forward for three entire rounds.  Fighting for this belt meant a lot to both girls and you can see it as the decision was read. Duarte’s Vivian Flores wins the WBC title with a unanimous decision.

WBC Amateur Champion, JO World Champion, Beautiful Brawlers Champion Heaven Garcia Photo by Laura Ming Wong

Next on deck was JO World and Beautiful Brawler Champion 16 year old Lupe Gutierrez. She would be facing 17 year old Erica Sanchez of Duarte Boxing Gym who took the fight at the last minute. This fight was an exciting bout and Erika Sanchez proved to us all she would come to fight and never let up. Gutierrez would use angles and would dictate the bout and Sanchez kept coming. At one point Sanchez landed a stunning left hook that would take Gutierrez to a place in her game where she would have to step it up and be a smart boxer. At one point as Gutierrez backed up and fought, the official in the ring would get in the way and the momentum of the fight was effected by that.

Second round brought more toe to toe action and this young boxer from Duarte as well as Gutierrez were winning the hearts of the spectators with not only their display of skills but the smile Gutierrez had on her face as the fight continued. Third round was an all-out war and Gutierrez experience would lead her into the final round fighting smart and taking the win by 2-1 split decision.

After Gutierrez hand was raised and the WBC belt placed around her waist the smile said it all. It was a good bout, a tough bout, the crowd was pleased and the winner was the JO World Champion. Erika Sanchez proved to be a force to be reckoned with and I believe she will be a contender in the 2020 Olympics. Incredible bout fought by two smart and aggressive young boxers.

Two-time Beautiful Brawler Champion 15 year old Eli Salinas vs. JO World Champion 15 year old Heaven Garcia was the main event and in my opinion, the best fight of the night. Right after the opening bell Eli Salinas came after Heaven Garcia. Salinas was gunning for the JO World Champion and you could not only see it you could feel it.

Photo by Laura ng
Eli Salinas in blue and Heaven Garcia, Photo by Mario Cabrera Jr.

For every punch she through she was exchanging leather with Garcia and walking forward. The first round saw Salinas take Garcia to the ropes in a straight forward attack. Second round Salinas came out aggressively as the first round but Garcia had answers to the punches being thrown and had some incredibly placed body shots that didn’t hurt Salinas but scored points with the judges. Both Boxers were throwing nonstop punches with Garcia trying to dictate the pace of the fight but Salinas was having none of that. Third round was an amazing round with barrages of punches being thrown by both boxers.

This fight for the WBC belt which would amount to skill, combinations and what seemed like a flurry of 10-15 punch flurry of punches from both boxers into the bell. Both boxers thought they won the bout. Both sets of coaches thought their boxer won the bout. Both girls stood in the middle of the ring and the crowed were on the edge of their chairs from the opening bell of this fight up until the decision was read. After three incredible rounds of punching, JO World Champion Heaven Garcia hand was raised with the media rushing to the winners for interviews and pictures.

The last three bouts would represent all that Beautiful Brawlers All Female Boxing Cards stand for; an incredible display of boxing skills by the best JO’s in the world. These bouts were so evenly matched that most fights could have gone either way. Every boxer on the card left it all in the ring. We could not have asked for a more successful event. The WBC was a joy to work with and because of the WBC this event was not only raised to a higher level it meant more to Martha Salazar and I than it ever has before. Beautiful Brawlers V was shown on PPV and hosted by BigE TV’s Edward Feliciano. Thank you to G3Mediaworks Glen Gorman and Phil Kaylor who are amazing talents at what they do. Thank you to the Media which always shows us love and we love them back for it: Lucas Ketelle, ITRI, Mario Cabrera with Beat The Count, Robert Cartagena SF Bay, Angela Woodall with Al Jazeera , Laura Ming Wong, Steven Calderon, Brett Ostrowski Supreme Boxing, Special thank you to our Beautiful Brawlers photographer Steven Solidarios who documents are journey. Special thanks to CoCo Militar who was my right hand and we could not have pulled this off without her.

Thank you to Jerry Hoffman who is not only the biggest supporter of female boxing but the best ring announcer in the business.

Beautiful Brawlers results:

Leilani Martinez, Jerry Ortiz Gym defeats Perla Bazaldua, LAPD PAL, 3-0

Sonnie Rodriguez , Jerry Ortiz Gym defeats Lexus Ramirez, Hanford Boxing Club, 2-1

Sandra Tovar, Delhi BC defeats Angela Murillo, Jarupa Boxing, 3-0

Herman Linda Mendosa, Battle Fit Gym defeats Kayla Enciso, LAPD PAL, 3-0

Maria Jardinez, Salinas boxing defeats Kayla Rico, Jerry Ortiz Gym, 3-0

Yarisel Ramirez, Barry's Boxing defeats Mariana Gonzalez, SC Boxing, 3-0

Czarina McCoy, Richard Steele Gym defeats Iris Rivera, Salinas Boxing, 3-0

Mia Valdez, Rudy Garcia Gym defeats Alexis Martinez, Rock Boxing, 2-1

Katrina Sarabia, Duarte Gym defeats Jazelle Bogadilla, Boxfit808, 3-0

Penny Vega Ochoa, Bad to Bonz defeats Sandra Magallon, Babyface Boxing, 3-0

Tope De Pedro, 3rd Street Gym defeats Renata Ramirez, Duarte, TKO 4th round 1:20

Alexis Coulter, Kings Gym defeats Ari Borerro, Babyface Boxing, 2-1

Lupe Gutierrez, Jimenez Boxing Academy defeats Erika Sanchez, Duarte BC, 2-1

Heaven Garcia, Jerry Ortiz Gym defeats Eli Salinas, Fresno PAL, 2-1


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