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The Top 10 "Cool" and the "NOT so Cool"  WBAN Stories that took place in 2013!
by Sue TL Fox
December 24, 2013


(DEC 24)  WBAN has just picked our top TEN "Cool" and the "NOT so Cool" Stories that we ran this year.  We will soon be announcing our WBAN Yearly Awards for 2013, so be on the lookout! 

#1:   Should Breast Implants Deny females from Boxing or fighting in MMA? Louisiana Thinks so!

In September of 2013, WBAN was notified that the Louisiana Athletic Commission had an emergency meeting, banning female boxers and MMA fighters from competing in the sport in Louisiana,  in a "Sky is falling" approach to women in contact sports--if the female competitor in boxing or MMA has a "breast implant." The recent decision from Louisiana, was made after a female boxer had reportedly pulled out of a match due to problems with her implant.  According the CBS-Houston they reported the following:  "Women who have breast implants are now prohibited from competing in mixed martial arts or boxing matches in the state of Louisiana. The Times-Picayune reported that a moratorium will be in place for 60 days as more information is gathered on the subject. Commissioner Harold Williams had stated in that article:  "If they want to look good, then they don't have to be in the ring."

#2:   Good Bye...and Good Riddens Mr. Dale Hausner

In 2013, WBAN's past photographer from Arizona, and later notorious serial killer in Arizona between the dates of 2005/2006, about three years after he covered some fights for WBAN---was ultimately convicted of six murders, and 18 attempted first degree murder charges, two conspiracy to commit first-degree murder charges 16 aggravated assault charges, 23 drive-by shooting charges, nine animal cruelty charges, three counts of discharging a gun at a structure, one count of unlawfully discharging a gun and two counts of arson of an occupied structure. He was found guilty of 80 counts out of the 86 charges he was facing. In 2013----Mr. Hausner took it upon himself to commit suicide.

#3:  History-First WBAN Belt fight [Prazak vs. Wallberg) in Sweden ends with Walberg  getting seriously Injured

In what WBAN felt was one of the biggest history-markers for 2013 f when Frida Wallberg of Sweden fought Diana Prazak of Australia for the WBAN Super Featherweight World title fight---ended with Wallberg getting seriously injured in the ring.  Wallberg sustained a head injury that resulted in having to have surgery.  The good news is she has recovered quite a bit since this incident. 

#4:  Next 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro for the amateur female boxers offer only 36 female boxers spots.  Male boxers receive 250 spots...Ouch!

In a history-first for WBAN, in 2013, we began a PETITION for the public to sign and get behind, addressing the issue of only having 36 amateur female boxers with only three weight classes VS.  250 male boxers, who have TEN weight classes and we are asking that the International Olympic Committee (I.O.C) increase opportunities and prevent discrimination against female boxers, as well as other women athletes. WBAN will continue THIS BATTLE in 2014, and running the petition as long as is needed to encourage the IOC to increase the weight classes of the female boxers to more than three at this time.  

#5:  It takes a lot of nerve...To STEAL world title belts that Someone Else Earns!

In February of 2013, Jenifer "The Razor" Barber retrieved her stolen championship belts, when they were found in a convicted burglars home! On the CBSLA website they reported that the two belts were returned to Barber, and the suspect was on his way back to Mexico after being deported.  She lost her belts to the thief in March of 2012, when her home in Mission Hills was broken into.  The detectives were able to track down the belts from fingerprints that were left on a mirror of Barber's home!  After the recovery of her belts, Barber said, "This represents all the sacrifice I made for myself to accomplish a goal, and for somebody to come in and violate your house like that and take something that is kind of irreplaceable.Ē

#6: Biggest Disappointment for Boxing Fans in 2013 when Holly Holm Retires Abruptly before fighting Braekhus!

Now who would have seen this one coming in 2013?  WBAN, Boxing Fans, and anyone who really wanted to see these two great warriors fight against each other: Holly Holm vs. Cecilia Braekhus---the BIGGEST fight in the sport in 2013--just a breath away---when we ALL get put on notice that Holly Holm is retiring from Boxing to pursue MMA----not a good time in 2013 upon hearing this news.

#7:  "Unstoppable" Rola El Halabi who was Shot in 2011, comes back in 2013 and Wins world title!

In April of 2011, while Rola El-Halabi, in Berlin, Germany, waited to enter the ring to fight that night, her stepfather and former manager Roy El-Halabi shot her!  The suspect shot her in her hand, knee and both feet.  He also shot and injured two security guards before being arrested.  Fast Forward to 2013!  Rola has re-entered the sport and has now won a WBF world title belt and is active again in the sport.

#8: "Amazing" Layla McCarter Makes a Difference in South Africa! 

Major strides were made with SIX-TIME world champion Layla McCarter who made quite an impact in South Africa.  She first went over there in 2012, defeating their country's boxer Noni Tenge---but from there it grew into McCarter becoming an ambassador in that country.   The people fell in love with McCarter's courage and dedication to the sport and to wanting to help others.  After her fight with Tenge, she returned to South Africa, by invitation by the Government. She went over there to assist new boxers, help mentor teens to make right decisions in life, to help with a new program to fight domestic violence and education, and be a representative to KO drugs. What an "Amazing" boxer in the sport!

#9: Coolest and Most Unusual Coverage for WBAN:  The Mayweather Experience
Huge Flash Photo Slideshow

In September of 2013, I decided to go to the "Mayweather Experience" that was held at the Mayweather Boxing Gym in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The Special event was geared for boxing fans, upcoming boxers, and anyone who wanted to do something that was totally unique in Vegas. BoxerSponsors.com presented the ultimate boxing fanís dream, an interactive experience with the most iconic family in boxing history - The Mayweathers that included Jeff, Roger and Floyd Mayweather Sr.  It was amazing how the Mayweather's were able to manage the huge amount of people who signed up to do the Experience. They had a great influx of attendees, from one as young as six years old to, one of the most inspirational that trained from within a wheelchair. 

#10:  Eight Women Honored with Hall of Fame Awards by the Golden State Boxers Association!

In November of 2013, and finishing out 2013 in great fashion...in Monterey Park, California, the Golden State Boxers Association [GSBA] presented "Ladies First" Hall of Fame Awards honoring eight women, both prominent boxers and females outside the ring who have had a significant impact in the world of boxing with California connections to the sport.  In addition there was a special tribute to Ken Norton, the American heavyweight boxer and WBC World Heavyweight Champion, who recently passed.  Norton was honored with the Don Fraser Lifetime Achievement Award presented by Don Fraser to Ken Nortonís daughter, Kenisha and brothers.  Ken Norton was also inducted into the Hall of Fame with the GSBA.  All honorees' who were inducted and receiving the Hall of Fame Award, also received a City of Los Angeles, State of California Certificate, given by BERNARD C. PARKS, Councilmember 8th District. Very nice...

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